lol guys can we stop acting like d+p are gonna die if they go on the us tour? they wouldn’t have agreed to do 3 months of dates and add a few more if they didn’t think they could handle it. plus they are healthy men in their mid to late 20s whose bodies can handle touring around. they are clearly excited for this tour, as are the people who are going to see them, and for a good reason!! they will be fine and they’re going to have a great time!! i know it’s easy to worry about them but i promise they’ll be happy and healthy doing this, there’s no need to cause a fuss :’)

hey guys

Can you guys do me a favor and go report confessionstobottomschmidt for me? The entire blog is totally disgusting, and it needs to be removed immediately. Nobody should have the right to make a hate page for someone who just wants to enjoy their time on Tumblr. Please, respect everyone’s choices on here. That’s all I ask. Thank you.


Hotel King - episode 03 -

oh, boy, y’all better strap in for a long one, because this ended up being huge. it’s practically an essay. sorry about that. but there’s just one tiny little thing i want to complain about.

so i’ve been part of the angband fandom for a couple years now, and i love the angband fandom, i think it’s great and full of really talented really cool people, and i respect the hell out of all the people who put so much work into creating content for the angband fandom. but i do have a tiny little problem with some of the stuff that goes on among us. 

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can I just say. if this was any other job, any other person, she would be fired immediately. you don’t see any other professionals, on the OL crew or not, ranting and telling lies about their co-workers in a public forum, do you? nepotism at it’s finest, my friends.

now can we go back to enjoying these two lovebirds, pretty please? 

Just a little PSA

just because I love the Emperor!Hux AU where Ren is his slave (for a while anyway) it does not mean I picture Ren as a weak crybaby that lets anybody do anything to him.

I like all my boys strong, angry and violent covered in scars, marks and blood and I refuse to picture Kylo in any other way. He might be a slave but he is not having any of anyone’s shit. Hux included. He’d rather give everyone hell and die than sink that low.

Hux would punish him if Kylo went too far but most of the time he finds it amusing.

As for the skimpy clothes - Kylo in fact loves to wear them because believe it or not he feels more powerful that way. He is aware of his good looks and he knows very well what he does to Hux and everyone around. And it pleases him even more knowing that nobody but Hux can touch him.

So yeah.

I love “I don’t give a fuck” Slave!Kylo.

I am not upset that Darren is playing a straight role, in both the movie and in AHS. I am glad he is getting a gig on a very popular show and I will be happy for him no matter what he does. No one should expect him to play a certain role in anything. No one here is allowed to say what he can and cannot do because we are not Darren, his manager, or casting directors. 

I am worried that he is overworking himself. I am worried that he is not in the loop about his own career. I am worried that he has literally no control over anything that has been happening. I am worried that he is being pushed over and ignored because he’s so nice and willing. 

No one has the right to claim what a “true fan” is because there is no such thing. Everyone is entitled to their own reactions, but that doesn’t entitle you to say that your reaction is the right one. And that does not mean you can bully someone who has different opinions. 

So stop fighting. Stop with the false entitlement. Stop with the anon hate. It’s petty and it’s turning people into drama queens. Talk to other people in a civil manner. Realize that anon hate accomplishes nothing. Notice that in the grand scheme of things our small opinions mean nothing and are unlikely to make a difference. 

Please stop the drama. 

can we all please be nicer and stop the drama in the phandom? there’s so much fighting and none of it needs to happen! I’ve seen so many people saying they want to leave or just getting upset and that’s not why we’re here, is it? to upset people? we are here because we love dan and phil and we want to share that with others. so why aren’t we doing that?

If you don’t like phan then don’t ship it, if you do then ship it respectfully. have an opinion that you know is going to anger or upset people? don’t say it or go on an opinion blog to vent. if you don’t like a blogger or want to say something mean about them, just unfollow instead (you can do that, you know).

It really isn’t that hard to let things go and leave people be, and if we did the phandom would be a much better place for everyone. remember, just don’t take things too far and make the phandom fun again. happy easter ✨


Yongguk stated it clearly that “called Himchan fat like pig isn’t best choice. I’d say he becomes healthier”

He said that he want Himchan to do a little diet. Just a little diet!!
He never said that He want to see Himchan starve himself or he looks bad.
he said that he want to see the best of Himchan!
Tell me what’s wrong with his words or his intention?! Does it sound like he insult himchan?!

Ok! I’ll give you the summary of Yongguk interview if your brain can’t read it what he actually mean.

There are two things that Yongguk said:
1) Himchan becomes healthier
2) Yongguk want Himchan bring his best because he knows himchan is BAP visual.

Now, can we stop this drama now?

Ps: don’t call me fatphobic cz I’m and my entire family are above BMI average

I’m going to write things where the music is large enough on a gestural level to carry dramatic weight, as opposed to let’s all stop having drama for a moment so we can sing a song… You can’t stop that music easily and get back into people talking, you gotta then let that music finish all the way to the conclusion of that moment, and that can take a long time for something to resolve, something like One Second and A Million Miles in bridges

All right, can we please stop bringing up old Gerard and Mikey drama (the cheating rumors and “Gerard is shady as fuck!” have made a comeback) to justify Bob’s rude tweets over the past few years, as well as coming up with theories that the brothers terrorized him while he was in MCR? Seriously, one day everyone dislikes Bob, criticizes “family breakfast,” and feels sorry for the Way brothers. The next day, people are saying that Bob is innocent, “family breakfast” isn’t that bad, and the Way brothers are probably assholes. If you want to support Bob, that’s your business, but please stop dredging up these old accusations. The fact is, making them look bad doesn’t make him look good.



Game of Thrones leads the Emmys with 24 award nominations.

Are you kidding me? 

“You want a good girl but you need the pad pussy” got an Outstanding Writing nomination? 

 The director of the episode Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (in which Sansa is raped, the most critically despised episode in the whole series) got an Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series nomination?

Also can we please stop licking Emilia Clarke’s and Peter Dinklage’s shoes? They were nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress again. They were just ok this season. Nothing too special. I’m waiting for an award for Sophie Turner. Alfie Allen. Stephen Dillane. Literally anyone else.

Can we please admit that this is a barely tolerable show with hideous writing? Can we please stop throwing free awards to those 2 fuckwards?