Drill helmet! (appearance not final) You can drill upwards or downwards with left/right triggers (or mouse buttons). The drill effect deals damage and gives you a slight velocity boost in the direction you are travelling on hit. It can also “jackhammer” and break tougher objects.

Lastly you can dig through dirt/sand (that is what the ugly light brown blocks are supposed to be). I will need a separate particle effect for dirt digging since sparks don’t make sense for that. 

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can you translate jag utan dig by hakan hellstrom for me? it's okay if you don't want to! thanks 🌿🌻

Flygplan utan vingar / Aircraft without wings
Kinder utan rodnad / Cheeks without blush
Mmm, jag utan dig / Mmm, me without you

Piff utan Puff / Chip without Dale
Pajas utan cirkus / Clown without circus
Mmm, jag utan dig / Mmm, me without you

Skeppsbruten utan land i sikte / Shipwrecked with no land in sight
Vad vore jag utan dig? / What would I be without you? 

Clyde utan Bonnie / Clyde without Bonnie
Sommar utan juli / Summer without july
Det är bara jag, bara jag utan dig / It’s just me, just me without you

McCartney utan Lennon / McCartney without Lennon
Mio utan Jum-Jum / Mio without Jum-Jum (reference to the swedish children’s book “Mio, my son” lol)
Mm, bara jag, bara jag utan dig / Mm, just me, just me without you

Båt på hav, utan vind i segel / Boat on the sea, without wind in the sails
Vad vore jag utan dig? / What would I be without you?

(Mmmm… / (Mmmm
Vad vore jag utan dig?) / What would I be without you?)

sorry this translation is probs awful agfhdjs

Dwarves out of the Mountains

A long-term friend of mine had been lamenting that while there seems to be a lot of push to diversify elves and ‘get them out of the forest’ but everybody seems content to leave the dwarves in their mountains. In my campaign world I do have dwarves still in the mountains, but I have a particular reason.

Dwarves, as a fantasy or rpg race typically have the following traits:

  • Short, stocky or round with a low center of gravity
  • Facial hair and plenty of it, sometimes on females as well
  • The Axe. If there’s no axe, there will be a hammer
  • Smiths, craftsmen and great builders
  • Beer, mead, ale… it’s all good as long as it’s not wine
  • Underground. Not just a little hole, but deep underground.

That’s a phenotype you can pick up and move anywhere, provided you can grow something you can then ferment and make into booze. So let’s see how they might fit in different environments.

  • Desert. If you’re going to live in the desert you have to worry about water and maintaining your body temperature, as it can get both unreasonably hot and cold in the desert, often switching from one extreme to another from day to night. Lots of animals have figured out that the temperature is much more stable underground and burrow, and the trees that survive find the water table. There are two very good reasons to build your home underground, and from there you expand your home into a city with networks etc. You can ferment the cacti. Darkvision would be handy as you’re not going to come up in the day if you can avoid it. I imagine they’d build large ventilation columns, a bit like termite mounds, reaching above the dunes, the only evidence of the city below.
  • Sea edge. I’m thinking cliffs, harsh and windswept towering above the churning waters. The windchill can be lethal, and the saltwater of the ocean is all but undrinkable without specialized processing. (Maybe they have that technology, maybe salt is a major export. Everybody needs salt before refrigeration.) Not much lives on sea cliffs aside from some agile birds that nest there, far out of reach of predators. Building your fortress into the side of the sea cliffs is a very defensible position, and there’s a huge amount of energy to be potentially harnessed in the wind and waves. Branching out into ships is difficult from cliffs, it may be easier to use underwater channels, if such a clever dwarf could devise a vessel to travel entirely beneath the waves. The lower tunnels of an sea cliff fortress are prone to flooding, so these dwarves are likely to be better at balancing and swimming than their inland brethren.
  • Ice. Where do you expect to find a phenotype that has a reduced body surface area to volume ratio (approaching spherical), comfortable insulating body fat and extra hair? Somewhere very cold. You can dig down into solid ice, which will be relatively more comfortable out of the wind chill, but if you build up with the excavated ice it will likely end up with snow accumulating on at least one side, eventually looking like a hill. Fireballs obviously strongly discouraged, and layered furs prefered over open flame for heat to preserve structural integrity.
  • Old forest. Nobody ever said anything about getting the dwarves out of the forest. I don’t mean your standard, idyllic, meadow filled forest. I mean the dark, overgrown, ancient, creaking forest with trees so old, massive and twisted that you can’t be certain they don’t have faces. The sort of forest where you can barely see the sky, and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck for no clear reason, but you can’t help but trust your instinct that something, somewhere is patiently waiting to eat you. Here it’s probably much safer underground, where you can at least establish a defensible position. I imagine large halls, edged with the passive roots of the still living trees, and probably a significant mushroom proportion in the diet. Elves above may not even know they’re there.

