I’m not an expert at relationships. I don’t know how to handle every fight we’re going to have, and I will never be a perfect person. We’re both still young, and we still have a lot more to learn. But I’m willing to take chances, to risk it all, and learn everything there is to know just so I can keep us together. I won’t give up on you.

High Tide is an anthology with a mermaid and merfolk theme. Contains 64 colored pages in A4 format perfect binding, with illustrations, short comics, and step-by-step shots by 24 artists from all over the world! Contenent is PG-16

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Aimee Ackerman, Cartoonzy, Claudia Trajna, Cookiehana, Dark-Tarou, dio, Duckie, Ezombie, feverworm, Gawki, Hanna Schroy, Kel, Kiki'ssh, Madcarnival, Melissa Ottonello Ferrati, Midnightzone, Dissectr, Paexie, Poplerpig, Skoptsy, SirWendigo, tokimekiwaku, TheVeryWorstThing, Usagi Artcafe

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I’m not an expert at relationships. I don’t know how to handle every fight we’re going to have, and I will never be a perfect person. We’re both still young, and we still have a lot more to learn. But I’m willing to take chances, to risk it all, and learn everything there is to know just so I can keep us together. I won’t give up on you.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes
The signs when free

Aries: Working out, chilling and making music. 

Taurus: No one will ever see any taurus again when given complete freedom. (They’re at home watching movies, eating food and doing nothing forever.) 

Gemini: Talking to everyone 48 hours a day. 

Cancer: Family time! Doing cozy things for the rest of their lives. 

Leo: It’s what you call “free” but they’ll be working their ass of to become famous.

Virgo: Getting them selves a perfect mansion and staying there keeping it organised and beautiful. 

Libra: Being super stressed because they can do everything by CHOICE!!! They can’t handle it.

Scorpio: Learning all about every secret of life.

Sagittarius: Leaves and never comes back.

Capricorn: It’s impossible for them to be ‘free’, because they see responsibilities everywhere or create them. Mostly because they always have something to do.

Aquarius: Working on a plan to create the perfect communion, ends up leading a world war.

Pisces: Dedicating their life to help everything and everyone and trying to create world-peace. 


Jasper literally being a perfect Quartz, one of the best ever made, makes her an invaluable resource to Homeworld seeing how they’re so low on resources. They didn’t want Peridot back because she’s a second gen gem and “broken” in their eyes, but Jasper. Jasper was important.

Which makes her breakdown even more understandable because she would have had elite gems telling her how impressive she was for an Earth gem and how the attempted colonization was a failure but she was a success and that the later kindergartens on Earth produced lackluster gems but Jasper was perfect.

Can you imagine being told all of your life that you’re wonderful and perfect and the pride of your family and then all of a sudden all you can do is fail? Because I can. And let me tell you, having a mental breakdown is almost guaranteed at that point, which would explain why she started becoming corrupted. She can’t handle her worldview breaking down as “failed gems” prove themselves to be better than her.

TL;DR: Jasper’s rigid mindset about how gems should be and the perfection of herself and Homeworld is what is causing her to become corrupted.

Reactions During Age of Ultron in random order SPOILERS

*The opening credit for Avengers and it changing to Age of Ultron with that creepy ass music*

Me: 0__0 

*Ultron’s character in general*

Me: He is so perfect! 

*Vision picking up Mjolnir (which makes senses because he is worthy because he is only a day old and has not been corrupted yet*


*Quicksilver dies*


*Scarlet Witch kills Ultron*


*Hulk leaves and more than likely goes into space*


*Seeing Tony’s vision of fear*

Me: This is so fucked up!

*seeing all the other Avenger’s visions of fear*

Me: Nope. nope. Can’t handle this. Nope. 

*Jarvis “dies”*


*Cap is leading the New Avengers*


*Scarlet Witch gets a new costume*

Me: *screaming* YES YES YES

*Vision phasing through objects*


*Seeing Steve dance with Peggy*

Me:  (╥_╥)

*Seeing all the infinity gems on screen at once* 


*Hearing each Avengers’ theme woven into the music*

Me: Fucking beautiful

*The Avengers in a circle fighting *


*Steve says “Avengers…” then it cuts to the credits*


*Cap and the “watch your language” running gag*

Me: This is the new shwarma. I LOVE IT!

