I’m calling it a night and all, and am working on a bigger post, but this is huge.

You - the female protagonist - are being pretty much stalked by some creepy guy with a camera who keeps passing photos of you around the school and yes, they’re not pervy or inappropriate but they ARE creepshots and being taken without your knowledge or consent and it’s not okay.

And Junpei - the wise-cracking idiotic bro of a best friend - at first seems to try to take the responsibility of finding out what’s going on and who’s behind it because “chivalry” and bullshit, but when he actually sees the creep in the library and wants to do something, HE SAYS ALL OF THIS, if you question why it’s anything to worry about.

Junpei acknowledges how scary and problematic this kind of behaviour is because WHERE DOES IT STOP? Sure it seems harmless now, but what will it escalate to? If any of you have ever been in this sort of situation or a similar one to it before, you know how stalking can and often does escalate intothreatening and violent behaviour.

There is so much I want to say about Junpei’s social link and it’s absolute deconstruction of the concept of the friendzone and examination of agency, but for now I will just say this: it is unbelieveably refreshing to see a character often casually portrayed as the shallow “bro” display a legitimate understanding of problematic behaviour and why it’s so problematic.

So I met this guy on Tinder ages ago. He seemed pretty funny and sweet from his bio (plus he’s super cute). We matched and started talking. We’re both really shy and awkward so the conversations ended up tapering off pretty quickly. Well, we ended up matching on another app, so we started talking about that and how funny it was. After a lot of talking, we spent a weekend together and it was absolutely wonderful. He’s now my boyfriend and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Actual Conversation with the Love of my Life
  • My spouse and I were talking about how various queer relationships can still reproduce even though they aren't heterosexual. We grew up mormon and so this is pretty new info to us, though less new to me since I recently realized I am genderfluid.
  • Me: So, really that means we are not in a heterosexual relationship because I don't identify as female.
  • Him: Huh.
  • Me (starting to freak out): Does that make you feel weird?
  • Him (super calm): No.
  • Me: Does anything make you feel weird?
  • Him: ...
  • Him: ...
  • Him: ...
  • Him: Jello.
  • And that's the story of how jello is weirder than my queer relationship.

Forgive me for this wordy post, there’s lots of stuff I’ve been wanting to say. I’m about to shoot a video as I post this…..

This post covers covers a bit including ADOPT A SHIRT PART 2.

You have supported me like no other for many years and something I really want to focus on this year are the little things I can do that could show how appreciative I am of your support.

I hate it when online personalities talk about how appreciative they are but don’t do anything for the glorious people that are doing the supporting. I will fully admit it’s way easier to say “Thank You” and do nothing. Heck! I just did it in this paragraph and it took a few snaps on a keyboard.

State of the Olan covered about half of what I wanted to do. This is part of that overall change. I feel like we’ve built a pretty awesome rapport though the years but there are still little things I can do.


We are going to be releasing 3 new shirts as part of a year long collaboration with a bunch of freelance designers. I was a freelance videographer and photographer for many years myself and I know one job can make the difference between being able to pay rent or not. The idea is to not only help out freelance designers with a job but also to allow me the ability to fully focus on these new videos, Summer Nights, and just new content in general.

I want our designs to improve which is where these designers, hand letterers, and artists come into play. I love to see new things in the realm of design, too see evolution, and sometimes in order to do that it takes news eyes. I think I’ve reached a point where I need these designers to teach me. You’re never too young or old to learn and improve a craft. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to be less involved, I’m just sharing the work load for the first time. I’ve actually been more involved this year and want to devote more time to doing the small things like signing cards, free posters, and things of that nature. So far it’s been a huge weight off my shoulders and has actually helped reduce my stress levels which had actually played a factor in me being sick for a month.

So what does this mean in short?

-On the 21st of every month this year we are going to release 2 to 3 new shirts from these designers.

-There will be one or two new ones some many of you have requested (I’ve been listening) and one redesign of a classic to bring new life to an old design.

-There will also be a free signed poster every month for the sole reason that I love doing it. I’ve very observant and love see what you guys connect with and the first poster I made is the saying “When Enemies attack your Kingdom, you don’t flee. You show them why it’s your Kingdom”. I’ve seen that all over the place. So that will be the first free one. 😀

I made a new section on ORA made just for prints.The free posters we release every month will be available until they sell out.

-There will still be two big collections like we have always done in Spring and Fall.

