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Nr. 172

Amy tries to close the door quietly, but she lets go of the handle too soon and the door slams mercilessly.

“Oops,” she giggles.

“Amy!” Sheldon calls her. He has entered the room and turned on the light, “It’s very late. What are you- You are drunk!” He realizes at last.  

She bites her lips “No! I’ve just had a drink or two with the lab guys,” she says, “We found out how… wait, I know that.”

Sheldon raises his eyebrows, but Amy continues, “You know that! We discovered… the stuff in the brain that does that stuff, you know?” She makes a big smile and puppy eyes, and almost stumbles in her own legs.

He rushes to offer his support, but she refuses, “I don’t need it, I’m fine,” she insists.

“No, you are not,” Sheldon retorts, “You’d better admit it and let me help you.”

“No, no, I’m proving you I’m not drunk. I’m reciting you your wedding vows by heart!” She offers.

“My wedding vows?” Sheldon is surprised, “How can you…?”

Amy wiggles her hips with a naughty smile, “I peeked…”

“Amy!” He scolds her again, but she circles the couch and solemnly declaims, “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” She abruptly interrupts to gracelessly collapse on the sofa.

Sheldon sighs, and moves to reach her. “I am greatly disappointed by you right now,” he says as he offers the hand again, “However, I’m going to help you undress and go to bed.”

“Ooh, you want to get me into bed!” Amy says with an attempt of seductive tone, “Oh, wait! We already sleep together. We’re getting married!” She exclaims then like she had just found out it.

Sheldon shakes his head, but he also smiles, amused. As far as he disapproves of her behaviour, he does enjoy her drunken candor.

“Yeah, we’re getting married,” he confirms, “so would you please trust your fiancé and let him bring you safely to bed?”

Amy melts in another big smile and nods, finally taking his hand. Sheldon helps her stand, but she immediately falls into his arms. He soon realizes there’s only a way to cut things short.

In one swift move, he picks her up. She quickly grabs his neck, and rests her head on his shoulder, “See, I am even training to carry you across the threshold on our first night…” Sheldon jokes.

Cautiously, he tries to move with her toward the bedroom. She closes her eyes, and murmurs, “I knew you could lift me like this…”

They arrive at the bed, and he gently lays her down. Amy has essentially fallen asleep, but she keeps talking, “… since the moment I first laid eyes on you, and this is the one thing I know with absolute certainty….”

“That’s right,” he says, starting to get her shoes off.

Heh, so I was quickly re-reading FRLG arc because I need to keep reading it to delude myself that it’s an okay arc, and surprisingly, I really do like that Yellow is still portrayed to be capable of fighting against Team Rocket.

It’s just so strange because I just recently re-read GSC and it feels like her character got shoehorned to the sidelines until the last few chapters. FRLG makes an attempt at showcasing about what we loved about Yellow.

She’s derpy, she’s funny, she’s got heart, and she is just as capable as other Dexholders.

So… when did the fandom start portraying her as weak… and why are all the fanfictions of her literally copy-paste fics of Yellow wanting Red to notice her, but she can’t confess, type of shmick? It’s just there’s this strange sharp disconnect from manga Yellow and fandom Yellow that it really irks me the wrong way.

There’s more to Yellow than trying to be the MC’s love interest, ffs.

I mean, here’s the literal translation of what Sird/Saque said against Yellow


#Do you ever cry because emma swan #little lost girl who cried herself to sleep every night #who didn’t think she’d ever matter #now has a huge family that love her so much #a man that has literally gone to different realms for her and is always choosing her above anything else #people who refuse to stop believing in her ##because i do #frequently  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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What do you think about Chyler's character leaving the show to be with Maggie? That's the solution Mr. Kreisberg was talking in an interview a few days back?

Hey ;) Sorry for the delay. I didn’t have much time these past few days.

First, I’ve never EVER seen or heard of that interview. The fandom would have exploded if he had said that so I personally don’t think it exists. If you’ve seen it, link please.

