Disclaimer: this is in no way a fully comprehensive guide. This is just me trying to put together basics for people who are unfamiliar with Kazakhstan/Kazakhs to start their writing/research.

I am an ethnic Kazakh female, citizen of Kazakhstan, Almaty, bisexual, upper middle class, currently in college in the US. My experience is in no way representative of all kazakhs and Kazakhstan citizens. However, I think it’s pretty close to Otabek’s.

This is really, really long and kinda convoluted, but if you can bear it –– welcome!

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listen can we talk about the fact that jace lightwood pretty much got kicked out of the institute and his first thought was to pack up a cute little travel bag and go to magnus’ apartment??? and i guarantee it was because he saw such softness in magnus when they exchanged the stone and he knew from then on out that he can put his trust in him, so he doesn’t even think about any alternative options. he saw how much magnus cares for alec and clary and isabelle and it became like a no brainer for jace to where he literally just walked in like “sup guys” pretty much knowing that magnus still has enough kindness in his heart for him too

Ok but can we just talk about how amazing the show LOOKS?? BLESS Matt Hastings and the production design team. I was already in love with this show, but I am falling in love with it all over again because the sets, the lighting, the look and feel, all feel so incredible and rich and pretty and grounded. I can not believe that this is our show and I am in a constant state of awe because every new little thing that we see just makes me more and more and more hopeful for the future of this show. I can not believe we get to witness this all happening for his amazing cast and crew. This is truly something special and I keep having to take a step back and pinch myself. We are so so so close to having this incredible story back on our TVs and I still feeling like I’ve been dreaming. I’ve been in a fever dream since that kiss back in March. This whole show and the fandom continues to be unlike anything I have ever experienced and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I love this show so so so so much. And this season, I know I’m going to fall in love with it even more.

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Can we talk about how Bellamy pretty much admitted that his relationship with Oct*via is abusive? And I am still scratching my head on the spoiler Marie gave that Bellamy steps up for her in 409? I hope she just had a slip of the tongue and meant Oct*via steps up for him?!

yeah i agree…. it gave me a pang and even worse because the writers NEVER seem to address the problems in their dynamic… idk if they will one day or if this is just another throwaway but, calling yourself pathetic because you know that you always run back to someone who hurts you? like, in my view…

that’s not a ~family~ thing. it’s not a ~blood~ thing. it’s abuse. 

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What is this bullshit going with Jungkook's Hickey??? why are people assuming he is in a relationship, it's ruining his name and I am pretty sure he doesn't want rumors flowing anywhere..?

lmao can’t really stop people from talking about it sadly bc it really does look like a hickey and even if it’s not ppl are still going to take this chance…. especially with how they covered it and everything but i mean, it’s also not good to assume?? but that’s the only thing we can do, so the talks going to keep on going ://

That time when

In that one episode, where Beast Boy turns into a dog and runs away because no one wants him around, and then gets confused with an alien dog instead. I just want to talk about how, when said alien dog is always slobbering/loving/being affectionate to Raven, not one of the Titans thinks it unusual behavior for Beast Boy. Can we just talk about that? Because that’s pretty big. 

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  1. name/nicknames? Annabel
  2. height? 5′6″
  3. hogwarts house? Ravenclaw
  4. last thing googled? “netflix”
  5. a fictional character i’d like as a sibling? Hmm, maybe Hiccup (HTTYD)? Normally I can’t stand dudes, but Hiccup is okay (and we could be excited nerds talking about dragons). Besides I can’t say any of my favorite female characters because I have partial crushes on a lot of them.
  6. how many blankets do i sleep with? Depends where I am. Here I sleep with one comforter and a blanket.
  7. favorite artist/band? Don’t have one.
  8. how many blogs do i follow? 249
  9. what do i usually post about? On this blog I post YOI and the occasional ocean/aesthetic posts. On my other blogs I post SU, Voltron, HTTYD, other animated things, and I have a spoonie blog as well.
  10. do you get asks regularly? I certainly get more than I used to, but not regualary. 
  11. what’s your aeshtetic? Think Otabek but softer? Think the ocean, messy curly hair, stars/the night sky, movies, books, fantasy worlds, crystals (I collect based on what they do), mythical creatures and lore (love dragons and mermaids), cozy blankets, the color black and aqua, shimmery stuff, fairy lights (my room is a combination of of these things…it looks like a witch’s study combined with modern tech and textbooks). 
  12. tag 20 followers: @imalesbianonice, @katsukisnikiforov, @piecesofbrokenrecollections, @gayicehusbands, @victuuri4ever, @kawaii-shitface, @sand-son, @maegonstorm, @yuurislove, @nikiforovies, @vityanikiforova, @softyuu-ri, @viktyuuris, @teajava@the-moon-loves-the-sea, @pirategf and whoever else wants to do this? Seriously tag me if you want to do it! I did this list based on memory so if I left anyone out feel free to do it!!