To me this is the next logical step in improving something I believe should have just as much thought and care put into it as my videos do. We have been working with about 15 designers for the past few months to make this possible.


I also want to take the time to address something with the apparel. We go through every year wanting to improve the quality of the shirts and sweaters because this is your hard earned money and you need to have the best I can give you. I’ve reached a point in my career where I’ve seen so many people talk about something that they want to improve and never do it, that I try to just take action first and then talk about it later.

We’ve tried many different brands of shirts and something we have wanted to do since the beginning was commit to a shirt made in the USA. At the beginning of last year we made the gradual switch of getting 90% of what we do made in the USA. This caused a ripple effect because it meant we had to raise our prices which I said no to as long as I could. For most of the year last year we took the hit on this because I didn’t want to raise prices. We reached a point last year where there was no other option and I was given the “We have to do it” so each shirt, mainly the crew necks, went up a few bucks. I remember discussing with Colter who agreed that at some point we need to tell everyone why this happened.

So why do this?

We started to see problems with the quality of the shirts we were printing on and the inconsistencies became more frequent. Obviously every shirt is not going to be perfect but it was becoming more prevalent. We were printing on a great brand but the age old “quality over quantity” happened. They increased quantity and decreased quality. We did not raise the price for any kind of profitable gain, I actually make less on each shirt than when we started because we donate to Rice Bowls. The price raise just covers the extra amount the shirt costs from being made in America. I can’t promise prices won’t rise again but I will promise I will fight it as long as humanly possible. And right now there is no foreseeable reason to do so. I have no desire to be a wealthy tycoon of the shirt industry just a normal dude who uses this to fuel the crazy things he wants to do, like Summer Nights. I understand that many of you are in the money crushing stage of life and that’s why we’re doing the Adopt a shirt once a year and free signed posters.

I know there is no reason to tell you any of this but I want to be as transparent as possible and always be open about anything that directly affects any of you. I have the highest respect for you guys and gals! There is a lot of shady businesses out there and I never want to be one of them. My dad always taught me that honesty is king! So I want to thank you for your support. It’s always, ALWAYS! humbling to see how feverishly you all support me! I’m still learning everyday how to do this and trying to get better. That was easy to type but I will put action to these words. :)


So Part 2 of Adopt a Shirt is happening this Saturday the 21st at 12am CST. Meaning the midnight between Friday night and Saturday morning. The first part was just stuff in CA and this time it’s all the stuff in Nashville which might be a bit more.

It’s the same kind of thing which means it’s on a first come first serve basis. Everyone’s clock is pretty close to the same but some could be slower or quicker so I say just look around 11:58pm to be safe. After this we will be fresh out of shirts that need adopting. I was pretty shocked at how fast everything went last time, I didn’t expect for it to be gone in about 5 minutes. I can say that this will most likely be something we do each year, so if you miss out there will be a next time.

Regardless Part One of Adopt a Shirt we’re getting ready to ship those out. We had made a mistake during the launch and didn’t set a inventory limit for the 3XL option and within about a minute about 150 people ordered a 3XL shirt we didn’t have haha Needless to say we email them and are going to print one up in their size because the fault was on us. So all those should ship out shortly. :)

That’s it on this and NEW VIDEO this Monday!!! :D

If Claire becomes Scottish, she can’t be forced from clan lands. How can Claire become Scottish you ask? If she marries! Claire is like, Oh, I’m not marrying you, and Dougal chuckles, says something crass about grinding her corn, which is a great euphemism for bad sex if nothing else. Then we realize he means for Claire to marry Jamie. I am pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels at this point. Jamie comes upon Claire and offers her some drink and they talk over their potential nuptials. She asks, “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?” “No,” Jamie says, “So long as it doesn’t bother you that I am.” The angels began singing even louder. You’re telling me Claire will have a blank slate and that amazing body to work with? There is a god and her name is Beyoncé.
After mulling over her options a bit longer, Claire takes a big swig of drink, and makes her way back to the menfolk, grabbing the bottle because for some inexplicable reason, she’s going to need a lot more liquor to wrap her mind around being married to the hottest man in Scotland. I don’t need such convincing. I am ready for the wedding and the wedding night and the honeymoon and the christening of a new home and the fight sex and make up sex and Tuesday night sex and all the other flavors of sex Claire and Jamie are finally going to have if Beyoncé wills it, Amen.
—  Roxane Gay - Vulture (x)
That time when

In that one episode, where Beast Boy turns into a dog and runs away because no one wants him around, and then gets confused with an alien dog instead. I just want to talk about how, when said alien dog is always slobbering/loving/being affectionate to Raven, not one of the Titans thinks it unusual behavior for Beast Boy. Can we just talk about that? Because that’s pretty big. 


