Why Endless Summer Is Not Worthy of Michelle Thuy Nguyen: A Dissertation (but not really)
  • Umm why???  Because she EXISTS and is too good for La Huerta
  • That’s it
  • I know, I know, without her the gang p r o b a b l y wouldn’t have survived even half as long as they are right now sooo…be grateful LOL
  • I mean…her sitcom-like opening dialogue in Book 1 Chapter 2, where she screams “Heeelllooooooo?” into an empty hotel?  Iconic. 
  • Wait hold on I have the screenshots

  • Remember when she helped Zahra HACK into a computer just by owning a bobby pin??  Iconic.  if med school doesn’t work out maybe she should consider computer science
  • Sidenote can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL SHE IS LIKE WOW
  • Probably won “Best Hair” at a Greek Life formal or something
  • Becca is shaking! in Professor Vasquez’s house rn
  • Probably the only person who can wear a combination of purple eyeshadow, bright blush and pink lip gloss in this day and age and still have fans going “yaaaaasss maaaaa show me whachu got”
  • Let’s talk about her signature millenial pink™
  • Actually no let’s talk about all the med schools probably lined up, waiting for her to accept their offers
  • Let’s also talk about her dreams - just kidding, wrong choice of word - AMBITION to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon 
  • @ those crusty musty sorority sisters who did her dirty: you WISH you could be this successful….RATS!!
  • Probably the bestest friend anyone could ask for??  Witty, rational, supportive, focused, strong-willed…Craig should be so lucky
  • Lo and behold…some of my favourite quotes from Queen Meech:
  1. “MC believes in me.  Why don’t you, Sean?”  (um sidebar now that we know the truth about cheating-gate this is so deep yike)
  2. “The chef is actually a family friend of a family friend, so I practically know him.”
  3. “Hey!  MC is trying to talk!  So listen up!”  (thx for having my back when noone else did sis u and becca are probs the best sorority sisters out there)
  4. “I just wanted to spend a few days on the beach, but noooo.  That was too much to ask!!”
  5. “We called an Uber.  Who cares?”

anyway…,,,we are truly not worthy….,,,of this kweendt….,,,,pls don’t let her die….,,,Michelle Nguyen IS Endless Summer….,,the endt


She’s asleep, and I finally finished homework and preparing for tomorrow. But can we talk about this, can we talk about how effortlessly beautiful she is. I’m sleepy and sad that I can’t hold her tonight. 🦋


is it just me or got Emily her “Beth hair” back? her hair is waaay longer since the beginning of 2015, cause look at her last appearance in 2014.

also her blonde color is definately more bright,

of course there is the possibility, she did it because she likes it this way, but the little Beth supporter/believer in me thinks it has something to do with TWD.

can’t help it.

- Melina

Can we talk about how beautiful she is? She’s even more perfect in person. I’m in heaven right now🙌🏻 It was a long day of trains and subways but I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it means meeting her again💕
I can barely function right now but I’ll attempt to tell yall what happened even though I barely remember. I have to watch the video again (I’ll post it soon). When we got to the store there was an hour left until she was coming so we just sat on the couch. I wasn’t facing the door but I was almost positive she was going to come through the front. Around 2 a guy walks in and says something and points behind him. In my head I’m like the Queen is here and she was. She walked in and my heart stopped and my face lit up. She said hi and stuff and then she went to go talk to the people that work in the store. After a few minutes they were ready for pics and stuff. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I said hi and stuff and told her my name and Twitter (she knew who I was😭). I told her about @maksyls too. She signed my picture and then she hugged me and we took a picture (a photographer was there so I’m waiting for those to come). I’ve been waiting for a hug from her for over a year now, that’s the best hug I’ve ever had. We took more pictures and then I told her I’m coming to SOI so I’ll see her again. I’m excited for that because hopefully I’ll be less nervous and talk more. The best things in life are worth waiting for… I’m eternally grateful for this day💕