Do you ever write an essay for school and realise ‘this is the perfect moment for a really great joke I just thought of’ but then decide not to use it because you’re not sure if your teacher is going to realise that yes you took this seriously.

So I had to write an essay for the final marking period on someone who changed their field and I chose Pele. My teacher was pressuring me not to do a sports icon because you can’t prove that what they did changed their field or how where they lived and the time era they lived in changed them. After all her ranting about this during the whole last marking period, guess what I got as a grade? I got a 90, an A. You don’t know how great that was for me to get because I dedicated the entire year to attempting to prove her wrong in anyway I could.  So that felt good. 

Tag and ask game






RULE 5: TAG ’#tag’

1. In your opinion, what is the best about thing about summer?

The best things about summer are holiday, nightless nights and having time to do things without having to worry about a deadline of an essay.

2. When did you have your first crush?

My first kind-of-a-crush was probably in pre-school when I was like… six years old. Well actually he was my friend but secretly I liked him a lot. I played any kind of commando-war-boy-games with him and his friends. I guess I can classify him as my first crush.

3. Long or short hair?

I’ve always had a middle length hair. In the summer I dream of a sharp short cut hairstyle but in the winter time I wish I had a long wavy hair. Shorter hair is easier to dye. Longer hair = more hairdo options. As much as I find short hair easy and cool I guess I have to say long hair.

4. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I’d like to remove people’s prejudices.

5. What is the most common emotion you show?

The Resting Bitch Face :-) I can’t help it tbh

6. Where do you live?

In Finland.

7. What is your favourite place on earth?

Wow this is difficult. Since I haven’t explored the whole world I have to base my answer on the places I have visited. Sooo… Marina Bay in Singapore in the evening, Vigelandsparken in Oslo on a beautiful crispy autumn day and the peacuful Finnish summer night.

8. How did you come up with your url?

Well my name is Mirja, so I just changed the j to y and Mirya has often been a nickname in the internet for me. The part ‘ador’ is just a result of twisting the Mirya. I just ended it that way.

9. Why did you join tumblr?

I joined tumblr because of curiosity and I wanted to know more about what’s happening in the Ylvis fandom.

10. Day or night?

A late evening. If I really have to choose I’d say… uhh, night?

11. How is weather outside your window? 

Sunset, about 15°C, partly cloudy.


My questions are:

1. White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate? (Why?)

2. What kind of sky you find the prettiest?

3. Three things that have made you happy during this week?

4. Favorite ice cream flavor?

5. The main color(s) of your current favorite album cover?

6.  Who was your childhood idol?

7. How do you feel when you’re very excited?

8. Could you list a few of your favorite words in your native language (and maybe a translation if it’s not English)?

9. What kind of socks are you wearing? (If you don’t wear any socks, please describe the socks of your dreams.)

10. Pancakes or waffles? (Why?)

11. The best place to browse the Tumblr dashboard?

Alright, I have no idea who have already been tagged and who want to be tagged and who don’t want to BUT I’ll tag vstyleylvis theylvis cascadinellin mscalifornication vegardsleftnut pyou butts-of-ylvis vegardinolover vergard ylvisexual whoathatsaspecialmove

thesetherealities asked:

11, 12, 17, and 36. :D

11-  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Okay I’m gonna have to go count but I know it’s a lot. 20. I have 20 pairs of shoes. Most of them are fancy high heels that I tell myself I need for fancy parties even though I literally never go to fancy parties. 

12 -  What was your last dream about?

I can never remember my dreams very well tbh. The last thing I specifically remember dreaming about was my brother giving me this birthday card or something that he’d made for me and it had this huge long essay inside. I couldn’t read most of the essay because dreams are weird like that, all I could see was the first letter of each line which was Never Gonna Give You Up. Basically I dreamt that my brother rickrolled me. So I guess basically my brain rickrolled itself. Fucking incredible.

17 -  Who would be your ideal partner?

- Brown fluffy hair
- Grey eyes
- 32
- Leo
- Actor
- Romanian
- Sebastian Stan

*ahem* who said that? Tbh just anyone who has the mental strength to put up with all my shit, who will respect that I need a lot of time on my own, and will be willing to marathon marvel movies with me for 48 hours solid. 

36 -  Favorite clean word?

You know when somebody asks you a thing and suddenly your entire memory of the english language leaves your head? Yeah. Right now the only word in my head is “sploosh” and idk why. Is that even an actual word? It’s a cool word. Let’s go with sploosh. 