Can we talk about how those two are affected by all of this, you can clearly see that Lexa has tears in her eyes and the moment she realise she’ll have to make difficult choice again because of those fucking skaikru! And Clarke is gonna be like super pissed i just can’t wait to see her get angry at the sky people ! God the dynamic of the season just changed and i love it ! 😃😃
I really want to see how Clarke is gonna deal with that! Pretty sure she’ll side with the grounders and take others with her, like maybe Octavia.. I AM SO EXCITED !

RVB Season 13 Episode 16

So, feelings aside, can we just talk about how pretty the animation was? The thing I wanted to point out the most is the fact that the characters muscles and undersuits move UNDERNEATH THEIR ARMOR 

It’s pretty hard to tell from still images, but just look at this!

and this!

A+ to the lighting crew.  You ROCK

I am so proud of the Animation Team over at Rooster Teeth.  You guys have grown so much and your skills are really quite incredible.  

Keep making awesome stuff!

Can we talk about how amazing it is that every single main ship in the GB fandom somehow got more material to work with with the extended movie? Because that’s pretty damn awesome.

The Deafness/Disability Post

OK, so, this is something that’s come up recently, and over the past two years I’ve gotten a ton of messages about it but haven’t addressed it explicitly. So here it is. This is just a reminder that this is only representative of MY opinion, I don’t speak for the entire Deaf community, etc. etc. etc.

Something that’s pretty ingrained in the Deaf culture is the idea of Deafness as not being a disability. First, let’s discuss the difference between Deafness and deafness, because we’ll be talking about them:

deafness, or “little d deaf” is, as hearing people usually define it, “lack of hearing.” That is, someone who is “deaf” has probably had a hearing test in their life and probably can only hear sounds that are 25 dB or louder. Lots of times, hearing people want to know just how “deaf” I am, and I’ll address this in the next part. For my purposes, I tend to use the word “deaf” to describe anyone with any level of hearing that requires noise to be 25 dB or louder so they can hear it. Some people might need sound to be at 10 dB, but 25 dB is a “clinical” cut-off (e.g., you wouldn’t really talk about amplification, accommodation, etc. until you’re at around 25 dB). 

Dearness, or “Big D Deaf” is the state of culturally identifying as Deaf. To be Deaf is to be a part of the community or culture. To be Deaf, you don’t need to be deaf. (That is, you can hear noises at 0 dB and be considered Deaf). For a hearing person to be considered Deaf or part of the Deaf community, they’re usually a spouse, sibling, child, or parent of a Deaf person. Alternatively, they might be a teacher, interpreter, etc. Similarly, not all deaf people identify as Deaf. I have Deaf friends who aren’t deaf, and deaf friends who aren’t Deaf. On a “clinical” note, I can hear some things, if they’re loud enough. I own (and sometimes wear) hearing aids, I speechread, and I sign. I’m also learning cued speech, to help with verbal language acquisition. I listen to music, but I also played tuba in marching band for four years, despite not being able to hear bass sounds well enough to differentiate them. Regardless of how “deaf” I am, I’m considered “Deaf” AND “deaf”. I’m Deaf because I’m involved with the Deaf community, and I sign. I’m deaf because, as has been pointed out, it’s insulting to bother differentiating between levels of deafness. If I introduce myself as “hard of hearing” instead of “deaf,” it’s like saying “The twenty decibels I can hear that you can’t are so important I have to mention them.” That’s also why it’s kind of pointless when someone asks me how “deaf” I am (for purely interest-purposes, and not accessibility-purposes). 

Quick vocab lesson:

Hearing: Someone that can hear. This is NOT a diminutive term, just meant to differentiate culture. 

CODA/KODA/SODA: Coda is a Child of a Deaf Adult, KODA is a Kid of a Deaf Adult, SODA is a Spouse or Sibling of a Deaf Adult. Can be deaf, Deaf, or hearing, but usually references a hearing person in relation to a Deaf person.

