Shark Feeder Guiding Tiger Shark by alex888 My friend, Vince Canabal of Epic Diving a professional shark feeder is gently guiding a Tiger shark away from him as it was trying to get more chum (food). As you can see, unlike the movies and media, sharks are actually gentle when treated with the respect they deserve. I have dove with many species and have never had an issue.

Interesting Papers for Week 31, 2014

Hippocampal neurogenesis regulates forgetting during adulthood and infancy. Akers, K. G., Martinez-Canabal, A., Restivo, L., Yiu, A. P., De Cristofaro, A., Hsiang, H.-L. L., … Frankland, P. W. (2014). Science, 344(6184), 598–602.

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Global selection of saccadic target features by neurons in area v4. Burrows, B. E., Zirnsak, M., Akhlaghpour, H., Wang, M., & Moore, T. (2014). Journal of Neuroscience, 34(19), 6700–6.

Miniature neurotransmission regulates Drosophila synaptic structural maturation. Choi, B. J., Imlach, W. L., Jiao, W., Wolfram, V., Wu, Y., Grbic, M., … McCabe, B. D. (2014). Neuron, 82(3), 618–34.

Thalamic control of human attention driven by memory and learning. De Bourbon-Teles, J., Bentley, P., Koshino, S., Shah, K., Dutta, A., Malhotra, P., … Soto, D. (2014). Current Biology, 24(9), 993–9.

Stimulus salience as an explanation for imperfect mimicry. Kazemi, B., Gamberale-Stille, G., Tullberg, B. S., & Leimar, O. (2014). Current Biology, 24(9), 965–9.

Space-time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina. Kim, J. S., Greene, M. J., Zlateski, A., Lee, K., Richardson, M., Turaga, S. C., … Seung, H. S. (2014). Nature, 509(7500), 331–6.

Enhanced flexibility of place discrimination learning by targeting striatal cholinergic interneurons. Okada, K., Nishizawa, K., Fukabori, R., Kai, N., Shiota, A., Ueda, M., … Kobayashi, K. (2014). Nature Communications, 5, 3778.

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Spatial attention, precision, and Bayesian inference: a study of saccadic response speed. Vossel, S., Mathys, C., Daunizeau, J., Bauer, M., Driver, J., Friston, K. J., & Stephan, K. E. (2014). Cerebral Cortex, 24(6), 1436–50.

Hippocampal replay captures the unique topological structure of a novel environment. Wu, X., & Foster, D. J. (2014). Journal of Neuroscience, 34(19), 6459–69.

Creepy Thought

So, do you think sentient species in Star Wars ever ate each other?  With the Empire’s rather dehumanising attitude towards many species, would such a crime even be punished too severely?

Either way, I’m a little disturbed I though a bout this.

If Callie sees this

If Callie the canabal vorashios cherub sees this then I’m afraid I’ve gone off the deep end into squid bullshit, also you can eat callimari, only octopus tho….