i was watching old fencing matches jackson was in and just thinking abt how much he sacrificed to be an idol and how he deserves literally the entire world and more


19thsentry replied to your chat “my gf: just go to the store without me i’ll be ready to hit the road…”

Adorable dorks

if we were a ship that could easily be our otp tag tbh someone help us be less dorky pls pls pls


I was tagged by @parkjiminbiased for the selfie tag (thank you so much sweetheart💕) I really don’t take selfies that often and most are on my laptop probably, but these two are still photos of me! The first one is from when @carrotjiminie and I had Korean BBQ and now this place is our haven😍 seriously I can’t wait to go back with her, we always have a blast. And the second photo is from this summer when I went to France! The Louvre was for sure one of my favorite places to visit🙌
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Okay, but when are they going to un-bubble Bismuth? I get that their views on rebellion are different, but I think she values the Crystal Gems enough that she would play by their rules.

And she validates Steven in a way that nobody else really does? For carving out his own destiny instead of living up to Rose’s? Can we please have her back?