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How do i become a fully independent women ? Like where do i start after high school I got so lost like idk how to handle life

- Be educated, it doesn’t mean you need the highest degree.. it just means you need to have knowledge .. Read all the books you can .. read newspapers .. read articles .. know a lot about everything.

- Make up your mind on issues .. stop repeating what you have been taught to think and think for yourself.

- Make your own money, and pay for your own things.

- NEVER EVER EVER wait for a man to complete you before you have fully grown to the person you want to be .. NEVER. I don’t care how perfect you think he is… You need to focus on yourself FIRST, before you can allow anyone into your life..

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I wanted some insight on something. I have my boyfriend whom I love very much. But my mom dislikes him. He isn't rude and has never been mean to her or me or anyone in my family. This issue is that my mom doesn't think he's good looking at all and so not good enough for me. The thing is that I believe he is handsome and perfect just the way he is. But my mom is such a jerk about it... She won't give him a chance for that reason alone. She has been rude to him for it. What can i do??

Honestly, age is a big factor here. I have no idea how old you are or how old your boyfriend is, but that has a lot to do with how you should go about handling it. If you’re under 18 then you’re not *really* an adult so there isn’t much you can do, but if you’re over the age I think you should confront your mother about it.

But honestly, here’s the real deal. This is something that I’ve had to deal with in one of my past relationships. My ex’s father couldn’t stand me or the fact that we were together, even though I was never anything but respectful and accommodating. The truth is, sometimes parents just don’t like you because you’re.. you.

They’re older, they’re from a different time and they might hate you just because you’ve got a weird haircut or tattoos or you’re just not what they imagined for their child. You can’t help how they feel, but ultimately it’s your relationship and not theirs.

Ask your mother about it, about what she sees because if she’s legitimately being disrespectful it isn’t okay. However, don’t approach the subject with anger or hostility because 1, she’s still your mother, 2, (if she’s a good mother) she ultimately wants what’s best for you and 3, she might have a legitimate issue that you might not see because you’re blinded by your feelings for this person.

On the topic of Rap Monster...

Rap Monster’s recent comment was wrong. It was hurtful and should not have been said. Anyone saying he’s entirely innocent should realize that you can admit someone’s mistakes while still being their fan, and just because it might not have affected you, it did affect others. Now, anyone sending him/spreading threats or hate is also not handling this correctly. You should be acknowledging his wrongdoings and hoping for some sort of apology. Rap Monster is human. He is not perfect; he makes mistakes like we all do. Now, being in the position that he is in, he should know better and know how to filter himself; know how to think before speaking. This is not something we can undo, but we, as a fandom, can recognize Rap Monster’s error and move on. Harboring negative emotions will get us nowhere and solve nothing.

[NIFLHEIM+ NEWS #54] by Jean

Hey! My sweet honeybunny!
Great seeing you here. I have a big news for you.
Shortly, this figure who is known very well by all people of Niflheim is going to reveal himself!
The clothes I’m wearing today are from him! Fits perfectly with my well-built body, doesn’t it?
He’d probably rank in the 4th or 5th place of people who have a great sense of fashion, the 1st place of course being myself. You should go check out some dresses with him, and he’ll pick out a perfect one for you.
He’s such a talkative person that even Orlando can’t handle. But he does his job and is very reliable.
I’m very flattered that he’s going to be available for Main Story!
What? Wanna know who that figure is? That’s, um, still confidential.
Philippe will be giving you a hint tomorrow. I got to warn him not to give you the answer, since he tends to be too kind to others.
However, if you figured out from my hints, let me know secretly.

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Seventeen reacting to their girlfriend having social anxiety

Oh my gosh, perfect for me since I have it!


He would be really sweet and ask if you’re okay before you did anything in public. If you ever got anxious he’d help you get out of the situation quickly.

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Since he’s an angel he would watch you carefully and take you somewhere private if you ever started to get anxious.

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He’s really quiet, but I can see him being someone who would be great at answering people’s questions if you started to get overwhelmed. 

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I think he’d be perfect at easing you if you ever had a panic attack. He just seems like a really level-headed person who would handle it maturely. 

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He’d be the person that everyone with social anxiety needs, someone who can do all the talking and still encourage you–like telling you exactly what to say when ordering something.