Second, Flo isn’t leaving. Her status went from regular to reccurent. It means she won’t be in ALL the episodes. It doesn’t mean she will disappear. Now, what Jennifer (I think that’s her name) said at SDCC, I think it was a matter of poor wording. It doesn’t mean she is leaving. I believe if we show our support to Maggie and Sanvers, we can have her back as Regular for Season 4. If, and only if, they decide to integrate her in the main plot (if you’ve seen the BTS pictures, maybe we can have that) and add more to the character than The Girlfriend™. Maybe have some background ? I know as a reccurent it would be tricky to have that last point but one can hope right ? If you go check the tag sanversliveson or notoveryet (same posts in the two tags) on our blog, you will see I already answered to a few asks about how her change of status can be handeled pretty well if they choose to do a good story. 

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Third … Chyler leaving ? She’s the second lead of the show ! And for me she always was the first. She’s the only one who can bring fans to watch Supergirl ! (Ok Katie might too but this is not the subject of this blog). Yes, I’ve always watched for Alex since the 1st episode. Anyway, I don’t see her leaving at all. They need Chyler. And with the mess of the other day, they need her more than ever. Sooo … Viva Chyler !

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I’ll leave you on these good words …

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Mother's Day

Hinata Uzumaki never thought of herself as extraordinary, sure she was the wife of the Hokage and the mother of two wonderful children, but she was quite humble. She never bragged or boasted about her family, she was just proud that she had such a wonderful one. Her family was truly the greatest gift she had ever had.

Hinata was aware of the upcoming holiday, but didn’t give it much thought. She and Himawari were tending to the garden Thursday afternoon when she asked, “Mama, what do you want for Mother’s Day?”

Hinata smiled fondly at her daughter, “Not a thing Hima. You, Boruto and your father are the best gifts I could ask for.”

These words were true. Hinata was happy and proud to be a mother, she didn’t expect to be showered with gifts because she and Naruto chose to become parents. Moments like these is what being a mother is all about.

Himawari nodded and continued picking weeds, they had started to take over the garden. As she picked she had an idea, but kept it tucked in the back of her mind.

The next question about Mother’s Day came from her son early Friday morning. Boruto had a mission that would last a few days so Hinata was helping him prepare some food when suddenly he asked, “Hey mom, I know I’m going to be gone during Mother’s Day, so can I get you something while I’m out of the village?”

Hinata finished the last touches on rice balls that looked very similar to her teen son and put a loving hand in his back, “No Boruto but thank you, I don’t want you to get me anything.”

He almost began to protest but his mother had packed the food and handed it to him, “Go on, you’ll be late.”

He looked at the package, then at his mother. Maybe he knew what to get her after all. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and promised to return home soon.

Late Friday night she lay awake in bed reading a book when her husband stumbled in. Naruto was very tired and fell face first onto the bed without even taking his clothes off. “Love me” he said through the mattress.

“Get your pajamas on and I will.” She giggled

Naruto went to the closet and did as he was told, returning in this boxers and a torn up white t shirt. Hinata gestured him to sit with his back to her in bed. Once he say she rubbed his back thoroughly, getting rid of knots and aches he didn’t even know he had. “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” He almost moaned.

Hinata added some chakra to her hands to deepen the massage. “Nothing, just for my family to be happy.”

“Are you sure? You don’t want to get dinner or-” he was suddenly cut off by her hands hitting a very tender spot in the middle of his back.

“Hush now and let me take care of my husband.” She said. Naruto wanted to fight back but she was making it increasingly more difficult with each movement of her hands.

As his eyelids grew heavy, he thought of something that just might be the perfect gift. He smiled just before he fell asleep.

The next day was perfectly normal. Naruto was late as usual, so he grabbed some breakfast before running out of the door. Himawari and Hinata didn’t do anything spectacular besides finally getting rid of all the weeds in the garden. Most Saturdays were uneventful at their house, but something a bit odd did happen that day.

Hinata was preparing lunch for herself and Himawari when someone knocked on the door. Upon answering it she discovered her old team mates.

“Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, it’s nice to see you,” she smiled, hugging the two men and patting the large dog. “Would you like to come in? I was just preparing lunch.”

“Nah that’s okay, thanks though.” Kiba said ruffling her short locks. “Where are the kiddos?”

“Boruto is on a mission right now, but Himawari is in the yard.”

“Mind if we steal her for a bit?”

