the marauders’ sixth year at hogwarts is that thirty seconds in the lion king when nala and simba are on their own talking  and flirting and generally falling in love while timon, aka sirius, is watching from afar with disgust and incredulity and a bitter taste in his mouth

KYLE: I’m gonna go with making that stupid bet with Fatass.
KYLE: The one where he saw the leprechaun. Because oh my God, that got us into so much shit.
KYLE: Never should have trusted that asshole.
STAN: True that.

KYLE: What about you, dude?
KYLE: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

STAN: I think I’m about to do it.

KYLE: Stan…

KYLE: Stan.

KYLE: Stan!
STAN: What??
KYLE: Focus, dude.
KYLE: Stupidest thing you’ve ever done.

STAN: Nothing.
STAN: Nope, no regrets.
STAN: I have done everything right.
KYLE: Really?
STAN: Yup.
KYLE: Wow, okay.

tries drawing proper art, just ends up doing a fast thing of vaughn & rhys in an hp au, YIKES. vaughn’s a slytherin to me (the cutest slytherin), rhys is more flexible imo?? i’m just really into slytherin & hufflepuff relationships, help

also handwaves rhys having heterochromia bc he looked weird to me w/o it. i should’ve drawn yvette in with them, oh no. maybe i’ll try to do a bunch of hp au kids, wHO KNOWS i’ve lost all control

(they’re probably looking up ways to ruin vasquez’s day lbh)

No dice with the sun and the other things BUT I WILL STICK TO MY WORD

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gracie-ts asked:

Can make a master post of all David Tennant video diaries? I was a late comer to the fandom so I missed everything important. I've seen a few but I don't know how to find the rest

Awww, welcome aboard, dear! Glad to have you in our fandom!

Ok, so I think you can find all the video diaries on YouTube. Thanks to the lovely people that were nice enough to share them with us :D Here is a list, so you can find them easier:

DT video diaries, series 2/part 1

DT video diaries, series 2/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 1 

DT video diaries, series 3/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 3

DT video diaries, series 3/part 4

DT video diaries, series 3/part 5

DT video diaries, series 3/part 6

DT video diaries, series 3/part 7

DT video diaries, series 3/part 8

DT video diaries, series 3/part 9 - this one is blocked, unfortunately…

DT video diaries, series 3/part 10

DT video diaries, series 3/part 11

DT video diaries, series 3/part 12

DT video diaries, series 4/part 1

DT video diaries, series 4.part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 1

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 3

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 4

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 5

I don’t know if there are more video diaries. These were the ones that I’ve seen.

But there are a LOT more things you need to see now that you are in this fandom. You will discover them by yourself one magical day when you will fall into the blackhole of YouTube whovianisms haha!

So here are some teasers, in case you haven’t seen them already. Don’t ask, just watch :)))

David, I’ve got cake!

The Weakest Link - Doctor Who Special

Doctor Who 500 miles Special

The Ballad of Russell and Julie

and some of my favourites: 

David Tennant sneezing - yup, this video has over 500 000 views…says a lot about this fandom :))

David Tennant making a mess 

David Tennants iconic giggles - yes, yes, that is also a thing :P

Hope you enjoyed them!

To anyone currently following one particular blog that has been doing a horror-themed dare day today, I just want to make a suggestion, in case you’re considering doing any of the “games” or “dares.”

If any game or ritual or anything tells you in its rules that you can not have any warding or blocking charms or sigils or symbols/materials intended to protect you from negative forces and unwanted interaction with entities, DO NOT DO IT.

Nothing is worth the risk of inviting a negative entity into the place where you are. NOTHING. And if you feel the need to play these “games” please proceed with great caution!

I mean, have fun and do stuff if you want to, but if anything tells you to forego protection of any kind, skip over that entire game or ritual. Do not summon or invite forces at random. Do not invite anything and everything that might pick up on your message.

(And don’t try to travel to another realm. What the actual fuck. Why would you do that? Seriously. Reading the freaking instructions is a creepy experience on its own for anyone with a big enough imagination. I mean yikes.)

Cleanse your house after these games. Cleanse the room(s) in which you did stuff and cleanse the people who took part in the games. Some of these are actually fun sleepover games, but some of them are not so safe, spiritually speaking. If you need help finding cleansing rituals or anything like that, a quick search on Google or on tumble can find you some good and genuine resources. There are even smokeless cleansing options for those of you in dorms and such.

So basically [sex ed. teacher voice] use protection, kids!