A divide that is notorious in the d/Deaf communities is the cochlear implant argument (and before you ask: I don’t have one, and I don’t care what anyone else does with their own body beyond that I hope everyone finds joy in their body and existence). A very common, and easily drawn (but incorrect) line is this: Deaf people don’t want cochlear implants. Nothing is as simple as this, but it does help to know a little history, cliff notes style:

d/Deaf people, like many other minority groups were/are oppressed. This oppression occurred in a number of ways. A long time ago (think Aristotle) deaf people were considered unteachable, and essentially, non-person. They weren’t allowed to marry, buy/own land, etc. A number of people in the 1500’s are accredited as trying to teach the deaf, and helping to develop sign language. However, we hit a huge bump called “oralism.” Oralism is the belief that deaf people should have to learn to speak and read lips. Oralist schools became popular– hearing parents would send their deaf children to residential schools where they would be forbidden from using any type of signed communication, and would be taught to verbalize. Memories of these schools are rife with images of children with their hands tied behind their back (to prevent signing), and practices meant to teach children to make noise, make specific sounds, direct air flow, etc. Also in the oralist movement was the belief that, because deafness was clearly a weakness, we needed to prevent deafness occurring by any means possible– which meant separating the deaf. Funnily enough, this backfired when deaf kids were rounded up and sent to oral schools, where, if left in an unsupervised dorm, they commonly developed a home sign language they shared and would use to communicate in private. It was believed that you could separate deaf people and keep them from having deaf kids. Remember Alexander Graham Bell? Huge oralist. He had a deaf wife and mother. 

Anyway, the main issue that happens here is the idea of deafness as disability, and it stems from this idea that deafness is a flaw in the individual that needs to be fixed. Children of this age (and on and on and on) were fitted with huge “hearing aids”, strapped to their chests, and sent to school to learn to verbalize. In most cases, deafness is seen as something wrong. For most parents, telling someone that their new baby or child is deaf usually invokes a “I’m so sorry!” This is also where the cochlear argument comes into play– the idea that deaf people need to be fixed, to be “made hearing” (cochlear implants do NOT make you hearing, they can help you to perceive auditory signals, but it’s not a magic device, they’ll never work the same as “natural hearing,” and it takes a LOT of hard work to learn to understand what these noises mean, much less be able to produce them meaningfully). 

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have any Deaf friends who are militantly against cochlear implants. Some of us have had them and don’t wear them. Some of us have them and wear them. Some of us wear hearing aids. Some of us don’t consider ourselves as benefiting or desiring any of the above, and go au naturale. 

Here’s where the Deafness/Disability problem comes into play for me: We still see disability as a bad thing. Mostly, you’ll hear Deafness as being a “language minority” rather than a disability (that is, Deaf people are united in their use of a minority language, ASL, rather than a common “disability”). But, disability isn’t a bad thing. It’s a human variation. I think, what Deafness NOT being a disability really concerns is the idea of de-emphasizing the hearing aspect, and emphasizing the cultural aspect. Rather than saying “I have a hearing loss of 60 dB at 250 Hz, 85 dB at 500 Hz, and 100 at 1,000 on…” I can say “I’m a Deaf person who uses a language that is not a common language in the USA, who has an international chosen family, who…" 

One of the main problems with the deaf/Deaf/disabled divide is that hearing people, when they look at me, can only see what I’m missing. They see music I can’t hear, musical instruments I can’t play, the sound of birds singing, voices I’ll never hear (my mother’s, my own, "I do.”… when they legalize gay marriage, that is..). They see fire alarms that make me a liability, or the nuisance of repetition. They want to “fix me,” for both my own good (so I can be “normal’ and do all of these things I’m purportedly missing out on) and theirs (so I’m not a liability, so they can feel better about themselves, so I’m not an economic/social drain..) however they want to justify it. But, I’m not missing out on anything. I listen to music. I’ve played violin, flute, sousaphone (in my high school marching band). I’m learning banjo, slowly, I want to learn guitar. Who says birds sound so great, anyway? I always see hearing people complaining about them outside their window at 5 am. I have a strobe light that wakes me up when there’s a fire, or my roommate (if I’m lucky). I can sleep through hella anything, deaf or not (a perk for the roommate). I’ve gained so much more than I’ve "lost.” I’ve gained a family that understands when I get frustrated (because some jackass said something, because I feel isolated in my non-signing family, etc.), that communication is totally effortless with, that loves telling stories and jokes and magic tricks and sneaking cheap coffee into starbucks for our meet-ups… 

It’s odd, this separation of condition from culture, because, from my (very limited) knowledge regarding some disabilities, they’re intertwined. I think, perhaps, Deaf are a little more vocal about the separation, and that’s why it’s more known/recognizable.