Hinata gave Kiba an odd look. It wasn’t unusual for the kids to go on small adventures with their uncles, but she felt he was up to something.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been able to spend some time with her, we just wanted to take her to get some lunch, maybe see a movie.” Shino finally spoke, “we can have her back before dinner tonight.”

He was right, it had been at least a month before either child had spent some quality time with their uncles. Shino was never the mischievous type, so she had more trust in his intentions.

Himawari, who had actually been hiding in the nearby closet this whole time, jumped out and ran to her uncles, jumping into Kiba’s arms and holding on tight. “Please mama? Pleeeeease?” She begged with her best puppy dog eyes. Kiba and Akamaru even joined in, giving Hinata pleading eyes, they began to whine like puppies. Shino rolled his eyes but Hinata couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay fine, but be back before dinner I’m serious. And no riding on Akamaru! He’s getting old and you’re getting too big for that.”

Akamaru barked in protest but Hinata have him a stern look. He backed down instantly. He refused to accept he was getting too old and frail to give piggy back rides.

Himawari nodded vigorously. “I promise mama! Can I go now?”

Hinata smiled and ruffled her daughters hair, “okay you can go now. Be good!” She yelled since the group began to run off as soon as she said okay.

Hinata rolled her eyes and went back to the kitchen to eat her lunch. She hadn’t planned on Himawari leaving, so now she was left with stir fry for two. She knew she wouldn’t be able to eat all of this on her own, so she packed it all up and decided to go have lunch with her husband.

As she departed the house she smiled to herself, it had been months since she and Naruto had lunch together. As she walked she took in the day, enjoying the early spring sun and breeze. The walk to the Hokage tower was pleasant, but she was more looking forward to her lunch.

She arrived at the tower when she was greeted by Shikamaru. “Hey Hinata, what are you doing here?” He hadn’t seen her in a long time so he gave her a curious look.

“Boruto is on a mission and Himawari is out with Kiba and Shino so I thought Naruto-kun and I would have lunch together.” She smiled excitedly

Shikamaru began scratching the back of his head. “I’m sorry Hinata but Naruto isn’t here. It’s troublesome really, he left me with all his paper work.”

“Oh.” She whispered defeated. “Do you know where he is by chance?” She hoped maybe she would be able to find him

“No, he didn’t say where he was going, but I can tell you he won’t be home till late, he has a lot of work that needs to be done once he gets back.”

Hinata bowed thanked him for his help. The entire walk home she felt somber. Boruto was out on a mission, her husband was nowhere to be found, and Himawari was out doing god knows what with Kiba and Shino. Her appetite began to fade, she felt too sad to eat. Today was very strange, and she wondered what was going on.

She arrived home and placed the food in the refrigerator with plans to hear it up for dinner. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a scrap of paper on the counter. She picked it up and it read “Mama, some new puppies were born at uncle Kiba’s. He asked me to stay to help take care of them and their mom. I promise I’ll be home tomorrow! Love, Hima and Kiba.” The note was definitely her handwriting, and there was no question that the signatures were her and Kiba’s, even Akamaru left a large paw print in the note.

Hinata sat and sighed, nothing she could do about it now, besides she was happy her daughter could help the Inuzuka’s in such an important way. Though she was glad, sadness couldn’t help but creep over her. The house had never been this silent or empty before. It reminded her of life at the compound before she and her family began to get along.

Suddenly she got up, she refused to sit around and mope. The house was empty, so she tried to ignore the sad feeling and decided to clean the house. She spent the rest of the after noon and a large chunk of the night sweeping, dusting, mopping and polishing in every room of the house. Busy hands kept her distracted, and by the time she was done she had a great feeling of accomplishment. The house was absolutely spotless, and even though she knew no thank you would come from anybody, this was part of what being a wife and mother was about, and though it was exhausting, she loved every minute of it.

She finally sat down with a cup of tea and relaxed a bit. It was getting late and she was getting tired, but as she sipped her hot beverage her mind began to wander. Was Boruto doing well on his mission? Was Himawari in bed by now? Was Naruto doing is work? She missed all of them, she liked hearing their voices, or even just knowing they were there in the house with her.