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He’s a sweetheart, and I think he’d really get to know what makes you anxious and what makes you feel better so he could help you out when you needed it.

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He’d be someone who would match you well and probably prefer staying in watching movies as opposed to going out in public. If anything ever happened he’d be great at comforting you.

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I think he’d help you take situations less seriously (he wouldn’t ridicule you!!). He’d help you have fun in uncomfortable situations but if it ever became too much he’d help you escape!

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He talks so much that being around lots of people wouldn’t be an issue since he would do all the talking. 

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He’s a soft-spoken person, and I think the two of you would relate in a sense. He’s also very caring, so he’d always worry and make sure you were okay.

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He’s the biggest sweetheart!! He’d be helpful like Hoshi and also always do things you were comfortable with and be super encouraging. Basically the perfect person for someone with social anxiety.

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Since he grew up with prejudice he would relate to the feeling of always being ridiculed in public. I think he’d be like Seungkwan even though he’s less social.

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He might not be used to it right away, but I can see him quickly learning everything that made you anxious like Wonwoo.

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I forget. In this fandom Carmilla is perfect and can do no wrong and Laura is always wrong. Excuse me for pointing out that Carmilla didn't handle things well either.

I’m! Not! Saying! Carmilla! Is! Perfect!

I’m so fucking tired of all the people in my inbox trying to preach to me about how the fandom treats Carmilla like a queen and acts like Laura is literal fucking dirt. You’re all pissing me off.

I don’t think Carmilla is in any shape or form perfect. But I think what she said in today’s episode was a long way from betraying Laura. Stop coming into my inbox and acting like I’m an advocate for that kind of shit.

*Requested* BSM Preference: You fall hard for a 5SOS boy and end up heartbroken.

*Request: “Bsm where you fall to hard for a 5sos boy and end up heart broken”-spn-1d-loving*

I know nothing about 5sos nor do I like them so the description of them may be inaccurate but i’ll try my best :)

Liam- Ashton  

You had been dumped numerous times. Being dumped had become second nature to you because most of the time it was your fault. It was either you weren’t ready to go to the next step, he found your friend more attractive, or he couldn’t handle your sarcasm and dry humor.

That’s why it truly hurt you when Luke broke up with you.

Is it something I did? I’m sure I can fix it!” You didn’t mean to sound needy but Luke had been the best boyfriend you had ever had. He never pressured you, he enjoyed your humor, and was just perfect all together.

No you didn’t do anything. I’m just don’t feel like continuing this relationship. That’s all.” He said, shoving his hands in his pocket as he stared at you.

So you’re just going to break up with me after nearly a year of dating. After all the fun times we had because you don’t want want a relationship to continue?! This doesn’t make any sense.” 

Instead of answering he simply shrugged and started walking towards the front door.

See you around.

And then he was gone, and for the first time in a while you were a blubbering mess.

When Liam came home he immediately stopped whatever he was about to do and pulled you into his arms. Even though your tears had stopped a while ago, he knew what puffy eyes and sniffling meant. Especially since this was the first time he had seen you cry in a while.

Ashton broke up with me. For literally no reason. When I asked he just said he didn’t want to continue the relationship.

Knowing your past with boys, he knew this really broke your heart, so instead of making you explain further he hugged you and kissed your temple.

Come on. Let’s go get some ice cream. Ice cream wont ever leave you.” 

You smiled weakly and followed him out to his car. 

Niall- Calum

We never get to see each other! What’s the point in continuing?!

You and Calum stood in your room, a frown on his face as he waited for you to answer his question. You wanted to say because we love each other, because you made each other happy and distance wouldn’t matter, but something told you those feelings were one-sided.

If the feelings were strong enough distance wouldn’t matter.” You muttered, feeling tears prickling in your eyes.

Well it matters to me.” His phone buzzed and he quickly checked it.

I have to go…Y/N we can’t continue this. I’m not going to keep up a long distance relationship that will only stress me out instead of making me happy. I’m sorry.

He stormed out of your room, nearly bumping into Niall as he rushed outside. A moment later you came out of your room, and grabbed your keys.

Woah what happened? Did you guys fight?

You shook your head and gripped your keys.

