All those people shitting on Jackson for ‘shading JYP’ and ‘betraying GOT7′ for releasing his own song. That clip is literally from a JYP collab that he performed at JYP Nation. 

Lmao all Jackson does is support GOT7 and JYP, I don’t understand why people think he’s going to betray them just because he’s famous in China? Jinyoung does his own thing with MCing and dramas, BamBam has his own restaurant and MC’s on shows and performs solo in Thailand sometimes, Yug, Youngjae and JB all have their own soundclouds/songs. Mark receives only support when he does variety on his own. 

So why is there this double standard where Jackson always held accountable for participating in outside projects? People thinking he’s ‘betraying GOT7 and JYP’… You do realise that most of the money he makes working his ass off goes to JYP and what remains gets shared with the other members (as per contract). Yes he’s getting famous but he’s also helping make GOT7 more popular overseas which is exactly what JYP want as they are marketed as an international group.

He is literally just trying to please fans and make people happy so can we PLEASE stop making drama out of EVERYTHING he does?

Why do I like the new Ghost in The Shell movie?

Let’s begin with something easy~

Firstly - the awesomeness of cardes and music = the delicious looking and smelling food

The technical side is just amazing. Each point of scene is like a masterpiece. Wherever you look on the screen, there is something interesting and colourful. I wish I could stop some scenes and looked closely in the background. Especially with the street scenes. Give me my sweet hologram fish! I want them at home!

And music, it was ideal. When I need to, I hear it clearly, and when it need to be at the background It was and I pay less attention to it, but more to something else, which was more important in that scenes. But every time music affected on me and what I feel.

Secondly - the plot/the new meal

The first part of movie was just… new, haha. I was sceptic and they did a lot of things different than anime or old movies. But when things started to look a little bit alike the old ones I relaxed and drown in the movie. There were still many aspects that had done in another way, but they were (and are) deliberate! I’ll say it out loud - THE MOVIE EXPLAINS THE PLOT BETTER THAT THE OLD ONE. I so much appreciated it, because many of people that will go to cinema didn’t watch the anime and if new movie was just the live-action of animated versions, they probably wouldn't​ understand any of it… Thunderous applause for the newness in the plot! I’m so thankful for them, especially the scene with tea in the apartment - it was sweet present for fans ❤️

Thirdly - The Whitewashing Case

God, that’s why I don’t like people - they see problems everywhere, even if they aren’t there. I want just to say one thing - calm the fuck down… please. The freaking movie is all about whitewashing, THIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR (hehe) MATTERS! Can we stop looking for drama?

~Here comes the SPOILER~

Major had been a Japanese girl named Motoko before project (Asian girl plays her in flashbacks!), but after it she became white and Hanka called her Mira, so she was brainwashed and whitewashed in new movie…

Again - calm the fuck down freaks

I’m going to feed the dogs, 

Zombie (realapocalyse)

Psychopath (psychopathsheaven)

Can we stop pretending that drama is exclusive to the younger demographic here? Sure, I’ve had bad experiences with younger people, I’m in my mid-20s and I was verbally attacked and threatened by a 14 year old girl who was jealous of my friendship with her ‘crush’. But some of the most manipulative, attention grabbing behaviour I’ve seen has come from people over the age of, say, 35. There are batshit crazy people in all ages on this site.

The Mukamis help me make homemade chicken and dumpling soup with cornbread.

Ruki: Well done livestock your master is pleased with you.

Yuma: Did ya add lots of vegetables from my garden? It won’t be the same without em sow!

Kou: Ah I can’t wait to eat all of the dumplings and cornbread Neko Chan~

Yuma: Fuck you Kou, you’ll get the same as everyone else!
Kou: You always give me less Yuma!

Yuma: This ain’t true. You always sneak food beforehand Kou!!!

Ruki: Can we stop with the drama at the dinner table please.


people need to stop thinking theyre better then everyone else & they need to stop bragging. were all shitheads that love taylor can we stop this drama and be nice to eachother and remember that the album drops in 18 days

Please guys, can we stop with all the damn drama and just enjoy the fact that our favorite show is returning? This more than likely is the final season, so let’s try to have fun and not make it a miserable experience. Discussing is one thing, but being mean or nasty towards others is another thing. I am tired of hearing it’s the Gillovny side or the “Gorgan” side causing the issues. No, it’s both. When you make demeaning comments directed at someone else, you are perpetuating the problem. It might seem like fun or that it allows you to blow off some steam, but it hurts someone else’s feelings. Whether they let on that it does or not. A lot of us have thick skin and can put on a good front, but in reality it bothers you when it’s directed at you. We’re only human after all. And it hurts to see others treating each other that way too. I try to stay away from it and to scroll past it or to unfollow certain people, but inevitably it creeps up like a disease that’s infected our fandom. Enough is enough already.

