My bae roleplays Peter Maximoff so well that she feeds my Quicksilver obsession even more, Pietro from Evo is still my favorite version but man, I can’t handle it, her version is awesome. In our rp Peter likes to use stockings, and socks of many ridiculous colours (based on Evan Peters tastes). And sometimes he forgets to wear any kind of trousers.

He’s eating a twinkie…

© Marvel, FOX

“Oh I am gonna make you pay for that.”

More of my ‘Fallout 4 would be better if –’ nonsense. I think it would make a more compelling story if synths really were mechanical deep down because then the questions about their true sapience would be trickier to answer. Even Glory says ‘no we’re totally machines, I’ve seen one of us built piece by piece’.

Plus it would make her hesitance of hurting Gen 1 and 2 synths more understandable; what’s the difference between her and Nick Valentine apart from a meat suit? If her brain is made from metal just like a Gen 1 and 2, what makes her any different than a technical upgrade?

Man, I wish we had her as a long-term companion because I can listen to this stuff all day. And because she’s awesome.

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Any non-magic wolfstar university aus you recommend? I recently wrote one and I'm trying to find more like it

Hahaha oh man you do not know what you’ve gotten yourself into. I had to split these into “definitely read” and “also check out” categories to save space, and there are even more under the “read more” cut. As usual, *= a personal favorite. Enjoy! 

University AUs (non-magic):

Definitely read:

  • *Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This) by excaliburned– 51k, T.  It’s the final summer before university…A summer of pillow-forts, drinking & numerous re-watches of Dirty Dancing ensues.” I guess technically they’re not at university yet but still.
  • Ever After by busaikko– 4k, T. “Once upon a time, an astrophysicist was wooed by the gay Scheherazade…” Remus is a physics nerd who works in the university library and Sirius is besotted. 
  • A Change in the Weather by paddypads– 45k, T. “Sometimes, you’ve got be grateful for the little things in life…So what if you’ve had to put university on hold for a year…? Or you haven’t actually told anybody you’re gay yet? If you’re Sirius Black, you can pretty much do what you want.” Barista!Sirius, university student!Remus.
  • The Sickness Unto Death by quinnalexander– 22k, T. “Sirius is not keen to take notes for the sick, sweater-wearing boy in his Gender Studies class. However, he soon becomes fascinated by this lonely creature…” 
  • *Time is a Fine Invention by bluepeony– 106k, M. “Sirius Black expected university to be simple…What he didn’t expect was the yearning for home, the strains on his friendships, or falling for the hot-tempered History student Remus Lupin.” Absolutely fantastic, great characterizations.
  • 42 Marauder Avenue by cloudcastles– WIP~ 23k, E. “Remus Lupin is a postgraduate art history student with a serious coffee addiction and a serious lack of boyfriend. When a gorgeous motorcyclist moves in next door, it looks like one of those facts might be subject to change.
  • *Queer As Day by philiatran– WIP~ 20k, T. “Sirius Black…has two things. 1. A penchant for photography. and 2. A tumblr blog dedicated to picture after picture of Remus Lupin.” Everyone is queer and it is fabulous. Trans!Remus.
  • A Romance Story Found in the Reference Section by muse_in_absentia– 4k, T. “Remus…contributes to Sirius’ procrastination, and is also the solution. Also known as the one where even without magic James manages to cause explosions of the glittery variety.
  • Living Like We’re Renegades by LadyFaceElena– 24k, E. “Exuberant, proud, genderfluid, cheerleader, self-described narcissist. All things to describe Sirius Black. It’s a stark contrast from the self-imposed loner, Journalist, and Gender Studies major Remus Lupin…
  • Artists and Moonlight series by LadyFaceElena– 20k, E. “Remus Lupin isn’t sure what to make of his new flatshare situation. He’s a quiet student with a past, who doesn’t date…Then he meets his artist flatmate, Sirius Black and his entire world is turned upside down.
  • *Tumblr Trash series by LadyFaceElena– 32k, E. “Padfoot and Moony meet over mutual follows on Tumblr. Remus, the blind student, hires Sirius, the fallen Aristocrat, to be a reader for his classes….Their love is almost as ridiculous as they are.” Blind!Remus.
  • Rollerskate by poorlilgayremus– 28k, T. “Remus Lupin isn’t ready for university at all….now he has to deal with lovesick teenagers, ridiculously overambitious pranks, University Challenge tryouts, and that one gorgeous boy who just won’t leave him alone…
  • Long Distance by irrationalmoony & LadyAmina– WIP~ 20k, E. “James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter have been inseparable since…their first day at Hogwarts boarding school. So when Remus relocates to France for further schooling…they’re not going to let the distance stop them…” Texting fic, trans!Remus, genderfluid!Sirius. 
  • A New Beginning by NeonDomino– 3k, T. “When Sirius Black started University, he was hoping to be known as one of the guys. He hadn’t expected to see a familiar face - someone who recognised him and could spill his secret…” Trans!Sirius. 

