APH America/Alfred:

Once he noticed his S/O in the room, he wouldn’t mind at all. He would call them in with him, picking up their child and rocking them gently in his arms as his S/O felt pride rising up from within them. 

APH England/Arthur:

He would jump a bit once he noticed them, but would motion for them to come in, telling them how amazed he was that this was their child. He would hold them close to him, taking in the calm of the night just before the baby started crying. 

APH Canada/Matthew:

He would shush them as they walked in, holding their waist and smiling. He would put his arm around their shoulder, smiling down at their baby and placing a kiss on it’s forehead. 

APH Romano/Lovino:

He wouldn’t bother denying that he was fawning over their baby, in fact picking it up and cooing to it while he walked over to them, smiling widely. He would look up at his S/O, whispering something about the perfect family. 

  • America:yo, bro, I ran out of ink, you have an extra pen, bro?
  • Canada:wait, let me check first, bro. Hey, bro, what did you put for this question?
  • America:dunno, bruh, I put some shit together, hopefully it, y'kno bro, makes sense to gov and shit.
  • Canada:bruh, that stupid, bro.
  • America:I ain't stupid, bruh.
  • Canada:bro, I can name so many stupid things you did, bruh.
  • America:bro
  • Canada:bro
  • America:broooooooo
  • Canada:bruuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh

I made pancakes!!! It’s a pancake party!
And you’re invited

Ok I don’t have that much.
And you technically can’t eat them. But it’s imaginary~ but one day, it won’t be an anti-life. ( does that make sense. No. It doesn’t.)
I do actually wish I could share them to you guys.

I make the best pancakes on planet earth

prussianempress asked:

Heeeeeey! ^.^ it's Mod Husky from aph-imagines. I wanna know who you ship new with! Okay, so I'm agender and . . . uh . . . we'll go with pansexual for easiness. I like cuddling, history, art, music (Holy Emo Trinity ftw), and museums. My favorite drink is coffee. I laugh and talk a lot when I'm comfortable with people and I'm smol. I'm a Leo and a Slytherin. Ooh, and do my BFF and enemy too, please! Thank! ^.^ (PS omf this blog looks so cute <3)

Ahhh thank you!!

I ship you with Nyo!Canada

It took me a minute to figure this one out.. Everyone I suggested just didn’t really “click” to me; except Nyo! (or gender-bent for the newbies) Canada. You both appear to have a chill, loving personality that can never fail on each other. To me you seem a bit more energetic than how I imagine her, but she wouldn’t mind at all. Idk but overall I think you two would make a very lovely couple tbh.

Her favorite activities to do with you: Going out to town. Maybe go to a coffee shop, local art festival, museum ect. She loves to do little things like that (especially with you aww I’m a sap)

Other possibilities: England, Iceland

BFF: America cause honestly who doesn’t like that guy. Also as a bonus there’s platonic cuddles sooo

How you became friends: Nyo!Canada introduced you two

Enemy: (okay but who would hate you tbh ur super cool) This is literally the silliest thing ever but Norway because you drank the rest of his cup of coffee by accident and he’s held a grudge ever since..

Haha sorry if it’s sucky ily tho thanks for the shoutouts bb