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so,to get this straight,why do you think they filmed seperately? how is that evident by the scene? what did they have to gain from it? i dont get it

OKAY nonny, let’s see if I can explain this using my admittedly very limited knowledge of the film-making process.

Say you want to fill 9 min of air time, with dialogue broken down about equally between 3 characters. So around 3 min each. When Real TPTB are making Real Episodes, the three actors would be there together, interacting, reacting, together they make magic, etc. etc. Look at literally any other episode, you can see the effort and the care that they take to stage shots so that as many people are in the shot as possible. The one that always comes to mind is when everyone scolds Mycroft for shouting at Mrs. Hudson at once, but there’s oodles more in every episode. That’s what makes it feel like they’re all there together, that’s what makes it feel real, that’s what makes the show so great.

So in Real Setlock Land, that means 3 actors all working for however long it takes to make 9 minutes of show. One guy flubs one line, all three shoot another take together. One guy doesn’t have a line for a solid 2 minute chunk of those 9 minutes? Doesn’t matter, he’s still there in the shot, silently acting his lil butt off. Want a long, continuous shot over a particular chunk of that conversation? Everybody had better know their lines damn well, because that’s a lot of man-hours to reshoot and exponentially more opportunities and people to muck it up.

But say we’re not in Real Setlock Land. Say we’re in Fucky Setlock Land. Say for some reason you were pressed for time. Let’s just say, completely hypothetically, you had a full calendar of primary shooting responsibilities to prepare for, but you also had to produce a low-rent slasher film using just your nights, weekends, and lunchbreaks. How would you produce 11 and a half minutes of some semblance of a scene with only the bare requirement that your physical form be physically on a set speaking physical words to a camera?

The scene in 221b looks cheap and bad because it is cheap and bad, precisely because it’s A LOT easier to produce. Ben and Martin are the main limiting resources here, so the first corner to cut right out the gate: they don’t need to film together! Now, any day that Ben is off standing in the middle of the road or Martin is being sad at the Watson flat, the other one can be filming on the 221b set with Director Mark and the B Team. Efficiency #1, simple.

Once you make that decision though, you realize that the way you’re going to have to shoot the scene - cutting from face to face as people say their lines, as to not show the empty room - gives you a lot more incidental efficiencies. Like for instance, now Ben doesn’t actually have to sit there patiently waiting for Mark to recite The History of Eurus if the camera is going to be on Mark that whole time (spoiler: it was). Suddenly, Ben’s 3-minute share of talking becomes 3 minutes of show to make total, consisting of 100% Ben’s lines and 100% Ben’s face. The most efficient and painless way to waste an Oscar-nominated actor’s time filming a low-rent slasher movie possible.

It also means there’s no long scenes or monologues for anyone (Ben) to memorize. Cutting away between every single line means he can reshoot a single line at a time, even sit there and memorize a line at a time if he wanted. Of course the greatest actors of our day don’t bat an eye at a few extra lines to learn, but, just assuming here that they have been double-booked for over a month, hypothetically producing at the same time the greatest love story every put to film, it doesn’t hurt that the stakes here become astronomically low with this production method.

Another corner they cut? They never move. They never move. Easier to keep track of where your imaginary conversation partner is if they aren’t moving, easier to pick camera angles that will reliably conceal the fact that there’s no one else in the room if they aren’t moving.

Anyway, did I answer your question? tl;dr: fake fake fake fake just my analysis

Love Post: Namjoon

The great leader of BTS: Kim Namjoon

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There’s so much to say about Namjoon, that I almost couldn’t even make this post. As of now, I’m still struggling to make sense.

If I were to choose one word to describe him it would be inspiring.

Past his appearance or even his talent, I think it’s what’s between the ears that is the most impressive. And no, I’m not referring to his IQ. From the beginning, Namjoon has served as such an inspirational figure in my opinion. He has always tried to encourage the idea of people chasing their dreams and living their own lives, which is such an amazing thing to advocate. He tells his story to show people that you can accomplish what you want in life, you just have to work for it.

I really appreciate that he includes the international ARMYs as often as he does. The use of his English in his V Lives to communicate with non K-ARMYs, how he mentions us at major award shows. He is very aware of us and cares just as much.

