OTRA Vancouver
  • Niall has more tattoos than Naughty Boy has fans.  And now everyone knows it thanks to Liam announcing it to the entire crowd and everyone following at home.  I have no complaints.
  • Harry continued to be an angelic being and skipped around the stage with a Canadian rainbow flag, giving hope and comfort to countless fans.  No joke here, it’s the truth.
  • Louis and Liam couldn’t figure out if the stadium was inside or outside.  Roofs man, those things are confusing.
  • Harry got an older couple to kiss because just when you think he can’t get any more adorable, he proves you wrong.
  • Niall rapped while wearing a large gold chain.  That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.
  • Liam mentioned album 5 and a new single.  There is a future ahead of us, thank you Liam for reminding us to continue to look forward.
  • There must be something in the maple syrup because the boys were on fire tonight.  Sounding great, interacting with the crowd, and having so much fun on stage.  Not too shabby, eh?


Do you people realize the vital necessity of a drummer? You can have a band without any other position, but without the drummer, the entire sound falls apart. Sean is the cornerstone of the music you love so much and without him, none of WTM’s success would be possible.

Next, do you realize how rude it is to not acknowledge someone because of their physical appearance? Each of the boys is handsome and adorable and lovely and kind and just all around wonderful and just because you may find one of them more attractive doesn’t mean you get to ignore the others. They are not there to please your eyes. They are there to make music and you should appreciate all of them for doing such a great job at this.

I stg the fact that I never see positivity for Sean on here just makes me so sick. Please appreciate him and all the hard work he does to keep Walk the Moon afloat because without him, they wouldn’t be doing this.

doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

Luke Song Preference: “In Love with a Girl” by Gavin DeGraw

Author: Rhine


So many people gonna say that they want you
To try to get you thinking that they really care

No one could love him like you could.

That much was clear to him – he could see it in the way your eyes held more than adoration when they looked at him, more than just devotion – he can see that in any fan’s eyes, but when he looks at you –

He sees an understanding, soft corners of your eyes that slope upwards slightly whenever you saw him; the limitless in the colour that showed just how much you knew Luke Hemmings, understood him in more than interview questions and fact, understood him for every unspoken word and troubled thought, every almost touch and every hesitant kiss.

There’s no titles, no labels; no overanalyzing and no decoding – you could read him as easily as your favourite book; without a second thought and loving every beautiful word that painted a masterpiece in front of you.

And Luke knows, Luke knows no one could ever come close to loving him like you.

There would be those who would try, of course – beautiful girls and gorgeous girls who were bombshells or rare talents, but none of them could quite tap into him like you could – none of them could even pretend.

No one could ever come close to you.

And there might be thousands of girls who wanted him, thousands who could care for him in more ways in one –

But you’re the only one he cares for; a care in his touch that’s reserved just for you.

You’re the only one he’ll ever want.


But there’s nothing like the warmth of the one
Who has put in your time and you know is gonna be there

He could be in the penthouse of a renowned hotel with all the luxuries in the palm of his hand, the whole world sprawled out before him in city skylines that spelled out his name, with the stars that he’s closer to touching than the ordinary people below – he could have it all, but he’d take nothing but your arms on the hood of your beat-up car in some dusty field any day.

And nothing compares, nothing could ever compare to you – not the lights that blind him onstage, not the crowd of thousands who cheer his name every day, not all the money and fame and love in the world could ever compare to you.

He’d throw it all back if it meant just having you.

He’d throw away all the rocky roads on tour buses and delayed flights; he’d throw away all the messy schedules and CD albums with his name scrawled on it – he’d give all of this flimsy fame – this moment of spotlight that could be so easily taken away, fizzled, faded – he’d throw it all away for something steady with you.

For the way you hold his hand like an anchor that keeps him grounded even when he has to soar on the next airplane, for the way your eyes are always sure without a hint of uncertainty towards what you feel for him, for the way you are a guarantee for happiness; more than a split-second high, more than a one-night name – you are an absolute in Luke’s whirlwind life, the one thing he clings on to when everything else is uncertain.

