Was the second season of Black Butler made just to make SebaCiel even more canon cause tbh that’s what it fEELS LIKE

Claude keeps saying Sebastian is too attached to Ciel for ANY demon’s own good
Even Claude can tell Sebastian and Ciel have a strong bond for a human and demon in a contract together, and Claude is a lil shit
Was that the whole reason for season two
To ship it

I see what you did there, story writers

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hey I'm kinda new on the fandom so can you please tell me what's the deal between the grinshaws and louis / larry? why do they seem to talk about it all the time on twitter?

Aiden Grimshaw was a contestant on X Factor the year that One Direction were on. He was really close to Louis and Harry while on the show. He’s just name dropping them and trolling for promo right now.

Nick Grimshaw is a good friend of Harry’s. He’s supposed to have some sort of ~~banter-type relationship with Louis. A lot of people ship him with Harry or Louis, so I suppose that’s why you see a lot of it.

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You said you were bisexual. Bisexual women can be lesbophobic as lesbian women can be biphobic. As a lesbian I am telling you, you are lesbophobic. You see there are tons of other people that don't like Brittana but don't express it the way you do, which is why they aren't being called lesbophobic. Gay isn't an umbrella term so unless you've decided to identify differently, don't use it.



Do you know what would make me lesbophobic? Hating Brittana for being lesbians instead of hating them because they are a joke of a ship.
You don’t see me hating on lesbians for being lesbians, do you?
Oh no you don’t. You don’t even see me talking shit about other girl/girl ships. Only Britana.

“Lesbophobia (sometimes
lesbiphobia ) comprises various forms of negativity toward lesbians as individuals, as couples, or as a group”

“Based on the categories of sex or biological gender , sexual orientation, lesbian identity, and gender expression, this negativity encompasses prejudice, discrimination, and abuse, in addition to attitudes and feelings ranging from disdain to hostility.”

Read well.

  • jhope:jungkook i feel like crap, can you bring me a new box of tissues please?
  • jungkook:have you tried taking some dicks?
  • jhope:WHAT
  • jungkook:pls don't tell jin hyung

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Hi Laura! I'm curious what your thoughts are about learning from Sara on the island during s2 that she'd had a crush on Oliver before Laurel dated him, which Laurel knew about and when Sara tried to sneak out to a party to see him, Laurel told her dad/got cops involved so Sara got busted. I've heard some say that was good of Laurel because there was booze/drugs involved but aren't there at all parties? Does this shows Laurel's selfish side, considering she moved on him while Sara was grounded?

Hi! Thanks for the ask! I don’t know what I could have possibly done to make you think that I have any thoughts about this Arrow show, but I suppose that I can give it a try. :)

I think that it was a huge mistake to introduce this random little subplot about Laurel calling the cops on Sara to stop her from making a move on big dumb Ollie. It only would have served a positive purpose for the narrative if the ultimate goal for the season had been to set up Sara and Oliver as star-crossed lovers destined to love and lose each other over and over again until their happily-ever-after in the series finale. As we know now, the Sara/Oliver romance was orchestrated to serve two purposes: stall Felicity/Oliver from continuing to develop at a breakneck pace and fool the audience enough that the “I love you” ruse would be a shock. It was the first big “Gotcha!” of the series.

Sidebar: I’m so glad that the kiss in 2x23 was deleted. I can’t even look at gifs. I’m so uncomfortable with the idea of Oliver making that situation physical while Felicity thought that he was being honest about his feelings without any ulterior motives.

With Sara and Oliver not intended to be a relationship of lasting relevance beyond the end of Season 2, adding that little touch of romance to the flashbacks gave an ongoing significance that was not needed for the setup of the “Gotcha!” in the present. It made Laurel’s interference look worse, Sara’s investment in Oliver look deeper, and Oliver look like more of a jerk. There were better ways to telegraph to the audience that Sara was more than just Fun Blonde #27 who happened to be available for a spontaneous sex cruise, and further entanglement in a bizarre and borderline incestuous triangle was more detrimental than helpful.


