can;t draw hands

winchesters-tears  asked:

Dude I'm so good it's not like I'm mentally strangling myself because I can't draw hands, profiles, shoes, anatomy, torsos, and other various body parts that contributes a major part of creating shit pfft what


We all get art problems, chill, make some chamomile tea, find your favorite blanket. 

Keep drawing! Things’ll get easier! 

“I never gave up on you. I called you every night. Every night for–”

“353 days. I heard.”

Just have finished watching Stranger Things and I have a strong urge to draw this, but don’t have enough time to draw full CG so here’s a quick doodle. I can’t draw holding hands so I cropped them off bwahahaha

For the first time in my life, I finally ship something that is actually a canon ship XD I love this ship so muuuch. Their love is so pure (T▽T)