Everything is so easily taken away; this show that has to end with a final bow, this city that he’ll always have to leave again.

But not you, no – you weren’t so easily pried away from Luke, and he wouldn’t let you go, not for his life.

You’re there when everything undoubtedly fades again.

And he swears there won’t ever be a goodbye when it comes to you.


‘Cause the heart can’t erase once it finds a place to be warm and welcome
To be held in shelter

He can’t go back.

He can’t go back to the time before he met you, he can’t stand up after he’s fallen in love with you.

He’s made a home in you, he’s left his fingerprints on your skin and he has the taste of you forever in the back of his tongue – and he can’t lose you without losing a piece of himself too.

You’re so deeply embedded into him, you are a norm in his life – the one thing that is a norm – and to take it all away would be to throw him back into the hurricane that his days are without you to remind him that falling back to the ground, falling back to reality was better than being caught in a storm.

He’ll be swept up in something that’ll leave him ravaged – and maybe loving you did the same – but he’d rather fall for you than fall from the stars that he’s been so precariously hanging from; crash-land into your arms with a home to recover than on the streets after he’s burnt himself out.

And the truth is, Luke isn’t used to sleeping on the ground after he knows what your arms feel like.

And everything tastes bitter without your lips; nothing quite as bright after he saw your smile – you’ve changed him too much for him to handle a goodbye, subconsciously building himself around you, integrating you into his skin like ink that he adds to who he is, injecting you into his veins as something he needs to breathe.

He can’t turn back.

And truth is, he wouldn’t even if he could.

For who would run away from a home as beautiful as you?


more imagines here!

supernaturalurie asked:

Sarah urie is the most beautiful human being on this planet and we are lucky to have her in our lives and we don't even get to see her on a daily basis honestly Brendon is so lucky and you can bet your ass he understands that + it doesn't even matter that he's lucky to have sarah I think Brendon would have the human decency not to cheat on his wife???

He loves her so much, any chance he gets to talk about her he takes it, he even brings her up in interviews where no one even asked, he adores her! They have a rule they made with each other that they wouldn’t spend more than 3 weeks apart bc they can’t stand being away from each other for too long. They are both so in love with each other and Brendon is such a pure hearted person I don’t believe he would ever hurt her like that.


Commissions are open!

I’m looking to take some commissions again, finally! Here are a few examples and my base prices.

I would really like to make some money on the side from my job, I really wanna stack up the mad cash to visit my girlfriend more, and I‘m really aching to get back into doing art regularly!
I adore doing commissions and drawing for people, so I figured it was time to get the ball rolling again.

For more examples of my artwork please visit my art blog. I post almost everything I do there!

If you want some examples of my process, you can check out my youtube channel. I post speedpaints there. If you want, I can post a speedpaint of your commission as well! With the client’s permission, I also livestream my artwork so that viewers can watch me live.

Any questions? Are you interested? Please shoot me a message! Otherwise it’d help a TON if people would signal boost this. Thank you all!  ♥

Excellent things from today: I was randomly browsing stalls and ended up talking to an illustrator called Rachael Smith who draws (amongst other things) adorable blue cats who love wine.

SHE ALSO DOES A SERIES CALLED ‘A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME’ THAT APPEARS IN THE TITAN COMICS. AND IT IS TEN LITERALLY FAILING TO GET OVER ROSE WITH THE NON-HELP OF A CAT CALLED ROSE. I am not buying all the Titan comics just for these but I am tempted. (click on the pic and you can see it bigger on her blog plus some other close-ups.)

anonymous asked:

Daichi and Suga going out for their anniversary and the Karasuno first years and second years babysitting

Now, this is a very common occurrence. It’s been five years since Hinata and Kageyama graduated.  All of the Karasuno members have kept in close contact since the first year Kageyama and Hinata joined the team. Daichi and Suga were the first to get married and the first to have children of their own. 

They adopted twins two years after they were married. A little girl and a little boy. Now you can imagine how spoiled these little ones are. All of the boys adore the twins (even Tsukki, who has been seen giving piggy back rides on occasion). The twins have more uncles than any other children alive today.

