“Pardon me are you Aaron Hamilton, Sir?”
“That depends who’s asking?”
“Oh well sure Sir, I’m Alexander Burr. I’m at your service, Sir. I have been looking for you.”

In which Aaron is the young immigrant and Alexander the heir to the Burr legacy.




I absolutely adore this show’s subtle attention to detail! I can make a whole dozen connections and see a bunch of foreshadowed moments because you can see how much effort that was put into the physical actions of the characters. 

For Rapunzel, she was so used to her new hair and was getting used to her new life without hair, that she didn’t fall into old habits after 18 years and was used to her new hair. But now her old hair is back and she does the same motion she did in the movie by the campfire. I love that attention to detail.

King Fred closing that window was not needed or didn’t further the plot in any way for the song, but it’s a reminder of how changed and scarred he is from leaving his doors unlocked. While still, unfortunately, mimicking Gothel’s behavior of shutting her out, he shut himself out as well, and you understand why!

I decided to put the Eugene one as well with the lyrics because it fit with the theme of day/happy to night/sad, but also how Eugene using physical objects as a display, and also a distraction, of his emotions. He feels very insecure when she isn’t responding to him, so he suddenly starts talking about the pillow and its contents, impressed and happy but to cover up his feeling alone. That, and I like how the tassel looks like rapunzel’s hair, don’t know if that was intentional or not. 

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When Alec lets out that heavy breath and shakes his head after saying “I don’t care how many people you’ve been with.” What’s being left unsaid, but communicated loud and clear is:

“I want you anyway.”

“I want you more than that matters.”

“All I care about is how I feel with you. Right now.”

“And I’m willing to fight for you.”

Alec has always been more physical in his expression, using body language and actions to speak for him when his words fail. The beauty of this simple action is that Magnus got ALL of this. Loud and clear. And Alec pours all of that and more into another physical action. A kiss.

After Alec says “I hear relationships, they take effort,” Magnus’s smile says he knows what Alec means is:

“I’m here to stay.”

“You are what I want.”

“And I’m willing to fight for you.”

Magnus’s reply of “I’m all for effort.” Is the last piece Alec needs, to know that Magnus is right there with him.

“I’m here, now, with you.”

“I know you feel what I feel.”

“And I’m willing to fight for us.”

You know what I find sexy…

When namjoon never forgets to acknowledge international fans & how he sutters while trying really hard to find the right english words to express how he feels even if it doesn’t always come out smoothly.

When jimin talks about how he doesn’t have abs anymore or that he’s eating a lot and is healthy & you can tell because his face is all cute and swollen and you can just see him finally loving himself. 

When jungkook makes an effort to take english classes, buy new music equipment and have a goal to produce his own music just so he can give more to his fans and become better musically

When taehyung is just taehyung and doesn’t change who he is on or off camera not matter how weird some people may think he is & his ability to stay strong even at the most toughest times.

When jin went out of his way to learn how to play the guitar and piano and just completely blew us away with his skills, showing that he is truly more that just a visual but a multi-talented idol.

When yoongi puts everything into a song and you can just hear his raw passion and agression combined with all the emotions of himself and you can just tell he was made for music. 

When hoseok can’t stop smiling every time he dances or performs on stage, literally owning any performance he does & just always showing passion into anything he does that you forget he the same person who could become EXTRA at any moment. 

The worst kind of liar are the sneaky ones or the ones that lie by omission or who purposely avoid being open or honest. It’s the worst because you can see them actively putting in effort to be deceiving. And it’s like, I promise you it takes less effort to be honest. Why put all that effort into being dishonest? What don’t you get out of that?

OK look I know the game has its flaws. I know a lot of you were expecting so much more of the story and didn’t get. Or at least hoping for more appearances of certain characters.

I’m also sad some things weren’t shown in the game.

But compared to what we got?????? All that stuff?????????????? I think I can forgive what wasn’t there. And this is only about the main story. The game is so much more than this, you guys should know this.

You can see how much effort was put in the game, how much love. A good video game for me is not only a good story. A good video game has a soundtrack that can make you understand what the characters are going through and what the situation means, characters that can make you love them as much as a real person, scenery that leaves you breathless and a story that keeps on your memory for a long time. A good video game gives you a real world with emotions and memories. And, in my opinion, this game has all of the best we could ever get.

You guys are only thinking about we didn’t get and forgetting about the wonderful stuff we got.

Why wait for a guy who didn’t end up wanting you, and yet, you’re the one who feels like you lost him?
—  If he can’t see that you’re the girl he should be putting his efforts into, then that’s his loss and that’s your gain because you don’t need a guy like him.

I am Cyndi.

I am a 35 year old autistic adult.

I will not shrink or change who I am to make others happy. 

There is no “normal” woman hiding behind my autism. I am me, autism and all. Being autistic has shaped every atom of my being. Everything from how I move to how I experience my emotions. You can’t take autism away without killing me. 