The long hours Namjoon puts in deserves recognition as well. He doesn’t brag about it much, but you all know the hours he puts in. Remember the his rendition of Jimin’s replay dance? In the practice video, his shirt was dry and by the end it was drenched. Dances don’t come easy to Joon and you can see the effort he’ll put into something to reach his standards (which are very high.)


I absolutely adore this show’s subtle attention to detail! I can make a whole dozen connections and see a bunch of foreshadowed moments because you can see how much effort that was put into the physical actions of the characters. 

For Rapunzel, she was so used to her new hair and was getting used to her new life without hair, that she didn’t fall into old habits after 18 years and was used to her new hair. But now her old hair is back and she does the same motion she did in the movie by the campfire. I love that attention to detail.

King Fred closing that window was not needed or didn’t further the plot in any way for the song, but it’s a reminder of how changed and scarred he is from leaving his doors unlocked. While still, unfortunately, mimicking Gothel’s behavior of shutting her out, he shut himself out as well, and you understand why!

I decided to put the Eugene one as well with the lyrics because it fit with the theme of day/happy to night/sad, but also how Eugene using physical objects as a display, and also a distraction, of his emotions. He feels very insecure when she isn’t responding to him, so he suddenly starts talking about the pillow and its contents, impressed and happy but to cover up his feeling alone. That, and I like how the tassel looks like rapunzel’s hair, don’t know if that was intentional or not. 

Feel free to delete this commentary!

Bangtan Boys

Rap Monster- ISTP

“I just want to say that I’m like this right now, I’m this kind of person and I’ve lived like this, but I’m having these kinds of thoughts right now. And in the future, I’ll be like this… People want to have assurance towards their existence to no end. I think the reason I do music is that while speaking of my stories through music, I’m able to confirm the reason to my existence. I don’t want to be a petty person, but someone who remains in history. Because it’s a life that you only get one chance with, I want to influence people endlessly, give hopes, and become someone who can become a dream. Until then, I plan to continue on forth. Because that will become something that confirms the worth to my existence to the world and something that can personally confirm myself as to who I am.” (Se-Ni)

Okay so I had the most trouble when typing Rap Monster because he is just so unlike the traditional descriptions of his type; or maybe I was just over analyzing everything he was saying. ISTPs are described as being very in-tune with their environment and noticing the details of their surroundings. He does have that Se look in his eyes, but due to his lack of motor coordination and how the other members say that he needs to pay more attention to his surroundings, I was a little confused.

He is constantly trying to make sense of what kind of role he plays in the world and vice versa (Ti). Saying that “youth” defines itself as being the most beautiful moment in life, writing poems about the relationship between his self-conscious and the world, etc. is his Ti shining through. 

Then it was just a matter of debating between ISTP and INTP. His thoughts are very deep and theoretical which is a typical INTP trait BUT he has no Ne. Despite the fact that he’s always lost in his own world, he does have Se in how he finds the most relaxation being out and about in nature (a typical ISxP trait), and how he gives answers questions straight-forwardly without branching out into several different ideas. 

The reason why I typed him as ISTP rather than ESTP is simply due to the fact that he describes himself as being “careful” and “timid.” The fact that he spends more time inside his head rather than out doing things and craving more sensual experiences justifies him being a Ti-dom. He also says that while he knows how to do certain things in his head, his actions don’t always follow. 

Overall I have determined that Rap Monster has developed his Ni to a good extent. You can see how much effort he has to put in order for his answers to be deep compared to Suga who’s a Ni-dom and therefore he does it effortlessly. Also he seems like a very healthy ISTP compared to his age because his inferior Fe also comes into play from time to time such as how he’s courteous and knows how to respond in given situations.


“My first child will be a daughter, and my second child will be a son. I really want my son to have an older sister. I have an ideal image of having an older sister. Most guys with an older sister told me this- that the older sister puts allowance in her little brother’s wallet. My older brother took money out of my wallet! And a long time ago, I was traumatized when my friend told me that his girlfriend went home to make her little brother food. I never realized that an older sibling could cook for their younger sibling. I will name my son Yoosun, with the common family syllable. I took the name of Yoobi’s son. I was sad when I found out that my name didn’t have the common family syllable.” (Fi-Ni)

Now I have a feeling that many people are going to disagree with me on his type simply because he’s extremely organized and a neat freak. Well being a perceiver doesn’t mean that someone can’t be organized. Those are mere stereotypes (I should know because I’m the most disorganized person out there).

