Spider-man: Homecoming basically stole from Miles Morales

I’ve been seeing some willfully obtuse shit regarding this where Marvel fans essentially ignore that Peter stole traits from Miles’ origin and story. So here is the list of the ways it was done.

1. Ganke Lee/Ned Leeds

Of course, I had to start with the most obvious.

Not only that he looks like Ganke, but he fucking acts like Ganke. Has Ned Leeds been Asian before? Yes, in Spectacular Spider-man Tv Show, but it would be hilarious that Disney and Sony actually stole from Greg Weisman after they both collectively screwed him twice. The thing about this character is that he acts more like Miles’ Ganke than he does Peter’s Ned Leeds.

Peter’s Ned Leeds was never a close friend of Peter’s, let alone went to the same school as Peter. He was an acquaintance at best or a fellow work mate at the most. 

Ganke, however….

..Is Miles’ best friend. He was introduced in Miles’ second issue ever. He has been a constant character ever since. That is Miles’ number 1.

If you noticed that Ganke was playing with Legos, guess what hobby Ned Leeds’ favorite hobby is?

That is a Lego Deathstar. And before you say, well in the panels’ he’s just playing with it. He doesn’t seem that interested in Legos.

And why Legos are integral to Miles and Ganke? Miles is not as Science smart as Ganke or Peter Parker so he cannot remake the Web fluid. Ganke is that smart and Legos are suggested by Chemists as great toys children to play with because it helps them visualize molecular models. Ganke is as important to Miles’ Spider-man as he is to Miles.

For all intents and purposes, Ned Leeds probably is just his best friend on account of Peter not telling Ned Leeds that he is Spider-man. Speaking of which, the whole Peter having a confidant in on his identity situation…

He never had one. Peter never told anyone that he is Spider-man. He never once shared that info with Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane(she always knew, but never revealed that she knew), Harry Osbourne, or anyone. In Ultimate Spider-man, Peter did confide in Mary Jane, but that was a case of her being his only friend.

Miles only revealed his identity to Ganke and eventually his father.  Well in the case of Ganke, Miles never had to reveal anything because Ganke was there to help him become Spider-man. It just the scene how Ned leeds found out.

Look familiar?

The same parallel as Peter’s.

Also, Ganke is girl obsessed like Homecomings’ Ned Leeds is. And yes, you are a little too infatuated with the opposite sex if you know by heart what a woman has worn previously and what she hasn’t.

The first thing Ganke does when Jessica Drew presents Miles with his new costume is to declare that he will start talking to girls.

After a deep conversation about what to do with Miles’ thieving ass Uncle, Ganke is pressed to go with Miles’ not to provide comfort, but to stare at his mom(who is really attractive).

As soon as he meets Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, Ganke immediately switches gears and starts hitting on them.

Ganke making a gift out of Legos for Gwen Stacy.

And it working…

Ganke trying to use Miles to hook him up with Dagger, and refusing to believe anyone is too hot for him.

Ganke is girl obsessed. It’s part of his charm.

So Peter took Miles’ best friend. Great.

2. Miles motivation of proving he is a superhero

I remember when I called this out and some moron said Peter had to prove himself to the Fantastic Four in his debut. No.

He wasn’t trying to prove himself with the Fantastic Four. He wanted to join the Fantastic Four so he can earn money.

The FF did not have an opinion on him, except Ben who did not like Spider-man for being a show off like Johnny. 

Just for your closure…

Miles’ however, had to go through a proving ground to not just be Spider-man, but also be qualified as a hero.

Instead of Tony Stark being the one supervisor of Miles, it is Captain America. It’s a long story as to why Cap feels the need to restrict Miles, but he is the one Miles has to prove his worth to.

After fighting with Captain America, Miles pops the question.

And to tie it into the Civil War, Miles’ asks to be the Ultimate equivalent of the Avengers, the Ultimates.

This is not a coincidence. You may say that they needed Peter to join MCU somehow, but how they are going about it is eerily similar to how they went about it with Miles. Peter never once had to gain recognition from his fellow superheroes. He never once had to ask to join the Avengers because they respected him as a hero. Miles’ did.

This is not the first time Peter took this from Miles either. The Ultimate Spider-man cartoon has Peter,again, taking Miles familiarity with Nick Fury and forming a super team just like Miles Morales. It’s annoying.

3. Younger Aunt May/Parental figure and having stability

Before I start this, yes, Ultimate Spider-man had a younger Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I know this. You seen her above when she is talking to Miles and you see her when Gwen kissed Ganke. But she did not look like this.

