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Hi darling, waiting here impatiently for your thoughts on 12x12, don't you think Dean looked a little bit... wooden? Cas was melting in front of him, inevitably dying a horrible dead and he just... stood there, if you compare it with his reaction in 9x3 or how frantic he was because of Lily, it felt a little numb, indiferent, I would expected stronger emotions, he was paralyzed maybe?

Heya :D

I think he was really emotive, but it was in a very Dean way. I’m still reading @k-vichan‘s perfect pic spam post about the episode but they point out on the way Dean putting on a brave face when he gets to Cas’s side at first, and I think he was trying very had the whole time - all that talk about having worse, and telling Cas he won’t die, he will heal himself the slow way, nope, not happening, no dead Cas on my watch… He didn’t want to go to pieces all over Cas because that wouldn’t help and Dean is fairly good in a crisis. I’ve watched 7x10 recently, which starts with Dean driving and calling ahead to find a hospital, AND checking Bobby and trying to give Sam advice about how to treat the wound. He’s absolutely flipping out but Bobby is human and an obvious headshot basically has him already further along that Cas was until pretty much the black sludge barfing stage. He could still talk to them even while he was suffering horribly the rest of the time, and where there’s long slow suffering there’s hope that Cas is still alive and can be brought back from that. It’s afterwards when Cas is fine again that Dean looks him up and down and really looks like he might cry. Because he was running on a sort of emergency mode and ready to fight etc it’s only when the danger is past he can let go (and honestly he might make it all the way home and until he’s alone again to really let himself feel it… At least if I was writing a really canon compliant fic to fill that space I’d have it all hit Dean like that >.>)

Anyway, I think Dean has a pretty wide range for how he deals with Cas in trouble - when Cas is truly gone or going like in the start of season 7 Dean really breaks and gets emotional because Cas is already dead. In 11x18 for example he’s so emotional because Cas is alive and well and he just needs to be REACHED in order to save him, so the emotional plea IS the fight that Dean needs to have to get Cas back, not a side-effect of trying to do it… Idk, in the context here it seemed like it was an expected sort of reaction from Dean. k-vichan was comparing it to 2x21 where Dean is telling Sam he’s fine after he’s just been literally murdered because Dean’s trying to brave face his way through until he’s past the point he can deny it :P Which I think is a good comparison to use for HOW emotional Dean is :D

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Oh my god sans, doesn’t mean the human’s been through this multiple times that they would remember any of the solutions!

His salt is showing, and it’s ruining everything .

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who do you think will win the nationals? and who do you want to win? love your blog💕

If Fukurodani doesn’t win the nationals I’m suing is2g. And not to jinx it but I really think they will could because:

  • Karasuno’s main goal was to GO to the nationals. And they did.
  • Nekoma’s main aim was to make the battle of the trash heap happen, and the foreshadowing has been so strong that it’s basically obvious that they will face each other. I don’t know who will win, but probably is gonna be the crows, since they never won against them. Or they could lose, but Nekoma eliminating Karasuno….mmmh…I’m not sold on this scenario tbh
  • When it comes to the final, I think it’s gonna be Karasuno vs Fukurodani. Fukurodani has been introduced as the “positive enemy” (as opposed to Shiratorizawa), the strong team with a heart of gold. It’s the perfect and very fulfilling way to end the arc. Plus, in Karasuno’s eyes, no one is stronger than Fukurodani. 
  • Bokuto said that he went there for three years straight without winning,  they as a team don’t have anything left to accomplish
  • I don’t think an “unknown” team will win
  • Karasuno to lose the nationals is a great sprint to make them go of it next year as a renewed team
  • Also Karasuno already accomplished A LOT in one year…winning the nationals too when a strong team like Fukurodani or Shiratorizawa never did…just doesn’t feel realistic at all
  • Bokuto’s character arc deserve it. If you think about it, he’s a character that didn’t have any development, his purpose was to inspire and train two of the main characters, Hinata and Tsukki. But it can’t be just about that. In Hinata’s eyes, Bokuto is the ace he aspires to be, and winning will just increase the majestic aura that surrounds him. it’s the perfect ending for his character, that otherwise will honestly go to waste.
  • If he ended up training the ones who’d defeat him during his last chance on the national stage…it would be…just very sad. It’s an arc that would have fit Oikawa way better than Bokuto tbh
  • I think another possible scenario is that Karasuno will lose in the semi-finals and the final is gonna be Fukurodani vs ??? and we’re gonna see it thought the eyes of all the people watching them
  • We still have the big Itachiyama question mark. They’re gonna pop up again sooner or later, maybe in the final ??? And Bokuto will have his revenge ??? Or Sakusa and Kags are gonna face each other ??? who knows
  • Another person I’m sure will pop us is Kiryu. We still have to know who Fukurodani and Nekoma are playing against, so it’s possible that someone is gonna meet him, after all it’s a 5/6 matches long way to the final, we just have to wait and see. 

Long story short, no matter if Haikyuu will continue or not after the end of the Nationals, the only thing that I’m sure of is that, as much as I love them, Karasuno winning the Nationals is a scenario that won’t feel right in my heart

I think they will, eventually, when Hinata and Kageyama will be in their third year and THAT would be the perfect ending of it all

ok tbh i lov who i am as a person like…. I used 2 have severe social anxiety I never left my house I missed out on so many opportunities … I have lots of regret bc of all the things I missed out on. never went to one school dance, skipped so many evens for the track team, was too scared 2 dress nice, didn’t ever go out w friends so I lost so many of them, did so poorly in school bc i was rarely ever there…..

now, im surrounded by people who r constantly judging me but i truly don’t care. I am sitting sprawled out on a chair as people walk by me and look at me like im some sort of alien and i just smile at them bc it doesn’t even matter. I am eating life cereal out of a Tupperware container n takin selfies on my phone and continuously missing my mouth as I try 2 eat said cereal. my hair is in the silliest braids n my shoelaces r ripped n my leggings r basically see thru n u can def see my granny panty undies ,, I’m wearing my bummiest clothing n it’s just so totally ok. I navigated the airport w out any help from anyone n flied 2 countries I have never been 2 twice this past year . I tried 2 go 2 school again all by myself n only reason it didn’t go well was bc of my ADHD , not bc I was embarrassed or ashamed of myself.

I could go on,, idk I just rly wanted 2 share this bc it feels very nice 2 feel this way. i still hate myself bc of my trauma n I’m so ashamed of my skin when I am not wearing makeup n such, but overall I truly love who I hav become as a person. when i first met emma irl when I got off the plane, one of the first things I did was yell ‘CATCH THIS GOLDFISH IN UR MOUTH’ and then proceeded 2 throw it at her. these 3 dudes watched us n I was like yas fuckin watch this magic happen. Anyway I hope all of u struggling w anything I just mentioned one day feel the peace I feel w myself.