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Can I ask what sort of shit the other trainer talks about you? I mean that's so unprofessional, how can anyone take her seriously? But at the same time I'm pretty curios.

She is a purely positive trainer- or at least she calls herself that- so she typically is gossiping about how I am a terrible trainer because I use a prong collar on Creed and have told two of my clients in the past year to put a prong collar on their dog*. One we are transitioning back off the prong and the other just started with its application.

She leaves out that I have confiscated* a few clients’ prongs and e collars that were being used to the detriment of the dog and not given them back until the end of our 6 week session, because I saw the dogs actively being harmed by the devices (but they aren’t my property so I have no right to keep them).

She also tends to try and say that I don’t care about the homeless pet problem because I bought an expensive purebred dog and because I don’t donate to our store’s charity.

She leaves out that I am a transport volunteer for the local dobe rescue and were it not for my landlady I’d be a foster home too, and that I actually have donated to our store’s charity but don’t do it every time I buy something because I’m broke.

*Whether a dog does or does not wear a tool more aversive than a flat or martengale collar or a back clipping harness is completely dependent on the owner. I establish in the first class that we are not going to rely on tools to solve our problems for us but that I will allow certain things to be worn after witnessing the dog a few times and having a good heart-to-heart with their owner about the dog’s best interests. The collars I have confiscated have been because the owner did not trust themselves to not continue to rely on them outside of class, so I took them for safekeeping.

Yyh Fandom

Can we just talk about how the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom is the best fandom and I’m so glad that I am apart of it. The fandom is very alive considering this is a 90s anime but it’s been one of my favorites since I was kid and every more now that I have grown up and I can appreciate it more. Between the badassery and the bromances and all the jokes it’s not wonder it’s one of my favorites. Everyone in the fandom is pretty fucking awesome and no one judges your ships or your fanfictions or your fanart. Literally every person I have met in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom is just an awesome ass person. So if you are apart of the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom you’re awesome.

Can we talk about how amazing it is that every single main ship in the GB fandom somehow got more material to work with with the extended movie? Because that’s pretty damn awesome.

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Lance and the Blue Lion :)

Lance: What’s your type of humor and do you have a favorite meme? I honestly either laugh at everything I see, or it would take me hours to get a joke/meme. there is no inbetween lol. if we’re talking about a specific kind of humor, i like people that can make you laugh without being gross or offensive to anybody. throw me some kind of silly gag or misunderstanding or “““relatable”““ situation and it’s garantueed that i’ll laugh. My favourite meme would have to be every kermit i see they’re so funny i crack up everytime

Blue Lion: How trusting and loyal do you think you are? I think I am pretty loyal. I always value my friendships unless they’re not valued back then in that case bye ya know

  • tw: suicide mention (passive), abuse mention, religion, DID
  • This is a positive post despite the dark topics mentioned.

If you don’t want to know about my serious mental health stuff, skip this post. I’m not putting it under a read more because I want to teach myself to be proud that I survived and that I am not faking and that a professional validated me.

Today I had occupational and cognitive therapy in the morning and a psychologist appointment in the afternoon. This morning was pretty dull, but I got a lot out of seeing the psychologist.

She sat down with me and we talked about where every system member came from, when we first split, why we split, and what the purpose of that alter has now. We talked about individual alter’s issues and how to work through them. We talked about who we hope we can integrate and who we hope stays around. We talked about the religious brainwashing and early abuse. We talked about the cult parallels and the psychological manipulation. We talked about how it wasn’t meant to do harm, but it did, and now I’m here. We’re here.