To be perfectly honest, if it were possible to “fix” my hearing, it would be to the benefit of others, who don’t want to take the time to accommodate me. I feel that most in situations like today, where I was sitting at a loud graduation and I tried signing to my mom “Is the woman in front of you your friend?” She has limited signing ability, so she looked away and turned her ear so I could voice to her— but I didn’t want to voice. I wanted to communicate with my mother in a way that, not only would I NOT have to loudly speak about someone sitting right in front of us, I would solicit communication in a mode I felt comfortable with. Being d/Deaf isn’t isolating. Being d/Deaf in a family of hearing people IS. But, they could learn ASL and fix that. I don’t need to be changed, they need to be educated. 

If nothing else, take this (and you could, arguably, use this for any condition often considered a disability): I’m only considered “disabled” in a world where everyone speaks and hears. When I’m deaf, I’m disabled. When I’m Deaf, I’m home.

For  good reads on this topic, check out:

“Is Deafness a disability?" 

"Deafness is not a disability”
Art Theft on Facebook

Hey guys,

a Taekwondo page stole, edited and reuploaded my artwork, stealing the artwork from my client (another Taekwondo group!) and myself while talking about respect. I’ve asked us to be credited and also sent a private message, but I doubt I’ll get an answer anytime soon. (we will see, I will keep you posted.)

I am pretty upset right now, seeing how the post got over 1000 likes, but people are ignoring my comments replying to the page admin. If any of you feel like (politely) letting off some steam, feel free to.

Can’t stand when people think artists are okay to disrespect and take our hard work for granted.

Thanks for your support.


How can Claire become Scottish you ask? If she marries! Claire is like, Oh, I’m not marrying you, and Dougal chuckles, says something crass about grinding her corn, which is a great euphemism for bad sex if nothing else. Then we realize he means for Claire to marry Jamie. I am pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels at this point. Jamie comes upon Claire and offers her some drink and they talk over their potential nuptials. She asks, “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?” “No,” Jamie says, “So long as it doesn’t bother you that I am.” The angels began singing even louder. You’re telling me Claire will have a blank slate and that amazing body to work with? There is a god and her name is Beyoncé.
After mulling over her options a bit longer, Claire takes a big swig of drink, and makes her way back to the menfolk, grabbing the bottle because for some inexplicable reason, she’s going to need a lot more liquor to wrap her mind around being married to the hottest man in Scotland. I don’t need such convincing. I am ready for the wedding and the wedding night and the honeymoon and the christening of a new home and the fight sex and make up sex and Tuesday night sex and all the other flavors of sex Claire and Jamie are finally going to have if Beyoncé wills it, Amen.
Alright, time to open your eyes

You may call me Renelle. I am a 28 year old black female. I was born in Detroit, MI and I’ve lived through these Presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and I’m pretty damn sure I’ll live through Donald Trump. I know how a lot of you feel. Never before in my life have I ever been so scared of an election. I literally burst into tears over it, but then I sat down and had a talk with someone I care about, and guess what she told me:

We can be mad at the baby boomers. These people are adults who were born between the years 1946 to 1964 in the United States. They are the reason why Donald Trump won. It has been repeatedly said that uneducated white men are the ones who got him the win. If you think about it, these people never voted because they despise so many things. They hate LGBT people, they hate Muslims, they hate transgender individuals, they hate women, these are the people that caused this, and they were mostly born in that bracket of years that I just mentioned. Donald Trump’s campaign reached out to THEM. He made them feel like they were important, like they had a voice in this country. He found a forgotten ignored group and lighted a fire under them, making them run out and vote for him. 

Now, that’s not the whole point I’m making here. I’m no expert on politics, but I am an expert on being a young person in America. I can tell you that for years, I have sat around and moped and complained about how the world is, and how it needs to change. However, sitting on our butts crying about it isn’t going to get us the changes we want. We need to take the passion we have for our favorite things and apply them to our real lives. 

  • That fanart you draw with so much passion? Apply it to your own art and use it to get your message across about what you believe in. 
  • That fanfiction you want people to read that you threw your soul into? Use it to get out there and get what you want out of life. 

  • The roleplay blog that you spend so much time writing and developing headcanons for? Yeah, use that same vigor, same passion for writing and having fun with your partners to get your point across in life.