Now Marissa Tomei is a young looking 52 year old woman. Girl fucking looks good. Slay.

But Ultimate Aunt May did not look like she was pulling dates off tinder. Ultimate Aunt May also did not stay in an upscale Queen suite. Peter was not raised in an economically stable environment. There was always bills to be paid and Aunt May did not work.

Miles however lives in Brooklyn. His mom is a nurse and his father a cop. It is a stable household.

As you can see, Rio is hot!

Anyways, what contributed to Peter’s anxiety and neuroticism was that he never had a stable household. They were always just above the red. With Ben gone, Aunt May had to take care of the household in spite of Peter’s new adventures.  Peter is lower middle class. Miles’ is middle class when it comes to living in Brooklyn.

4. The charter school

This especially pissed me off. 

Miles goes to an advanced charter school for gifted children. How he did so?

You ever see the documentary, “Waiting for Superman?”

Okay, so there is a literal lottery for gifted urban youth(usually youth of color) for them to attend advanced schools. If they do not get the right lottery, then they are sent back to attend the shitty Inner City schools where they most likely won’t excel in life. They will most likely excel if they go to Charter School. It sucks, but that is a reality youth face.

Miles had to enter this lottery to attend his charter school(with the number 42, Jackie Robinson’s number to mark the significance). Peter has never been placed in a situation where his race and environment did not cheat him out of a future or reduce his options. His intelligence has always gotten him out of academic situations and guaranteed his success. Miles had to enter a fucking lottery to ensure his future was stable. And that is highly fucked up that Peter just took that trait from Miles without the significance of it being appreciated and realized.

That is four things that Spider-man: Homecoming leeched from Miles Morales and his story. And people want to act dumb as if these characteristics have always been attributed to Peter. Bull fucking shit. They wanted a relative character that was not presented on screen or the audiences did not already know. They exhausted Peter’s story, characters, and even abilities through 5 movies, several cartoon, and several video games and a fucking live action play. 

What pisses me off is that people have called Miles the inferior Spider-man or not the real Spider-man, yet Peter, this motherfucker, is literally taking aspects from Miles and no one is calling it out. You love everything about Miles when it is on a white character, huh?

It is also an aspect of Marvel canabalizing off of legacy characters. DC gave Wally a chance to be the Flash over Barry Allen. DC gave several Robins a chance and did not create an amalgamation of Robin. DC gave Jon Stewart a chance ahead of Kyle Rainer and Hal Jordan. Fuck, Marvel you gave Scott Lang a chance over Hank Pym in spite of making Hank Pym’s main villain the villain of Avengers 2(And Hank Pym fans did not deserve that). 

We heard every excuse in the book as to why Miles could not be the first to enter MCU when Peter’s story has been told 5 fucking times on screen.  Miles Morales was trending when it was announced that Marvel was making a Spider-man film. People wanted his story to be told. And we heard every excuse in the book as to why Miles could not be selected. There was fucking press release that basically said Peter Parker had to be white yet you don’t mind diversifying the rest of the cast. We heard that his story was too new, but that did not stop you from making Robbie Reyes the new Ghost Rider. That Miles is a legacy. Yet you made Scott Lang, the legacy to Hank Pym, the first Ant Man on screen while acknowledging that Scott Lang is the second Ant Man. You just did not want him on screen because Miles is not white. End of story. You liked his story so much that you attributed to Peter. You took his cast. You took his financial situation. You took his precarious school situation. You took one of his arc. And you gave them to Peter. By doing that, you all but ensured that Miles would be stuck in his comic book and not being getting a damn thing.

The only reason I am interested in this film is Zendaya because black women, even bi-racial women, are hardly romantic leads in super hero in general. They are rarely presented as such and that sucks. I really don’t are about this movie outside of that. It looks good, but whatever.

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daniel fluff? anything you'd like :)

