Hetalia characters and (forced) crossdressing
  • Italy:Happy to try anything. He wore dresses for pretty much his entire childhood, so it's a familiar feeling. Plus, he knows he looks adorable.
  • Germany:Very uncomfortable and awkward. Girls' clothing feels fragile and a little too tight, so he feels like he's going to rip it accidentally just by moving. He doesn't think it looks good on his bulky frame.
  • Japan:He's not going to want to wear anything revealing, but dresses or skirts in general wouldn't bother him, and he'd actually be very interested to have his makeup done.
  • America:Embarrassed, trying to get out of it somehow. At the first opportunity he'll take it off.
  • England:He'll struggle and fight against being put in women's clothing, but if you actually get him in them--as long as they're relatively modest and flattering--he'll end up checking himself out in the mirror and enjoying it.
  • France:As likely as not, he's the one dressing everyone else up in drag. His preference is a cute maid dress, but he'll gladly put on anything fashionable as well.
  • China:Maybe kind of pissy about the whole thing, but unless the skirt is super short or something, he mostly really doesn't care.
  • Russia:Super embarrassed, trying to hide or cover himself however he possibly can. (Like how he hid in the sewer in the april fools event.)
  • Canada:Thinks he looks pretty good in a skirt. He's not worried about people seeing him like this since he's mostly invisible anyway.
  • Prussia:Will brag about how awesome he looks even in girly clothes. If anyone else is crossdressing too, he'll also inform them of how much better he pulls it off.
  • Austria:Actually feels totally comfortable in dresses, especially big, full gowns that he can wear a corset and petticoat under.
  • Spain:He's fine as long as it shows off his ass and is something he can dance in. He likes skirts and dresses because they feel so free (especially without underwear under them).
  • Romano:Even though he wore dresses as a child as well, he'll get angry and embarrassed, because let's face it, he hardly needs a reason to be angry and embarrassed.
  • Hungary:Still cross dresses for fun sometimes, and owns some mens clothes and a binder and everything. If France isn't the one putting guys in skirts, it's probably her.

my new AU i did 2 days ago

 matthew is a 20 y.o worker. have a flat in Ottawa also old car from his pass dad, his brother is Alfred which is moved to NYC n he is some sort of bussiness man or kind of famous person idk
his mom live in countryside n really hoping Matthew have a girlfriend or marry soon bc she is old n Alfred too busy to remember ab her or his brother
 even thhough matthew always said yes to pleased his mother but yea he is 20 n still single,he also busy w his own work
Francis is a 25 y.o Frenchman moved to Canada bc his pass girlfriend died in an accident, he work as a waiter in a bar / pub, n have a flat also in the same building w Matthew, which is the flat right next to him

yea im suck at introducing but ppfft lol 

Meme Game- Hetalia characters
  • America:15/10 Meme game is very strong
  • England:2/10 Meme Game is weak
  • France:4/10 Doesn't understand
  • China:2/10 Confused
  • Russia:17/10 Sells memes on the black market
  • Canada:13/10 Meme game is strong
  • North Italy:5/10 Kinda confused but goes along with it
  • South Italy:4/10 Confused
  • Germany:3/10 Couldn't care less about that sad frog
  • Prussia:8/10 Totally loves that sad frog
  • Japan:5/10 Knows a lot about memes but isn't a memer
  • Spain:7/10 All for funny things!
  • Austria:2/10 Disgusted by that sad frog
  • Hungary:7/10 Disgusted that Austria is disgusted by that sad frog
  • -Admin Canako
  • (America, Canada and Russia are totally a Meme Team, fight me)
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How Drunk the Hetalia characters got at a Bar
  • Italy:8/10. He'll be trying to dance like a maniac and collapse after that.
  • Germany:17/10 omfg. He gets so drunk, he'll laugh/cry and snort and he yells out "twerk all day, everyday!!" He attempts to twerk, then flops on the floor.
  • Japan:7/10. He tries not to act too drunk, but he demands piggy back rides at the end of the night.
  • America:10/10! He gets up on the table and rips off his shirt,after that he drunk-texts people dank memes.
  • Canada:10/10! (Look at america's except spamming people with the good shit meme)
  • England:15/10. He rolls on the floor, questioning himself and "what is the meaning of life??" He ends up talking to himself, and is trying to figure out the weird frog memes america is texting him.
  • France:6/10. Like japan, he tries to stay sober, but in the end his hair is all tangled and crappy and has 3 girl's numbers.
  • Russia:12/10... Prepare for a bunch of russian swears,,and vomit coming your way.. :^/
  • China:5/10. He doesnt get drunk often. He prefers to drink his tea. But if he does get drunk, he'll try to sell his merchandise like crazy.
  • Prussia:13/10. Less than germany, but he tries to believe he isn't drunk. He runs dizzily to austria's house, and trashes it.
  • Austria:3/10. He doesnt want to be drunk and would rather stay at home playing his piano angrily, because Prussia trashed his house.
  • Hungary:9/10, she goes to try to beat Prussia's ass, but bumps into a wall and collapses.
  • Spain:9/10. After he drinks he walks home and crawls up to Romano while he's asleep and watches him for 3 hours. After that he gets into roma's bed and sleeps beside him.
  • Romano:0/10. Didnt go to the bar. He didnt wanna act like a complete idiot, and is now creeped out that spain was watching him sleep.
  • ~Admin Char (phew, that was long!)

Canada stuttering. In canon, he is softspoken and passive. Not a stutterer. Not a sufferer of an extreme anxiety disorder. No chronic Depression. It’s not that you can’t ever write him stuttering, but I’ve seen fics where he stutters on nearly every word and even for a shy person that is so fucking excessive. Also Canada-as-a-uke. He’s not spineless, or weak, he has had his strong moments in canon. He’s just passive.

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