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10 Best Bamon Moments in 2014, as voted by my followers

↳ #8 Bonnie comes back to save Damon + Bamon team work against Kai.


I can’t be the only one who saw the S9 trailer and thought this.

Zoey’s health is more important than us getting videos from her. Any employee is entitled to time off from work when they are unwell. This includes mental illness. They are entitled to support during this time. They are entitled to allowances from their employer to assist them in their transition back to work. It is not Zoey’s fault that she is unwell. As a fan, please support her during this time and do not pester her about putting out more videos. Give her some privacy and time to recover.

This has been a PSA. Now please be kind to yourselves & those around you. Have a lovely day.

Sometimes i forget that Annabeth was Percy’s first (human) friend


#Do you ever cry because emma swan #little lost girl who cried herself to sleep every night #who didn’t think she’d ever matter #now has a huge family that love her so much #a man that has literally gone to different realms for her and is always choosing her above anything else #people who refuse to stop believing in her ##because i do #frequently  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

yknow if we’re not actually gonna get pyrrha back next volume, i want a multitude of flashbacks about her. like, nora reminiscing about dragging her shopping or pyrrha trying to get her to study. and ren mentions one time she helped perfect a recipe or whatever. and ruby talks about how pyrrha always supported her as a leader. fuck, man, maybe even get weiss in there talking about how she always looked up to pyrrha and how she looked up to her even more after she actually got to know her

i just wanna see what pyrrha meant to everyone, i dont want her to be forgotten



Is Voight there?

Not yet…Erin? Erin?


Kolvina + Humbling Kol Mikaelson


One of the parents from their school started off a team and they asked me if I wanted to join, not realising that girls weren’t supposed to play in the same team as boys. So I went down there, I trained, and we suddenly realised there were no other girls, so I disguised myself and called myself ‘Ray’. I went to the barber shop with Lawrence and cut all my hair off, to the disgust of my mum when I walked back home, who was totally shocked that I’d, yeah, had an, I dunno, a grade 1 or 2 on my head. I wouldn’t do that again. But yeah, I think for me it was just about trying to, you know…football was what I loved, and if it meant that I had to pretend to be 'Ray’ to play football, then that was simple. I was gonna do that.

“Lapis, we’re gems! We’re not meant to fly!” 

RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…