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Anyway, if you think about it, Father’s Day didn’t go that bad. We got the same old, to be expected, very ridiculous crappy material this stunt has been living on for long months now. The risk of getting something more believable, any effort to make it look a tiny bit more realistic and organic just wasn’t there. I believe Louis makes everything he can not to have it there ever, yesterday included. I mean:

- usual papped exchange (not even in a parking lot, but on the side of the highway) still lacking any trace o smile, tenderness, bonding, interest in general (otoh the evidence of smoke in the car…);

- usual senseless pic in b&w (because Louis has always paid very much attention to aesthetic purposes) to be put on IG with the most ??? caption in the history of captions (that I refuse to believe wasn’t meant as an intentional mock);

- usual predictable tweet with very passive aggressive :); 

- none of Louis’s family members or friends or band mates made a single comment or sent their wishes to Louis WHICH WAS THE ONLY NORMAL THING TO BE EXPECTED IN NORMAL SITUATIONS.

But we got Freddie Son and I think that’s enough.


Final layer of lights on! There are three layers of warm white LEDS and then two strands of white star lights in the bottom, but those aren’t tuned on in this picture. It’s REALLY heavy between the garland and the fifteen batteries it takes to light up. 

You can see how uneven the hem is here - despite my best efforts I couldn’t completely fix it. But i’ll pull that side up when sewing on the waistband which should help!

“hello, yes, it’s your friendly neighborhood serial killer!”

If another person tries to convince me that drarry isn’t real, I’m going to end up seeing thestrals


did you come out of the force awakens crying for a multitude of reasons, one of them being poe dameron? have you developed a deep love for the best freakin’ pilot in the galaxy? do you want to suck oscar isaac’s likeness out of a gogurt? if so, this is probably the network for you.


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looking for

  • obviously people who love poe dameron
  • people who have seen the movie/can blacklist spoilers probably
  • blog type doesn’t matter so long as you love star wars/poe dameron

what you get

  • an appropriate place to cry about poe and/or oscar isaac
  • a tag to track ! (#poedameronnet
  • ability to follow other members (optional) 

further information

  • i’m obviously pretty low key about this, so if i’ve been unclear about something just shoot me an ask
  • i’ll be choosing members the weekend of january 9th-10th
  • i’ll probably pick 10-15 members