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All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

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people who say lance is ‘abusive’ towards keith and constantly ‘attacks’ him

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3x05 was so good but now I'm even more mad about that bloody Tinder date. It makes sense that Hardy would struggle to balance the demands of being a father and detective but I will never believe that didn't have the time to speak to his daughter for two weeks but he had time to go on a date. He has his faults but neglecting his daughter to go on a date is not one of them imo - it seems really ooc.

You’re preaching to the choir here, and I want to say to all those salty anons who take issue with my stance on this, I get it, I GET THAT HARDY WOULD WANT TO MOVE ON, I am not saying he’s not allowed to want sex or a new relationship, I am not trying to demonise the man for going on a fucking date and, if Trish’s case weren’t happening, I would actually be surprised if he wasn’t ready for a new relationship by now. But for him to go on this tinder date RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A CASE THAT IS GETTING UNDER HIS SKIN, a case SO INTENSE that he doesn’t have time for his own daughter, a daughter WHO COULD CONCEIVABLY BE IN DANGER, and who also needs extra support fitting in right now, a daughter for whom he sacrificed everything - it screams ooc.

Some speculate that perhaps this date was done for Daisy, because she wanted him to go or because he thinks he should create a nuclear family unit for her but I don’t buy it. Daisy was missing her dad and needed him so much, I really think it will come back because something bad (worse?) will happen to Daisy and Hardy will say “why wasn’t I there for her?” and feel guilty about going on that date. Because it was kind of shown as a bad thing - him in this restaurant while his daughter is alone, in the dark, with no-one to talk to. His arc seems to be that he needs to step up and become the dedicated full time parent Daisy needs. And I’m on board with that. But Hardy being a workaholic having trouble adjusting to this single parent business makes a lot more sense to me than throwing in that Hardy is more interested in tinder dates than caring for his daughter.

I’m really trying to have faith that it will all make sense but. I hate it. It goes against so much that’s been established so far.

  • Qiu Tong: [appears in Sun Jing's field of vision}
  • Sun Jing [inside]: my favorite human has arrived. They are cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet them in a manner indicative of my appreciation for their existence.
  • Sun Jing: hey nerd

Julian baby where’s your gun?? You can’t just spend time at STAR labs where crazy, hostile metas roam freely, without your gun to defend yourself with (even if the gun doesn’t help at all you still need sth to give you a sense of protection, and no I don’t mean barry, you dork, you’re not a damsel in distress) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you don’t have any meta powers like the rest of team flash, keep your damn gun with you at all times ! (」><)」

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christine/erik, rose petals?

Our rose, your rose, it has gone black and brown, rotten, stinking like death, barren of petals (though I suppose I’m partly to blame for that)— but I keep it; because it is yours, because I remember you smiling when you found it on your vanity, and I remember you smiling as you dropped it into the snow. Think of me fondly, you said; you know I do.

And I know you don’t.

send me a pairing + prompt and i’ll write a three sentence fic.

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I love your art and AUs!! It's so cute and aesthetic-like!

t-thanks OTL

my ideas are honestly really silly and so barely related to source material that i feel like i might as well just. not. but im glad someone out there enjoys them