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(You can pick which characters to use :3, but-) 2p's reacting to their s/o telling them they're pregnant? (I seriously love you blog~~kudos to you!)

((Thank you, you’re too kind, sweetie! psst i did 2p!face fam and 2p!axis, hope that’s okay!))

2p!France- “…You know these kind of jokes do not amuse me.” Despite the early dismiss, you could hear the uneasiness and anticipation in his lowered voice. “Francois…i'ts not a joke.” You mumbled- nervous and scared and whatever else there is to feel in a moment that is supposed to be happy, but with him, it never is just as black and white. “…You’re not…?” His voice was almost hurt, betrayed even, his face as if he had seen a ghost, but then, maybe he has, a fatom of himself from the past, when he would have cherished this information above all.

2p!America- “Pregnant as in…baby?!” His voice escalated from confused toholy-mother-fuck-i’m-going-to-be-a-dad-and-i-can’t-even-take-care-of-myself-properly. “But, HOW!? I mean, i know how but… how the fuck?!” Pacing up and down the room, with his head in his hands, you couldn’t quite tell was he terrified, overjoyed or about to faint, you honestly hoped it’s not the last one. “Al…calm down, please.” You sighed, the information not being the easiest to take for you either. “Calm down?…HOW CAN I BE CALM WHEN THERE’S AN ALIEN GROWING INSIDE OF YOU AND IT’S MY FAULT?!”

2p!Canada- “Matt…i-i’m pregnant.” it was like a heavy weight lifted off of your heart. “…No you’re not.” you didn’t know if you should laugh or cry, or both. Nor could you distinguish who was taking the news worse, you- crying and cursingthe hell out of a broken condom, or him- blatantly denying thr fact. “It’s not like you saying that is going to make the baby dissapear.” You snapped, agitated and generally confused. “…We’ll see.”

2p!England- *faints*

2p!Japan-  "Kuro, i have to tell you, i’m pregnant.“ You mumbled, you waited for his cold eyes to scan you, see if you’re mocking him, but what you were met with was…not expected? “Finally, took long enough.” You felt as if someone just slapped you with a dead fish, which is, coincidentally, what you wanted to do to him. “Excuse me?” You choked out through gritted teeth. “Every honourable nobleman has to have a heir, isn’t that correct?”

2p!Germany- *faints harder*

2p!Italy- “You’re going to have a baby?!” His eyes widened and the pitch of his voice increased, surprised and in shock- yes, but was it a good shock? “Yes…” You mumbled shakily. “But then, that means i’m going to-”, “You’re going to be a father.” You cut him off before he could say anything else, you were afraid of how he was handling this information. “What?! No-i mean…yes, that too, but-” You watched his expression lighten up. “That means I’m going to FINALLYhave a minion, an underling, A MINI ME!!”

2p!Face getting a massage from s/o!:

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
Won’t admit that he enjoys it, grunts in disapproval if you stop for even a moment.
2p!America/Allen Jones-
Moans shamelessly because he really, really likes it. But I suggest you reject when he offers to pay you back, he’s a little tough with his hands.
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
Goes to sleep. Just goes. To. Sleep.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
Small little moans of approval, little awkward that he’s the one receiving pleasure rather than giving it.

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my new AU i did 2 days ago

 matthew is a 20 y.o worker. have a flat in Ottawa also old car from his pass dad, his brother is Alfred which is moved to NYC n he is some sort of bussiness man or kind of famous person idk
his mom live in countryside n really hoping Matthew have a girlfriend or marry soon bc she is old n Alfred too busy to remember ab her or his brother
 even thhough matthew always said yes to pleased his mother but yea he is 20 n still single,he also busy w his own work
Francis is a 25 y.o Frenchman moved to Canada bc his pass girlfriend died in an accident, he work as a waiter in a bar / pub, n have a flat also in the same building w Matthew, which is the flat right next to him

yea im suck at introducing but ppfft lol 

Canada stuttering. In canon, he is softspoken and passive. Not a stutterer. Not a sufferer of an extreme anxiety disorder. No chronic Depression. It’s not that you can’t ever write him stuttering, but I’ve seen fics where he stutters on nearly every word and even for a shy person that is so fucking excessive. Also Canada-as-a-uke. He’s not spineless, or weak, he has had his strong moments in canon. He’s just passive.

[ anon ]