What am I doing? 

Not getting deported. 

Because autistic immigrants get deported in Canada. We’re considered a burden on society and therefore aren’t welcome in Canada.

I know this may come as a shock, but immigrants don’t want to be deported. We didn’t immigrate for funsies.

Also, I don’t need a professional diagnosis to know. I’ve done the research, read the literature, and I happen to know myself better than anyone else.

 There’s no point to pay however much to get a diagnosis I already know the answer to and a doctor may misdiagnose me as something else. Women get misdiagnosed as utterly ridiculous things by doctors, as many believe that women can’t be autistic, as well as the DSM 5 being nearly useless for diagnosing women, as it only lists traits common in men.

If you’d like, I can provide the link to a study on this subject.

And yes, I know for certain that the resources I used for research are credible. Im a librarian. 

I realized I was autistic while doing research for a major project on information sources about autism for my graduate studies Library Science course on science, technology, and medical information (a project I got a 96% on, btw).


Giant Marionettes created by French street theatre company Royal De Luxe in Montreal, Canada
Video by Guillaume Langlois
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