The thing with Jin is that he’s always kind of just been in the background. Any interview or variety show BTS goes on, he gets the least amount of screen time (which is totally unfair btw) partly due to the fact that while the other members are goofing around to get attention, he’s just sitting there. He doesn’t necessarily look uncomfortable but it’s more due to the fact that he probably just doesn’t want to do something because other people are doing it. If he wants to answer a question or do something crazy, it’ll be because he wants to and not because it is expected of him (Fi).

He’s always said that his personality is the kind to not mind what others think of him and to do what he wants to do. He has a strong sense of personal values; you can clearly see how much his values mean to him. Everything he talks about will have some sort of meaning to him even when he’s answering questions that are supposed to be objective, he somehow brings it back to himself (”Oh so that means I’m like this” or “Yes that happened to me too”). He LOVES cooking and you can tell because his eyes just seem to light up and become animated (the way Fi users do) whenever he talks about something meaningful to him.

His Se isn’t really that hard to notice and it’s most apparent in his cooking. His attention to detail comes from his Se in that he’s focusing all of his energy externally by focusing on his five senses. This is why he seems like a perfectionist when it comes to food. The reason he’s good at cleaning is also because he’s so good at noticing his surroundings and taking in all the details.

He’s calm and relaxed and a trait that I’ve noticed in most ISFPs is that he so desperately wants to be free. J-Hope once said that when Jin gets mad he can’t see anything in front of him, this is his inferior Te coming into play.

Suga- INTJ

“I was an underground rapper for a long time. I have a goal. I want to be the bridge between main stream music and underground Hip Hop. They’re so busy slandering each other. It’s probably too soon to say I want to unite the two; I’d sound pretty bombastic, won’t I ? As long as I can make good music, it doesn’t matter if I’m an idol or an underground rapper ” (Ni)

His introversion is due to the fact that he doesn’t like loud places with lots of people and that, in his opinion, everyone deserves a time and place for them to be refreshed (for him it’s being alone).

His dreams are big (despite being unsure of whether he’ll be able to reach them or not) and elaborate (Ni). He has a clear goal of what he wants to do and where he wants to go in life (without having thought about the technicalities and the specifics). He hates repetition and sees no point in thinking about the past because “the past is the past and it’s not like I can change anything about it.”  He doesn’t linger on things and really likes what he likes and hates what he dislikes–there is no in-between.

He is willful, confident, and independent (the fact that he went up the PD to complain about the endless repetitive dance practices proves this). Not to mention his supreme title of the sassy queen of BTS.  He doesn’t worry about what others think about him and is stubborn in defending what he believes in (Te-Fi). He has a straightforward personality in which he says what he means and means what he says without sugarcoating anything for anyone (Te). Confronts people about his problems instead of talking about them behind their backs. 

According to Jin he has a variety of knowledge about various things and he has no idea where he gets it all from (typical INTJ trait). He pretends not to care when he actually does (Fi). He finds pleasure in being organized externally (Te) because it aids him in knowing which direction to go in the future (Ni). His biggest regret/weakness shows up in the form of his inferior Se in which he says that “I didn’t have time to look at my surroundings and was too focused on what was in front of me. I think I should take some time to look around me and try things that aren’t just work-related, whether it’s hobbies or sports.“

J-Hope- ENFJ

It {the set} was warm and the flowers were blooming so I thought it would be really cozy, but to be honest it was cold. I had to climb up in a tree to film and I was kind of scared. It seemed really scary so I was afraid and got tense. Something came from that solitude and fear. (Ni-Se)

I came to the conclusion that he was ENFJ because, for starters, he was given his name because he gives ope to those around him. He’s bright, kind,gentle, treas others well, and is pretty loyal. He’s sociable and has a lot of love to give to those around him.

He loves thinking about complicated things (a strong indicator of Ni). He has no Si and instead thinks about the future and remembers the past as facts rather than memories (product of having Se). The way he’s able to be spontaneous and act in the moment are his tertiary Se kicking in.

He likes to be introspective but then dark thoughts kick in (this happens a lot to xNFJs as we are naturally attracted to dark themes). His way of looking to the past and creating universal themes from them are strong indicators of Ni. 

