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Just don’t let America know what are Rocky Mountain oysters.

CAN: Why would you bring this up?!??


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How would the allies react if they are jealous

France: “Mon cher..Come here..”
Francis isn’t someone who gets jealous easily..but whenever he does, he has a habit to get very lovey and clingy. Not like his s/o can’t leave his sight needy, but he’ll nuzzle against them more often, or complain whenever they have to leave.

Canada: “O-Okay then…”
Matthew would get very nervous when he’s jealous. At first he wouldn’t even know what to make of being jealous, but when he kept feeling it, he would have a small panic attack or breakdown. He’d be afraid his s/o might leave him..

Russia: “You aren’t leaving me..right?..”
Ivan would at first have a front of being angry and a bit possessive..but when he’s jealous, the front would just be the hide the fear of being replaced or left…he’d have to sit down and talk with his s/o, and have his s/o promise him they weren’t leaving him.

America: “Hey…wanna just spend a night with me?”
Alfred would actually get insecure if he started to feel jealous. He wouldn’t want to seem overbearing or clingy, but he would want to spend time with them and hope the feeling goes away. He wouldn’t want to think about them leaving him, so he would try to drown it out with other thoughts or just getting them talking so they can crush the fear using their own words. 

England: “Love, you don’t like anyone else more than me right?”
Arthur knows he is someone who is hard to get along with at times, so he would be so distraught if the feelings of jealousy began to bubble up inside of him. He would try to nip it in the bud and confront it head on, before it bubbles up inside of him and makes him say something he may regret. He knows he is a passive aggressive man who holds grudges, so if he began to feel jealous, it could spell disaster if it is not confronted head on and fast. 

China: “Can we cuddle?”
Yao doesn’t like the feeling of jealousy, he feels dirty and sick when it hits him. So he would try to push the feeling away with their touch and their affection as he slowly talks it out with them and clears his mind. He would just want to spend time with them to reassure himself that they aren’t leaving him, but also just to clear the air and make sure they both are on the same page. 


You’ve got America with a hamburger and Italy with a pizza. Pretty standard stuff.


Germany look like he’s trying to sell you drugs

England’s plotting revenge from inside a teacup 

Russia and France peeking out from behind plants like the little pixies they are

Japan cautiously coming out of rice

China saying hello from behind a paNDA WITH NO EYES

I just- ah, never change Hetalia. Never change.


It’s only a quick little thing because I was DYING to draw on my tablet, sorry it isn’t mother related HAH (PS I DID NOT draw the 150 leaf thats just an image obviously)

I’m going to spend the next few weeks doing all the palette requests from AGES ago I didn’t get to. I don’t want to leave any of them! Also, thank you for waiting and thank you for the support!

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2p FACE family realizing that they’re in love with their s/o?

2p France: “No.”
Francois would stare at his heart and shake his head before telling his heart no. He wouldn’t want to deal with love. He wouldn’t want to deal with the pain and the eventual loss. Francois would try to drown the feelings in whatever he could, but if they were strong enough and he couldn’t ignore them, he would groan and try to get away without saying anything…but eventually…it may force him too. 

2p America: “Soooo…sugar…you free?”
Allen falls hard and fast, if he does. He would bite his lip and blush as he looks at them when they aren’t looking at him, and once it settles in his mind, he would make his move. He wouldn’t hold back as he slides up to them and wraps an arm around them and flirts shamelessly with them. His worst fear would be rejection, but that wouldn’t hold him back. Allen goes big when it comes to getting someone to be his. 

2p Canada: “Oh no…”
Matt would look at them and bite his lip before sighing. Why? Why was he in love? He would poke his chest where his heart is and sigh. He would hope the feeling would go away, so he didn’t have to worry about someone else leaving him…but once the feelings stayed, he would sigh and accept it. He would wait as long as he could before offhandedly mentioning it, and watching their reaction. 

2p England: “O-oh dear…will they feel the same back?”
Oliver would be a blushing mess if he realized he was in love. He would be giggling to himself as he tried to contain the butterflies in his stomach and untwist his tongue. He would be so nervous that they wouldn’t feel the same about him, but it wouldn’t stop him from trying. Oliver would always make them cute treats to hint at his feelings before bursting out with them one day while talking to them.