Long story short, they have to move facilities in 60 days, and they need any donations they can get to help them do so! We all know and love them, and adore watching them grow old together, so now is the time to help them!


If you can’t donate, spread the word! Check their Facebook page for more information.

I had “Journey to Fearless” on earlier, and it got to the part where Mama Swift is talking about how Taylor loves going through the crowd and hugging fans.  It immediately made me think of how even though she may not be able to do that any more, she made sure to find a way to stay close to her fans during her shows.  The lift and the propeller make it so everyone in the arena or stadium can be closer to her at some point during the show, and the light up bracelets that everyone gets- whether you are in front row or the back of the nosebleeds- that make it possible for her to see literally every person in attendance.  I adore the fact that even as big as she’s become, she’s made sure the personal connection to her fans each concert night is a priority. 

You know when you’ve started reading a new fic and you’re falling in love with it and you can’t stop reading it so you stay up until 3am until you physically can’t keep your eyes open any more, and then when you wake up it’s with this warm buzz of excitement in your stomach because you get to start reading again and immerse yourself with your favourite characters in a story that you adore and writing that is beautiful. It’s just so fucking magical.

Hey everyone, I wanted to show you this beautiful necklace from KissingRavens on Etsy! I can honestly say that I’ve been wearing it for 4 days straight, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites and a staple in my jewelry box. Donna, the lovely shop owner, sells high quality sterling silver jewelry, and everything in her store is so cute! Again, you can get your own beautiful jewelry herefeel free to ask me any questions about it hereand click read more for more pictures and a detailed review!

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Have you ever seen two best friends as cute as Grady and Mission?! These boys obviously have to be adopted together - we could never split them up! Grady and Mission lived outside for most of their lives, and therefore are in our socialization program. They’re shy with strangers, but they’re friendly once they know you. Grady will come to the door to meow whenever he sees his human friends! Both of these guys are very playful and love when you get out string toys for them. They will also come running when they hear treats! If you want an adorable pair of playful cats, these guys could be the ones for you! If you are interested in meeting Grady and Mission or any of the cats at The Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter, visit our website ( While you’re there, you can fill out an online adoption application and learn more about our shelter.

My mom use to be assistant manager at a daycare, and she had this one lady who would NEVER bring in the right amount of diapers for her son (the daycare policy was bring AT LEAST 6 diapers per day per child) this lady would consistently bring her son like 2 and then say “Well if he needs more you can just borrow from one of the other kids :)”. Diapers are pretty expensive, and she NEVER once offered to pay back any of these other parents her son had to “borrow” from, not to mention that really wasn’t fair to all the parents who were following the rules anyway.

So one day my mom gets fed up with this cheap lady, and lo and behold her son runs out of diapers at like noon. Another parent had brought in some very adorable bright pink diapers with little strawberries on them for their daughter, and my mom “borrows” one for this lady’s son. This little boy was like 13 months old, so he doesn’t know or care that his diaper is pink, BUT BOY DID HIS MOM NOTICE WHEN SHE WALKED IN TO PICK HIM UP.

Her eyes got so big, it was like she’d seen a ghost. She goes “W-what… he wearing???!!!” and very calmly and politely my mother says “Oh! [Son’s name] ran out of diapers this afternoon, so I had to borrow one from, [little girls name]! :)”

This lady was so mortified lmao

Guess who never "forgot" to bring in enough diapers for her son again though? :)

So I just went back and watched my pre-screen version of Shameless 5.01 again and I can’t wait until the 11th when everyone else gets to see it!! I want to be able to blog about it and talk about it, gah, it’s killing me. My first reactions without any spoilers are:

  • Mickey in the here’s what you missed segment, yay!!
  • I wish they would have updated the title sequence, though
  • Liam is the most adorable thing ever
  • I love everything about the Milkovich household
  • Still don’t like Sammi - even more than ever
  • Sheila and Mickey, who aren’t even Gallaghers, steal every scene they are in
  • Ian, no!!!! And dammit, Mickey.
  • OK, Fiona is pretty, but not THAT pretty. Come on!

Honestly, not much to freak out about yet. It’s just an episode that sets up the stories for the rest of the season. But it got me so excited for the stories to really take off.  Now the wait for 5x02 is going to be too long.

Creepypasta #739: My Girlfriend Grinds Her Teeth

Length: Super long

My girlfriend grinds her teeth at night.

Big deal, you say. “I can hear my brother snoring from his room down the hall. My mother wakes me up with her coughing fits. My boyfriend hogs all of the blankets.” The point being: there are worse things to deal with than someone who grinds their teeth at night. “If you love her, you’ll get over it.”

“Christ Amy!” I’d hissed at her one night, my back to her as it normally was, “I can’t fucking deal with this any more!”

The grinding stopped.

To be honest, it wasn’t just that. You know when you start to dislike someone, how every little thing they do becomes extremely annoying? I read once that the reason relationships often end is because the things that you found cute or enticing at the beginning lose their appeal once you get over the first-blush period. Those quirks you just adored about them? They’re now embarrassing, or exasperating, or irritating.

It was like that with me and Amy. She was so quiet. I’d liked that about her; it was nice to be around someone who didn’t feel the need to make pointless conversation, or fill the silence with gossip. I remember telling my friend how real she was, how no-bullshit. Now whenever we argued, (or, I argued) she just stood there, tight lipped, refusing to give me a word. I never knew what was bothering her, though something clearly was and no matter what I did, nothing I did seemed to help. Whenever I tried to ask her, she would just stare at me, eyes wide, jaw tight, grinding her teeth.

