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Whats 2p!Canadas best and worst qualities ?

Best Traits:

-He’s a softie

-He really cares about the environment

-He’s very protective

- He has such a big heart

Worst Traits:

-He’s a lazy fucker

-He grunts and mutters in response to everything

-He’s a slob

-He gets mad whenever his hockey team of the week loses. Like breaking chairs mad

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Alpha 2p Canada/1p and omega fem s/o scenario or headcanons would be hot pls

Shit man that so would! So who gonna write it?

2p!Canada (Matt Williams) Alpha/Omega

• Big alpha, very dominant

• ^But also really gentle which kind of makes you wonder how he intimidated you at first. 

• Y’all take up residence in the woods, in a cabin that he builds far away from other alphas and most civilization for that matter.

• Hope you like roughing it with your alpha, because that’s what you will be doing.

• Possessive af around other alphas when it comes to you being around them, especially during rut season.

• (I always liked the thought that omegas can chirp and alphas give low growls) Thinks its adorable when you chirp at him, even if it’s a signal for him to back off.

• Speaking of that, you never hear him growl back often, he understands you need your space too and can’t be around you all the time.

• That don’t mean he ain’t gonna push his luck though and with stay around until you stop or snap at him.

• He takes care of the tough work and prefers you to keep up with the maintenance around the house, like the cookie cutter shit.

• Pups? Pups, he wants a lot of them. 

• Leave it up to him and y’all gonna be acting like the Waltons. “Good night John-boy.” “Good night mom.” “Good night Matt…” “Shut up and go to sleep!”

• Good boy, very good alpha, best alpha; 10/10 recommend you be his omega.


You’ve got America with a hamburger and Italy with a pizza. Pretty standard stuff.


Germany look like he’s trying to sell you drugs

England’s plotting revenge from inside a teacup 

Russia and France peeking out from behind plants like the little pixies they are

Japan cautiously coming out of rice

China saying hello from behind a paNDA WITH NO EYES

I just- ah, never change Hetalia. Never change.


It’s only a quick little thing because I was DYING to draw on my tablet, sorry it isn’t mother related HAH (PS I DID NOT draw the 150 leaf thats just an image obviously)

I’m going to spend the next few weeks doing all the palette requests from AGES ago I didn’t get to. I don’t want to leave any of them! Also, thank you for waiting and thank you for the support!