Also check out:

(many more under the cut)

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Ladies of Black Sails (or more like Eleanor and Max): *breaths*

People: oh, you treacherous wh***!!!! How could you do that!!!

Man of black Sails *betray people, uses people, manipulate people, kill people, lie to people, etc.*

People: OMG so awesome, such a great character!!!

Let the characters be characters, this ladies are doing all what they can to survive, just the same as Flint and Silver and any other male character.

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Loving the Ezekiel spam. I liked him from his introduction but in 709 I think I love him now. When he read Martin Luther King's words to that little boy to put him to sleep... :*) Is there any chance that you are on board with Carzekiel or nah?

Anon, my love for Ezekiel is growing faster than I can contain it. There’s nothing I don’t like about him. He’s a warm, compassionate man, with a beautiful face and incredible hair, who protects his people and rescued a tiger!? He has passed all of my tests.

I cannot wait to see him fleshed out and developed more because he. Is. Awesome.

As for Carzekiel, I’m super open to that. I enjoy the fact that Ezekiel (obviously) cares for Carol. Especially in the last episode, it really gave us a glimpse into his vulnerable side, which balances nicely with his showmanship.

I also think it would be refreshing to see Carol in a real, meaningful relationship for once (no disrepsect but I don’t feel like Tobin counted). It’s one of many ways to switch up the bleakness that has surrounded her character as of late, and give her a little bit of happiness.

And I’m not placing bets or anything but I think it could happen. Carol pushing everyone away while Ezekiel continues to bring her food…that feels like setup to me. And as for Carol, I get the feeling that she’s so bothered by Ezekiel doing this because she knows how easily she could come to care about him. Just my interpretations.

Thanks Anon.

Night Falls: Chapter 9

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 2,886


A/N: Shoutout to one of my awesome followers, @attractiverandomness ! It’s their birthday today, so this chapter is dedicated to them! I promised you chapter 9 for your birthday, and here it is! Enjoy love!

And Chapter 10 may take a while. I’ll be doing research into how the FBI works so I can start getting things accurate for the upcoming chapter, so I’ll need a little bit of patience.

Also, please forgive any missed typos. I’ve been crazy exhausted this week

Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8

You didn’t sleep the rest of the night; once you had calmed down, Dean had brought you a cup of tea and dragged a kitchen chair up the steps and leaned it against the wall, his feet kicked up and resting on the empty side of the bed.

You had asked him to leave, not wanting to ruin his chance at sleep, but he refused.

“It’s my job to protect you,” he stated as he lifted his feet up on the bed and settled himself into his chair. “From anything.”

His eyes finally fluttered shut around 3am, and you knew he would be exhausted in the morning.

You just laid there, curled up on your side and staring at the wall. You were terrified of what you would see if you dare closed your eyes.

Every so often, a few unexpected tears would escape, and by the time the first of day’s rays glowed through the doily curtains, the tears finally dried, and you wondered if you had finally run out.

You had never cried so much in your life, sharply reminding you just how cushy your life had been.

You flip over onto your other side, your knees tucking into your stomach as you stare at Dean; his head lolled to the side and his mouth parted. His arms were crossed over his chest—a position you determined to be his signature pose.

You think back to the conversation you had on your trip up, how it had just been Dean and his brother growing up. He clearly didn’t have the white picket fence and apple pie life you had grown up in, and you had to wonder if that held any motive to the man that he had become. Nothing about the sleeping man in front of you screamed “FBI” except the badge that noted him as a government agent.