I so wish that we’d been given Laurel’s point-of-view regarding why she wanted to begin a relationship with Oliver in the first place. As much as I consider Lauriver toxic and best kept off of my screen, I think that I’d be more forgiving if I understood why Laurel desired Oliver as a romantic partner before the island. From what we heard of the party, Oliver was already well into his dumb, drunk, dallying side as a teenager; with the audience left to fill in the blanks, Laurel either looks like a vindictive older sister who wanted what Sara wanted just because she wanted it or like a gold-digger. We don’t see her point-of-view, and her character suffers for it.

Sidebar, part deux: I’d love if it comes out that Laurel was interested in Oliver for his status and trust fund. It’s not the most morally upright reason, but I could respect her for it. Talk about having an eye on the prize! Pre-island Ollie was awful.

Without Laurel’s point-of-view and with Sara sharing the story while suffering on the island from hell after a year of immersive abuse - some of which was implied to be sexual - on the freighter landed sympathies directly with her. It was similar to how it was difficult to side with Laurel’s vitriol against Oliver in the beginning of Season 1 because we were watching him be beaten down in every way that a pampered prince of a manchild can be beaten down in the flashbacks. We saw him paying for his mistakes, and so Laurel looked unjustly unforgiving. With Sara telling the story of the love-that-could-have-been in her situation on Lian Yu, it was almost to side with an absent Laurel.

Objectively, I will say that any teenager willing to stand against her peers and reach out to authorities to report a party in which substances are being illegally consumed by kids with easy access to expensive sports cars begging to be crashed by drivers in altered states would be admirable. If Laurel had been behaving altruistically and out of a desire to promote the safety of her classmates and sister, I would tip my hat in her direction.

As this was the only reported instance of Laurel calling cops on a party, and as Laurel very shortly thereafter began dating a guy who had been so sloshed at the party that he didn’t recall spilling a beer on her baby sister, however, I can’t give Laurel any credit as a moral authority. We have no cause to believe that she ratted out her sister for any reason that was not inherently selfish and troublingly calculating for a teenage girl.

That said, I don’t condemn present Laurel or Lauriver because of her behavior as a teenager. Social structures in American high schools can skew priorities, especially among young women; a relationship with the Oliver Queen could trump any reservations she had about getting her baby sister grounded for a couple of weeks. I don’t think that Laurel is a fundamentally bad person for this move.

I do think that it does no favors to a character whose altruistic motives in the present have been told more often than actually shown since the first season. 

Sidebar, part three: Showing/Telling is my narrative OTP. Telling/Telling is an incestuous NOTP that produces nothing good. 

Oliver is no longer the Ollie who got sloshed at parties and cheated on his girlfriend; Oliver has never overindulged on alcohol in the present, and he’s been faithful to whichever of his ladies he’s been bedding at a given time. 

Sara is no longer the kid who would ditch school and go on a sex cruise with her sister’s boyfriend; Sara has learned valuable skills and maintained a serious relationship with woman who clearly loved her very much.

Laurel may literally no longer be somebody who would call the cops to break up a party to punish her sister, but Laurel has been shown as willing to try to influence those around her into fitting into her picture of her life and has used blackmail on two very serious occasions. 

Without Laurel’s point-of-view and without the sort of on-screen growth to allow audiences to accept an evolution from calculating young woman into thoroughly selfless adult, the story of the ill-fated party that determined which Lance sister Oliver first had his way with reflects most badly on Laurel of the three parties involved. The backstory never should have happened.

*randomly mashes my two artstyles together* what

nonetheless, you can expect more of this ship in the near future cause im nowhere near getting over it

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Can we please promote NOT spamming people's social media with Larry? I think if the "big" blogs repeated it a few times, it might help. DON'T SPAM CREW ACCOUNTS.

Can the staff/crew learn for once that if they post anything nautical related, specifically a ship and compass tattoo which has been denied for years that they go together, everyone and their grandma will say larry? Even the antis will say: “oh nooo Dan what did you do?” or “here come the larrie shippers”.

He is a grown ass man. Fans are not only there to thank them for coming to the shows but to actually not tell them to fuck off.

He should know better that ig commenters are just like that and the fuck off part was so damn unnecessary.