Daichi and Suga decide to go away for the weekend of their anniversary. They call in the “Uncles” to watch the twins. Everyone decides to take shifts to make it easier for jobs, schooling, and training in Kageyama and Hinata’s case. This does not explain why on Sunday evening when Daichi and Suga return home the entirety of Karasuno is crashed out cold in their house. Kageyama and Hinata are curled up together on the couch. Tanaka is asleep under the coffee table, and Noya is on top of the same coffee table. Asahi is sleeping in the recliner with one of the twins asleep across his chest. Tsukki and Yamaguchi are spread out near the TV with the other twin cuddling in between them. The others are spread out around the house in various odd places.

Daichi and Suga just look around, smile and head off to bed.

The next morning everyone converges in the kitchen. Daichi asks what happened that needed the entire team to take care of their children. It turns out that the twins missed their Daddies more than expected. Every time a a new shift showed up the twins begged and pleaded with big eyes and pouty lips for the previous shifts to stay with them. After all they would feel so much safer and loved if *insert each uncles name here* was there and PLEASE Uncle *insert name again* PLEASE stay.

Daichi and Suga just shook their heads. It’s true, none of the collective uncles could tell their twins no very often. They should have just expected this to happen. They decide from here on out, when they go out of town to just invite the whole team over to help watch the twins.

Boyfriend Reaction: When they find out their girlfriend is really ticklish.

Donghyun: *Gets scared by your reaction* 

“Goddamn jagi you scared me.”

Minwoo: “I barely touched you babe, you’re so adorable.”

Hyunseong: “OH MY GOD, you’re so cute! How can someone be so cute?”

Jeongmin: *Thinks of all the ways he can this crucial piece of information.* 

“I’m so thankful I found out about this.”

Y/N: “Don’t get any ideas.”

Jeongmin: “Too late.”

Youngmin: *Immeditaly feels more powerful.*

“It’s like I’ve unleashed super powers. I feel I can do anything now!”

Y/N: “Youngmin don’t you dare.”

Youngmin: *Attacks you and starts tickling you.*

Kwangmin: “Jagiya how are you so ticklish I just hugged you. This is too funny!

Y/N: “It’s not funny.”

Kwangmin: “I’m sorry Y/N, you know I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

*Would go on to cuddle the shit out of you.*


anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you recommend some bamon fanfics please?

I’m legitimately the worst person to ask because I barely read fanfic anymore (of any kind), but the last bamon one I read that sucked me in like no other was Second Verse, Same as the First. It’s a little AU (and it’s from a few years ago), but honestly, as I get older I find AU more interesting since it feels like an independent story that I could’ve bought at a bookstore, you know? In terms of current fics, I’m digging Dear Elena and everyone seems to adore it, so that’s a safe bet. Outside of that, I honestly just haven’t read anything. Anyone have any more recs?

anonymous asked:

pary i feel super down atm, would you please give me a little fluffy lashton drabble, about anything you want X

im sorry you’re feeling bad :( but… im kinda busy writing smth else atm, so i guess here’s an excerpt of that instead?

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anonymous asked:

I really like fairy kei and I really want to start wearing it but there are a few things stoping me . I'm fourteen and starting high school, I have social anxiety and my mom doesn't like it. Any tips about how I could start to wear it thx

For your social anxiety, often it actually boosts your confidence wearing cute stuff! If you’re gonna stand out, you may as well look adorable doing it *^*

 If you’re not ready to do that, build up slowly and wear more and more cute stuff every day until you’re eventualy wearing complete coords! This way your friends will get used to it too aha ;;

Your age is fine, and high schoolers can be pretty brutal but don’t let other people stop you from doing what you like! This video has some cute back to school outfits~

I can’t help with your mum though, that’s something you’ll need to work out between yourselves.. Maybe explain to her why you like it, and ask her why she doesn’t like it? Maybe you can reach an understanding if you calmly discuss it with her!

I hope this helps ♥︎