When we first started dating, she was quiet, sure, but when she did speak, I was always reminded why I liked her so much. She was funny. She saw the world like no one I’d ever known. She could reduce me to giggles with no more than a murmed, sarcastic line. We went to plays, to galleries, and whenever I least expected it, she’d hit me with some biting comment at the most inappropriate time, and I would end up snorting loudly and disturbing everyone around.

Things were good, is what I’m saying. We were close. Unbeatable together.

But as time went on, she just got more and more quiet. Her charm was feted by some unknown pressure, a weight that was deflating her. Her cheeks grew sallow, her hair started to thin. I was beyond worried. Out of my mind at what was happening to my wonderful girl. Whenever I held her hands and begged her to tell me, she just shook her head, telling me she was fine, that everything was alright.

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that last post reminded me of something important i’ve been meaning to share!

i was recently accepted into the 2016 lambda literary writers’ retreat, where i’ll be attending the young adult fiction workshop taught by benjamin alire sáenz. like every other human being with a pulse, i adored aristotle and dante, and it is literally a dream come true to be able to learn from a man whose writing has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

if you’re able to spare a few pennies to help get me to the retreat, that would be wonderful. you can donate here. if you have any questions about the retreat or about what i’ll be doing there, feel free to ask me! thanks for your support. <3

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Jimin + namjoon

such a lowkey brotp that needs more love cuz they’re sososo precious and no that’s not just cuz i ship jimin with every member… 

*coughs violently*

anyways here are some of my favorite minjoon moments :)

i feel like jimin’s just the type that just makes people want to hug him like the members just can’t keep their hands off of him :’) jimin’s so cuddly + namjoon’s so open and yet a bit shy = CAN IT GET ANY CUTER

Originally posted by yongguksfingers

omg namjoon’s like “son please stop it, no, no aegyo i sAID- gdi you’re still so adorable though- I SAID STOP IT”

Originally posted by a-little-too-obsessed

the dance master and dance monster just jamming out in sync



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height difference height difference height difference 

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“hyung, hyu- nAMJOON HYUNG HEY- ok shhhh calm- HYUNG”

(source: @yoonmin)

namjoon sososo happily and giddily approves of jimin’s cuteness and I APPROVE OF THIS ADORABLE MOMENT

(source: @koiyomi)


(source: @jimins-bootae)

they even did a crazy v app ep together just jumping around and flailing their air guitars crazily :’) they’re so playful and fun AS;DLFKJASD;LF

not to mention this to-die-for interaction LOOK AT HOW JOONIE ADORINGLY STARES AT HIS SON AS;LDFJASL;DFJAS 

but this has got to be hands down my most favorite minjoon moment

remember when jimin was crying because they just won their very first win ever with I Need U and they were all super emotional but then what does the leader say in the midst of all the celebratory chaos?

i’m sure he and the other members know fully well just how much jimin struggles with his image, with not being “good enough,” with being the member that most korean netizens look down on, and just with his self esteem in general. but joonie’s always looking out for jimin, making sure he knows that he’s not only wanted, but needed in bangtan. he does such an amazing job of taking care of the members and in return receives so much love for them too. 

minjoon is underrated but soso special. pls love them

EDITED! sorry the gifs weren’t showing up D:


I would just like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has supported this bang, to the authors and artists, to the people sending in prompts so as to inspire other, to everyone who has reblogged a post to get the word out. 

But I am going to need your help again. We NEED more artists in order or this bang to work, so please please, no matter what style or skill level if you can do any of these:  illustrations, comics, photo manips, fan videos, fanmixes, icons, gifs, SIGN UP! If you feel doubt about your work, just look at those pleading faces, they will adore any work you do for them. 

We have to have at least 10 more artists for this bang to work out so please please spread the word or sign up yourselves! 

giant stevebucky reclist of trash ft. others <3 !!UPDATED(again)!!

this is the third time ive updated this list and there is roughly 40 new fic on here making it a total of around 110 fics which is a LOT OKAY so appreciate

its all organised nice n every fic is A++++++

so ur welcome

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my first kiss went a little like this

prompt: I got the first kiss and she’ll get the last (part 1/7 for rucas fanfic week!)

pairing: riley/lucas
word count: 1,426

Spring, 2015

As she bears her characteristic adorably wide grin, Riley Matthews can feel her heartbeat accelerate so dangerously fast that she wonders if he can feel it too. 

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TSK: How to quickly earn my adoration

Cranquis: So what brings you in to the Urgent Care today?

40-something male patient: Doc, honestly, I had a 24-hour stomach bug yesterday and missed work, and now I feel totally fine, and I just need a doctor’s note for missing yesterday. Can I just get that note and not waste any more of your time? Cuz I know you’ve got patients to see who are actually sick.


Signal Boost

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Booky sells these adorable winged mugs that call all be customized!

She also sells necklaces and hats, and coming soon, meta!Misha sweaters just like the one Misha wears in The French Mistake!

So, please, please, please signal boost this and help get Booky to Misha! It would mean so much to her and she really deserves it. And if you buy a mug, you get a really cute drinking device out of it as well!