Sadness began to creep over her yet again so she knew now would be the best time to go to sleep. She went upstairs and quickly changed into one of Naruto’s shirts. Once she laid in bed she realized just how tired she was and fell asleep almost instantly. Little did she know there was much in store for her tomorrow.

Hinata awoke the next morning, immediately looking to the other side of the bed. To her dismay Naruto wasn’t there, but there was a note. “Honey, so sorry I’m not here, but Shikamaru said I had to come in early to finish that work. You were resting Hopefully I will be home at a decent hour tonight. Love, Naruto.” Hinata frowned slightly, she wished she could spend some time with him and she was sure he forgot it was Mother’s Day.

Disregarding the note Hinata rose out of bed to start the day. Still wearing her husbands shirt she went down stairs, following the scent of cinnamon that filled the house. She thought that was very odd considering nobody was home.

As she reached her kitchen the smell remained, but there was nothing there and nobody was in sight. She decided to go to the backyard, thinking the smell was coming from another house that was cooking. When she reached the back yard she had the shock of her life.

The yard had at least three new plots which all had beautiful flowers of all colors planted. Hinata’s mouth was wide open, she couldn’t believe it. She walked over to the flowers to observe them when there was a tap on her shoulder. She turned, there stood Himawari with a proud smile on her face and Boruto, holding a large pan of fresh cinnamon rolls.

“Boruto? Himawari?” She said as tears pooled in her eyes.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” They both exclaimed with large grins.

She ran to her children and wrapped her arms around both of them tight. Himawari wrapped her arms around her mothers waist while Boruto held one away from her to keep the rolls from falling, and the other went on top of her head. Hinata cried, “This was so unbelievably sweet of you two. Thank you so much.”

After a few minutes of hugging the three broke apart and went inside to eat the cinnamon rolls. As they ate Boruto admitted that he wasn’t on a mission, but was in fact at Mitsuki’s house for the weekend. The two tried multiple times to make the rolls from scratch before finally succeeding. He told his mother he was sorry for lying, but she quickly reassured him that he was forgiven, and that he and Mitsuki had done a wonderful job.

Himawari was also guilty of lying to her mother. She told her about how Akamaru and Uncles Kiba and Shino were in on the plan, and the four spent the afternoon picking out flowers. The lie about the puppies was Kiba’s idea, and he knew it would hit Hinata’s soft spot. One of Shino’s beetles kept and eye on the house, and once she was asleep they all got to work. Kiba and Akamaru dug up the earth to make the plots, then Himawari planted the flowers and placed the dirt back, and to finish it off Shino’s beetles helped to fertilize the soil. Himawari apologized, but just like her brother she was easily forgiven.

The three talked and laughed throughout their breakfast, this was truly a wonderful Mother’s Day. Hinata sighed after finishing her second roll, “I wish your father was here.”

Boruto and Himawari looked at each other and started giggling. Hinata shot her children a curious look. “What are you two laughing about?”

“Your wish has come true.” A voice suddenly whispered in her ear.

Hinata turned around and saw her husband with his typical goofy grin on his face. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around him “Naruto-kun I’m so glad you’re here.”

Naruto held his wife tight, slowly putting her back on her feet. “Now I know you said no gifts, but I couldn’t not get the most amazing wife and mother in the whole world something.” He began to pull something out of his back pocket, “So I took off some time yesterday to find you the perfect gift and I finally found it.” He placed the long velvety box in her hands, “Happy Mother’s Day Hinata.”

Hinata opened the blue box and tear immediately pooled in her eyes. It was a silver necklace with a diamond heart in the center. Wrapped around edge the heart were two small bands, one with pink sapphires and the other with yellow garnet. The necklace symbolized the bond she had with her children, and to her it was perfect.

With teary eyes and shaky hands Hinata put the necklace around her neck. She then wrapped her arms around her husband and children. They all held each other in a group hug when Hinata said “Thank you honey, Boruto and Himawari. This was the most amazing Mother’s Day, you are all the most precious things in my life.” She placed kisses on her children’s heads and one on Naruto’s lips. “I love you all so much.”


