All In One Credit Card

Save on wallet space by replacing your plethora of credit cards with this all in one credit card. This ultra useful accessory lets you save all your credit cards onto this slim and portable card so that you can use whichever card you need without having to dig through the wallet.


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lombax-named-farseeth asked:

((how my muse feels, HIIIIIIII owo/)) "Wow, you're purple. I can dig it~." Shane don't get to close or she'll whip you.

“My, how observant of you.” She placed her hands at her hips as an impish grin grew on her face. “Is this how you philander with all the girls you happen across, or am I just so lucky to be graced with your ever so smooth banter?”

anonymous asked:

Everytime I meditate all I see is black, people are saying they see others and other spirits and such. Is it called someone to practice visualizing and seeing something? Meditation is kinda hard for me but I usually listen to music and it kinda helps. Is there a easy way of doing without having to activate any chakra or something that I could loose my mind off? Sorry if this seems long!

Not everyone sees spirits, nor do you have to in order to have insightful meditations and experience. In fact, a lot of people aim for an entirely “black” meditation–in nothingness there is a lot of “something,” and often it is easier to access pure Source energy and love without spirits clouding your meditative practice. Visualization, if you do wish to build that skill, should help as well, but don’t deny that you naturally meditate in a way that’s best for you, so perhaps you can dig deeper into your own practice.