I have heard that people were joking around in my community and voted for Donald Trump, thinking he wouldn’t win. But he did, and now I bet all of them are regretting such a foolish mistake. But the thing is, the power lies in all us American young people.

  • You want better teachers in your community that are passionate about teaching so students will want to learn? BE A TEACHER.
  • You want police to stop being so brutal towards minorities in your community? BE A POLICE OFFICER.

  • You want fair representation in your community? BE A PART OF THAT REPRESENTATION.
  • You want there to be better services to help people with mental health and disablities? BE THAT HELP.
  • You want to get people to stop being racist, homophobic, and transphobic? BE THE EXAMPLE OF A MODEL CITIZEN WHO SEES PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE, NOT WHAT THEY ARE.
  • You have the power to change the world around you. You have the power to change your country. Even if you don’t like who is in office, you can be part of the change. BECOME THE CHANGE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

We have done it before. Look, in America, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that denying same sex pairs the right to marry was unconstitutional. Do you know that has a lot of power? And they would never have done it if so many of us didn’t get out there and talk about it in person, or spread our feelings around about it online. We came together for that to happen, and it did. 

Now for me to talk to those of you who are on the fence about women’s rights and the rights of our LGBT community. We have to show them who is louder about what they want. Trump got the people who aren’t educated about many things- they are still in the dark, and we need to open their eyes. 

And I’m going to explain a thing to those of you who are about the whole “I lose rights to my body as a woman!” No, no you don’t. The thing is, it is about the GOVERNMENT paying for something that shouldn’t really be happening unless a woman is raped, in serious health related danger, or incest. I am a woman myself, and I feel that women should not be aborting their babies because of reasons like “I don’t want a child” or “I’m not ready for a child” if you made the choice to have unprotected sex without birth control of any kind (condoms, the pill, spermacide) then you should be prepared for the consequences of doing so, which is getting pregnant and having a child. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’m not going to baby any of you who are upset about that. Abortions will damage your body. Bottom line is, if you want an abortion, pay for it yourself. Insurance companies get to choose what they pay for, and so does the government. Nobody is stopping you from choosing, just that they don’t want to fund it. Now, I know some of you are going to be really mad at me for saying this, but you need to hear it. All of you do. 

But the huge, huge, HUGE point I am making here is that we need to stop sitting around being sad when bad things happen. We need to get up and start contributing to the things we want in this country. If we want positive things, we need to be positive. We need to be happier. We need to come together and stop it with the ridiculous judging. There is too much of that going on in America right now, and that is the last thing we need on this planet, or in the world. We are constantly judging or assuming things, and some of you might yell at me and say that I’m judging women who want to get abortions but I’m not. I’m pointing out the reality surrounding that whole debate. 

If you’re autistic, or if you have mental issues of any kind, (there are so many of you out here that I can’t list them all, but I’m talking to you) there is still hope. You will not be discriminated against, and we just need to realize the most important thing that this election should have taught all young Americans:

WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER. We need to put our passion that we have for our favorite things into fighting for our lives. If the world goes to shit, how are we going to enjoy our favorite shows, the things our favorite authors write, and all the video games that many of us enjoy? How will we enjoy our anime, manga, comics or music? If the world goes to shit, we might not have those things, so if you aren’t fighting for your life…


Do you think your favorite characters would sit around crying about this mess? No, they’d do something about it. They’d get up and really get involved in what they could do. Each one of us has a talent, a gift, something we have a great time doing and once we all start doing the things we enjoy and have talents for, watch the world get that much happier. 

The above paragraph I say for ALL of you. To those of you all over this planet who can read this, it is FOR YOU. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU.

We have the power to change the world. Don’t let this election or any other painful scary things happening in your country get you down. Because in reality, we have the power to change it all.

It is up to us to use it.

The future is ours. Let’s take care of it. 













Hey im opening commissions!

I started college recently and, for a lot of reasons i cant get financial aid or get a job and im out of money.

school’s being paid for by family but i have to buy my own food, transportation, and supplies and i currently have literally $2.95 to my name, so it’s getting pretty tight and i kinda need some help


things i am ok with:

  • gore
  • humanoid characters
  • original characters
  • fanart
  • traditional art (pencils/watercolour/oil)! we can talk about that, if you want.
  • re-doing it they’re not up to your standard!

things i wont do:

  • nsfw
  • overly complex stuff , eg mecha, armour
  • busy backgrounds

prices are negotiable with a $10 minimum!

paypal only

message me here or on twitter for details!

  thanks so much!