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Confess your jurio headcanons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

- JJ calls Yuri Tiger in public and “Kitten/Chaton” in their alone time.

- Yurio is more expressive towards his jealousY. And despite JJ’s flamboyant and narcissitic front, he is quite the silent-type of jealous. 

- What sealed the deal for Yurio is that when he saw JJ serving his own charity gigs. 

- Yurio becomes close to JJ’s younger siblings, JJ’s little sister is a huge fan of him. 

- Post-canon HC= JJ came out (bi/pan) to his ex. Luckily, his ex was a very understanding and kind woman so he ends up having a mutual breakup with her. He knows that he has to explore his own sexuality and get to know himself better, and he also knows that Yurio has always been on his mind since the Skate Canada International (correct me if I’m wrong, pls).

- Yurio is the fashionable one while JJ just likes to dress up comfortably (it just so happens he just looks good on them) 

- JJ never visits Yurio without a pirozhki with him. A pirozhki specially delivered from Yuri’s Ji-chan.

- JJ asked Yurio’s Ji-chan to teach him how to make Pirozhki. 

- JJ just fucking love to spoil his kitten, okay //creis

- Jj is a lowkey hopeless romantic. He has a huge crush on Yurio for a long tme but didn’t act on it until he broke up with his gf. 

- JJ loves to throw compliments about Yurio’s beauty in Quebecois French (most especially on bed :}) .


from two closeted tumblr best friends to this 5 years later.. actually makes me want to tear up a little bit thinking about it 

Just public school things

-Hearing screams coming from other classrooms and wondering what the fuck is going on

-Dropping the mr/mrs from a teachers name and just referring to them by their last name

-Just getting up and walking out to go to the bathroom whenever because the teachers literally couldn’t care less

- People standing in the middle of the FUCKING HALLWAYS like how do you have that many friends

-Teachers asking why you’re late to class and you can use “traffic” as an excuse

- Scarily lacking sex ed

-Weird, non-optional school spirit things that serve zero purpose


-School-wide memes

-Seeing cops around ALL the fucking time

-Literal chaos + a mascot