And for the love of all that is holy, can everyone ignore the anons trying to stir up trouble? Recognize it for what it is, block them, delete that shit, or turn your anons off. None of us need it in our lives and they are being mean to you and others. Feeding into it only gives them the attention that they want. I am all for anon messages when it’s used in the right way (I have mine turned on for that reason), but it has a negative effect when you allow it to. So anons, feel free to come to my inbox and discuss. But drama - - stay far, far away. 🙌🏻❌


Yongguk stated it clearly that “called Himchan fat like pig isn’t best choice. I’d say he becomes healthier”

He said that he want Himchan to do a little diet. Just a little diet!!
He never said that He want to see Himchan starve himself or he looks bad.
he said that he want to see the best of Himchan!
Tell me what’s wrong with his words or his intention?! Does it sound like he insult himchan?!

Ok! I’ll give you the summary of Yongguk interview if your brain can’t read it what he actually mean.

There are two things that Yongguk said:
1) Himchan becomes healthier
2) Yongguk want Himchan bring his best because he knows himchan is BAP visual.

Now, can we stop this drama now?

Ps: don’t call me fatphobic cz I’m and my entire family are above BMI average

We are so fucking lucky to have Taylor invite FANS to her house and play music for us can we stop causing unnecessary drama??? Why would you guys ever want to lose the trust we have with Taylor when we are beyond lucky to have her in the first place….

BTS as things that already happened to my family in 2017

Seokjin: my older sister parking at a stop sign so we can “stop” our drama and “drop” our attitudes 

Yoongi: my dad taking a nap and then waking up to realize that he was an hour late for picking up my little sister from school

Hoseok: my mom almost falling down when she was trying to do a dance workout on the treadmill

Namjoon: me breaking my new laptop that i got for christmas fml

Jimin: my older sister spending two hours trying to find corresponding outfits for the photoshoot we were going to the next day 

Taehyung: me almost cutting off a police officer and hitting a teacher’s car because i was jamming out to ion”s very very very too hard

Jungkook: my brother breaking his toilet seat by just sitting on it in the morning

Can we stop labelling this as “drama” cause that helps people to make it seem trivial and fun and like it’s a band thing… Why don’t we call it “defending a victim of extreme psychological bullying”


I am really seriously tired of all this negativity, so let me make a quick (well, sort of) recap of all the good things we got recently starting from July :)

  •  They went to the dentist together
  •  COMIC CON (her shushing him adorably in the begining of the interview, the iphone case, her holding his hand while he held the iphone case,their smiles, the love in their eyes, THE HAND HOLDING, him walking besides her brother, sharing the same bag(?) her staring at him and the obvious eye sex at the boat interview, the candid pics taken during the signing with  Ian whispering in Nina’s ear and her smiling)
  • Ian water splashing Nina :)
  • Nina’s mom posting a picture of Moke next to a painting in Nina’s house
  • Ian and Nina both taking pics in the same trailer
  • him congratulating her on her cosmo cover and her thanking him ‘Smouldy :)))“
  • Nina congratulating Ian on his award and taking his pic
  • nina and Ian tweeting each other 
  • BIRTHING LITTLE NEITZCHES AT 3 AM and Julie asking both of them for a puppy and Nina’s mom saying she cant wait to come and see the puppies
  • Oh and Ian saying OUR house
  • mama dobrev saying that Ian and Nina were her first birthday call
  • TVD 100th party where they hug, she bumps his shoulder, his hand on her, candid pic with them standing closely
  • her cousin wishing him a happy birthday, and let’s not talk about mama dobrev’s tweet to her future son in law <3
  • Ian and the ripped cosmo cover.
  • sharing hats and bracelets and just last week Ian holding Nina’s bad at the airport in china
  • still having the same stylist
  • Nina calling Ian cute on twitter
  • hanging out togeth and being spotted after TVD 100th episode party and another verified sighting a while before at a club in atlanta
  • THE NUMEROUS sighting, which yeah some of them are likely to be fake but come on CAN ALL OF THOSE BE LYING, there are too many
  • oh and Ian’s brther calling Nina "sister”
  • How Ian keeps telling the story of the elephant ear in season 3 at cons

so Thank God for all that. and yes, I’m sure something’s changed because they used to be glues to the hip. but I just know insha Allah those two will be publicly together and in love like they used to be, because you can’t tell me that after all of that that they are “just friends” . I don’t know what is going on with them, but to me they are obviously still in love. and can we please stop with the drama. they are allowed to have friends from the opposite sex , I AM JUST SAYING!

feel free to tell me if I misse anything ;)

KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE GUYS, insha Allah we’ll get something that will be added to this list soon and that will prove furthermore that nian and far from done. who knows we might even get a Nian confirmation soon, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE GUYS, ALWAYS.