  • plays around with your hair a lot like he would with his cat’s fur
  • you: “daniel… you can stop stroking my hair now”
  • daniel: “shhh it’s getting to the good part”
  • you: “ok but my hair’s gonna get oily”
  • daniel: “i’ll wash it for you”
  • you: “…deal”
  • would def brush your teeth together during the morning and night because it’s both your routine to do it while giggling (and hopefully not indulge in all that fluoride dental student side of me comes out)
  • daniel: “we ran out of cat food”
  • you: “…what do you want me to do with it?”
  • daniel: “we ran out”
  • you: “…let’s go out?”
  • daniel: “sure, might as well go to that cafe we wanted to visit last week”
  • you: “???”
  • he actually wants you to ask him out to a date
  • likes to brush your hair a lot and dry it after you shower. during the process of drying your hair, you’ll fall asleep a lot so daniel always have a pillow and blanket close by to tuck you in with.
  • cooks for you on a daily basis
  • “daniel what’s for lunch?”
  • he would smirk and wink at you cheekily, “me”
  • you: “ok but i’m not into canabalism”
  • shrieks when you jump scare him from inside the closet
  • daniel: “that’s bad for my hearteu!!”
  • you: “aw how cute”
  • brings you a glass of water every morning “drink up drymouth”
  • you: “…are you calling your girlfriend a ‘drymouth’??”
  • daniel: “… is your mouth not dry?”
  • you: “you have a point there but-”
  • daniel: /makes you drink.
  • you: “this is dOmEstic abuse!!”
  • daniel: “while you’re on it you can sue me for being too hot”
  • you: “oh shut up”
  • you two would actually set up tents in the living room made out of blankets, pillows and chair. has a disney movie marathon but you both fell asleep ¼ into the second movie.
  • says “i like you” a lot
  • “daniel this is nice for you” “i like you” “ok but do you want it?” “i like you-” “ok stop it” “-r style”

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Hideyoshi Nagachika

We really don’t know anything about him

RC cells lengthens telomeres

Ghoul canabalism drastically increases RC cells 


Original OEK is over 100years old

Original OEK committed ghoul canabalism, thus lengthening his telomeres which stopped his aging, allowing him to live over 100 years, ruling and feasting on ghouls.


(P.s. I am 100% aware how extremely crazy this sounds)

Fairy Tail Chapter 525 Review

Lets get into Fairy Tail: Why his majesty’s child was not loved

So chapter opens with the first chapter of Fairy Tail. Awww. Want to see me ruin this because actually there are a few canonical issues.

Bora was actually looking directly at Natsu when this happened, Natsu didn’t even look at Lucy rather he was looking at Bora. Also Lucy was behind Bora while staring at Natsu. Really the most consistent thing is Lucy’s boobs in the first chapter were slightly smaller than they are now.

This was their direct meeting, you should’ve used this.

We open with Gildarts vs August. Pretty much the only Spriggan fight that hasn’t ended in 3 chapters and is total bullshit.

So after Judo tossing Gildarts Augusts begins on repeat asking why his majesty’s child never received love. And get used to it folks he’s on repeat this whole chapter.

Again I’ve said this before, I like that Cana is getting involved but the sad truth is, she is nowhere August or Gildarts level. She may be S-class worthy but these two are just so above her that Cana trying to help will most likely not amount to anything other than make Gildarts try harder.

We cut first to Larcade crawling upon the ground and then, cut to FT’s guild where Natsu is getting darkness punched in the face.

Okay Question. Larcade was scene made a appearance at the universe one battlefield but with Irene’s death universe one wore off and everything returned to where it was. I guess I’m asking did that only count for the continent because the people were clearly moved around. So shouldn’t Larcade go back to Mt. Zonia where he was when Universe one was first activated? I guess not because Lucy and Natsu didn’t return to that ditch where they met August. Also why didn’t Sabertooth bind this up? Did Sting just look at his bloodied corpse and say “not worth it”?

Back to the story

So Natsu and Zeref are still fighting until, ugh, Mavis contacts them. Now to be fair she does give the order of stay away from the guild because Larcade will use one of his pleasure magics and it will effect everyone in the area. Good advice Mavis.

OR AT LEAST IT WOULD BE IF SHE DIDN’T ACT LIKE HER USUAL MAVIS SELF! I pretty much said that the Larcade’s magic would hurt everyone in a range which is true but Mavis doesn’t bother to explain that, she just speaks in her usual faux wisdom and asks people to trust in her.

Okay I actually really like that move Natsu just did. Natsu’s always has been hand-to-hand but not much of a grappler, so just seeing him grab Zeref and punch him to the ground is brutal.

I’m with Natsu on this one

I’d make a joke like “what no tentacle hentai for natsu?” But really he is still a virgin so pleasure wouldn’t work, soul of the wicked meal wouldn’t work because there isn’t anyone to canabalize, leaving only RIP.

Natsu Stop Hitting yourself. Oh wait you need to live, never mind.

So in Zeref’s anger we get a flashback

Oh no. Okay Laracde is my favorite spriggan and if you want to know why please just read this post I made. But I’ll say here’s one of the big reasons I can’t get too much into Larcade it because of how iffy his origin is. We know Mavis and Zeref kissed and then she died there was no sign of recreation. Now if your reading this you’ll say “What I thought people didn’t want FT to be a hentai” well if this is going to be a big plot point in the future it should’ve been explicit that the two had sex because with the stuff we’ve been given the only way for them to have had sex was while kissing Zeref just inserted himself which is very iffy or, God Forbid, he had sex with her dead body.

