can;t' breath


  • There is wet cement in my head and it needs to get out before it sets - I’ve got the sweats, beads like bullets pouring out of me - middle of the night and I can’t breathe, I ask for mercy, a sweet relief; you give me a handkerchief and tell me it’s better for the environment and I’m using up too many tissues trying to expel all of my issues, and that you hope I get well soon. I stare up at the light of the moon through my bedroom window and hear the wind blow - so loud - like a hurricane inside my head. This bed is far too warm, and I am far too worn.


Kara: *Look up from the article that she’s been working on* Are you sure you don’t want an office?

Lena: *get up from the chair and look around Kara’s office* Do you want a window in here? This is too close.

Kara: Uh no, it’s fine. So, your office?

Lena: There’s no air in here, I can’t even breathe. I’ll ask James to call for people to redecorate your office.

Kara: Lena, there’s no need. This is fine. But your office?

Lena: You need a new desk as well. This is too…common.

Kara: Lena, no!

Lena: Oh, right. The light is too bright as well, you really need a window and a new light. Don’t worry, I’ll have them rearrange first thing tomorrow.

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also ceo!tom's bad days either result in rough fucking until your hips are sore and you can't breathe and bright hickeys on your neck, pinning your arms above your head, forgetting his frustrations, or they result in tom walking in, opening his arms, and murmuring "i want m'girl" and snuggling on the couch while he vents softly into your ear and you absently rub his chest.


CEO!Tom Night

My family was all sitting down at dinner just talking about whatever and then all of the sudden my 3 year old niece goes “WHY??????” And everyone just kinda stopped and looked at her..and then she goes “BECAUSE HER DEAD” I can’t breathe

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How dare you refer me to webMD I want YOUR expert opinion

look pal my expert opinion is in spanish, okay? Do you know how hard is too learn all the medical terms? HARD, add another language and is EXTRA HARD.  While I like to think my english is very good my medical english is not that good. I have been feeling like shit for 6 days where I have been in bed rest because my head is killing and I almost die every time I cough because I can’t breathe. So yes, I’m going to quote fucking webMD because is accurate and I feel like shit. 

i;m glad my parents aren’t homd because if they heard me laughing so hard i can’t breathe over a panera bread commercial i think they woul just take my computer away forever

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There are pictures on queequeg84’s tumblr that looks like DD and MP. I can’t breathe!!!!! I’m in total denial and say it’s not David. All photos from the back only. Help! I trust only you. You tell me if it’s him or not. JESUS. Help.

It’s them, and I still stand by what I posted yesterday. There’s no way in hell David is dating that girl! No fucking way.

WHY. Why is this happening again? I thought I was gonna be alright. I thought that I got through this. I though I would never have to feel like this again. So why the hell do I feel like I can’t breathe. Like I’ll never be ok. Right when I start to get hope that things can all be ok. I’m back to feeling empty and disposable. Why?

I can’t breath

I can’t breathe. I’m suffocating buried under feelings of depression and anger. My throat is constricting. I can’t breathe. Her hands locked around my neck and their slowing thighting. I can’t breathe. she’s enjoying the experience with her face potraying the features of the devil himself. I don’t want to stop her because as much as she’s killing me inside, this pain that she inflicts is the only thing that I feel in this devoid existence.

I miss you so much tonight. It’s not like the first month or two, I wake up I work I don’t cry between my classes, I don’t call my students by your name, life has moved on and I am trying to catch up with it. But there is that moment every day when it just hits me and I feel like I can’t breathe. I see you smiling I see the guys I remember that you are not here anymore and I just wanna deny it and don’t wanna accept it and I don’t want this to be reality. I want your kids to grow up with their father, I want your wife to have a husband I want the guys to have their bandmate back. I just don’t know anything anymore. It’s so heartbreaking.

How can I convince you otherwise?
How can I make you see yourself how I see you?

The person I know
person I trust
person I love

The person who gives up valuable energy to turn her head and smile at me

The person who holds my hand when even my own body has denied it blood

Because you see my love, you call yourself toxic as an insult
but if you knew your chemistry
you would know that oxygen can be toxic
and we all need oxygen to live

It’s times like these where we need each other the most
where we substitute oxygen when the other can’t breath
hands on each others waists
lips on each others lips

Because before you, i was a locked chest
And you were the key…

Get it?
like the key to my heart
key to my smile
key to my laugh

The person who I can say “I love you” to
And the person who says “I love you too” back

—  Screw-down, Ben :)