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The reader telling Kara to come closer to her, undoing her ponytail and slowly taking her glasses off while staring into her eyes and whispering: "I'd know you anywhere, Kara Danvers"

Originally posted by emiliaclarq

“You know, I saw Supergirl today.”

Kara suddenly stopped what she was doing before turning to you. “Uh, really?That-that’s cool.”

“Yeah, it was! She wasn’t stopping a big alien or anything, just a mugger, but man was it cool!”

Kara smiled, before becoming more neutral, knowing she couldn’t give you any hints. “Yeah, she’s pretty awesome isn’t she?” She said as she turned away from you and back to her work.

“She is. And can I tell you something else?”

“Uh, sure.”

“She’s kinda hot.”

You smirked as you heard her breath hitch and a pencil snap. “Uh, uh, really? I-I mean, she’s ok I guess. I haven’t really thought about her th-that way before.”

“Yeah, of course you haven’t.” You said before deciding to drop the act. “Kara?”

“Uh huh?”

“Can you come here for a sec?”

“Sure.” She got up from the couch and put down the story she was working on. “What’s up?” She asked when she was about arm’s length from you.

You moved in closer until your faces were almost touching. You can Kara was getting nervous, but you weren’t sure if it was because she knew what you were about to do or just the close proximity.


“Trust me.” You whispered as you reached behind her head and slowly pulled her hair out of her ponytail. Surprised that she wasn’t stopping you, you then went to take her glasses off.

You stared at her for a minute before smiling and moving in even closer, lips almost touching.

“I’d know you anywhere, Kara Danvers.” You whispered before she finally pulled you closer and put your lips against hers.



Look at all this cool stuff I’ve crocheted for people at some point in the last 2 years! Oh man, did you know some of them are for sale on my etsy? YO!

Are you interested in having one of these things/a thing similar to one or any of these things? Did you know you can give me money and in return receive a product tailored to your wishes? WHOA! that’s awesome!! How does that happen??

You can e-mail me at and we can discuss a commission! Small, 12 in. and under plushies will cost up to $25 depending on the amount of detail you want. Larger plushies will cost more and that can be discussed in private. I can also make hats and scarves for $15 a piece! It’s almost autumn in the vast majority of the world, why not be warm and not die? 

My yarn is either acrylic or dyed wool, depending on the brand. I use non-allergenic poly-fil as my stuffing. That said, my house is riddled with animal dander, and may remain on the yarn. You can wash any of these (unlease stated otherwise) in a lingerie bag on machine wash gentle. 

Shout out to the awesome guys out there who suffer from gynecomastia (which, for people who don’t know, is a condition that can cause men and boys to grow extra breast tissue). 

I’m sorry you have to live in a world where people constantly make ‘man boobs’ a joke. Your body is not a joke and any discomfort you feel is valid and you deserve to be listened to. And remember that having more breast tissue doesn’t mean that you’re not manly af 👍

Sam Winchester appeals to me more than all the other characters on Supernatural

I’m not aware exactly what the American society requires of its heroes, but it is not surprising that reasonableness, sensitivity, intelligence, tenacity, relatedness, loyalty, a sense of humor, coherence, healthy living, sarcasm, pro-activity, strength, self-discipline, endurance and empathy are all characteristics that could be found in a great man that most of the world look up to.

Sam is such a dense individual, who’s acted so brilliantly and awesomely well with tones and expressions, that to me he comes across as more vocal and rich a character on the show than any other, even with some lack of dialogue.  More often than not, Sam Winchester gets even more layered and intricate by twisting and tortuous plots.  Merely a handful of people can comprehend another person well enough without bias and, with Sam, as unfathomable as he may appear to some, he has nonetheless the humblest motivations and basic values to follow (like to save or defend or accomplish), diverging from other characters who mostly harbor their own agendas for distorted goals and corrupted gains.

I don’t think I’m able to put into any amount of words what Sam Winchester has meant and done for me. But I can say that, through Sam, Jared has undoubtedly made an impact in my life.  It is Sam’s strength I call on whenever I feel weak and his hope when it seems I’m losing mine.  Sam’s determination can restore my own when I feel like giving up.  Honestly, quite a few times it felt as if it was Sam who carried me on when I deemed I could not carry myself any longer.  From his attitude to his compassion, from his sarcasm to his kindness, watching him grow and mature has been a privilege and an honor.  I have learnt from his strengths and from his weaknesses equally, and I feel I got the obligation to admit that Sam is heartily dear to me.

