Can we take a moment to appreciate Mob’s voice actor?
This boy appeared out of nowhere with only 1 previous role as a character that spoke for like a minute, and he suddenly got called to be the MAIN PROTAGONIST. I dont know much about seiyuu work but this seems highly improbable to ever happen, much less in a series with this quality (there’s goddamn Oil painting), stress 100%.
Not even WE trusted this decision, we never heard this guy! how were we supposed to know if he would capture the deadpan essence of mob!.
And somehow, with all this pressure, he managed to be the cinnamon roll we all wanted.
He’ll probably get more jobs now! he might get famous! his career will advance!
I just
I really appreciate Itou Setsuo

There’s something nice about when the person you’re with doesn’t mind your love for capturing moments and the beauty around you. Someone you adore who isn’t bothered by you taking pictures of them during your favorite adventures. No groaning or complaining when I want to take a picture.

My fiance thanked me today for always documenting our memories with photos and keeping them organized so we can look back whenever we want and re-live times we’ve shared. It’s so good for me to have someone who appreciates that aspect of how I am, because I love the nature of documenting joys. Never forced, always candid, just keeping it so we never forget. Some moments you should only live, be fully present in, and not ruin by whipping out a device. Others, it’s part of creating and preserving your experiences to share. Glad I can feel free to do that.

Day 4, Wind. And just four hours late (and yes, that means it’s 4am here). I had this image in mind from the very beginning. And I like it, maybe I’ll even make a proper picture out of it one day. Change, Freedom, Growth. And some weird stylized cloud-wing-thingies. And of course this time the liner smeared when I started applying water. Why? I used the same combination of liner and paper for the past few pictures…? So the day in Elysia became a bit more cloudy.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how adorable they are in their oversized clothes? Thanks.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable you are?