And Zeref up and kills Larcade in the present. So much for the love between parent and child.

Post Chapter follow up: I wanted to like this chapter a lot, I really did but man…

Okay I want to get with the biggest problem in this chapter and probably the only problem in this chapter stuff happens but not really. Nothing gets done this chapter. We have this theme of “why does his majesty not love his child” and we get no answers. Zeref talks about protecting humanity but curse of contradiction effect on him but it goes nowhere. We get a backstory about Hades operating and finding Larcade in Mavis but again just goes nowhere.

On to the positives, This Chapter had some nice action. Zeref vs Natsu is still even matched no OP ability what so ever and I do find it nice how we get Fire Dragon’s Roar this chapter, one confirming he still is a dragon slayer, but two, because that’s the first spell Natsu used in the series. Also Gildarts vs August is still good but again no ground is really gained either side I’d understand if people weren’t a big fan of it.

I’m glad were bringing back Larcade’s plot point because damnit there’s been too many forgotten this arc.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Nothing bad happens this chapter but nothing really does happen
  • The action is solid
  • Just lukewarm chapter


Toprak mı kanadı, can mı çırpındı Kerbela çölünde Ali’nin oğlu Güneş mi kavruldu, sahra mı yandı Kerbela çölünde Ali’nin oğlu Bir kudret elinde sahra yakılmış Yollara şuheda kanı dökülmüş Sulara sellere zehir ekilmiş Kerbela çölünde Ali’nin oğlu Bu ne mukadderat, bu nasıl yazı? Depreşir canların kanlara nazı Bir tepsi içinde mübarek yüzü Kerbela çölünde Ali’nin oğlu Bu çöller katline ferman …

Bu kerbubela deşti oğul gülşene benzer..
Hansı nene dünyada elican mene benzer.
Alem de bilir sen güle yoğ gül sene benzer.
Bir gülsen eli bağ-ı behişt etri versen;
Biçare rubabı goyup avare gedirsen,
H;ü;! Ya Hüseyin ,Kurban Oldugum…
Sahipsizlik zor ey pir; ahuzarım canım Pirim…
Ya Hüseyin…

“Neslin gelir Halil-ül Rahman’dan, canlar canı şahlar şahı İmam Hüseyin, tertemiz neslin İmam Ali atadan, Ya İmam Hüseyin!;
Selam olsun yetmiş iki şehide, Yolunda can veren her mücahide. Hicrinde kavrulup yanan şahide, Selam olsun sana ey imam Hüseyin. Selam olsun attan düştüğün yere, Kolu bağlı şama giden esire, Oklanan boğazdan küçük Askere, Selam olsun sana ey imam Hüseyin. Medet ey Pir Kurban Oldugum…

Canab-ı Allah! tuttuğunuz yas matem-i kabul etsin. şah imam pir Hüseyin defterine kayıt ola,,,
Allah Allah

KANEKI becoming a ghoul wasn’t on a genetic level. It was an organ transplant, there for an acquired condition like dying your hair green so it’s not in his DNA. Touka’s a normal ghoul and it was earlier but the only successful human-ghoul hybrids were created with a human mother and ghoul father under the conditions where the mother canabalized. If Touka were to get pregnant Im not sure whether she would be able to successfully go all the way. Assuming fertilization happens it’s might not even reach the germinal stage of development. (2 weeks)

Her body might just not recognize the zygote (fertilized ) egg at all and even if it were to successfully fuse there the issue of nutrients. Eto’s mom was able to solve this by going out of her way to eat human meat (which by all means probably wasn’t good for her health) but the same may not work for Touka the other way around. A growing human would need ?? A human diet to sustain themselves and ghouls being only carnivore in nature may lead to an unhealthy child at best. The high number of RC cells the fetus will be in taking may overwhelm it depending on whether the child’s needs will also end up like Eto’s.

If she were to progress with the pregnancy then I find it likely that she’ll have to resort to some extreme measure like having to ingest human food.

This is under the assumption that ghouls are a closely related species from humans (perhaps resulting from some sort of genetic engineering?) but regardless if she does have the child her role in the store would further take a back seat. We already know how human food decreases her fighting ability from when she ate Yoriko’s food so no way would she be put intentionally on the front lines. There’s the issue still with Mutsuki’s next move/ response and Furuta whether he’d want to use Touka a pawn to lure out Touka possibly in the future.