(via legendarium-enthusiast)

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I LOVE your headcanons! Especially the ones about Hunk, because he's awesome and he need more love! You know who else is awesome and need more love? CORAN! So... Can you write some nsfw headcanons for Coran, please? Like, his favorite positions, does he have any kinks, anything like that... Please... Thank you.

Coran needs more love doesn’t he? HUGS AND NSFW FOR CORAN

Originally posted by laure-dw

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can you make luke skywalker icons? or edgar ramirez? or seb stan? like any of those would be awesome!

ya of course!! tysm for requesting! <3

so i have 1 luke skywalker icon, 2 edgar ramirez icons, and 5 sebastian stan icons. 2 of those are bonus of your man sebstan w that mustache ya love sm :p

✨  requests are open  ✨

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Hi James, my name is Lauren. My husband Pedro is giving a talk tonight at Brooklyn Clay about black ceramic artists and the lack of representation. We would like to include your work. I'm having a hard time finding much about you on the internet. Your work is awesome but we want to do more than just show photos. Can you tell me (us) a bit about your work, etc? Thanks! Lauren

My name is James bester and I want to show black children and the folk who have less that you can be any thing you want, even if society wants different. I want to show people that imperfections can be beautiful.
I am a 6'7 380lb black man that realized from a young age I was not a “smart” kid but I could still make a difference. Being my size people always pushed me to play football because of my size and I didn’t mind it but I fell in love with art and the wanted to persue that, starting with just drawing. My high school is the true reason I am the man I am today because that’s when I fell in love with clay and making pots in particular, it was so natural and one of the only things I could do with out thinking. Football was my life in collage but I still found a way to make incredible art manly because people like Julian Gains and Brian kakas pushed me to find more in my art.
My art is about my experience in life and talking about how the interaction I have with white people, good, bad, and awful. It’s about my views on subjects that are hard to have like race, sexuality, religion. I also try to make art that my friends, non artist testosterone filled football players, dumb folk, and the lazy kids to not only come out and see my art but fell comfortable in a place where people look down at you if just say,“I just like it” I want them to know that’s enough. This is why I also make some pots that are about simple stuff, like hitting the blunt to hard and coughing ha
My art comes from slavery (look at my artist statement on my page for more information) they called them nigger head jugs at one point then face jugs. I have taken this and created my own, pot heads…

I hope this is enough/not to much. If you have any other questions please ask, it’s my birthday today and this is such a blessing people want to speak about my art.. thank you so much.


Starr Mazer blends two classic genres, the Point-and-Click Adventure and Classic-style Shoot ‘Em Up, into a retro-sexy sci-fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open-middled gameplay and RPG elements.”

The game will feature a collaborative soundtrack by Alex Mauer (VEGAVOX, Serious Sam: Random Encounter), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), The Protomen, Virt (Shovel Knight) and many more!

Please go support Starr Mazer, it has a wonderful and enthusiastic team who want to bring their two favorite genres together into a unique story-driven procedurally-chunked video game! (Aka, think episodic and the events can be played in any order and all tie together to a different experience each time you play!)

Also it has a stylish pompadoured pilot named Brick, and he is pretty awesome. You can find out more information at their kickstarter!

I’ve got some VERY exciting news I want to share with you all!!!

So sense the beginning of this past school year one of my friends who is a transgender man has been trying to get gender neutral bathrooms for our school.

Because of him and all his hard work, I can proudly announce that our school has a bathroom that is friendly to people of any gender/gender identity!!!! 🎉🎈🎉🎈

There is only one so far but the school is working on getting at least two more. The only thing stopping them is not knowing where they would put them. But Even though it’s only one I still consider this a HUGE victory!!

I hope I will get the chance to share more awesome news like this with you all in the future!!!!

Heads-up, everybody!

Man, you guys, I can’t believe it!  Thanks to you all, this blog has received a record number of asks in just a little over a week!  How awesome is that?

Heh, that also means a lot to handle for us…whoa.

