Mathmagic/the bounce lounge

So I got hope late last night so I couldn’t write my post but these two episodes were quite entertaining and also did canabalism just happened in the bounce lounge and I did not expect that. Star is a pretty weird show to begin with, which they warn you in the opening sequence but wow that was unexpected but it was actually some nice dark humor. Both episodes were enjoyable in there own way. I’m not gonna lie that I thought the bounce lounge would be a Valentine’s Day like episode but I’m pleasantly surprised to find it being so much more. Mathmagic was a classic time loop episode and was creative and fun while the bounce lounge kind of hit home when she said the party is over. People grow up and move on, something we did when we were younger can easily change and as we grow up things change we can’t party forever so we have to make use of the time we have now while we are still young. I got super serious for this episode but I can’t wait to see what else is in story for staruary

Nah like canabalism, she sailed in circles after the failed mutiny till they were out of food… Then forced them to other means after surviving another mutiny

"Kids" probably the worst film of all time

Just seen “kids” for the first time. It’s one long shock film with people who ain’t black saying nigga over and over. It has a whole bunch of concious rap playing while folks get hiv and do drugs. There’s no intentional irony to be found in this clash of soundtrack and motion pictures. It’s already completely vapid in its conception, but it canabalizes itself even more because of this. The optics are white as hell bruh. The films is basically: “This is what happens when white kids get corrupted by rappity rap music and congregate with the coloureds”. It’s like a conservative lecturing me from start to finish and these are less than true images being conjured.

Certain immoral scenes in the film happen but there’s no redeeming qualities afterwards such as a gay couple being pelted with homophobic slurs or a guy being beaten to what is presumed to death and spit on as last bit of insult. The characters don’t learn from this and this largely goes unadressed any further than speculation of the one’s mans condition. It’s “super predators” all over again. It’s left to the audience to interpret these scenes. But given context and attitudes of the 90s, these images are more than likely likely consumed and completely discarded. There’s a certain responsibility that goes with these scenes that the director/writer neglects for the sake of being as shocking as possible. You can’t simply present subjects such as HIV and rape without some serious tact.
0/10, would throw this bitch in the trash