He broke up with me because he can’t handle long distance. So now i’m going to go find somewhere to cry in peace.” You tried to walk past him, but he stopped your and dragged you towards the couch.

You can cry and talk to me about it. No need to go off by yourself Y/N.

Those sweet words, and all the emotions you were feeling, made the tears brimming in your eyes fall down your cheeks. And just like he promised, Niall let you cry and talk as you placed your head on his shoulder.

Louis- Michael

Being cheated on hurts. Its that simple. But having to find out from your own brother made the pain even worse.

You didn’t know how to approach someone who cheated on you, because you had never been cheated on it. So you just came out and asked instead of beating around the bush.

So you cheated on me?” You asked, clenching your fists at the silence on the other end of the phone.

How did you find out?” Michael asked.

You almost cried right there. The fact that his only concern was how you found out.

Louis. And he found out after your fans saw you dry humping some girl outside a club. Now it’s all over social media and I feel completely humiliated.” 

You were in tears at this point, listening as he sighed.

Look i’m sorry. I just got lonely one night an-” You hung up before he could continue. He had to use the cliche excuse, and you refused to listen to it.

Throwing your phone on your bed, you got up and made your way downstairs.

How did it go..?” Louis asked, his voice faltering when he saw the look on your face.

He got lonely and thought that was a good reason to cheat.” 

I’m sorry..” Louis muttered, quickly coming over and pulling you into a hug.

I’ll be fine.” You muttered, tears slowly streaming down your cheeks.

Feeling your tears seep through his shirt, he gripped you tighter, thinking about how he was going to demolish on Michael on Twitter.

Harry- Luke

Your ideal Friday night was to go to the movies, or even a party if some miracle were to happen and you were invited. Instead you were laying in your brother’s arms, crying over some idiotic boy who left you for an idiotic girl.

A lot of men were the same, you went into a relationship with a famous band member knowing that, but you never truly thought Luke would leave you for some cliche beauty he met backstage. He just wasn’t like that.

But he had successfully proved you and the whole world wrong as he posted a picture of him and her thirty minutes after breaking up with you. 

All you had now was Harry, and you were thankful for that as you sobbed pitifully into his chest.

Harry’s was short af sorry! But I hope you enjoyed and I hope I didn’t portray 5sos correctly in this bc if they are like this they are horrible haha. Thanks for reading and requesting :D

This also was mainly about being heartbroken I forgot about the falling hard part but I think this is pretty close! Hopefully…


Hiyori you’re such an angel~~ You know the perfect things to say and how to get Yato to make the cutest reactions evvver~! Just please smooch and let the ending be that Hiyori, Yato and Yukine can be a happy family for all of time–! Honestly, I don’t think my heart could physically handle or even comprehend an ending that’s sadder than that!! And I’m the type of person that’s accepting of all kinds of crazy endings! (as long as it’s not a complete slap in everyone’s face) but like…my heart isn’t fully equipped for these characters to have a sad or even bitter-sweet ending!!! Like if Yukine were to die or Yato or Hiyori or if memories were lost…..ugggh–! I can’t even think abooout ittt!!! It hurtss too much!! I’ll be more accepting if almost any other likeable character dies, I mean it’d be sad, i’d probably be weepy… But if cute daddy Yato or momma Hiyori or lil son Yukine have a sad end…ICANT– I CANNOT. ADACHITOKA, ILOVEYOU, WE WENT THROUGH ALIVE: THE FINAL EVOLUTION TOGETHER! PLZ DON’T MAKE IT SAAAD. YOU MADE THEM UP TO BE A FAMILY. PLEASE.DON’T. (I need to stop spamming Noragami stuff….*deep breath* okay….I guess my happy break is over, back to Parasyte -The Maxim- )

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Hey Chris I could really use a love reading. I'm having a hard time figuring out if the love I have for someone is worth the time.*

Intent reading 


Your love interest does have good intentions at heart. He loves to love and he loves the joy he gets from feeling loved. Meaning he loves to be in the center of love. This goes for whomever whenever. If they shower him with love and affection he won’t be equipped to handle being faithful to you. How and why can he do this? Perception. In his eyes he’s being loyal to himself and the acceptance of love. Which translates to “I’m going to treat every girl that likes me like a wife.” This is why he seems sincere, well because he is. He’s giving everyone a piece of himself and receiving all at the same time. Which in turn creates the perfect blissful environment for him. In short if you want an exclusive relationship he’s not the guy for you baby girl.