His Fe is more obvious than Suga’s sass. No but seriously he is always smiling and reflecting the emotions of those around him. One moment that really stood out for me though, (just to make my point), is that when he cried when the members threw him a surprise birthday party, he unconsciously hugged all the members as a sign of gratitude. He was obviously very emotionally shaken up (he was choking on his tears for goodness sake) and so his thoughts must have been in a huge mess but seeing as how he hugged them as if it were the natural thing to do just shows that it is the natural thing for him to do. Only a Fe-dom would think about thanking everyone individually so that no one got their feelings hurt and felt excluded even in a time like that.

Jimin- ESFP

“My aim is frankly to be the first. This has many meanings but i want to get the first place in music program and i also want to get really important award at some award ceremony.” (Se-Ni)

Jimin was one of the easiest for me to type. I did think he had Fe for a while because he is just so thoughtful and the members described him as being the one who listens to all their problems the best which didn’t really strike me as an ESFP trait (no offense to all the ESFPs out there). 

He’s always living in the moment whether it’s on or off stage. He has a good sense of aesthetic taste which is why he’s so good at picking his clothes and knowing what would look good with what (Se-Ni). He tends to be alert to what’s going on around him and thus he’s so good at performing. On camera you can always see him making random hand motions and making exaggerated facial expressions which is a common habit of ESxPs. He also uses his whole body to describe how he’s feeling.

He went through a lot of hardships because he was the last one to be added to BTS but you wouldn’t notice it ever, because of his Fi. His emotions are kept quiet but you can tell they play a large part in how he makes his decisions. He shows his affections readily especially when it’s physical. He makes his likes and dislikes less noticeable than Jin because as an extrovert his first instinct is to keep harmony with those around him but when he does he becomes extremely stubborn. 

He loves to be the center of attention (that’s why he tries so hard on stage and unintentionally steals the other members spotlight even when it’s not his turn). He says that he has a desire to constantly be moving around and he hates being bored. 


"I have a motto that came from my father: “What is that that’s so important.” It has a lot of meaning. I have moments where I’m tired, annoyed, and don’t want to do things. But whenever I think of these words, those things become nothing. If you endure through it, good things will come your way. My father ingrained this into my head so whenever I’m at hardship, I think of these words so I hope we never forget this.” (Ne-Si)

V is friendly, self-centered (not in a bad way), independent, and eccentric–typical ENTP traits. Honestly, his 4D personality gives it away despite how “mysterious” people say he is. ;)

His Ne is so obvious that you can literally see it in his eyes. They’re always shifting from place to place as if sorting through all of the multiple things going on his head. He also gets off-topic in interviews pretty fast like in one interview he was asked about composing and he ended his answer with something about how Rap Monster should just write notes on his hands.  He’s an inventor of new ideas to the extent that Suga has said that V comes up with really good ideas that equal out his quirkiness.

Suga once said that “he’s immature and isn’t able to become serious. It seems like he doesn’t care what others think,” and this really made me think of Ti. Since Fe is a tertiary function in ENTPs, and because he’s so young, it can be hard to adjust to other people’s feelings. But he find it super easy to make friends with people (especially with his father Daehyun), and often mentions how he has a  lot of friends because he isn’t picky or judgmental and people are drawn to hat about him (a typical ENTP trait).  He has this extra childishness that comes with being young and that’s why his Ti isn’t that prominent unless you really devour everything he says like I did. 

Some other things that helped me included how he said that it’s super hard for him to cry even when he’s deeply moved. He’s not afraid to do embarrassing things and he seems really out of it most of the time. 

Jungkook- ISFJ

“Looking back at my audition, I was shy and i had no self confidence. I couldn’t control my feelings properly. I had a chance to stay in the US for a month before the debut. So many things changed. I gained confidence. Also i was awakened to expressing my feelings or dancing.” (Si)

Jungkook was a little harder for me to type and that was mostly because he’s so shy and all his talk about how he doesn’t care about what others think of him (we’ll see how much of that is true…)

He’s described as being kind, innocent, and bad at expressing his feelings. He’s also super bad at refusing requests. I definitely think that he has Fe rather than Te but it’s harder to notice because of how withdrawn he is. Hes always said how uncomfortable he is speaking in front of people and in interviews so that is definitely an indicator that his Fe isn’t as developed as it should be because he is so closed off. But his manners are still first class like how he he’s aware of social norms. I can definitely relate to how his Fe doesn’t immediately show. Whenever I’m put in the spot or in a social situation, sometimes it’s extremely hard for me to unconsciously use my Fe but rather I have to remind myself to or else I become too closed off.

