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Hi there! How to get on the 2ps good/bad sides?

((Hello~ you can find how to get on their bad sides right here and here))

How to get on a 2P’s good side

2P!America: don’t let him scare you. don’t let the mean things he says keep you from talking to him. don’t speak to him like you’re above him. instead, talk to him as if you were friends and then you’ll probably get along with him just fine.

2P!China: don’t say rude things to him, even if you’re joking. he’s sensitive and hates outwardly cold people. instead, talk to him nicely. he’ll probably tease you and it’s okay to tease him back; a friendship would emerge easily that way.

2P!England: it’s not hard to become his friend; he’s very accepting of people but he would really love it if you were polite and sweet to him, the way he is with most people.

2P!France: don’t be loud or obnoxious around him. he prefers to stay in a quiet, deserted environment so he would appreciate it if you gave him his space. keeping a calm conversation with him about the things he likes would help you become like a friend to him.

2P!Russia: simple– just agree with his views. he’s pacifistic and religious, so if you were too, he’d be much more content with being in your presence. most of the time, he’d rather be alone, so having things in common with him would make it easier to get to know him.

2P!Italy: never talk back to him or challenge his authority. to get him to like you, or to get along with him, you have to be obedient. he would actually be stimulated to see you intimidated by him, and he would find it cute if you were shy around him.

2P!Germany: it’s super easy to become friends with this goofball. you just need to be able to take a joke and you’re good with him. however, he’d probably try flirting with you before any friendship began.

2P!Japan: he’s probably the hardest to understand and/or please. he’s not easily impressed, and frankly, he has to find you interesting or useful to consider getting to know you. if you don’t want him to hate you, then show him respect and he’ll show it right back to you… that is only if he deems you worthy.

2P!Canada: for the love of god, don’t be fake around him. don’t put on a plastic grin or talk in an overly sweet voice; don’t try to be someone you’re not. be real and be yourself. as long as you’re not crazy or hyperactive, he’ll be chill with you.

2P!Romano: it’s pretty easy to become his friend, especially if you share some interests with him. the only way he wouldn’t like you is if you talked behind peoples’ backs or just acted like a straight-up bitch (which he does not tolerate).

2P!Austria: he’s pretty selective with his friends. if you can put up with his eccentric ways, not call him insane and never insult him or the things he likes (and if you’re a confident, fearless person who can keep up with his flamboyant personality), then chances are he’s already eyeing you.

2P!Prussia: it’s difficult for him to make friends. he’s shy and quiet; there’ll be times when he wants to go up to people but he finds that he can’t. if you were the one to approach him and be nice to him, he would love you forever and never let you go.

Hetalia scenarios masterpost!

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios

Waking up next to him (America, China, England, France)

Waking up next to him (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

First meeting (America, China, England, France)

First meeting (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

When you’re sick (America, China, England, France)

When you’re sick (Germany, Italy, Romano, Russia)

Another country flirts with you (America, China, England)

Another country flirts with you (France, Germany, Italy)

Another country flirts with you (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Taking a shower… together (America, China, England)

Taking a shower… together (France, Germany, Italy)

Taking a shower… together (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Your birthday (America, China, England)

Your birthday (France, Germany, Italy)

Your birthday (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You’re on your period (America, China, England)

You’re on your period (France, Germany, Italy)

You’re on your period (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting your friends/family (America, China, England)

Meeting your friends/family (France, Germany, Italy)

Meeting your friends/family (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Christmas! Kinda (America, China, England)

Christmas! Kinda (France, Germany, Italy)

Christmas! Kinda (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He wants to cuddle (America, China, England)

He wants to to cuddle (France, Germany, Italy)

He wants to cuddle (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You fall asleep on him (America, China, England)

You fall asleep on him (France, Germany, Italy)

You fall asleep on him (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He sees you cry (America, China, England)

He sees you cry (France, Germany, Italy)

He sees you cry (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He has a nightmare (America, China, England)

He has a nightmare (France, Germany, Italy)

He has a nightmare (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Drunken flirting (America, Canada, China, England)

Drunken flirting (France, Germany, Italy)

Drunken flirting (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

First fight (America, Canada, China, England)

First fight (France, Germany, Italy)

First fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Canada special

Make up after the fight (America, Canada, China, England)

Make up after the fight (France, Germany, Italy)

Make up after the fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

The first “I love you” (America, Canada, China, England)

The first “I love you” (France, Germany, Italy)

The first “I love you” (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Goodbye at an airport (America, Canada, China, England)

Goodbye at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Goodbye at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He misses you (America, Canada, China, England)

