“I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have a platform where I can speak out on the issues I’m the most concerned about: namely, the future of women’s rights. Here’s the thing: We can talk politics all day. We can talk about how women are statistically paid less than men. We can also talk about a woman’s right to choose. But something that’s really tickling my sleeve is actually much more basic than any of that. I’m upset with how women are being raised in our society today Right now, women are being taught to view themselves based on their physical appearance. It’s 2017, and we are still allowing our looks to dictate who we should be or how worthy we are. How crazy is that?. But worthy of what, is my question. What are we not worthy enough for? What exactly are we trying so hard to be worthy of? I am not going to sit here and pretend that I do not think or feel these things. It’s what I have been taught, and what we will keep teaching generations of women to come if we don’t demand a major cultural shift. But I am here to tell you it’s bullshit. And it’s distracting you from the things that are really important. I often wonder where all this hate and misogyny even started from. How did we let it get this bad? And why aren’t we stopping it? So many people go online, ready to spread negativity as opposed to compassion for others. But I say fuck the haters. Let’s be us. Whatever we wanna be in this world, we can be. Recognize the power in that. Let it sink in.”