Tarot & Akashic Reading

Dear Youtubers

I can’t go to Vidcon :( but I really want to thank all the youtubers for making me smile and laugh, and really inspiring me. They made me feel like I could do anything. I could go to them when my little world is too much for me to handle. My circle of youtubers may not big and I may not know everything about the people, but I feel like I can truly say that I love them and truly appreciate them. They seem perfect to me. If I could I would give them all a big hug.

•Dan Howell
•Phil Lester
•Joey Graceffa
•Mamrie Hart
•Hannah Hart
•Grace Helbig
•Ian and Anthony
•Marke Miller and Ethan Hethcote
•Cris Kendall
•Game theory
•The Hillywood Show

Thank you for being there for me. I may not be their biggest fan, but they are perfect to me. If I could I would hug them and tell them how much they mean to me
Much love,
Help Lucy Stay In School and Mentally Healthy

Alright y'all, my gofundme page is live.

Yesterday I said to a friend that I’m tired. I solve one crisis only to be presented with another, and I can’t handle it. This has truly been a summer of all the things falling apart, one after another. This is probably the most important thing I have ever asked for help for.

“For those of you that know me, I know I should be okay with quiting school again but… I know myself. I’ve gotten to know myself real well.

It took me 3.5 years but i found a place where I could get what I need. McNally isn’t perfect but I use it to my advantage and I’m getting better and I probably have more friends than i ever had, more people who respect me and what I do than I ever had. I’ve gotten farther in 6 months than I thought I could ever get.

So when I tell you i need to stay in school, no matter what, it’s for the same reason that caused me to leave college almost 4 years ago.
I’m pretty sure I’ll hurt myself so bad I won’t be able to tell which way is home. Last time around I felt death so close we were breathing the same. And now it feels like the exact same crossroads with the exact same pull into something that is past hell I feel the exact same hole just waiting to pull me down so I need to stay in school and I need y'all to help me do it. I know y'all think I’m strong but I’m only as strong as my support system- just like everybody else.

I can not promise you that I will still be here ( in multiple ways) in another 6 or 8 months otherwise. If I don’t stay in school I’ll be losing not only 1 of my 3 jobs but 2 ( because one is a student worker job). I can feel myself falling, and I don’t know if that or other practical needs of life will allow for 3-4 months of job searching.

Outside of this fundraiser I’m looking to family I still have and possibly petitioning my school for more aid. I’m not sure what’s going to work, so I’m comming at this from all fronts and doing whatever I can.

That being said, I’m asking my community to do Its best in any way we can, so I can do my best for you all, as I try to do everyday.

I welcome any questions about what’s been going on with me, or what I need. Thank you all for any help you can give, and please share this everywhere you can.”

The whole story is told on the fundraising page, but most of you know it. I just really need to raise this money. I’m going to see if there’s a way to petition the school and talk to family, but i need to do this too. At the end of the day I’m the one that needs to make this happen. Please help me.

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so... I applied for the artist alley at a con, but I'm totally inexperienced and a bunch of stuff came up (family stuff mostly), so I don't think I could possibly be ready by the time the con rolls around. I'm completely lost and totally terrified... what should I do???? :(

nattosoup: You have a few options:

  1. Roll with the Punches. Your first con doesn’t have to be perfect, and you’ve already paid for the show, so if you can handle it with everything else going on, I think you should still go! Take at con commissions, up your charming level to 10, chat up all the other artists. Take notes on what you’d like to learn for next year. Nobody has a perfect first con, so it’s ok to be a bit unprepared.
  2. Find a friend to help you finish up what you wanted to have. Make a list of what you can delegate to another person, order a pizza, and make a mini work party. Heidi and I did this for YEARS, and I miss doing it! Even when we were able to fully prepare on our own, it’s a lot of fun!
  3. Split the table with a friend who also has stuff to sell- share display and necessities. This way you have less stuff to prepare for, can enjoy the con, and can stress out less.
  4. Email the con and relinquish your table. This is a last resort- they can almost always fill an empty spot, but if it’s last minute, you may not get a refund

If it were me, I would combine the first three, and just have a super fun, laid back first show.

