Thought I’d show these off before they are gone forever.

I made these cuties when I was 14, spending two days of work making them perfect. My art has definitely improved since then but I couldn’t bring myself to take these down.

I’m moving soon to live with my Matesprite, reaverheroofskill, and so I either need to take these down or my family will destroy them. They never did like how much I liked Hetalia.

The problem is certain ones, such as HRE and Austria, are already so damaged that if I try to move them, they will tear to a point that I can’t repair them anymore. ((HRE’s head is already torn off in the picture, which is slightly funny in a dark way.)) unfortunately I will lose Roddie and the chibis, and I fear I might also lose the Axis Powers as well. So I decided to take one last picture while these nerds are all together.

Hope you guys like it~