She told me we were real. We are valid. I am NOT alone because I can’t fake the things that are happening to us. 

She told me it’s a miracle I’m alive today. Between suicidal alters, brainwashing, religious programming, and a broken support system, she said it was amazing that we had survived so long. We. Because we survived together. 

She also wants me to pursue paganism and help the system heal using my beliefs, especially the alters most harmed by the religious abuse in the past.

So for once…I really feel validated.

I really feel like I belong in the communities I strive to fit in. I feel like I can use the word “survivor” to describe us. Us. We.

And WE are going to heal. Together.


Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

So I met this guy on Tinder ages ago. He seemed pretty funny and sweet from his bio (plus he’s super cute). We matched and started talking. We’re both really shy and awkward so the conversations ended up tapering off pretty quickly. Well, we ended up matching on another app, so we started talking about that and how funny it was. After a lot of talking, we spent a weekend together and it was absolutely wonderful. He’s now my boyfriend and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

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I've noticed I am holding back from my T in our sessions so we aren't really getting anywhere. I don't know what is causing it because I really like her and our initial sessions have been pretty good. Any advice on how I can work on this and feel less stuck? Thank you!

hi anon, I think this is a great topic to talk to your therapist about. Only you and she know what’s going on in session and can brainstorm about things each of you can do to fix it. 

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Seeing all your moodboards in one post is so amazing! They're each such great little bursts of emotion but look so cohesive all together. I know I already gushed at you haha but I can't help it, I feel so proud of you from seeing you talk about how you're stretching your creative wings after some time away from it! It's so brave and I love seeing you promote the shit out of it!

Oh my gosh, thank you. I work pretty hard on those moodboards and every damn time I tell myself “okay, don’t do this next chapter,” and yet here we are…

NEVER CENSOR YOUR GUSHING ABOUT THE ONE THING I AM CURRENTLY PUTTING MY ENERGY IN. Don’t ever apologize for ranting and/or raving about it! Honestly, it is like… the one thing in my life right now, and nothing feels worse than sharing something that has a little bit of your heart in it and getting crickets. I’m always so so so pleased to hear compliments, theories, even well-phrased criticism. A lot of people have expressed that they hold back when talking to me about Caution… don’t! I make it for myself, but I make it for you as well. This is a shared experience.

Thank you for being proud of me. Honestly, I need a bit more of that in my life. Then again, who doesn’t?

Aaaanyway I don’t know what time of day it is where you are, but I hope you are well. <3


Can we just talk for a minute about how closely Sanzo actually holds his companions, because like… Sanzo gets /so/ deeply attached, when he gets attached at all. And I think he realizes that about himself, which is why he doesn’t make the effort often. Because he is absolutely fucking devastated if he loses it.

Note how he says “I don’t want something I have to protect” first. That’s our first sign that he’s pretty dang attached to them, and trusts them to stay alive and not leave him. Then in the Kami-sama arc, one of his nightmares, along with Koumyou’s death, is losing all his friends. With “If you’re weak, everybody dies,” and he’s looking at his own fucking hands.

In Reload, there was the conversation with Yakumo, where we don’t see Sanzo’s face, but he is fully aware of the fact that his friends could lose themselves at any point. And then he’d lose them. Then, the shit with Ukoku goes down, and Sanzo outright admits, while seeing his friends disappear before his eyes, that he is fucking terrified. Sanzo. Admitted he was afraid.

Sanzo puts so much fucking value in his friends. His nightmares are of losing them. Either from his own weakness or something else. And I just love it. I love how attached he is. How much he actually cares. Idk man I feel like it’s not as talked about as I want it to be, because it’s one of many things I love about this stupid asshole motherfucker.

Can we just talk about how unbelievably rude Kim Seokjin is lately?

I mean first the CLEAVAGE THAT IS SO DEEP THAT WE CAN DIVE INTO IT ( and many of us would love that I bet XD )

It started off innocently, especially him looking at us with such doe-eyes

But then it escalated pretty quickly

Still pretending to be innocent, although the cleavage keeps getting deeper and deeper

But finally the mask of innocence is gone and he shows his true-teasing-seductive-self

I mean does this seem “ INNOCENT” to you?!

Oh, I think NOT.