‘you know, i’m one of the people privileged to be ‘in the know’ and…i suppose it’s not such a wild idea or unbelievable concept to wrap your mind around, if you think about it. ideas, hopes, dreams…all that may be intangible in the beginning, but they translate into actions that move and shake our world, don’t they? and so, out of our imaginings and ideas, we fashioned them, made them in our image- in flesh and bone, with all our morals and ideals and hypocrisies and sins. but the one thing i’ve never got used to…that i can’t help find unnerving- is how young those two look.

children, but not-children; behind that youthful face, in their eyes, the weight of the decades, the centuries.’

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So....I'm this friend in my friend group. But, in both the 1ps and the 2ps, who burst into spontaneous disney songs just for the hell of it? And who joins in? And who threatens to kill the singers if they don't shut the hell up?


Singers: America, 2p England, 2p China, Italy, Prussia

Joins in: 2p America, France, China, 2p Germany, 2p Romano, Spain, 2p Austria, Me

“If you keep singing The Little Mermaid, I swear to god-” : 2p Canada, England, 2p Russia, 2p Japan, 2p Italy, Romano, Austria

Chill with the musical going on right now : Canada, 2p France, Russia, Japan, Germany, 2p Prussia, 2p Spain

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How would the 2p!'s react to their girlfriend telling them they were pregnant?

2p! America: Uhhhhhhh… ummm, 

2p! Canada: Dang, alright. Okay I see you

2p! England: *faints*

2p! France: Wait… really?

2p! Russia: *externally* cool *internally* FINALLY YAAAAS JUST CALL MY DADDY!

2p! China: Like the last time you were “pregnant” orrrr???

2p! Germany: Pics or it didn’t happen

2p! Italy: Wait, a little bambino?! Awww- I mean- pfft that’s kinda cool

2p! Japan: Looking back, I can see how this all may have happened 

-2p! Axis and Allies

2ps things I said/thought(2!!!)

2p Japan: Oh yeah, I know what hentai is. Lowkey birth that shit.
2p Romano: You want me to run? Aha! My makeup is on POINT ! I’ll be damned if you make me sweat
2p Italy: Listen, I’m okay. No I don’t need a hug, what did I just say
2p Germany: Holy shit they have some really nice last! Ohoo! Here comes that ass!
2p Prussia: Should I take the compliment or reject and get more compliments???

2p America: I wonder if I fight a cactus and win
2p Canada: •wears a winter flannel in summer• Its hot
2p France: [can you get me something?] Oh yeah sure… Tomorrow
2p Russia:[Its freezing out here!] It’s 60 degrees out. You wouldn’t last a second in the Russian tundra
2p China: Finally! No ones home! Well, time to strip!

2p Austria: Yeah I got a guitar. I don’t always play it, but it makes me look dope as fuck
2p Spain:[someone says tortilLAH] Listen puta, it’s fucking TORTIYAH. How hard is that

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Also the way u draw Canada so buff & tuff honestly gives me a will to live ur a tru hero


I’m all good for the cute, shy lil babyfaced boi, but… honestly…. in my mind, I’ve basically just combined Canada with Sam Winchester and… now……. he is so precious to me i,,, TALL. LEAN MUSCLE. PATIENT AND KIND BUT WILL SASS UR ASS OUTTA TOWN. THE BEST AROUND. 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀

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Headcanon 2p height? (Without shoes)


2p America: 5′9

2p Canada: 6′1

2p England: 5′7

2p France: 5′8

2p Russia: 6′1

2p China: 5′7

2p Japan: 5′6

2p Italy: 5′4/5′5

2p Germany: 6′0

2p Romano: 5′8

2p Prussia: 5′7

2p Spain: 5′9

2p Austria: 5′6

I’m 5′5, all these guys are so tall, help-

America: *climbs in window for a friendly chat*

Australia: *tries to eat his bear, runs around making a mess of his house*
Canada: …ah?

Seriously, the only other times I can think of where we see him screaming as much as he does in 200 is when Cuba called him up like, “NATIONS ARE DISAPPEARING OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AAAAHH”, and when he thought England was dying. Somehow America showing up without being grr at him or England is on par with nations disappearing and England dying, but Australia doing…that barely gets a reaction. Canada what even are you.

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I dare 1p England to pull all of the other 1ps curls, including America's nantucket.

Me : *sigh* Not again-
1p England : But why-
Me : I’ll be moral support again, let’s go.

1p America : D-DUDE! W-WHAT THE HECK MAN?!

1p Canada : Uh-I-uh- (o/////o) 

1p Italy : Uh-…d-don’t do that again please- (o///o)

1p Romano : WHAT THE HELL! *He is very pissed off but blushing and stuff* 

Canada stuttering. In canon, he is softspoken and passive. Not a stutterer. Not a sufferer of an extreme anxiety disorder. No chronic Depression. It’s not that you can’t ever write him stuttering, but I’ve seen fics where he stutters on nearly every word and even for a shy person that is so fucking excessive. Also Canada-as-a-uke. He’s not spineless, or weak, he has had his strong moments in canon. He’s just passive.

[ anon ]

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I dare 2p Prussia to pull all of the other 2ps curls, including Allen's nantucket.

Me : Nantucket??
2p Prussia : W-Why me?? 
Me : I’ll be moral support

2p America : W-Why would you- What the hell guys?! EMMA-WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS HERE WHEN THIS SHIT HAPPENS?

2p Canada : …uh, w-why? *slight blushing*

2p Romano: W-What?? Why would you-Do you know what this does because-???

2p Prussia : I d-don’t wanna try Luciano-
Me : *sigh* I’ll do it, just run-

Me : *walks up to him* Hey! Sorry in advance *does it and runs*