Asky Thingy that I can’t think of a good title for

get to know the mun week

HEY GUESS WHAT i’m kinda stressed over summer school but it’s ending in exactly a week, so to make this week as fun as i can while still being attached to the computer with all my essays on it i’m gonna reblog all those things that i usually don’t cause they’re not really related to the children. like “send me a _____ if ____” you know

i’ve always wanted to do munday but never really felt like i had the time or should but i’m at 330+ awesome followers and i really just don’t care right now. i really don’t even care if you just send random stuff to my inbox, like an ask that literally just says “hi” or if you send something in a language that isn’t english i’ll try and guess what language it is. we mutals? tell me about yourself. ask for advice on something random. send me your selfies, i don’t care. you get to know me and i’ll get to know you :)

so come talk to this dorky extrovert, there is a 97% chance i will love you.

anonymous asked:

22, 23, 24

So anon didn’t specify a question list so get ready for hella answers

22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?

fo sho no

23: Have you ever been to Paris?


24: Are you good at hiding your feelings?

fock yah I am it is one of my strengths

22. Do you have a secret talent? If yes, what is it?

I don’t really keep my talents a secret… I guess that I am good at writing topical essays..?

23. What is one unique thing you’re afraid of?

mediocracy and monotony 

24. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to humankind is at your disposal.

It would have to be a BLTE (a BLT with a fried egg on it)

anamaria87 asked:

Hello! I ♥ your blog. I'm applying for a second time to NSLIY, do you have any tips for the essays and the letter for the host family and what was your experience while doing the application?

I guess my advice is just be genuine and really show your passion to learn the language and your overall intentions on why you want to learn that language. As for the host family letter, I didn’t really do much planning on it…I just wrote what they had suggested. But I think an important thing is to show that you can adapt well to a new environment and that you’re open to try new things!! Good luck!

anonymous asked:

You are Aquarius aren't you? What did you think of Camus' change of heart?

I’m Aquarius but I don’t see how that’s related to how I feel about Camus.
If I had to chose my sign based on gold saints, I’d rather be Cancer.
By change of heart I guess you mean in Soul of Gold?
Read more because why write short and concise answers when I can write essays.

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honest-to-god-satanic asked:

DO ALL 50 of them I triple dog dare you :P

hey but no one asks me questions so OK CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: 