He’s reluctant in being put on the spot like when J-Hope was trying to have a conversation with him in English, you could tell how he was alarmed and totally not prepared. 

He answers questions based on his past experiences relating to the matter at hand (Si). The actions he takes reflect what he’s done in the past depending on what has and hasn’t worked for him. For example when he’s reading he thinks “If I read, then I’ll become better at speaking then I am now, right?” He often mentions how he’s changed compared to his trainee days. The words he lives by are that passion is imperative in order to grow and that passion is fueled by accumulated experiences. 

You can see the amount of effort PB puts into games like ES and now It Lives in The Woods with new features such as the friendship/nerve scale, coded scenes based on these scales, and the new ‘text message’ thing in ILiTW, but then you look at RoE which couldn’t even bother to remember who your LI was in book 2, instead having them all propose to you and then whoever you DID choose essentially lose their personality in book 3.

Montgomery de la Cruz #1

Request: Can you do an imagine with Monty where the reader tutors him and one day they are at his house studying and she just pass out because she didn’t sleep because of all the tests that are coming up and Montgomery just lays her in his bed and when she wakes up the kiss please??

A/N: I really had fun writing this one. And I appreciate everyone of you. 700 follower is a lot. Thank you so much for showing me that what I do is good <3

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Am I the only one who thinks gaiden Sakura was really hot? In every panel, she was such a milf !! I got a crush on her after reading gaiden. I mean, it's mentioned a lot of times that sasuke is a ladykiller.. But honestly I think sasuke's gotten old and Sakura is the hotter one now. I want to see sakura's fanboys in the anime :P

In sakura hiden, ino actually mentions how popular sakura is among men, for her beaty and strength. But damn I agree gaiden sakura is like the most beatiful think kishi has ever drawn, you can see how much effort he put on her

They are the hottest pair <3 such a mild and dilf

sasuke’s gotten old

Sasuke is like vine,  older is better

I want to see sakura’s fanboys in the anime :P           

Don’t expect too much from the anime dear, I hate how she looks in the anime

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How well did you think the North and South comics treated the themes of progress? And Katara's character.

I think this time, they honestly tried to do justice to both those things. You can see the effort to restrain Aαng’s impact on the main plot so that Katara can take center stage. Her moral dilemma is about her people, instead of her boyfriend, and she is the focal point of the debate on whether the South should progress and industrialize, as well as whether she can accept a new mother figure into her life.

But the talent just isn’t there.

Let me preface this by saying, for a comic book geared toward the 9-12 age bracket, this is definitely above average. As far as quality in relation to the A:TLA canon, it’s about on par with “The Great Divide”. And I don’t say that as an insult, because “The Great Divide” is still better in animation, music, and execution than most of the kids’ fare out there. It just doesn’t make that leap to full complexity that the original show usually took. Let’s take a peek.

·         Simplification. OK, no cheating. Please recall the names of the main antagonist, Hakoda’s love interest, and her brother from “North and South”. Having trouble? My guess is you had much better luck with Joo Dee and Long Feng when they were introduced. OK, step two: please name as many character traits for each of these people as you can. Not physical traits or occupations: personality traits that stood out to you. My guess is that you can’t name more than one per character. OK, step three: please name your favorites lines that these characters spoke. I’d be very surprised if you could even name one! And remember, these are characters that have been with us through three entire comics.  

What’s the problem here? The problem is that these characters are not complex or memorable, and the dialogue is uninspired. Honestly, the two waterbending girls are more compelling than any of the adult characters. You can say the same thing in “The Great Divide” about the Gan Jin and Zhang leaders: they are restricted to one major character trait, and one motivation.

The nearest we get to a well-rounded character is Malina, but even she’s a wash. Tell me: does anyone feel so inspired by these characters that they want to write fanfic about them? Will there be an outpouring of fanart because they are so beloved? Will people be cosplaying them and looking up to them as role models, or creating intricate backstories for them on tumblr? Will people say, “Oh, I identify so deeply with this character’s struggles because …” ? Compare these characters to Jet, Hama, Koh, Jin … any minor character from the original series. They just don’t have that spark.