He misses you (France, Germany, Italy)

He misses you (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Reunion at an aiport (America, Canada, China, England)

Reunion at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Reunion at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He’s staring (America, Canada, China, England)

He’s staring (France, Germany, Italy)

He’s staring (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Caught making out (America, Canada, China, England)

Caught making out (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Caught making out (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain) 

You wear his clothes (America, Canada, China, England)

You wear his clothes (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You wear his clothes (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Valentine’s Day (America, Canada, China, England)

Valentine’s Day (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Valentine’s Day (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You can’t sleep (America, Canada, China, England)

You can’t sleep (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You can’t sleep (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Finding out he’s a country (America, Canada, China, England)

Finding out he’s a country (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Finding out he’s a country (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting his friends/family (America, Canada, China, England)

Meeting his friends/family (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Meeting his friends/family (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Norway Special

Moving into his house (America, Canada, China, England)


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Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

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Moving into his house part 1



“Finally here!” America exclaims when you and your moving car appear in front of his house.  As soon as you get out of the car, he runs up to you and kisses you happily. “Welcome home, dudette!”

   “Thanks”, you chuckle and kiss him back. “Did you get your brother to help us move all these boxes?”

   “No, he said he was busy with some polar bear stuff”, America shrugs. “But that’s fine because the HERO is here! You can just sit back and enjoy, dudette, and I’ll handle the boxes!”

   “Really? But I have a lot of stuff, and I want to help you carry them, and – “
   Before you can even finish your sentence, America goes and picks up three huge boxes at once while you just stare at him in awe.

   “I guess you really are Superman or something”, you chuckle as America walks past you to his house.

   “Of course I am”, he grins and winks at you.





“So, I guess we should start unpacking all these boxes”, you say, standing in Canada’s – I mean your – bedroom. It’s full of different sized boxes with all your stuff in them.

   “Yes, we should”, Canada nods. “It might have helped if you had labelled them, but…”

   “Yeah, sorry”, you chuckle as you open the first box, revealing a pile of your clothes. “I forgot. But we can just open these and see what’s inside!”

   “Yeah, that’ll work too”, Canada smiles, leans over a box on his left and opens it. He blushes like mad when he sees that all your underwear is in that box.

   “Is everything okay?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. “Or is there a naked lady in the box?”

   “N-no, it’s just… these”, Canada swallows and holds up your favorite bra.

   “As if you haven’t seen those already”, you laugh, walk over to him and peck his cheek. “And besides, they’ll be in your closet from now on, so you better get used to it.”
   “Y-yeah, I guess so”, he chuckles and looks at you lovingly. “This is your home now, too.”





This is the day you’ve been waiting for – the day you move in with China. So far everything has gone pretty well: you got all your boxes safely to his place, and then you spent the entire day unpacking your stuff. But now you’re facing your first real issue.

   “This is terrible”, you mumble while China tries not to cry. “What are we going to do?”

   “I don’t know, aru”, he swallows. “Maybe we should just buy a bigger bed. And buy it now.”

   “We can’t buy a new bed tonight”, you sigh and rest your head against his shoulder. “I guess we’ll just have to sleep on the floor or something.”

   “Probably, aru”, China mutters and wraps his arm around you. You’re both staring at the bed in front of you – the bed that is filled with plush toys. It was crowded enough in that bed with just China’s toys in it, but now that you’ve brought all your plushies with you… there’s just simply not enough space in the bed for you and China anymore.

   “Can we go furniture shopping tomorrow?” China asks quietly.

   “Definitely”, you chuckle.





“Hey, Iggy!” you call, standing on his lawn with a huge moving box in front of you. This is the day you get to move in with your boyfriend, and though you’re really happy and everything, carrying all your stuff into his house is pretty exhausting. “Can you come and help with me with this box? It’s really heavy.”

   “Of course, love”, England says, walking towards you with the sleeves of his white shirt rolled up. “Could you go make us some tea? I think we only have a few more boxes left.”

   “Yeah sure”, you smile and head towards the house. Then suddenly you hear a loud thump and a yelp, and when you turn around, you see England lying on the grass with the huge box on top of his leg.

    “Iggy! Are you okay?” you gasp, running back to him and pushing the stupid box aside.

    “Yes, I’m fine”, he mumbles though he is holding his leg. “What is in that bloody box? It weighs a ton!”

   “My books”, you say apologetically, and England chuckles.

   “I should have guessed”, he smiles as you help him up. “Perhaps we should take a break and have that tea now?”

   “Sounds good”, you grin. “And after that we’ll carry this stupid box together.”