Holy fuck I just got bashed on for shipping a straight ship.

First, let me tell you what the ship is. I ship PruHun, which is a straight ship. This other weeb shipped PruCan, a gay ship.

Now, the only reason why I don’t ship PruCan is bc they literally never interacted. I hate those kind of ships in the fandom, it’s just way too obsessive.

PruHun on the other hand, they’re both good friends.

I got bashed on for fucking shipping two best friends instead of two characters that never interacted.

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Hey can I resquest something? How do you think the face fam would react, if their s/o appeared to dislike their own family. I really can't find loving my mom and dad and sis, and it bothers me, but at the same time, they are very abusive, and I wonder what someone else could think of this. Sorry, please delete if you don't feel like it :) love you:3

2p France: Wouldn’t really mind if you didn’t partially like you’re family, especially with the abuse. The fact is, if they hated them, didn’t want to speak or be apart of them in anyway, he wouldn’t object.

2p America: One, heavily cringes that there was abuse going on; is on his s/o side and it’s going to be very hard to try to convince him to anything else. About hating them, he’s a little iffy on that. If they really don’t want any part of being with their kin, he won’t force it and would rarely bring it up. Still it bothers him

2p Canada: Has such a pitiful look on his face upon knowing this. In his own past(I bring this up so much) François wasn’t exactly your model father or caretaker so he understands where the hatred would come from. Still, he’d try to convince them to go talk to their parents and he’d be there the whole time. Going through semi-similar situations, he had every reason to help.

2p England: Is incredibly shocked and just lost for words. He’d be fumbling with his sentences trying to understand how and why, might even cry for them. He really and strongly wants them to patch everything with their parents no matter how long it takes. It breaks his heart, because family is just so important to him

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What would the 2P! Allies, Axis, Canada, Prussia, and Romano's reaction be to their s/o playing mystic messenger instead of hanging out with them?

2p! America: *Finds the phone and deletes the app* I warned you

2p! Canada: Stop. Stop. Stop. S T O P. No more. I will take the phone. You think I’m kidding I’m not. GET OFF THE PHONE ITS SO ANNOYING!

2p! England: That can’t be healthy for you to be on your phone all the time. I would love it if you put it down for a tic

2p! France: You have to make your own dinner now if you keep playing it. I’m not gonna make you your dinner. I’m going to make my own dinner and stare at you while I eat it so you know I am judging you

2p! Russia: That seems fun. What is it? Show me how to play

2p! China: What is this? Why is it so loud? Get off the phone. wft who’s Zen??

2p! Germany: Ehhh you can play it as long as you’re with me at the same time

2p! Prussia: Oh. Okay, well I have, I don’t want to be the reason you are sad

2p! Italy: *takes phone* No

2p! Romano:  Nonono. No more. Me… look at me

2p! Japan: I have a strict ‘No Mystic Messenger’ rule and ya broke it… way to go

-2p! Axis and Allies

Canada stuttering. In canon, he is softspoken and passive. Not a stutterer. Not a sufferer of an extreme anxiety disorder. No chronic Depression. It’s not that you can’t ever write him stuttering, but I’ve seen fics where he stutters on nearly every word and even for a shy person that is so fucking excessive. Also Canada-as-a-uke. He’s not spineless, or weak, he has had his strong moments in canon. He’s just passive.

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