asoue netflix thoughts:

(disclaimer: i’m with the minority who believe the over-arching mystery of the series including all the background adult vfd members is not only fascinating but necessary to make the later reveals and overall series work. i’m also a little biased bc i’m heavily invested in the history/mystery surrounding the fire-fighting side of the schism. that aside, this will be a shit post as i’m excited and incoherent.) 

  • every mention of beatrice (and bertrand) cleared my skin
  • warburton humanized lemony for me; where he was once an abstract concept narrating from a distance he’s more fleshed out, and wonderfully captures the tone of lemony
  • tl;dr he made me like lemony
  • lemony running from the authorities is a+ also i like how he fucks off without regard to all the evidence hes leaving behind lmao
  • i deeply relate to lemony in how i, too, suffer over beatrice
  • “NOBODY ASKED YOU” - edgar poe, a true icon
  • takes after his mother queen eleanora of the daily punctilio 
  • count olaf being a petty bitch is everything to me
  • shirley st. ives is T H I C C hot damn yas mami bring it
  • jacquelyn (!!!) and gustav running around in the background trying to right wrongs and get the baudelaires to their rightful destination is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR
  • where i was once frustrated beyond belief that bad things kept happening to the baudelaires bc even vfd members seemed incompetent and stupid is one beef i had with the books
  • to see vfd members alerted to the fact that somethings wrong and then kicking ass + taking names behind the scenes is GREAT and makes it seem more plausible 
  • I LOVE VFD MEMBERS POPPING OUT OF THE WOODWORK we get to SEE them instead of hearing about them after its too late
  • gustav is hot af??? and can get it anytime like damn daniel
  • lets pretend his death never happened 
  • which brings me to: 
  • is she kit snicket in disguise? she’s got blonde hair, has history with olaf, can beat his ass with one hand while he thanks her, etc
  • i could be wrong but let a girl live?? i’m thirsty for her at this point
  • ngl i fell for the whole baudelaire-turned-quagmire twist :(
  • i came out to ship beatrice/bertrand and i honestly feel so attacked rn
  • i was excited for the whole “beatrice & bertrand adventuretimes before dying tragically near the end of the series” thing like i imagined
  • it was heavily hinted that at least one baudelaire parent survived the fire
  • WHY COULDN’T YOU CATER 2 MY INTERESTS NETFLIX i was so captivated :(
  • i!👏 wanted!👏 exposition!👏 on! 👏 them! 👏 ughhh
  • no beatrice in a dragonfly costume at the masked ball? no bisexual beatrice making out with r, the duchess of winnepeg?? no beatrice stealing esme’s sugar bowl??? unfriended blocked and reported
  • will they even give us flashbacks of beatrice next season? im salty
  • also dr. orwell dated bertrand? it ended in a lawsuit and plastic surgery?? omfg give this 2 me
  • cobie smulders is beautiful gahhhhhhdamn
  • mama quagmire slayed the entire show 
  • like idk how they’re gonna make beatrice look cool in comparison to her
  • also: who knew mama quagmire had so much in common with violet?
  • both even came up with the same inventions
  • lmao why are the quagmire kids such squares??
  • i want to beat them up 
  • they’re already making quigley stand apart to foreshadow his eventual separation from his siblings but dude was stone cold when he refused to hug his father lmao “WHATS WRONG WITH UR LEG DAD WHY ARE U SUCH A PEASANT”
  • most importantly……………
  • shes serving that beautiful cruella deville vibe. im Shook and Scalped
  • this is the esme we deserve! flipping thru a newspaper while she sets a house on fire….. elegantly draped across the seat in couture clothing:’) my wife
  • speaking of queen esme when is she going to burn violet’s horrible bright pink dress i was fucking squinting it was so obnoxiously pink
  • violet in high-waisted button-up flares is my Aesthetic™
  • i am So Ready for violet slaying the fashion game next season in cute plaid skirts
  • violet holding klaus’ hand is always pure and wholesome content 
  • i love the baudelaires reclaiming their agency and fucking off by themselves to the lucky smells lumber mill bc yes 
  • the baudelaires waiting for aunt josephine to leave aND THEN TURNING ON THE STOVE TO COOK A HOT MEAL i lost it @ my bby pack rats
  • ishmael wtf
  • mr poe eating chowder in the middle of a panic attack is Oscar-worthy
  • i loooooooove all the references to other books sprinkled in
  • we need that good exposition and foreshadowing THANK
  • tbh i hope daniel handler keeps taking liberties and including characters and references and adding more plot 
  • otherwise the story quickly becomes a rinse-and-repeat and i was sick of that with the movie
  • next season pls deliver: beatrice, esme, kit (jacquelyn??), jacquelyn, mama quagmire, slaying us left and right, the denouement brothers, quigley and jacques, etc all working behind the scenes or in flashbacks, violet destroying everyone at prep school, cynical sarcastic baudelaire children

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 12 Intros Part A | Part B

[I’ve included all episodes that aired this summer, however some of them were taped for season 11 and count as such on CW Seed.]

Past Seasons: season 9 | season 10: Part A  Part B | season 11: Part A  Part B


Imagine Request…

A.N.: I have to say I had a hard time writing this one. Hope you like it! tell me what you think. Ooh and if you want me to write you something just ask.

“Why won’t she wake up?” Rebekah said.

“I don’t know she would have to be back by now.” Davina said worried. “We have to get her back. She can die in there.”

“Davina?” Rebekah said. Davina looked towards Rebekah. Rebekah eyes were focused on your body. Davina looked towards you and saw blood come out of your nose.

“Call Elijah maybe he can get her out of there.” Davina said.

“Rebekah I can’t believe you let her do this.” Elijah said.

“She wanted to help us.” Rebekah said.

