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I'm sorry in advance. So... Shiro, Allura, and Ryou threeway; thoughts?

i contemplated just deleting this ask because it made me really uncomfortable and i honestly can’t tell if you’re joking, but since you asked for my thoughts here it is:

Ryou is Shiro’s clone, and human clones occur naturally, and when they do they’re called identical twins. so to me, this means Ryou is Shiro’s twin brother. that’s the closest irl analogy i can think of for their dynamic. Ryou and Shiro have different personalities; they are self-evidently two different people with different thoughts/feelings/reactions. hence: they are twin brothers.

so to me a Shiro/Allura/Ryou threeway is incest, since it would involve two brothers being in a sexual situation with each other. so no, i don’t think it’s particularly sexy or appealing. it’s just kinda weird to me.

and since we’re on the subject, lemme just add that i have known twins in real life who got propositioned for threesomes because people weirdly sexualise identical twins and for some strange reason think they’d be dtf with each other??? i mean you realise you’re basically saying “what if Shiro and his twin brother, to whom he is related, both decided to fuck Allura at the same time” which glides right past the issue of them being brothers who maybe might feel weird and grossed out by that whole scenario, idk just a hot take there.

i’m confused about how exactly this scenario would play out, like… are we saying Allura is so shallow she’d just grab both Shiros and add them to her harem cos hey - he’s just a pretty dick to ride, amiright? or does she say to Shiro “hey why don’t we ask your brother to join us in bed, wink wink” and Shiro goes “sure babe that sounds super hot and not at all weird that you would like to fuck with my identical twin brother as well as me and i’ll be in the bed with him while the two of you are going at it because that’s a totally normal thing that siblings do with each other, i’ll give him a call” like i’m just

i don’t understand the question and i really, really don’t want you to repeat it

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People should just stop shipping rl people... It's just gross, fetishising and dehumanising, they aren't fictional characters, they're real people

honestly when i say ‘i ship ___’ what i mean is i like their friendship, their interactions, how they take care of each other etc. i’ve always tried my best to stay away from fetishizing and i absolutely hate it when ‘shipping’ is taken too far. i think this whole thing should strictly stay inside the fandom and we shouldn’t say gross, dehumanizing things… like “i bet ___ and ___ f#ck every night.” you know…