He could have
- a private ig if it is so damn personal
- not posted it
- not lashed out
- acted like a grown up

I haven’t seen Sam Smith ranting when he posted larry symbols twice on his ig nor the stylist complaining who posted HL’s shoes in the closet and tagged it as #Narnia for god’s sake.

It’s the internet. And it’s 2015. And this relationship is still in the closet. AND EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS. What the hell did he expect?

if you tell me Malia doesn’t care then look at her face when she saw Tracy and Beth die, when Lydia was bleeding out on the floor and she couldn’t do anything to help tell me she doesn’t care, if you don’t think she deserves to be in the pack then tell me who has put her life on the line for Scott, helped look for Liam and Hayden, went to protect Lydia’s mum i can keep going on and on about this but it should be clear she deserves no hate, so what if you don’t like who she is shipped with because it interferes with your otp, she has been amazing this season and doesn’t deserve no hate she has had the best character development 

5SOS Shippity Ships and Blog Rates

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“Mm favourite colour is it… mine is blue. That was a little expected wasn’t it? I like most colours though! But blue is really pretty and for its ties to my family and the dear goddess Nayru… I am a little biased. Tetra’s favourite colour is the same as mine, but she equates blue to the sea so that’s no surprise either…”

“…as for me it would be… orange.”


“Is that a surprising answer?”

“I always suspected it’d be… a cooler colour…”

“I do not dislike cooler colours but I immensely enjoy the hues of orange and red as the sky darkens. Such a tone of orange-”

“I see. When dusk falls not all people feel a certain sadness do they?”

“No. While there is surely sadness, there is joy too.”

when someone tells u they don’t ship meanie

when someone tells u your hair styling skills is terrible

when someone tells you it’s bunny and not tosun

when someone chases u with a guitar but their name is not lee jihoon

Greetings! This is a one-shot for thegirlwiththeimpala​ which took a lot longer than it should’ve done so apologies. I hope I’ve done your request justice and it’s the happy ending you were looking for. If it wasn’t, let me know and I’ll give this story another once over. :)  I know that the ending is a lil crappy but endings are hard. Also if you don’t think my analogy involving puzzles and ships in bottles is the best thing ever then you are wrong. ;) Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Maybe you can do another oneshot for me!?💛 one where Steve and y/n are best friends, but a lot of people(other avengers too)think that you like each other and don’t tell it bc you’re shy. But you don’t know what you are feeling and you’re just really confused! The confusion and the whole talking about you two stresses you out a lot and you take your distance from Steve. I’m know sure how to continue but a happy end would be cute.

One-Shot: Go Figure

“(Y/n) loves Steve! (Y/n) loves Steve!” Clint sung at the top of his lungs, intoxicated incredibly.
“Clint, you’ve been singing the same three words for the past twenty minutes. Shut up!” Natasha ordered, searching the room for something to lodge in his throat. You were sat on the sofa beside Steve with your legs draped across his lap whilst Clint teetered dangerously on his feet in the middle of the room. His slurred words travelled through the air using the alcoholic stench on his breath so that no matter how much you tried to ignore him, you couldn’t.  

You and Steve had been best friends since you joined the team – your healing capabilities proving invaluable. The pair of you spent an immeasurable amount of time together: sharing jokes, playing around, and training together.
“I swear to God, Barton, I will strangle you right now.” You chuckled, pressing the cold beer bottle to your lips and taking a swig.
“What for?” Clint hummed, falling back onto his butt harshly.

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anonymous asked:

I really don't know much about being aro, only a friend who was and they had no interest in relationships. So it seems wired when people say Dean is aro then ship him with cas because the whole idea of shipping is based on romance (sex is optional) so if Dean is not attracted to him romantically what is the point of shipping them? It's kind of sad if he only wanted cas for sex.. which really would not work out well since so many see cas as ace/demi. It's just a little weird..

okay. As an aromantic person, I can tell you it’s different for everyone. It’s like asexuality; you have those who are repulsed by relationships, those who aren’t interested in them at all, or those who can have relationships but just don’t love in the same way.