*Tony says “…The end of the line”*

Me: That was uncalled for. Now I have feels from Winter Soldier coming into play!

*Quicksilver looks at Mjolnir* 

Me: Bitch, don’t grab it.

*Quicksilver grabs the hammer*

Me: *laughing so hard that stomach starts to hurt* OMG. I told you not to grab it!

*Tony sees Hulk spit out a tooth then says “Sorry”*

Me: *laughs so hard that I nearly fall out of my chair*

*Tony punching the Hulk’s face while nervously repeating “go to sleep”*

Me: *laughs so hard that face starts to hurt* Staph I can’t take much more of this brilliant dialogue!

*Quicksilver tells people to leave the building, but they don’t*

Me: Omg you people are stupid.

*Quicksilver comes back, shoots gun and says “get off your asses”*

Me: YES SO MUCH YES! This is Quicksilver!

*Sees the guy from The Winter Solider, who wouldn’t launch the helicarriers, on the helicarrier with Fury*

Me: *claps loudly* YES! FUCK YES!!!!

*Seeing Falcon and War Machine*


*Seeing Hawkeye have a wife and kids*


*Seeing Thanos out of his motherfucking throne*

Me: Fucking finally! Bout time you do something

*Seeing Steve and Tony fight over Vision*

Me: Civil War already and it isn’t Civil War yet!


the fact that the star wars trailer played in front of it SO MUCH YES









International Women’s Day is as good a day as any to remind yourself that no matter what your beliefs on equality are, you’re not above failure

It’s important to remember that even as a man in full support of feminism, you aren’t exempt from being a guy and making stupid dumb guy decisions occasionally, and you should also never think you’re exempt from judgement because of it. Recently I severely hurt the feelings of someone who I admire as a person and as a friend, due to my own selfish personal choices. But I recognise and severely regret the tactless way I handled it, and all I can do at this point is say I’m sorry.

Today’s a good day to pay homage to some of your favourite female role models and make jokes about misandry, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to reflect on yourself and the things you can do to be better. That’s what I’ll be doing. 

Ozzy's opinion of the signs:

Aries: You’re lil babies. It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend around me. I love you and will take care of you forever.

Taurus: JUST FUCKING MARRY ME ALREADY, jeez. I love you so much I can’t even.

Gemini: You guys are hilarious and great conversationalists and OMG just talk to me forever please. But I can’t handle you in romantic relationships. My Scorpio Venus can’t deal. But You guys are

Cancer: THE BEST HUGGERS EVER. My favorite people to go to when I’m sad. I will take care of you forever too. Literally forever. You’re perfect.

Leo: Omg you guys are so sweet and adorable and sassy and just YES. Be best friends with me.

Virgo: I seem to always make friends with you guys because idk. I just love all of you. Also I want you to know its okay to not be perfect all the time. Also I connect with your impeccable sarcasm on a spiritual level; you’re hilarious ilysm.

Libra: Don’t even try to assert dominance over me. I am the Queen Libra, I am the Cardinal of Cardinals. Come at me. But also hi, I love you, friends. Let’s fuck shit up, then charm our way out of trouble.

Scorpio: ALSO MARRY ME. Please. And be my best friend forever. Just please. I’m begging you. I love you so much. I’ve never had deeper, or better conversations with anyone else. #pleasebemine

Sagittarius: MY PARTNERS IN CRIME, MY MAIN SQUEEZES, literally yes. Just all the yes. My twin flames. I’ve never met one of you that I don’t just click with and its amazing and you’re all perf.

Capricorn: It’s up to us to take care of everyone. I gotcho backs. Y'all are hella motivational too and I need it. Just thank you for existing, I love you. Also marry me.

Aquarius: Please just always hang out with me. We can prepare for the zombie apocalypse and get abducted by aliens together. And straight up, no one else tolerates my obsession with conspiracy theories. My absolute faves. P.S. Marry me.