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I will be so fucking excited tomorrow at 11 am when I can walk out of work and not go back for 2 days. It’s been a shit show of a week. I’ve not had the help I need during busy times, I have to clean up after other people’s laziness, and to ice the cake I took a huge chunk out of my thumb today, right on the knuckle and it looks horrible.

I just have to constantly remind myself that I’ve come so far. And if I can handle my sobreity, I can handle pretty much anything else.

It’s still a struggle though. Sorry for being such a downer this week, but I’m not perfect and my bipolar likes to reer it’s ugly head at these times. Sigh.

Love you all. Send all the good vibes my way please. I’d really appreciate it.

For this passover to be perfect, we must suspend all the operations of the mind and we must transform the peak of our affections, directing them to God alone. This is a sacred mystical experience. It cannot be comprehended by anyone unless he surrenders himself to it; nor can he surrender himself to it unless he longs for it; nor can he long for it unless the Holy Spirit, whom Christ sent into the world, should come and inflame his innermost soul. Hence the Apostle says that this mystical wisdom is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

If you ask how such things can occur, seek the answer in God’s grace, not in doctrine; in the longing of the will, not in the understanding; in the sighs of prayer, not in research; seek the bridegroom not the teacher; God and not man; darkness not daylight; and look not to the light but rather to the raging fire that carries the soul to God with intense fervor and glowing love.


Saint Bonaventure

from The Journey of the Mind to God (Cap. 7, Opera omnia 5, 312-313)

Because holy wow! How the heck did you all find your way to little ol’ me

First things first: THE BAES

carolyn-long/dr-jack-seward/sherifflucasbuck/@all your other blogs too

Ashlee the RP soulmate tbh, and honestly I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t already been said before. I will follow all your blogs to the ends of the internet because I am absolutely addicted to writing with you! Even when we’re not rp’ing talking ooc is always a joy too and when we get together to plot our evil cackles fill the land lol


Katie my honorary gf lol. I love all our rps whether they be here on the mess we call tumblr or on chatzy. Just give it all to me! You have such an amazing handle on all your muses and legit no joke I can hear their voice when you write them. We are perfect together because you come to me saying “tell me no” and I will always tell you “YES”


Ivan my main man, my honorary bf who sends me dead things. Yes just texting you, snapchatting you, rp’ing on here and on chatzy, I want all the things because you’re such a good writer and a pretty damn rad raccoon person yo and you have no clue how bad I still wanna meet up with you irl

dr-abel-gideon/chaosandblueeyes/iamdoctoralanabloom/@all your other blogs

All our ships are amazing, especially Marbel which gives me the most feelsy of all the feels. Some nights I swear I wait for you to get online so we can do our regular round robins of rp whether it’s Mar and Abel, Mar and Barry, Mar and D, or Mar and Wolfe. I can’t get enough of your muses tbh

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I have a question . I live in TX and I'm about to get my degree in Music and I want to live in LA. Can you describe how it is to live there ?

I guess it depends which part of LA you live in. It’s huge…and because of that it’s a pain to get around. If you think you can get from Hollywood&Vine to Santa Monica in a heartbeat, you’ll be sadly mistaken. Trying to get parking too? HA, but you’ll use public transportation? HA. 

LA wouldn’t be LA if it didn’t instill a dream, you chased it, and it got destroyed that very night for every night that you’re there. BUT, there are the best days that feel like tv shows where you find the perfect spot, the perfect weather, the perfect people to be around. It’s really all what you can handle and throw back. 

You’ll miss home, you’ll call it home, you’ll watch yourself change without even knowing you did. LA builds you if you move there, it’ll try to break you, but who says you can’t put up a fight for what you want?

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//Champ, I gotta say, I admire the way in which you and Siv are handling the irl relationship. Taking things steadily and logically is the best way to go, as much as it might not be the kindest on the heart - I can say from experience. I hope you two have a long, fruitful and happy relationship, you really do seem the perfect pair! All the best.

This means a lot to me good sir.

Thank you.