So, yeah…Unfortunately, it looks like we’re gonna have to finally close the askbox so we can, y’know, get it all under control.  Trust me, there’s a lot to work with!

We’re not just gonna lock you guys out without warning, though!  So here’s your heads-up:  If you’ve got any more questions, send ‘em in fast–the askbox closes tonight, March 11th, at 11:59 EST!  With this many questions, the askbox may not reopen again for a while, so yeah!  Seize the opportunity while you can!

There’s no such thing as too many questions!

…C-contrary to what Grunkle Stan says. Regularly.


I just want 24 hour fabric stores. When I get an idea for a project at 3am I want to just be able to hop in my car and go to the fabric store. And there will be no traffic or driving around the parking lot looking for a space. I will go in and find one kindred soul night owl manning the cutting counter who will smile and go back to reading a book or folding and tagging remnants because they know that people who come in at 3am probably don’t want to be bothered because they are either ridiculously tired or in the grip of inspiration and they don’t need a pushy sales person to mess with that. I want to buy yards of awesome fabric and probably more that I don’t need just because it’s 3am and it’s dark and I don’t feel any pressure and I can browse at my own pace. Plus everything will be stocked on the shelves nice and neatly and nothing will be sitting in bins behind the cut counter or misplaced in some other area of the store because all the day quilters have gone and their mess has been cleaned up. I’ll make some halfhearted excuse as to why I’m buying 10 yards of fabric in the middle of the night and the employee will just smile because they’ve heard every excuse, but they get it. Sometimes you just need fabric at every unholy hour of the night.

Just. 24 hour fabric stores. Plz.

Looking for more awesome blogs to follow~ 😊

So.. My dash is full of Haikyuu (not that I hate it haha) but I also need some non-Haikyuu stuff. So if you mainly post about any of the following (anime blogs only) :

  • Haikyuu!! (haha yes I know.. but.. can’t.. resist  ♡ )
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  • Noblesse: Awakening
  • One Punch Man
  • Kekkai Sensen
  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Dimension W
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
  • Noragami
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Shokugeki no Souma
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Oregairu
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Barakamon
  • Naruto
  • D.Gray-man
  • Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
  • Nijiiro Days
  • Romance anime & manga (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Ore Monogatari!!, Horimiya, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Namaikizakari)
  • Webtoons (Noblesse, Tower of God, Black Haze)

Please reblog/like/follow and I will check out your blog and probably follow you!  ♡

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So I know Robert Downey Jr has said that there won’t be any more Iron Man movies (likely because they can’t afford him anymore), but I think, just this once, he should lower his contract fee and do one more IM movie. And the beginning should focus on his and Pepper’s reunion and then the rest should be about him helping her to become Rescue, and then she can be his partner in Infinity Wars 1 & 2 :D Cause them not being together makes no sense whatsoever at this point, and the best way to resolve their conflict over him putting himself in danger is to help her feel in control by joining the fight. Plus, we are in desperate need of more female superheroes.


Even though they’ve been together for 30 years (hiatus in the early 2000s excluded), The Lemonheads aren’t exactly what you’d call a mainstream success. People who aren’t balls-deep fans view them as just a kind of average band. They’re not pop enough for a dance floor. You won’t hear them on heavy radio rotation. They’re not an arena band. They’re more like the soundtrack to a slightly gritty coming of age love story. Even though they sometimes sing about drugs, you can’t even call them a stoner band. They’re more like, “Man, I am so high … I don’t even want to be this high.” To the music industry as a whole, they’re kind of just … there.

Pick out any album The Lemonheads have ever released. Randomly skip to any track you want. That track is awesome.

They are one of the most consistently catchy earworm bands I’ve ever heard. You’ll have to take my word for it, but I just did a broad “Lemonheads” search on YouTube and picked out the first video from their official label that caught my eye. I got “Confetti,” which has the awesome lines, “He kinda shoulda sorta woulda loved her if he could’ve … he’d rather be alone and pretend”.

But the thing I love the most about The Lemonheads is that if Evan Dando read this article right now, he couldn’t give the slightest shit what I thought of his band. He makes music because he loves it, and you can legitimately feel that in every song they play.

5 90s Bands That Get Way More Crap Than They Deserve