As someone who ships destiel and still headcanons Dean as aromantic, I (and everyone I know who headcanons aro!dean) don’t believe that Dean just wants Castiel for sex. The thing is, Dean still loves Castiel, no one is denying that. And aromantic people can still enjoy sensual things like cuddling and kissing and can still want to do them, it’s just about how you feel love.

Like if you try and see aro!dean, it’s like, Dean is sensually and sexually attracted to Castiel, but the way he loves isn’t like being ‘in love’, he loves him but like family, that’s why he’s told him ‘you’re like a brother to me’ or ‘we’re family’ and that’s why he defends him and fights for him in the same way that he does for Sam and Kevin and Charlie, but because of sensual and sexual attraction, it’s a different relationship than the one he has with Sam/Kevin/Charlie.

Aro people don’t just use people for sex you know lmao.

I’m aro and I want to have a relationship.

Aromanticism and asexuality are both spectrums and there is no one set way that all aros will feel.

The point is, Dean loves Castiel, yes. He’d die for him, he’d do anything for him, we’re not downplaying the love he feels for Castiel, but it’s just that he doesn’t fall in love. He loves him like he loves Sam or Charlie or Kevin but he’s also attracted to him in different ways which sets their relationship apart and makes it different. I mean idk canon dean treats cas similar to the rest of his family when it comes to a lot of things when you think about it.

I’m really shit at explaining but basically I am aromantic, I ship destiel, I headcanon aro!dean and dean being aromantic in no way means that destiel can’t be in a valid and loving relationship that is meaningful to both of them lmao just bc it doesn’t fall into the standard norms of sex and romance that society places you know it’s like ???? since when have destiel ever fell into categories anyway you know??? like I ship destiel the same way as most shippers like…. it’s like how in a lot of ace!cas fics they still have sex and cas enjoys it and gets off???? it’s the same when it comes to aro people too you know. and like idk??? you can still get that feeling of ‘i want to kiss u’ without it being a sexual thing idk how to explain this it’s just….???? it’s not as black and white as ‘aro people only want sex and are repulsed by romance’ just like it’s not always the case that ace people hate and never engage in sex.

also i think it’s totally possible for castiel to be aromantic too you know since he’s an angel and his emotions are totally different to ours and he loves dean immesurably but he doesn’t understand the human definitions of romance and stuff like he doesn’t care much for it so destiel could totally have a queerplatonic relationship that’s really perfect for them and doesn’t fit into any labels but i won’t go into that bc i don’t want to be too extreme or confusing for anyone lalalalalala

Like literally wtf ‘it’s kind of sad if he only wants Cas for sex’ I’m…. that’s not all aro people want like we don’t just want people for sex tho im ace too so i don’t want anyone for sex i m going to try and pretend that wasn’t as arophobic as it sounded bc it seems like you’re not sure what aromanticism really is.

I hope this didn’t suck and it made some sense and idk it enlightened you on what aromanticism is like 

i guess i can’t speak for all aro people bc i’m only talking about my own experience with aromanticism but yea 

“And we’re the game grumps!!”

You have no idea how hard it was to find non-fanart pictures of these dorks together

Which is why I gave up right at the end and just used some screenshots from Table Flip oops sorry

So: This can be taken as Egobang or not, depending on your status on the ship, but I’ll be putting it under both the Game Grumps tag and the Egobang tag.

If you’re offended by it then I’m really sorry? But I don’t know what to tell you considering nothing romantic is actually happening in the pictures :/

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hey! I'm looking at going to college in Germany instead of the US but do you or any of your followers know much about the requirements and what it would cost to bring any current snakes I have with me, if that would be possible? I am doing my own research, but I can't turn anything specific up about snakes - just that cats and dogs need a health certificate or something, and I'd imagine it's similar...

I know that it would have to be overnight international shipping, which I can tell you will cost a lot. But I don’t know the specifics.

Perhaps a follower knows more.

sounds good, ships good

the title was so lame im sorry

o k ur probably like kiara stop shipping its annoying by now u do it so often and im sorry but its so much fun also we need to celebrate the plethora of announcements given recently even if its really stressful and draining my bank account no biggie !! so here we go ladies, gents, and genderfluids! 


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