Really they can make themselves at home anywhere you need a defensible position. Break some stereotypes, throw some dwarves around.

(But you cannot toss them)

Rowan Williams on Eucharist

“The Eucharist is not, in Christian practice, a reward for good behavior. It is the food we need to prevent ourselves from starving as a result of our own self-enclosure and our own self-absorption. Our pride and our forgetfulness…. It is, like everything about Jesus Christ, a free gift. We take Holy Communion not because we are doing well but because we are doing badly. Not because we have arrived but because we are traveling. Not because we are right but because we are confused and wrong. Not because we are divine but because we are human. Not because we are full but because we are empty.”

so you didn’t get the grade you wanted. so you didn’t get the boy you wanted. so you didn’t get the job you wanted. so what do you do now? well, you think your world is ending but the truth is, you’re gonna wake up tomorrow morning. and maybe that’s what scares you the most: that even when bad things happen, we have to keep living. we don’t get a break. a day where we can sit and sulk. we have more living to do. we have more tests. we have more people to talk to. we have to get out of bed and go to work. but that’s the thing: there’s a whole world in front of us. and it breaks my heart to see people in their early twenties or even younger thinking their world is over because they didn’t get the grade or the boy or the job they wanted. don’t you see? there’s going to be more tests. there’s going to be more boys. there’s going to be more job opportunities. you’re not stuck. you can dig your way out. failure isn’t wrong; it’s inevitable. but we try again, and maybe again, and maybe again, and eventually, we will succeed. and it will be worth it: when you’re graduating college and falling in love with someone who’s right for you and working a job you love. you have so much time to get it right. i mean it. you don’t have to get it right right away. you’re not falling behind. you’re learning. you’re growing. you’re blossoming into the best person you can be. wait for them: the person you can be proud of. they’re coming.

Our Little Secret - Part Ten

Summary: Dean wakes you up with some bad news about Vegas

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled: hand-holding  for @spnkinkbingo

Kink(s): Mutual Masturbation

Word Count: 5100

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, ANGST, torture, canon typical violence. THE PLOT GOT AWAY FROM ME AND THERE ARE SO MANY FEELS

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.


“Sweetheart?” Dean’s voice is there, your brain groggy with sleep. You moan and hug the pillow tighter, burying your face into it.

He chuckles, “C’mon, you gotta get up.”

“Nuh-uh,” you protest, curling up more.

His hand runs up and down your side, “Sam heard of a hunt and we are the closest right now.”

You grumble incoherently, opening one eye. Deans sitting on the edge of the bed in front of you, fully dressed, looking amused, “C’mon.”

You shake your head, flipping over and pulling the covers around you like a child. You had been sleeping so damn go so you are a little put out.

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The View (m)

Summary: When a supposed bath for one leads to something a little more fun.
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: PWP, exhibition kink, dirty talk, teasing, oral sex
Rating: M
Word Count: 4218

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The tub is full, water sloshing over the sides any time either of you move an inch however, neither of you give a second glance at the liquid building up on the tiled floor. You both are too preoccupied with each other.

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Ryuzaki: (loudly and enthusiastically) …so I mean honestly, you can’t tell me that this isn’t a dinosaur!!

Haga: (silently, to himself) ……… is this a date???


I think I got a LITTLE bit too excited to learn DGM has an update on the 14th of July in Summer issue of Jump Sq Crown uwu;
So I did a thing.
Mosaic church window effect on watercolor paper for Allen Walker-Neah Walker! The mosaic parts are semi transparent, so the light can come thru. I always liked the suit that Hoshino sensei designed for Allen, even if he hasn’t actually worn it…yet (apart from on poster XD), so I thought I did do a crown clown version of it.

To see how I did it, you can go dig up said album in my FB page: Bluepeppermints