Happy Birthday Shukashuu!!!

It’s such a coincidence that Shukashuu loves sunflower, because she is really like one - so bright and cheery, and as warm and vibrant as the summer sun.  Her beaming smiles never fails to put a smile and my face and bright up my day (and I’m sure for many of you guys too!).

Surely there’s no one else who can make You-chan comes to life and bring out the “sunshine” aspect of Aqours like Shukashuu. Every time Aqours perform, you can see just how much effort she put in and how much she enjoy being there! It brought tears to my eyes too when she was so happy and almost teared up during Aqours’ 1st Live announcement.  

Thank you for being a part of Aqours and may you always be happy and full of energy. Shukashuu! You are my sunshine!!!

i went way back into my old facebook photos to torture myself with how ugly and overweight i was in highschool, and instead of finding fodder for my own negativity i just found a whole bunch of really happy memories with people i really loved and it ended up just being a really positive experience????


What an amazing show! I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but this made me feel something. You could see the passion everyone has for this show and you can see how much time and effort was put into this. The underlying themes in the show were so powerful and positive.

When I met Thomas, the first thing he did was hug me (he gives really good hugs) and say thank you for coming, which is something I really appreciate.

@thatsthat24 I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you so much for not only coming to Michigan, but for an amazing show with an excellent message, lots of laughs, and bringing the entire room together.


Since I am a very uncreative person and mostly since I’ve been lacking the will to draw my own characters lately I drew something for @extremelybadlydrawnemos again. this time it’s forest Gee.

(Also I felt like I needed to attach a close up of their eyes because I put way to much effort in small details you can’t see in the final picture because of the quality)

            H A N G I N G   F O O L    –   naoki + hamuko 

                                              > @junesreceipt

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♡ Hey Everyone! ♡

I have a friend named Rins and she’s one of my favorite artists!  Rins is one of the 3 artists that I look up to and I’m proud to say that I have seen first hand the growth and improvement with her art.  You can see how much time and effort she pours into her drawings, which makes it even more impressive that she’s juggling being a student artist and having a part time job! She inspires me to try new things and really focus on my coloring! 

The best thing?  She’s currently taking commissions!  I’m saving up for a drawing myself! –>  ♡

It would be really awesome if you guys could just look at her art, or even drop a follow and like your favorite pictures!  I recently re-blogged my favorites!  ♡ 

♡ Check out her art:  ♡

“Shoutout to @charlotte-the-bat. I just want to say that Charlotte is a wonderful character who has an amazing and detailed character. Her backstory is so well thought out and you can see the effort and time put into it. She deserve so much more praise than she the hate she gets. And the mun of the blog is such a kind person who will always be there to defend a friend even if it may ruin the image of herself. This girl needs love that she so rightly deserves.”

~submitted by anonymous

Ibra is a really nice guy and humble around the changing room. He has fitted in really well, which is nice as he’s made a real effort and you can see that. In terms of his quality and career, there’s not much more to be said about him. He has proved what he brings to teams.

Michael Carrick

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I know you're closed for requests but I just wanna say that ur blog give me life <3 I can see how much effort you put in the headcanons and the scenarios, they're sooooo good and well written omg, thanks for the amazing work (sorry for my bad engilsh btw)

First things first, none of the admins has english as their first language, so don’t worry about this, nobody here has the right to judge you on that.

Also, thank you so much! Alex has worked very hard on this blog and I’m glad I’m part of it as well. It’s a pleasure knowing that what we do can bring happiness to people, so you’re very welcome! :)

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Hi Kao!! Just wondering, how do you think Izaya feels about actors? With them having to study but also fake and ellicit emotions and such?

He likes them! He thinks that they’re interesting and that what they do is really difficult so it’s really admirable. To be a completely different person while still staying true to yourself? That takes practice, time, and dedication. Actors are hard workers and you can see just how much effort they’ve made to get where they are today.

Imagine, before they even got scouted, actors were putting themselves out there, trying to get discovered, doing their best to outshine other people. That takes confidence, a lot of it, and those who persisted are the ones who end up successful. But that’s not always true, since there are some who still persist but aren’t getting anywhere.

He knows that the life of an actor/actress is hard and he admires those who can still be cool and charming off camera.

Ah, but he does adore when they make slip-ups. Bloopers are funny, sure, but he likes it best when actors/actresses accidentally drop their faces when put into stressful situations/accused of scandals.

Actors/actresses are complex people and he adores that.

Ah, but it’s different if a person is acting like someone they’re not (for example the Shizuo impostor from Dufufufu!). He still likes them, but he has more fun toying with them because their confidence stands on the tip of a needle, and anything could send them toppling down :^)


As an artist on the introverted side of the spectrum, the hardest part of the work is showing the work in person. On the internet, you can put your stuff out there and let the Likes and Favorites and Reblogs validate your effort. But in person… you can see the moment in their eyes when they decide No Thanks or Yes Yes Please.
Hard doing.

@driftinglightofthewoods is such an amazing blog. Miston is such a well thought out OC, and there are times I have actually forgotten that he is not in the movies. He’s so well written and developed and you can see all the time and effort that’s been put into him. And if that isn’t enough, not only has this mun created an amazing OC, she’s developed his entire family, who each have their own lives and personalities and no two are the same. Not to mention the mun is absolutely fantastic <3                      - a nonnie

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142: One of my scars, how did I get it?

There are scars that you can see, and others that you can’t. Despite one’s efforts to avoid them, sometimes they just show up without any warning or indications as to how they got there. One of my scars…on the right side of my lower abdomen, from when I had my appendix removed. I was pretty young when it happened.