·         Plot-centric characterization. In “The Great Divide”, Sokka is on one side of the struggle; Katara is on the other. There is no middle ground. The episode just sticks the characters with the label “Zhang” and “Gan Jin” and every action they take is defined from there. Likewise, in “North and South” Katara is stuck with the “past” label, and Sokka is stuck with the “future” label, with no nuance at all until the very end. And please note that this is the same exact thing that happened to Toph and Aαng already in “The Rift”, where Aαng wanted to return to tradition while Toph wanted to forge ahead into the future. So not only are the themes incredibly binary; they are also redundant within the comics universe.

·         Sokka, what Sokka? In “Jet”, Sokka got his first real taste of leadership and being taken seriously by the narrative. He grew from comic buffoon to full-fledged secondary character. But in “The Great Divide”, he regresses to nothing more than a cardboard cutout whose characterization is left to the whims of the plot. He has no impact on the overall story.

In “North and South”, while Sokka does take part in the action and helps inform Katara’s character development, this isn’t his story at all. Because the narrative has decided that he is “right” and that the South should move forward into the future, he never has a moment where his worldview gets challenged. He tells Katara that the idyllic Southern Water Tribe she remembers might not have actually existed—which is a good point! But why didn’t Katara point out that the future Sokka envisions might not exist either? Again, we had three whole comics, and not one of them focused on Sokka as the protagonist. This isn’t to say that Katara should have less screentime, figuratively speaking; it’s that Katara and Sokka should never have had to fight for the spotlight in the comics in the first place! The whole A:TLA saga began with them. Having a comic centered on Katara and Sokka helps, but does not make up for, their lack of characterization and agency elsewhere in the series. And the worst part is that since Katara’s only chance to shine comes when she’s away from Aαng, this confirms everything anti-shippers have ever told us about the Kαtααng pairing. Aαng’s presence in Katara’s storyline is detrimental to her characterization and development, consistently, and this comic does nothing to change that.

The Destiel bits of 12x09

This episode wasn’t bad, Destiel wise. Warning for gif heavy post ahead.

First of all, Cas’s pining is so heart wrenching. He doesn’t react to Mary’s frankly absurd chewing out, though he has all the right to just not accept her accusations. It’s everything he’s been telling himself anyway.

Mary expression when he says just how many hours Dean and Sam have been missing is sight to behold, to be honest. I think that’s where she realized just how much Cas cares. 

Getting to where Dean and Sam escape though, Dean’s instinctive reaction is to call Cas, before anything else. He’s calling for help, of course he’ll call Cas, you say. (gifs from @novaks)

Except Cas doesn’t pick up. Now they’re in enemy territory, time is running out and Cas is not answering. The sane, logical thing to do would be to call someone else- Mary, Jody, ANYONE. But he keeps trying to call Cas, repeatedly. Why? Because he’s worried for Cas. Yes, they could use some help, but that’s not it. Dean knows how out of his mind Cas might be and he’s terrified that Cas is not okay, that he’s taken some extreme risks in trying to find them. Look at how relieved he is when Cas answers-

And just like Dean estimates, Cas sounds so wrecked, his voice squeaky, he’s just so disbelieving it’s really Dean. 

And Dean knows just how to deal with a worried sick Cas. He doesn’t reel off instructions at first, he takes the time to reassure Cas that he’s fine.

Just the casual ‘Hey, Buddy’, but it has a depth of meaning behind it. It says that Dean’s physically fine for now. Then, and only then does he give instructions- and they may seem brusque, but to someone who’s spent six weeks thinking that their husband best friend is dead, the best thing for Cas is to just calm down and breathe and have a plan of rescue. And Dean provides it. 

Next up, that hug. (gif from @subcas)

This is a small thing, but notice how Dean’s expression crumples minutely before he blinks back what look like tears. It’s the same expression he has in Purgatory-

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That little expression conveys so much- relief that Cas is fine, hurt at the sight of Cas’s obvious pain, grief at the thought he’s about to cause Cas more pain. It’s gone instantly, but you can see the effort he makes into schooling his features before he lets Cas go and looks at him.

Then again, in the backseat of the car.

Sam’s ‘We need to talk about this’ and ‘You didn’t tell him?’ makes sense now. Sam knows Dean’s going to sacrifice himself, he knows that’s why Dean was so desperate to see Cas ASAP, that’s why Dean wants to sit in the backseat of the car.   