Pisces: You guys confuse me so much but please keep being friends with me for all of eternity. You’re lil babies and I will protect you and take care of you forever just please let me love you.

I honestly don’t think it had sunk in that “for him.” exists until this moment. We literally get a private love song that Troye wrote for Connor and I don’t know how to handle that fact because what the fuck? And on top of that it’s absolutely an incredible song, perfect, somehow that AllDay rap works perfectly and feels like a cute joke between them, somehow we get to hear Troye sing “All I need is you,” like, what the actual fuck. Fuck. I’m dead.

  • Aries:412% what the fuck you are not human
  • Taurus:86% you just gotta learn how to eat indian food
  • Gemini:100% perfect
  • Cancer:21% you twinkbottom mess
  • Leo:64% you got a lil work to do
  • Virgo:11% you tried
  • Libra:0% mint isn't even spicy what the hell
  • Scorpio:135% you need to stop shoving hot cheetos in your face
  • Sagittarius:666% you make me nervous
  • Capricorn:101% slow down just a tiny bit
  • Aquarius:79% pretty good
Gift Guide: Crochet Lovers

With Christmas approaching, I thought I would do a series of “Gift Guide” blog posts to show you items that I have been loving!  I have blogged about most of these items before, but I thought it would be nice to consolidate them together in case you are looking for something special for a friend or loved one.  Let’s look at some items that would be perfect for the Crochet Lovers on your list!

Hands down, my favourite crochet hooks of all time are my “Clover Amour” hooks!  They are just so comfortable to use with their elastomer rubber handles and smooth aluminum tips.  I love how my set of 10 smaller hooks come in a handy zipper pouch as well, making them very easy to transport!  You can read my full review about these smaller Clover Amour hooks HERE!  They are definitely worth the investment, and I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who have taken the plunge to purchase these- look for them on sale on Amazon HERE!

Clover also recently released their jumbo hooks with sizes 6-15 mm available!  I have been using these a lot this winter with my chunkier headbands, cowls and beanies.  You can look into getting the whole set or perhaps choosing your favourite size (e.g. 10 mm) that you use the most!  My full review of these larger hooks can be found HERE and you can purchase them on Amazon HERE!

If you’re looking for a really unique gift that not everyone will have, feast your eyes on these gorgeous handmade wooden hooks from BQueen Collection!  Fellow crocheter Makenzie and her husband Brian make these together using exotic woods such as Burmese Rosewood and Redheart.  No two hooks are exactly alike, and they all have intricate and ornate tips on the end.  You can read my full review about them HERE.  You can look into getting one special hook HERE or a set where you can choose your specific sizes HERE!

My “Clover Pom Pom Maker” is another fun and handy tool that I put to great use!  You can make pom poms of various sizes depending on which set you get (each set comes with two sizes). The larger set can be found HERE while the smaller set can be found HERE.  This tool greatly facilitates the pom pom making process, and I always look forward to using them!  You can read my full review and see my tutorial on how to use the pom pom maker in my blog post HERE!

Faux fur pom poms seem all the rage these days as I’ve seen them atop countless hats in stores!  It’s a nice alternative to yarn pom poms if you want a more luxurious look.  I found these Bernat pom poms (see my blog post HERE) and easily tied one onto my Cabled Slouchy Beanie.  They would make great stocking stuffers!  You can find them on Amazon in a variety of colours HERE!

These Clover lock ring stitch markers are great for helping you keep track of rounds, such as when you’re crocheting amigurumi!  These have saved me many times as it’s easy to get distracted and lose your count!  I’ve had these for two years now and not a single stitch marker has broken on me.  I love using them, and you can purchase them on Amazon HERE!

I think choosing yarn is a very personal choice, so getting a gift card at a craft store is a good idea.  However, you can always choose a couple of yarns that are YOUR favourites to gift to someone in case they’ve never worked with it before!  Some of my favourites include Lion Brand Yarn’s Heartland in “Katmai” and cotton Bonbons!  You’ll see me using them in a few projects that will be revealed on my blog soon!  