1.what would i name my future daughter- i’ve always liked Nancy.
2. do i miss anyone- yes, most days.
3. what if you told me i was pretty- i’d give you a big internet hug ^_^
4. ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”-YES and it was stupid and the girl still has my vinyls that i BOUGHT and she won’t talk to me so RIP
5. what am i looking forward to in the next week-  i guess the start of my last essay for school cuz in 2 weeks this session will be over and then i can achieve maximum bum level because i wont be doing anything over summer WOO
6. did i go out or stay in last night- i actually went to this all ages pub in Glendale with yardan and met all his work buddies. it was really cool! i never go out anymore lol.
7. how late did i stay up last night- uhm. maybe 11?
8. honestly, has anyone seen me in my undies in the past 3 months- ha yes all the time.
9. what was i doing at 12:30 this afternoon- i believe i was still at the mall shopping with yardan and i got some noice summer clothes
10. have i ever told someone i loved them and not actually meant it- unfortunately yes, but it’s to this girl that i’m not really friends with and i always feel bad about it but she’s super crazy and the meanest person i’ve ever met. idk why i talk to her still.
11. could i go the rest of my life without drinking alcohol- DEFINITELY.
12. have i pretended to like someone- yes. lol.
13. could i go the rest of my life without smoking a cig- THATS WHAT I’M TRYING TO DO AND IT’S THE HARDEST FUCKING THING EVER DONT START SMOKING
14.  is there one person in my life that can always make me smile- yes i have a few.  and i count my dog too, cuz she’s a person as well. 
15. is it hard for me to get over someone- sometimes. depends tho. 
16. think back 5 months ago, was i single- nope. 
17. have i ever cried from being so mad- ha yes. 
18. hold hands with anyone this week- yep yep
19. did my last kiss take place in/on a bed- nope, we were standing in front of my bed tho. so close.
20. who did i last see in person- i saw a friend yesterday at the mall. that was nice. she’s super cool; i hope we become better friends.
21. what is the last thing i said out loud- “could you put this in the freezer”
22. have i kissed 3 or more people in one night- nope.
23. have i ever been to Paris- NO I WISH :(
24. am i good at hiding my feelings- i believe i am to strangers but not to my fam and my bf lol they know me too well
25. do i use chapstick- sometimes. i use the lip scrub from Lush more and then i dont really need it.
26. who did i share a bed with last- yardan.
27. am i listening to music rn- nope. listening to my annoying AC.
28. what is something i currently want right now- NO MORE CIGARETTE CRAVINGS AND WITHDRAWALS THEY SUCK
29. was my last 3 kisses from the same person- yep yep
30. how is my heart lately- full of anxiety because i’m withdrawing. FUN.
31. do i wear the hood on my hoodie- when my hair looks like doodoo
32. when was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged me- today.
33. what do people call me- sydney, or syd. my close friend calls me sydey.
34. have i ever wanted to tell someone something but didnt- ALL THE TIME.
35. are there any stressful situations in my life- YEAH CIGS SUCK ASS
36. what am i listening to rn- yardan is talking about some HBO show or something idk. not paying attention
37. what is wrong with me right now- i guess knowing that my bday is coming up and it’ll be 14 years this year is bugging me. so i’m depressed.
38. love really is a beautiful thing huh- yes it is ^_^
39. do i make wishes at 11:11- ha i used to. not anymore.
40. what is on my wrists rn- skin
41. am i single/taken/heartbroken/confused/etc- i’m taken for almost 2 and a half years 
42. where did I get the dress i’m wearing rn- urban. 
43. have i ever regretted kissing someone- GOD YES
44. have i hugged someone within the last week- i get hugs erday
45. have i kissed anyone in the last 5 days- i get kisses ERDAY
46. what was i doing at 12am last night- SLEEPING
47. do i miss the way things were 6 months ago- nope, everything is still great. 
48. would i rather sleep with someone else or alone- i prefer to sleep with yardan every night. i’m so used to it that it helps me sleep at night. 
49. have i ever been to NY- nope. one day.
50. think of the last person who said i love you, do i think they meant it- HE FUCKING BETTER. lol

mission accomplished ;)

anonymous asked:


16. What are some of your pet peeves?

“Being underestimated, being forced to do things, being bored.”

17. Favorite and least favorite subjects in school?

“Science is pretty cool. Especially when we’re working with fire~ I also like any class that’s fun and the teacher likes me and is nice. English, but when we’re not doing essays. And I mostly don’t like gym, but sometimes it’s fun. I don’t like being stuck on teams or told what I have to do. But I guess it’s good exercise and I have to work to get strong so I can fight better. Still my least favorite subject, but there have been worse classes because the teachers sucked.”

18. Plans for the future?

“You’ll see~”

19. Sweaters or hoodies?

“Hoodies. Or jackets.”

20. Snow or rain?

“I prefer rain. Snow is cold and annoying.”

Feeling really shitty tonight because I didn’t get the scholarship I applied for. Like, that scholarship would have helped with my existing student loans; it would have been so so nice. Instead I’m gonna freak out about money even worse now…

I’m like, really sad, and I can’t help but wonder what I could have done in my essay to make it work. So I’m like, vaguely irritated with myself too. But mostly I’m tired, so I guess I’ll go distraction hunting now until I fall asleep.

I hope you guys have all had a good day!

mariestaurt asked:

multiples of ten

10. talk about the biggest fight you’ve ever had

tbh i don’t really get into fights so i don’t really know

20. talk about something that happened in high school

on thursday i had my english final but since we had essays we didn’t actually have any test and i had to lean over to talk to my friend and when i leaned over my desk leaned w me and yeah you can guess the rest lmao

30. talk about what turns you off

fuck boys, cargo pants, meninists, boys who are rude to their parents

40. talk about the end of something in your life

tbh i don’t understand what this question is asking so

a small announcement

I’m joining Introcomp!!!! It’s where you submit the beginnings of interactive fiction games, and you CAN get cash O: O: (if you finish the game) (moneh!!)

If I wasn’t me I’d write a long long essay about what this means to me. If I had done this I probably wouldn’t have had so much trouble with personal statements. But since I’m not not me, I’ll just say this will be most likely my biggest ever piece of IF writing. catsinthemorgue.zblorb doesn’t count.

Yay thanks. For, I don’t know, putting up with my big announcements and pies in the sky, I guess.