Dean knows what’s going to happen soon. He knows he’s going to die (again) and now there’s no going back and that Cas is going to have to watch this happen (again) That little look between them, Dean looking so regretful and shattered, Cas clearly baffled but understanding instantly that something’s not right.. The non verbal communication here is amazing. (gifs from @yourfavoritedirector)

And finally, the ending. Dean’s pained “Cas, what have you done?” is because he knows this is not the end of it, because they’ll pay the price for this, because Cas will probably pay the price for this. 

Don’t tell me that Cas wasn’t looking straight at Dean when he says that. And Dean knows. Knows that Cas doesn’t care about the consequences. 


It’s just.. the love in this episode between these two was breathtaking. They don’t need big words or gestures. It’s all in the unspoken communication, the stolen glances, the utter devotion they have for each other. What love can be greater than this?

Trying Hard (Not to Fall)

Day 1-3 of Patater Week!  

Prompts: Getting Together/Proposal/Secret Relationship 

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It’s not like Kent could get out of playing against Jack. If he could, he might’ve considered it. But there Jack goes making that fucking goal, tying the score with minutes left in the third period. Maybe if Kent wasn’t so single-minded when it came to hockey, he could deal with going into overtime. But something about Zimms giving him a run for his money is unacceptable.  He pushes for another goal, it works. Unfortunately, that means accidentally running into Snowy and the net after the fact.

It’s funny how the Aces have a rep for being cheaters when the only time shit like this happens is on accident. Not that anyone would believe him. Kent’s caught under a haze of players when someone lifts him like he weighs nothing. He should guess it’s Alexei, but hearing him curse at Kent confirms it.

“You liking hit that so much?” Tater shouts. “I can hit too!”

Tater’s giving him the stink eye and honestly, it takes all of Kent’s energy to look guilty and not turned on. The goal stands, and he knows he’s gonna have some shit to answer for later. But right now, he can’t get over how good it feels to win. He’s earned this; he doesn’t have to answer to live up to Jack’s shadow anymore.

Of course, the post-game interview is going to have at least one question about that goal and three to ten about Jack.

“We played our best out there,” he tells the journalists. “This time it was enough, but obviously, we’ll prepare for the next one just as well.”

He showers, gets an Uber, and leaves without much ado. He thinks about whether he’s petty enough to say good game to Jack. Kent doesn’t know when he became so angry with him. It needs to stop—he knows that much. However, that’s an issue for another day.

There’s a brownstone townhouse a few blocks from the arena. Kent could’ve walked here, but he figures he needs to work on an apology dinner while he still has time. He pulls his key ring out of his back pocket, bracing himself. He slips in the front door, flicking on the entrance light just before getting tackled by fifty pounds of fluff.

“Vera, stop,” he laughs wincing as the black and white Siberian husky licks all over his face. He’s able to sit up after a minute of wet kisses, “yea I missed you too, baby.” He ruffles her fur, kissing her cold nose. “C’mon, you can help me grovel to Papa.” 

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Thoughts on the new vid


Lots of logicality

So much logicality! I picked up on hints of prinxiety and analogical to tho-

The most prinxiety moment was in the end card virgil smirks at roman and its so cute!!!!

I cried like holy- this video is killer but boiii is it worth it it’s so well done and you can see how much effort was put into it!!!

Patton and logan bonding arc, also patton needs to express more!!

Virgils bangs at the beginning when he’s practically having a panic attack-

Patton making jokes and thomas just like: stop patton- we all know your hurting, stop acting.

Roman trying to apologize and then immediately turning it around when the ex calls back

Virgil yelling at Logan for leaving

I know~,… i know -_-


Thomas literally looks on the verge of tears almost the entire episode

I have mor to say but this’ll be enough

For this post that is

The theories are coming fellow fanders, they are coming.

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Hey I want to thank you for your recent stuff regarding The Orville, I was unsure of it and when the reviews came in hailing it another crappy MacFarlane show I wrote it off. But I saw your stuff and gave it a chance and. It's honestly pretty good. It really finds that balance of comedy and drama. The biggest thing was I thought it was something poking fun at stuff like star trek and similar shows. And it kind of does. But I can see at the heart its made with all good intentions. Thank you.

The reason why Seth MacFarlane got the reputation as a producer of crappy shows is that he’s often stretching himself thin and doing projects he doesn’t care about to please executives (he wanted to end Family Guy for like 7 years now, but Fox keeps renewing it).