“But she could die in there Rebekah. We could lose her.”

Elijah stopped his tracks when he saw Y/N body lying on the ground. She was bleeding thru her nose and thru the corners of her mounth. He can’t believe he may lose her.

“Elijah” Davina said walking towards him.

“How can I help?” He says. “How can we get her out of this?”

“I just know another way.” Elijah looks worried towards her. “Talking to her. Making her remember that she’s in the prison world.”

“And you were the one closest to her.” Elijah looks towards Rebekah. “I saw the looks both the two of you gave each other. Both of you may not admitted but we all know there is more going on than just friends.”

Elijah doesn’t responds and just kneels next to your body.

“Y/N? I’m here. Come back please.” Elijah says.

Rebekah looks towards Davina and gave her the sign that the two should leave. Leaving Elijah alone with you.

Elijah heard both of them leave. He looks at you. You were in pain, he could hear it in your heartbeat it was beating so fast. “Y/N please come back to me.” The blood kept streaming down your nose. “I have so much to show you. You have so much to see.” He cleans the blood running out of the corners of your mouth with his thumb. “We still have to spend or time together. Be together.”

Her heart beat raised, it kept beating harder and harder. “Y/N calm down.” Her heartbeat kept beating harder and harder. Till it stopped. “Y/N?, Y/N?” Elijah screamed.

Rebekah and Davina run into the room.

“Elijah?” Davina said.

“I can’t hear her heartbeat anymore.” Rebekah said.

Elijah brings you to his chest. He holds you tight. He can’t believe it just happened he lost you. He lost you.

“Rebekah I can’t believe you let her do this?” Klaus says. “She’s human she can’t hold the power of the prison world.”

“She wanted to help us Klaus. She could be the one who could help us.”

“I know but Elijah is happy around her and we could have figured something else out.” He says

“I’m going to miss her to you know. She was also my friend.” Rebekah says walking away.

You were running thru the forest. Running away from Elijah, he didn’t recognise you and he just wanted one thing drain you. You were running for your life. You felt down a hill and stumbled towards a river. The river was dip and you struggling to go up for air but you couldn’t raise your head out of the water. You went down, you couldn’t breath. You were swallowing so much water, you tried to go up when you body was going limp.

Rebekah was looking at your body in the coffin. She hearth a little beat. She looked around. There was no human around her. The room was empty. She took a step closer towards you and listen carefully.

“Rebekah?” Elijah says walking into the room.


“What are you doing?”


The room got quiet. Elijah walked slowly towards Rebekah. The heartbeat was there again. Elijah runned towards Rebekah. Both of them were looking towards your body.

“You heard it too right?” Rebekah said

“I did but it’s impossible I heard her heart stop.” He says

The heartbeat started again it was slow but it was there. Elijah took you out of the coffin and laid you on the floor in his arms. “Y/N?”

The hearth beat got louder and louder.

“She’s alive.” Rebekah said. “I’m going to get a doctor.”

Elijah nods towards her and she walks out of the room in seconds. ELijah is looking towards you. You hearth was getting louder and louder. He hold you close to him.

“I’m here Y/N I’m here.” He gave you a kiss on the top of your head.

He saw your eyes moving. “Y/n?”

You opened your eyes and you saw Elijah looking at you. His eyes were watered and a smile grew on his face. He pulled you close and gave you a kiss on the lips.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m here.”

You closed your eyes again.

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#Do you ever cry because emma swan #little lost girl who cried herself to sleep every night #who didn’t think she’d ever matter #now has a huge family that love her so much #a man that has literally gone to different realms for her and is always choosing her above anything else #people who refuse to stop believing in her ##because i do #frequently  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


→ “Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique”

mnlkpo replied to your post “captainiriswright replied to your photo “Hi there!  Can anyone help…”

Usually when a test has a “>” or “<” sign it means the test that was run cannot detect anything greater than or less than that number.   It can’t say more than you level was at least 60.   It is bizarre that the reference range is up to 150 but it seemingly couldn’t detect >60.  If you and your doctor are concerned about high vitamin d levels in your past my suspicion is the doctor will want to repeat the test.                

He or she may also recommend using a different lab or will call the lab the find out what happened. Unfortunately with these kind of things it really is the lab that makes the determination not the doctors so he/she might not know why the results came out this way.

Listen I am not trying to direct this anger at you, but in no way is it ever acceptable for a lab to deliver these kinds of results.  Just like a freaking mechanic, I’m not paying a lab money if they can’t actually do the job.  If they can’t accurately measure levels then they shouldn’t be running the test, they should be outsourcing it and I’ll keep my $34 thank you very much.

And the lab is run inside my doctor’s office, it’s not outsourced, so this is inexcusable.  And as for the doctor not knowing why the results came out this way or being able to accurately read the results, how in the hell am I supposed to take their direction seriously if they don’t know what this means?

Like I get that you are trying to be helpful.  But there is no way that “the doctor may not understand your test results but is still going to be able to provide you with the care you need” is ever going to be an allowable answer to me.

Again, I’m not mad at you.  I’m mad at the shitty fucking medical system we have that doesn’t force labs to give patients readable results in a standardized format.  And I’m mad at the way we’ve been socially conditioned to think that, your doctor says so, is somehow a reasonable answer as to why they are cutting off one of the few treatments that makes your quality of life tolerable.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment, but this is going out to everyone to say, nope.  That would be totally unacceptable.Admin J

if we were doing a supercut of homestuck, who would be the “critical” trolls


10 Best Bamon Moments in 2014, as voted by my followers

↳ #8 Bonnie comes back to save Damon + Bamon team work against Kai.



Is Voight there?

Not yet…Erin? Erin?




Kolvina + Humbling Kol Mikaelson

RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…