One of the parents from their school started off a team and they asked me if I wanted to join, not realising that girls weren’t supposed to play in the same team as boys. So I went down there, I trained, and we suddenly realised there were no other girls, so I disguised myself and called myself ‘Ray’. I went to the barber shop with Lawrence and cut all my hair off, to the disgust of my mum when I walked back home, who was totally shocked that I’d, yeah, had an, I dunno, a grade 1 or 2 on my head. I wouldn’t do that again. But yeah, I think for me it was just about trying to, you know…football was what I loved, and if it meant that I had to pretend to be 'Ray’ to play football, then that was simple. I was gonna do that.


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yknow if we’re not actually gonna get pyrrha back next volume, i want a multitude of flashbacks about her. like, nora reminiscing about dragging her shopping or pyrrha trying to get her to study. and ren mentions one time she helped perfect a recipe or whatever. and ruby talks about how pyrrha always supported her as a leader. fuck, man, maybe even get weiss in there talking about how she always looked up to pyrrha and how she looked up to her even more after she actually got to know her

i just wanna see what pyrrha meant to everyone, i dont want her to be forgotten

Thoughts on FT482

On Erza & Jellal

Mashima is very cruel to Erza. I can’t remember another character suffer the same level of physical and mental torture like Erza. It hurt to see Erza being tortured so mercilessly again.   

I know with the torture scenes, Mashima shows us how tough Erza is, how she has grown to overcome her fear. And the way Kyouka treats Erza is consistent with her character setting. It’s also logical that Erza’s clothes get badly damage in these intense fights.  

But, to see Erza almost being stripped naked and being harassed sexually is still too much for me to like. Even without the nakedness and harassment, we can still feel Erza’s fighting spirit in this chapter when she kept fighting despite all the wounds she received. The nakedness and harassment may intensify readers emotions but I doubt that they are really necessary for the plot.  

What I like is that Mashima doesn’t let Jellal interfere Erza’s fight and let Erza fight her own battles. Let’s disregard how Erza wins here. My point is, she lives up to her title as Titania here. She’s a very fierce fighter and not giving up any chance of wining. It is really how Erza supposed to be and the Erza I like.

I’m very not okay with Mashima skipping the whole Jellal and Kagura interaction when Jellal woke up and just let them board the ship again like nothing bad happened before. Seriously? Is it really too much to ask for a few panels of them talking? And their issue can’t be solved simply by a CPR. I need and they need too a proper closure. 

Jellal is usually subtle about his feelings and emotions. So raged Jellal because Erza is badly hurt is really a precious and rare moment to show how important and dear Erza is to Jellal. The contrast also speaks volume on how utterly enraged Jellal is. Even in his fight against OS, Jellal is acting very composed and calm. But now, he’s shaking and we can already see his power leaking out from him already. I really want to see how he fight when he allows himself to go all out without holding back.

There’s a fan who mentioned that Jellal seeing Erza being tortured is similar to what happened in ToH. I totally agree. I think it really hurt Jellal too to see Erza in her current state. It could bring back his memories of little Erza being taken away and hurt and losing her eye because he failed to protect her. It will add more meaning to Jellal’s rage if Mashima could show the connection too.

It’s sudden that Erza’s past is now being brought up. I really never expect it to happen here since I always think that the focus will be on Kagura & Jellal relations. But anyway, I’m glad that Mashima brings this up. And better, I like that he hasn’t forgot about Erza and tries to make her relevant to Zeref more than her ToH past. But I wish that the focus of next chapter is on Jellal. And I repeat I seriously need closure for Jellal and Kagura too. I don’t mind Mashima giving us more information on this Eileen in the next chapter but I feel that Erza’s past can wait and be explained later in more detail.  

Some minor thoughts on other part of the chapter

I like the whole Gray & Lyon vs Ur. Gray doesn’t annoy me this time lol I actually like that he can face his past finally. And I think Gray & Lyon may break historia in a way similar to Erza’s.

But I would be happier if Mashima spared some panels here for Jellal & Kagura instead.

Meredy looks very cute. And can we have her fight back and win? 

Poor Wendy.

I agree 100% with what Laxus said.

Again, really eager to find out what will happen in next chapter. I’m also wishing for Jellal on the color front so that I can see the color of his now clothes lol And is it too much to hope for a Jerza? I don’t think we ever have a Jerza on a chapter front before. Correct me if I’m wrong.