can;t' breath

(all I wanna do is come) runnin' home to you

Pairing: Jake&Amy

Summary: He can’t even imagine spending that much time away from her.

When the verdict first comes he has no idea what’s happening. It’s like time and space have frozen and he feels paralyzed. He can’t think, he can’t move, he can’t breathe. It takes a minute or two– or ten– but he eventually manages to take a breath and realize what’s actually happening.


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I can't breathe with courferre?

Oh grim the humble angst request that plagues the sweet Courferre shipper </3

The song was soft and sweet and romantic, and exactly the kind of music you’d expect to play at Marius and Cosette’s wedding.

This was where Courfeyrac usually lived, all these people, all of his friends, the happy energy, the dancing.

But the reasons that Courfeyrac would usually thrive were also the exact reasons the he was currently standing, frozen to the spot, the champagne glass in his hand held so tightly that it was a wonder it hadn’t cracked.

He was here, and of course he looked so beautiful. Of course he was graceful and wonderful. And of course- he was dancing with somebody else.

He should have known better than to plan things out in his head. They rarely played out the way he wanted them too. 

He had imagined it a million times- the soft and romantic lighting, the fairy lights twinkling above them as the first song played. Extending a hand to him, jokingly at first, but once they came together, entwined in a slow dance, he would finally see Courfeyrac the way he always saw him.

He couldn’t bare it anymore. His fantasy scene was playing out perfectly, but it had left him behind as a spectator, not the star. Courfeyrac stumbled past a group of giggling guests, his feet carrying him away.

“Where are you going.” Somebody called out to him.

“I just need some air.” Is what Courfeyrac said. I can’t breathe is what he thought.

Combeferre had came to the wedding, dashing and lovely. He’d danced with somebody close and fallen in love to the sway of a romantic song- but he hadn’t done any of it with Courfeyrac.

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Harry is such a daddyTM lately I can't keep up,

HE IS isn’t he? He’s going out and flaunting his new toned arms and floppy hair and confidence and fucking stubble, just to make us all like this, right? And he knows it. Knows that we all can’t breath because he’s out here doing shit like this


Thigh riding Harry? Maybe? Yes?

Sneek Peek Chapter 9

“F…Fr…Fray…Dr Fray…” he huffed and puffed.

“Sir what’s the problem?” asked the receptionist.

Nick grasped at his chest “Ppp please… I need to see the Doctor, I can’t breathe…” he stated placing his other paw on the bench, it’s shake was unstoppable.

The receptionist saw his paw and began to freak; out picking up the phone.
“Yes…Fray, you have a client out here. Yes. What’s your name?”

“…Nick…” he choked out, his chest tight and sore.

The lady put down the phone.

“Nick, the doctor will be-“

Before she could finish the door opened and Fray stood there with a worried look on her face “Nick what’s wrong?”

Nick ran to her grabbing her by the wrist and going into the doctor’s office, he let go of her wrist once the door was shut and fell back onto a chair unbuttoning his shirt to unveil his fit body and chest to Fray who was a little shocked at first; that Nick was still so fit.

“Fray something’s wrong… I can’t breathe…”

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Stop asking for money and get a job maybe a second one

excuse me?????? wow ok im just gonna go ahead and apply for every single job today. fuck making a schedule!! fuck telling an employer what hours i need!!!! it not like i do commissions and am literally 17 in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! nope!!! its not like im poor!! i have no money!!

listen here. if you are ever going to dare say that again, to me or anyone else, do it the fuck off anon. how dare you come into my ask box and tell me to ‘get a job, maybe 2′ when my mother works 3. fucking. jobs. and can’t even breathe sometimes when she gets home. do you think that if i had the options and resources to get a job, i would have by now???? i hate asking for money but i am out of ideas. my house doesnt even have a fucking kitchen. its got an open wall with pipes and wood with a microwave, fridge, and toaster oven. thats it. my dad’s child support payments were just cut in half, which was helping a bit, and now its basically useless. i’m a depressed, anxious, possibly suicidal TEENAGER who just got her PHONE STOLEN by some dick (like you, probably) at a place she thought was the best thing to look forward to all year. fuck you. dont you dare ever come back. fuck off back to daddy trump, asshole.

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“I can’t breathe, I can’t –” (katheplums)

“Kath? Katherine? Katherine?” Race tried to shake the girl awake who had just fallen into his arms. “Buttons! Bring me them chairs” he yelled, as Buttons dragged them over. He laid Katherine down on the chairs before kneeling next to her. “Kath?” He said gently, trying to wake her again.

@bayaningbituon replied to your post: Sometimes I think about coming to talk to you, but…

I’m not anon but talk to me about Harry’s amazing everything ❤

where do i start describing the most perfect man in the history of this entire universe

if you follow me for like at least a day, you know that i have A Thing when it comes to his adam’s apple. honestly, the way it moves… you can’t stop staring? and all you can think of is i wanna sink my teeth in it but also leave gentle kisses and admire it till the end of time

and his arms? he genuinly could choke me with his arms and i’d say thank you. no shirt can handle those muscles and i am just so !!!! about them

he has the most beautiful eyes? people always sleep on brown eyes but harry’s eyes have just this light in them and they’re absolutely mesmerizing

HIS ABS like… i genuinly can’t breathe whenever i’m attacked with his abs. when he posted that black&white pic, i was struggling for like an hour? and till this day i’m still having problems when i see that pic (and it’s my phone background so i’m screwed lmao)

harry has an amazing fashion style. no matter what he’s wearing, he looks perfect. whether he’s wearing light or dark colours, i’m gone

he’s a man who can wear the most horrible hats and he still looks so good that i wanna cry

basically, whenever i see him it’s like i saw a man so beautiful, i started crying