My hand slipped
(He is smoking if you can’t see the cigarette… I’m sorry)

You, guys can’t even imagine how jealous I am right now! All tumblr now is talking about christmas. Christmas, christmas,christmas! You know what? We don’t celebrate Christmas at russia. I mean some of us do, but this isn’t an official holiday! No free days for you, my child, now go back to your fucking work and exams! And while you all are happy I have to go thru 10, 10 Carl, exams! I have to work on my politologi project, but I was so upset, so I quick-sketched this thing here to cheer me up a little. It took only 10 min so I can go back to work now.
Ahhh… I guess I just have to wait until New Year - which IS an official holiday and then i can have all my christmas mood! So don’t be too surprised when I’ll start to post christmas pictures near 31 of december.
Also, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently. I hope no one is  mad at me for this…