If you want to personally make something for a crochet-loving friend or family member, you could try crafting an adorable “Yarn Ball & Crochet Hook”!  You can find my tutorial HERE- they would also make adorable earrings or a necklace pendant.

It can be hard finding cute crochet-related products out there, so I developed “The Lambert Collection” with Laura Uy of Art + Soul Creative Co!  We came up with two designs featuring my amigurumi Chinese New Year sheep “Lambert” with the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn”.  They are perfect gifts for crochet and yarn lovers!  The tote bags are very practical and come in three different sizes- they can even serve as the packaging for another gift too (what a great gift this would be with some yarn stuffed inside)!  All profits made from this collection go towards sponsoring a classroom of children in Guatemala, which you can read more about HERE

Here are some mugs from The Lambert Collection!  I love using them to drink my morning tea, and if you have a crafter in your life who also loves tea or coffee, this could be the perfect gift :)   They just released a travel mug too, and I had to order one for myself- see the picture below!  I love how I’ll be able to bring my tea to go with my little Lamberts!  You can shop the whole collection on Society6 HERE and read how it came to be in my blog post HERE.  

I’m sure that many of you will be crocheting your own gifts for your friends as handmade gifts are so special!  In case you want to purchase a crocheted or knitted piece from another handmade artisan, I’ve highlighted some wonderful businesses below!  

  • Krochet Kids empowers women in poverty stricken regions of the world by teaching them how to crochet, helping them rise above poverty and transform their communities.  You can read more about this awesome company HERE and see all their designs for men, women and children HERE!
  • Top Knot Style was recently launched by my friend Amanda of “Natural Mommie”!  She makes gorgeous oversized luxury pieces such as blankets, cowls and headbands in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Lil Fox Shoppe by Janelle from Calgary, Alberta has very contemporary designs for her beanies, cowls, mittens and blankets, particularly for little ones!  
  • Make More Happy by Anita from Vancouver, British Columbia also has very stylish knitted and crocheted designs for both men and women!

I think teaching someone how to crochet is another great gift!  If you have a friend or family member who has mentioned that they would like to learn, you could put together a beginner’s kit with a simple pattern (such as my “Knotted Headband”) and the yarn and crochet hook needed for that project in a cute bag (or a ziplock bag so that they can keep their ongoing project sealed in it).  Sometimes it’s hard for beginners to know where to even start or what materials they’ll need.  Including a special “coupon/card” that says, “This entitles you to a free crochet lesson with ____” would be a special touch too!  Offering your personal help and having all the materials needed for one particular project would be a great way to start someone on their crocheting journey!

Since this is the season of giving, you can also look into donating your crocheted goods to people in need!  I know that people have started initiatives to help gather tuques, mittens and scarves for Syrian refugees who will be arriving in Canada (e.g. “Warm Woolies for Syrian Refugees”).  The temperatures can dip pretty low in some parts of the country during this season, so I’m sure these warm pieces will be very welcome and appreciated!  You can do a little research and see if any such initiatives are in your area too!  Pictured above is the very simple “Easy Ribbed Pom Pom Beanie” that I blogged about HERE!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Gift Guide post that I put together and that it gave you some ideas for the crochet lovers in your life!  If you have any items or ideas that you recommend, please leave a comment below to share it with us all!  Hehe and feel free to send along this blog post to your friends and family so that they know what’s on YOUR wish list ;)  I’ll be blogging a couple more gift guides over the next couple of days, so keep checking back!

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon and Etsy affiliate links.

Derek Luh Imagine - Secrets.

Wattpad request: “It’s a derek luh one obviously, and I’m pregnant with our second child because the first one passed away, and I didn’t tell him about the babies and, I discover something terrible when, Mark tells me all bout dereks drug problems. So I pack all my things and leave, when derek gets home, he finds the pictures of our first baby along with a name. You can come up with the rest. I want it to be long and dramatic.”

This is for my boo @dopexomaha sorry it took hella long. I just wanted it to be perfect and hopefully it is, you will want a part two I understand.

Change it to Y/N if you must.

