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I can’t believe Hawk Moth’s Mandarin Chinese name is Gabriel.


“Dark’s dragon, Elsa (Yes, he did pick the name), is an ice dragon that keeps his office cold since Wilford keeps shooting the AC. He also uses her to play pranks on the other Egos. But don’t be fooled, the little devious dragon is also his only real friend.” - from an au related ask you can find here.

Inspired by @reverseblackholeofwords’s au (which you can find in 2 parts here and here) in which each of the egos has a dragon. The idea of Darkiplier allowing a little dragon to be his only true companion was too cute for me to pass up. ^^ I only had time for a messy sketch comic tho, eep. 

I imagine that Elsa (ohhh yeah, he named her Elsa, closet Disney fan much?) can sense when he’s had a stressful day and likes to offer what comfort she can. Dark ‘begrudgingly’ accepts it after some gentle persuasion. 

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I can almost 100% guarantee that everything Louis is doing as far as music goes now, was scheduled months ago, He can not literally CAN NOT just cancel and change it. Larry or NOT. Harry would NOT want Louis to do that either. He full and well let us know with out having to that he was in the UK. I am not a Larry either. I do not think they are together but even *if* they are, this is normal. This is called real life. My Mom had to keep working after her Dad died.

Yes, it is. People think that because they’re famous or something, they can just do whatever they want like there are no responsibilities. They’re people with work, with timelines, with everything that comes with job like everybody else. I’m sorry about your mom’s dad x

Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for the support I’ve gotten the past three days. It’s been long and hard and I’m still as heartbroken as ever. I will get to peoples’ inboxes as well eventually, I think I just need a few more days or so to get back on my feet.

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History Cover - Day6