Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees have begun marching to the Austrian border after being prevented from boarding trains to Germany in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Authorities appeared to be allowing groups of refugees to make the 170km journey to the border crossing on Friday amid tense scenes across the country.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from near the M1 and M7 motorways outside Budapest, said authorities appeared to be helping the refugees make the journey despite fears the road would be blocked.

“There are hundreds of people who have marched something like 10km from the centre of Budapest from the rail station to here…they say they have no option but to do this.

"It may sound far fetched but they’re intent on reaching the border.

"The refugees were panicking because they thought the motorway had been blocked off…that road-block was in fact there to help them rather than hinder them.”

Simmons said Hungarian volunteers were laying out water bottles to help the refugees marching in sweltering conditions. (x)

hey !!

so, i’ve had a realization and made a decision. i think i’m genderfluid rather than a demigirl and he/him as well as they/them pronouns are what feel most comfortable for me right now.

if we’ve talked and you know me on a personal level then feel free to use she/her!! or if you forget then you can also use she/her but for now if you could mostly refer to me as either he or they that would make me so, so, so happy. thank u all so much in advance for understanding !!!!

It sucks that I like really really REALLY want to go back to school and I know EXACTLY what school I want to go to/what I want to go for but the only reason I can’t is being of prior student loans. Which I can’t pay off because I’m stuck at a shit job because I had to quit school because I couldn’t pay for it. And so the cycle continues

Dear Supernatural fans,

You guys are driving me insane. If you don’t like John, fine. If Destiel is your otp, fine. If you hate Misha and Castiel both, fine. If you ship wincest, fine. Any ship that you ship or don’t ship, fine. Any character that you like or dislike, fine. But please stop with the fucking civil war. So what if you think John is abusive or that Cas is the worst character in the entire show. You have your opinion, other people have theirs. Follow people who have similar interests to you and for fucks sake, take it easy with the tags. Don’t tag things that aren’t what the tag says and do not EVER create hate posts for people with different opinions than you. This whole thing reminds me of the One Direction fandom a couple years back, and I suspect most of you don’t want to be compared to them. It’s a fictional show, guys. The only people you’re insulting are other viewers of the same show and that could cut ratings, getting the show completely cancelled. Nobody wants that. So please cease fire and end this civil war and stop being immature. Seriously.

- A fan who just wants to follow blogs and watch the show without drama

anons who say i inspire them bc i make jokes and “don’t let my ~*~situation~*~ get me down” need to stop bc a) they’re wrong and b) it’s fucking annoying 


“Mercilessly,” she agreed, nodding her head with an overbearing exhale. When he suggested  a change of name, she couldn’t help a low chuckle. “Here we go again,” she murmured under her breath, watching him with a sceptical look, one eyebrow lowered slightly as he continued speaking. “You know, sometimes I feel like our entire fucking friendship is based on your attempts to recruit me.” She smiled at him, shaking her head. Somehow, he always managed to turn completely unrelated subjects in that direction. It would be impressive, if it wasn’t so annoying. “Unfortunately someone already took the name Lola,” she said, holding her hands up in innocent surrender, “and I can’t settle for less. It’s a fucking shame, I know.”

“But honestly tell me that my attempts aren’t slowly wearing you down – because every time I bring it up there is certainly a twinkle in your eye”, he mused, placing the paper cup down on the table. “How about this, I fire Lola, pay you her salary and you can keep 70% of your earnings”, Xander was positive that all his efforts to bring Jae in wouldn’t be a waste of time. She was gorgeous and clients would go nuts for her. “And unlike all the other girls, you don’t have to give me a preview of what you can do – I fully believe you are capable of shaking your rude-thang”, an old lady at the table across from them peaked over her glasses, eyeing the pair before returning to her reading. “Well for a friendship not based on sex, it has to be based on something else beneficial to me”, he responded to what she’d said prior to his bribing.