I stim shamelessly in public. I have a lot of sensory issues and difficulty with transitioning between activities. My overstimulation threshold is extremely low, so I’m almost always stimming in some form or another.

Sometimes I have meltdowns– some of them involve screaming, some are crying and some are self-injurious. Yeah, I punch myself in the head or bash my forehead against things.

I can talk reasonably well, but the words I say are often simpler than my thoughts. Speaking requires me to engage a lot of brainpower, though you can’t see the effort because it’s only palpable to me. Typing uses a lot less brainpower. I’m better at expressing myself in writing.

I am who I am and it’s not my problem if you don’t like it.

Autism Speaks wants to erase me and others like me from existence. Autistic people who can’t speak or make their communications understood by wide audiences are especially vulnerable to the hate and negativity this organization spews about us.

You are a hypocrite if you say “be yourself!” while supporting an organization that says “but not like that. We have to fix you first.”

Autism Speaks devalues autistic peoples’ lives. Why support that? So don’t.

Don’t wear blue on April 2nd. Don’t light it up blue. Don’t go to Autism Speaks walks unless you’re there to protest against the organization.

Don’t support Autism Speaks.

#boycottautismspeaks #actuallyautistic #walkinred

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Child!Au, How would the boys feel if they found out their mother was physically draining themselves doing things for them just so they could be happy and comfortable?

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-He doesn’t really understand how someone could willingly wear themselves out so badly, but he does know that too much working is just miserable. You need to come play with him and relax, like you always tell him to do!


-It should be a good thing that you’re showing such diligence, but all he can see is his own efforts to please his mother. For once, he’ll actually insist you take more breaks and time for yourself. 


-Just the mention of overwork makes him feel sick. It’s too much like what the old hag demanded of him, and he nearly panics trying to get you to stop. You’re important! You can’t be sad!


-It’s very difficult for him to understand the suffering of someone else, but knowing that you’re unhappy is worry enough. If you’re upset because of him, what if you decide you don’t want him anymore?


-Your distress shouldn’t matter a bit to him, but it’s strangely upsetting to see you so exhausted. He’ll come up with some story to get you to stop doing so much, and try not to think about how much he cares. 


-After panicking over the idea that you’re going to get sick of him, it takes all his courage to try to convince you to take things easy. He’d… he’d be sad if you made yourself sick over him. 


-The idea that you’re wasting away at yourself to make him happy has him physically ill with memories. If his violent reaction isn’t enough to stop you, this is one of the few times he might beg. 


-It doesn’t make sense that you’d be making yourself sick for his sake, and while at first, he sees little wrong with you taking care of him, it quickly turns to near panic over how pained you seem to be. 


-If the problem is too much work, than he’s going to help! He’s strong for a kid, and is more than willing to help out and make things easier for you. He’ll just be happy to see you healthy again. 


-Registering that affection from you could be a bad thing takes a lot of thinking. Once he realizes that you’re really hurting yourself, he gets near frantic trying to talk you into taking better care of yourself. 


-He’s more than used to working himself past the point of good health, but seeing you of all people do it is just unpleasant. You’re too good to be wasting your time on luxuries for him. 


-His ego wants to say that someone working themselves sick to please him is exactly how it should be, but seeing you actually miserable from it just makes him feel sick. You have to stop now. 

Fellow members of the autistic community

I’m at my local library and they’ve made a display for autism awareness month. This is a well meant effort, but… 

As you can see, they’ve gone with the “autism speaks” motif. This is somewhat distressing for me, especially since I usually come here to de-stress. I’m going to write a letter for the library about why this is offensive to me as an autistic person, but I don’t want them to think it’s just me wigging out about it, so if you all would be so kind I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this post and add your own thoughts on autism speaks and the symbols of their organisation. I’m going to print off as many responses as I can and hand them over to the library along with the letter. 

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope you all have a good autism awareness month


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Dragonkin Problems

Sharpening your claws, scratching your back, then remembering you don’t have scales.

Your hoard is no longer a comfortable sleeping surface.

Your hoard is too small but you can’t find any castles to raid for more.

Not being able to eat a cow in one sitting and having nowhere to store leftovers.



Drastically diminished ability to strike terror into the hearts of humans.

Breaking a claw.

Oh THAT’S what pot holders are for.

You don’t have wings.

The wings you don’t have are sore.

You can’t reach the wings you don’t have to massage them.

Neither can anyone else.

You’ve never had a good night’s sleep in your life but you’re not allowed to sleep for sixteen hours a day.

Forgetting you have to chew food now.

Eating the neighbors is unacceptable.

You can only breath fire at annoying people metaphorically.

Threatening to eat people is no longer frightening.

Cooking food requires more effort now.

You can’t see in the dark as well anymore.

You can’t navigate by smell either.


How does anyone get around on only two legs?