From the 4th OVA:

Saitama: “What should we do for dinner tonight? We have a lot of cabbage, right?”
Genos: “We can’t do much with only cabbages. Perhaps we can go out and buy some meat?”
Saitama: “Man, you’re always saying stuff like that! Listen up, cabbages are naturally sweet. If you just cook it normally with barbeque sauce, it’ll make for a great meal!”
Saitama: *groans* “Man, because you talked about meat now I’m really in the mood for that!”

WELL. If Genos is indeed “always saying stuff like that” we can safely assume that he often comments on the results of Saitama’s limited food budget lol. This is meant to be an Oblivious Genos but could also easily have been Lil Shit Genos…

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