Nyo Canada Romance Headcannons

·She’s very clingy

·Loves to cuddle, more so than her male counterpart.

·Organizes super cute dates all the time that usually never go as planned. They always turn out fun though.

·Loves her hair to be played with, but it gets tangled easily so watch out!

·Shy as fuck, but if she sees an opportunity to flirt or something she’s going to take it.

·Very insecure about her body weight and acne (even though she doesn’t weigh much at all and has little acne). Its especially worse if she has a female s/o.

·Loves to read, and gets tickled pink when her s/o ask for her to read to them.

·Has a ton of fuzzy socks that can be found all over the place. Her feet are always cold and she tries very hard to warm them up.

·Kisses are usually quick unless it’s an intense heat-of-the-moment sort of thing

·Whenever shes away for a world meeting she gets super sad. It’s just because she doesn’t have her s/o by her. She’ll miss the way that they laugh or their body at night. It usually takes a few reassuring calls before she can actually sleep.

·Has moderate anxiety and attachment issues.

·Easily stressed out, so please be patient with her!!!

·Loves comedies and action movies. Its one of the things her and Amelia have in common.

(I love Nyo Canada. Why? Because we are pretty similar. And we have the same name!)

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James reaction to mini hulk s/o lifting kuma with one hand and throwing kuma on top of him for kidnapping them and than running away

Talk about being pissed. Okay so he’s in pain, but Kuma isn’t. He’s sending that bear after you. James would be impressed that you can lift up a freaking polar bear..but then again so can he. Expect punishment once Kuma catches you and brings you home, mostly revolving around Kuma since you think you can just pick him up and dump him onto James. 

quotes from friends and I in hetalia form
  • America: My sexuality is Mcdonalds
  • Canada: The only flood I've lived through is a syrup flood *sheding tears*
  • England: *can't find a place to hide in hide and seek* Good job bucko chum pal. Of course they'll never find us iN THE D*MN OPEN
  • France: And then i went home aND I GOT SOME STARBU- *interrupted by a phone call*
  • Russia: I spiked my friends kool-aid with black vodka in second grade
  • China: Just call me Ming mong and make me rice and you can marry me
  • Italy: *Crying because People in a videogame are yelling at him* B-But i-it's a dog bIte *hic* i DON'T WANNA BE PUT IN THE SHED- hey she's kinda pretty...
  • Germany: Okay you need to start running- ru- RUN MY LOVE! FOR GODS SAKE-
  • Japan: *insert Gerita makeout session* This is a great party guys.
  • Spain: I saw someone eat a tomato like a apple. God is officially dead.
  • Prussia: I'm so cool that soni- *trips and falls into a skater*
  • Austria: My favorite music genre is the screaming of Monsters High theme song