But when it comes to The Orville, it’s a show he honestly cares a lot about. It’s something he wanted to do for forever, and when CBS rejected his Star Trek pitch, he went to Fox and decided to produce his own Star Trek. You can see how much effort and love was put into the designs, plots, characters, and world of The Orville.

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Could you do a headcanon of dating conner? Thanks!

I kinda let my hands loose on this one so it became this thing… Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for requesting! 

Dating Conner would be a gradual thing. You probably have been friends with him since high school and you also knew of the history he has with M’Gann and how she is the first serious relationship he has ever been in. But you are content to be his friend then and became his friend you did. Your crush only grew over the years.

Despite what one would think, Conner would be the first to confess to you. To say you were not surprised, would be a lie but you listened to him anyways. Conner will tell you that even though it has been a few months after his break-up with M’Gann, he also knows that he has some feelings for you and that he wants to at least try taking it slow with you. Of course, you agree (even though you were worried you might just be a rebound to him).

Conner takes his time in trying to get to know you. You know a lot about him just by being his friend over the years and also by observing him. So he tries to do the same with you. He tries to learn all of your likes and dislikes and sometimes, your ‘not-dates’ are filled with conversations between the two of you. You have fun anyways because you can see how much effort Conner is putting in.

Your relationship with Conner is a little bit hard to identify at times because you know he is still trying to pull himself together after his relationship with M’Gann which is why you try your hardest to simply be there for him whenever he needs some time away from home. Your way of cheering him up is by reading to him – he once complimented you about your voice and safest to say, that always manages to calm him down.

Once Conner is finally over M’Gann, he is the sweetest boyfriend ever. He is still not too big on public display of affections but does not mind holding your hand at all or occasionally dropping a kiss on your lips (but this one only happens every now and then). He does not mind kissing you – or doing a little bit more than just kissing – if you are either in his room or back at your place.

Being in a relationship with Conner would mean that he told you about his life: there were some things you already had your suspicions over but when Conner thought you were going to leave him because of how he is simply a Clone, you surprise him by kissing him passionately.

It takes Conner some time to understand you fully but he has been what you expected and more. Conner’s a man of actions than words so sometimes, you will find a flower or two, or a bouquet randomly in some part of your apartment and they are often your favourite flowers too. Or when you are feeling sick, Conner will take care of you and never leaving your side: he sleeps while holding your hand in his.

Sleepovers happen often! Conner’s always sleeping over at your place because he is much more comfortable with just the two of you and not have the rest of the team barging in on his time with you. Conner knows you like to hug something whenever you sleep, whether it be a bolster or a doll but he likes it too whenever you wrap your arms around him lightly. So Conner has grown to like cuddling with you.

Conner can get very jealous too and he is very protective of you. If he thinks someone is disrespecting you, Conner is not afraid to tell them off but you always pull him away before it got too physical. You tell him how much you appreciate Conner sticking up for you and that you love him very much. If you were ever by any chance kidnapped by an enemy, Conner will not stop until he gets you back. He will knock out everything that stands in his way of getting to you.

Meeting Superman – the superman – in the flash was somewhat of a dream for you – one that left you kinda starstruck. Dating Conner meant that Clark really wanted to meet his little brother’s special someone and Conner gets jealous over how you are fawning over Clark, to the point where he actually sulks. But after the initial reaction, you immediately went to Conner and showering him with love. Clark thinks the two of you are wonderful together.

Of all the non jikook theories for GCF, I’d take a fanservice video like going on a date with jimin over anyone saying Jungkook had no idea what the song was about.

Not only is that an insult to his intelligence, but an insult to him as an artist. You think he went through all that editing to tell a story without fitting the song with the story he was telling? You can see the amount of effort he put into every second of making that video, but you don’t think he bothered sparing any to take an extra minute to look up the lyrics?

Like….c'mon now. Mr Golden Maknae. Who always translates the songs he covers. And who has at least a passable grasp of the English language. Didn’t have a single clue what the song meant?

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That preview was absolutely stunning! I can't stop watching it! It's so well made and you can clearly see how much effort you put into your work. I know that what you have in store for us will be worth the wait :)

Ackkk thank you so much! I’m so glad it was so well received, haha :’) And I appreciate your confidence in me, dude! I hope not to disappoint!