“I saw it about six years ago,” explains the collective’s ringleader, whose day job is in the film industry. (hint hint that would be Misha) “I come to the park to run a lot — and I would just see it and I kept thinking we could do something with it.”

This isn’t the first time the group has staged a guerrilla act in a public space. They once held a tea party for friends on a traffic island in downtown L.A. and installed a vending machine full of scented chip bags on a street in Silver Lake.

“The idea of a teahouse rose to the fore early on,” he adds. “I’m a big fan of tea … and I’d looked at teahouse design books and I happened to visit Japan during this time, where I spent a lot of time looking at temples.”

In addition to tea, each guest was also given a small wood shingle on which they could write a wish for the city. These were then deposited on pegs built into the inside of the structure — a token to be left behind. (“Los Angeles, thank you for housing me, raising me, educating me in so many ways,” read one such missive.) 

I asked the collective’s ringleader how long he thought the teahouse might last. “Until tomorrow would be great,” he laughed. But then he grew more thoughtful.“I guess there’s a fantasy that other citizens will come along and add to it,” he explained. “But really, this whole thing, it’s about just letting go.”

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Wait you think people cared when Neal died?

I think people care(d) more about Neal than they do about a certain one handed pirate who’s only use is standing there and looking pretty. Who contributes absolutely nothing to the plot on a weekly basis. 

I think the ratings/viewership dropped significantly the week after Neal’s death…..

I think that at least Neal was the son of one character, the father to another and the ex to another. At least he had ‘connections’.

So yes….. But if it will make you feel better anon, who’s obviously trying to cleverly attempt at making Neal’s death seem insignificant….. Let’s take a poll!

Like/reblog this if you cared when Neal died! If you stopped watching the show or will forever hate A&E for what they did when they needlessly killed off Neal for the sake of a fanpandered ship! 

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I never said you ship every single straight ship...????? I'm just saying that you're VERY critical of gay pairings but not straight pairings??? like ALOT of straight people do this thing where they say stuff like "these two characters of the same gender are JUST friends, nothing more" but don't say shit when it comes to straight pairings.... lmfao can't blame me for being wary when I see this shit every single day

I agree with you that there are many straight people who do this, as even taking the Rose\Pearl for example, but really?  Anon, I am sorry, but do you even follow me? Or did you just read those tags and caught to that like a dog to the bone to apply it on my views or whatever in general?

I think there’s a difference in being “wary” of something and making up assumptions on one single statement. 

Imagine Grimmons and Tuckington doing a couples lets play grif and simmons bickering because ‘goddammit grif don’t shoot me shoot them!’ and tucker and wash are just going on about their plans for dinner ’ so do you want steak or chicken’ ’ do we still have any bbq left ove?’ 'you finished that the other night’ ’ SIMMONS YOU BLEW US UP!’ ’ SHUT UP GRIF!’

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I think we need an update or reminder about who your various husbands are. ;)

actually i made a few small changes recently

  1. michael fassbender (husband) / oscar isaac (other husband)
  2. jake gyllenhaal (unofficial husband)
  3. aaron taylor johnson (love of my life)
  4. kit harington (bastard husband)
  5. miguel angel silvestre (spanish husband) 

honorary members

  • shia labeouf (bae) / logan lerman (the bae)
  • spike jonze (sugar daddy)
  • jeff goldblum (hot grandpa)
  • alfonso herrera (ponchito) 

i’m also considering to upgrade taron egerton and siddhart malhotra from ‘’perfection'’ to husbands but i don’t have the tags yet.