Matthew: There’s no way Gil is actually that full of himself.

Francis: Ah, see, that’s what I thought too. And I get a lot of people who ask me that same thing. But Gilbert isn’t hiding any insecurities.He’s solid confidence all the way through. I’ve been his closest friend for over 10 years now, and what you see is the truth: the only thing he’s hiding under that mask of ego… is a much larger ego.

Matthew: Wow.

Francis: Truly.  

  • Canada: Alfred! You're not going to believe what happened today!
  • America, gaming: The Hero isn't here right now, please leave a message after the beep.
  • Canada: Bro... we're having a face to face conversation..
  • America: Beep.

Canada stuttering. In canon, he is softspoken and passive. Not a stutterer. Not a sufferer of an extreme anxiety disorder. No chronic Depression. It’s not that you can’t ever write him stuttering, but I’ve seen fics where he stutters on nearly every word and even for a shy person that is so fucking excessive. Also Canada-as-a-uke. He’s not spineless, or weak, he has had his strong moments in canon. He’s just passive.

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