Contains upsetting content and swear words (cuss/curse words)

– Ky’s POV –

I’ve cried way too much. I couldn’t handle it the first time, there’s no way I can handle it for the second time. My heart is aching severely, as well as my stomach. The cramps are still unbearable, even hours later after the process.

I can’t tell Derek. It’ll break his heart. He’ll hate me.

Sinking down onto the couch, I pick up my phone and speed dial my boyfriend’s number, still crying. “Ky.” A voice answers.

That isn’t my Derek’s voice.

“D-Derek, where is Derek.” I utter out, snivelling to try and keep myself from crying hysterically.

“He’s just went to the store, Ky I need to talk to you about him.” Mark states, sounding concerned.

“I n-need Derek.”

“I understand, but Ky you need to help him, he’s lost his self control. He’s gettin’ back on the drugs, this new guy - whatever the fuck his name is - is a bad influence. You’re the only one he will listen to, me and the guys have tried telling him.” He explains softly yet sternly, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

“Is that where he’s been all night?” I ask, rubbing my forehead.

Mark sighs. “We tried gettin’ him to go home but he wouldn’t listen, he wants to finish this project as soon as he can, but the drugs aren’t helping at all.”

The reality of it only makes me cry harder, to the point I end the call and throw my phone across the room.

I’ve let him down. I promised I would never let him go back to the drugs that almost ruined his life. I promised. I’ve let him down.

Sobbing, an idea pops into mind that I never thought or wanted to refer to. It wouldn’t be right. But what needs to be done should be done.

I’m not leaving forever…just for a week or two? I’ll call his dad and tell him the situation, Derek always listens to his dad no matter how much he resists.

I pack whatever I can fit into my bag before writing Derek a letter - to inform him why I am leaving and how long I will be gone for - and leaving an ultrasound scan of both of our babies laying on top of it. After searching the room for anything else I will need, I quickly shove one of Derek’s t-shirts in and pick up my bags and head downstairs to leave the letter and pictures on the kitchen counter.

Soon after, I am gone.

– Derek’s POV –

Regrettably, I stumble into the house - still sobering up from my last high. It’s wearing off now, but my past actions remain a blur. I’ve let her down.

My mind is slowly sobering up. Slowly but surely. “Ky?” I yell throughout our house, kicking off my shoes.

But she doesn’t answer. “Ky?” I yell again, as loud as I can. “Ky fuckin’ answer me.”

Still, the house remains silent apart from my footsteps moving towards the living room. Maybe she fell asleep on the couch.

No, she’s not in there. “Ky!” My words are slurred but right now I couldn’t care less, I just need and want my girl in my arms.

Walking into the kitchen, I see a piece of paper on the counter with two pictures beside it. “What the fuck?” I mumble to myself, walking closer to the counter.

I furrow my eyebrows when I see two ultrasound scans and a letter from Ky. I stare at the pictures for a minute or two before reading the letter.

As I finish reading the last of her written words, a tear drop falls on the piece of paper.

She’s left? She’s left me. She was pregnant? Twice?

I quickly pull out my phone, wiping my eyes and nose with the back of my hand. “Answer the fuckin’ phone.” I seethe through gritted teeth as her recorded voice blurts into my ear. I ring her over and over and over again until I reach my limit and throw my phone at the wall. I scream, slamming my hands down on the counter in anger.

She can’t leave me. I need her. We need eachother.

After a few minutes of crying profusely and throwing a few things at the walls, I run to the hallway and pick up the house phone to call her again but she doesn’t answer.

Instead, I call my dad. I hate to lean on him for advice, I let him down with the drugs but he’s the only one who gets me. The guys try to, but they just can’t.

“Just stay calm, son.” Is the first thing he says. I slide my back down the wall until I’m sitting on the ground with the phone held to my ear.

“Y-You know?” I ask, resting my other arm on my knees.

“She called me before she left, she’s coming back.” He responds, his voice firm.

I take a second to cry, squeezing my eyes closed. “You promise?” I mutter.

“I promise, she promised. She wouldn’t do that to you, Derek, she loves you just as much as you love her. You both just need time to breathe. She’s got her stuff to deal with and you have your stuff to deal with.”