All in all, I’m not sure if this chapter foreshadows anything good despite their progress and interdependence in their relationship. @linkspooky @coromoor

Shark Feeder Guiding Tiger Shark by alex888 My friend, Vince Canabal of Epic Diving a professional shark feeder is gently guiding a Tiger shark away from him as it was trying to get more chum (food). As you can see, unlike the movies and media, sharks are actually gentle when treated with the respect they deserve. I have dove with many species and have never had an issue.

The reason why I love kaneki ken turned into a character explanation, non text version

So I guess the reason I love kaneki is because of how complicated his character actually is.

Its not something that you’ll probably understand, and I’m sure you see him as some psychotic freak (my friend seriously has something against him).

But when in reality kaneki is just a lonely and broken child. His mother died when he was a young age, leaving him all alone with an aunt that only took him in because she felt guilty.

His aunt totally ignored his existene, which led to kaneki working harder in school to get good grades so his aunt would notice him. But in fact it cause the opposite. By getting good grades, it made his aunts son look bad. Which made his aunt hate kaneki.

So after kaneki’s mother died, he had no one else that loved him in the world until he met hide,(at least that’s how I’m guessing he saw it) which is probably why kaneki never wanted hide to know that he had become a ghoul. Kaneki didn’t want hide to leave or hate him.

We all know the story of the failed book store date, so I won’t go into that (*internally sobs*)

Eventually, kaneki got mixed up with some bad people who wanted him because he had Rizes organs in him.

He was given to Jason, who then because he never got to torture rize, decided that the next closet thing would be kanekk. (I’ll say this once more, this is all what I think, it may or may not be true).

During the week he was being held captive, kaneki created his own world to keep him from going mad, and Rize was the person who his mind had decided to project.

The questions that Rize asks kaneki in his mind is actually kaneki starting to question his mother’s true motives. (Once again, this is my theory)

He finaly meets his breaking point when he finally realizes, that yes, his mother chose her work over him. His own mother deemed her sister more important and worked herselfbto death trying to keep her lousy sister afloat.

Kaneki’s previous mindset that his mother was right is shattered and he realizes that its not fair, he for ONCE in his life decides to fight back. Causing him to eat the figmited Rize, which probably represented his doubts and fears.

Of course, you can’t expect someone to come out of his endeavour squeaky clean. The stress caused his hair to go white and the constant need to regenerate his fingers caused his blood under his nails to clot and thus make it look black. (Poor soul)

He also came out with this new mindset, ‘I have to be strong’ 'if I’m strong then no one will have to die’ .
Which led him to start canabalizing other ghouls, because somewhere along the line, he had heard that it can make you stronger, and kaneki needed to get stronger so he could protect those he loved.

"Kids" probably the worst film of all time

Just seen “kids” for the first time. It’s one long shock film with people who ain’t black saying nigga over and over. It has a whole bunch of concious rap playing while folks get hiv and do drugs. There’s no intentional irony to be found in this clash of soundtrack and motion pictures. It’s already completely vapid in its conception, but it canabalizes itself even more because of this. The optics are white as hell bruh. The films is basically: “This is what happens when white kids get corrupted by rappity rap music and congregate with the coloureds”. It’s like a conservative lecturing me from start to finish and these are less than true images being conjured.

Certain immoral scenes in the film happen but there’s no redeeming qualities afterwards such as a gay couple being pelted with homophobic slurs or a guy being beaten to what is presumed to death and spit on as last bit of insult. The characters don’t learn from this and this largely goes unadressed any further than speculation of the one’s mans condition. It’s “super predators” all over again. It’s left to the audience to interpret these scenes. But given context and attitudes of the 90s, these images are more than likely likely consumed and completely discarded. There’s a certain responsibility that goes with these scenes that the director/writer neglects for the sake of being as shocking as possible. You can’t simply present subjects such as HIV and rape without some serious tact.
0/10, would throw this bitch in the trash

I laid in bed countless nights trying to recollect all the memories I thought to be magical between you and I. None of it made sense to me. How did I let you fool me? How did I let someone in again? You did what everyone else did. You weened me into trusting you. You unstitched my recovering heart, telling me you’d treat it delicately. But I wasn’t the only one you told that to. You had opened up plenty of hearts only to feed off them like the canabal you are. Maybe I was more fixated on those lonesome nights trying to catch my breath in between my exhaling cries I tried to keep withheld, so that no one else heard me. Maybe I was more fixated on my swollen eyes that had been constantly bothered by my hands that were just trying to rid my face of tears. Maybe I don’t want to know the answers and the details because maybe I don’t want to face that I wasn’t enough.