“But we should be dealing with them together, she was pregnant Dad she was fuckin’ pregnant twice and she never told me. She shouldn’t be going through that shit on her own. She needs me, why would she leave me?” I break down, banging the back of my head against the wall I’m sitting against.

“You need to focus on recovering, she told me everything Derek. You need to help yourself before you help her, she’s with people who’s gonna’ be there for her. She’s going to be fine and so are you.” He sternly tells me, I nod my head and snivel.

“I just need her Dad, and she needs me.”

“Sleep it off son, you just need to sleep and a fresh start. Tomorrow is a new day, if your own health isn’t enough determination to get clean then think of her. Think of the day she’ll be back.”

I finish up our conversation, not wanting to lose any more of my dignity before ending the call and making my way upstairs to the spare bedroom. I can’t get her or our babies out of my head and sleeping in our bed will not help but a fresh start is what I need. I will get my girl back, as soon as I can.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how well Marvel handled the leak of the Age of Ultron trailer? 

Just, “Darn Hydra! I guess we should just release the trailer then!”


  • Day 5 (October 16): favorite quote(s):

 ”So i can tell you what a motherfucking piece of shit you are for not telling me, for shutting me out. for thinking that you can handle this all by your own and most of all for thinking that i will leave you why would you think that? because you got a ball removed? cause you’re no longer perfect?  well believe me mister Kinney that is the least of your imperfections and if i wanted to leave you iv’e had better reason, plenty of them!”
“maybe you should have”
“yeah maybe you’re right, but i thought we had a commitment, and i plan to stand by it. Now why don’t you get your ass back in bed, you son of a bitch! And eat some fucking chicken soup”

Before stories, we were too busy for stories, too busy
hunting & suffering to invent the tales of our own
resurrections. Caught out in the kitchen’s brightness last night,
the handle of the skillet cast its simple, perfected form
across the stove—pierced, like the eye of the needle, so that
it can be hung from a hook, as pans, presumably, have always been.

Outside the wind picked up. Thunder. The dog trotted off,
hid her head beneath the chair. But today: a charity sale
at Trinity Chapel & sun on the tar of the buckled walks.
In the cracks, beads of water spin into light. Tell yourself
it’s simple: this is where it’s been heading all along. Tell yourself
something you have no faith in has already begun to occur.

-Kathleen Graber, excerpt from “The Synthetic A Priori” +
Lifting Lighter Weights Can Be Just as Effective as Heavy Ones
In a study, participants’ muscles got bigger and stronger whether they lifted heavy or light weights — as long as they lifted until they were tired.
By Gretchen Reynolds

My dad just sent me this link on email. Pretty interesting–and encouraging–stuff, though it makes perfect sense when you really think about it.

The gist of the article is that even though most people think training with heavier weights will make you stronger, that much doesn’t really matter–all that matters is training to being tired.  You don’t need to lift those ridiculously heavy weights that you see on TV, you just gotta lift what you can reasonably handle until you’re tired.  It’ll get you just as far as lifting the heavier weights, without putting the incredible strain on your joints!

I am a poet but I am not a poetic person;
I will not put your face in the stars or
find gemstones in your eyes,
I will not romanticize you to the point
where my heart feels invincible,
I hate people who put me on pedestals
so I will probably be spending most
of my time wrestling you to the ground 
so both of us can get a little mud on our cheeks
because I am so tired of the notion that
lovers need to be perfect– if you must
turn us into poetry then I am a rugged
piece of glass, something to be admired
but carefully handled, you are an aluminum
can, easily crushed but always valuable
even when you’re drained, 
look all I’m trying to say is this:
I don’t want you to be another poem
in the books, I want loving you to be
a choice from my heart and not my words,
I want us to be immortalized by the way
we held each other when times got hard,
not in spiteful verses if we didn’t make
it out alive, so yes, when I say I love you,
I mean it but I am not going to draw it out
until every last drop has spilled from
my pen into your lips– darling don’t you
know that ink can be toxic?
—  I am a poet but I am not a poetic person