My first time playing D&D as a Tiefling Bard.

Me:“I cast Vicious Mockery on the skeleton nearest to me.”

DM:“Alright, you don’t do a lot of dam-”

Me:“Wait I didn’t get to insult it!”

DM:“What insult do you use?”

Me:“You should feel bad because you no longer have a dick to use!”

DM:“The skeleton doesn’t feel insulted.”

Me:“DAMNIT. It was probably a girl!”

Druid:“You didn’t kinkshame it,you assumed it’s gender!”


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Do you have any pics of Brooke/Chloe??? Or art??? Ik what most characters look like, but not the ladies

chloe (katie carlson) on the left, brooke (lauren marcus) on the right

christine (stephanie hsu) on the left of jeremy, jenna (katie ladner) in the bg on the right

you can also watch the making of video where it shows the cast members as well :0c

So, at the Captain Swan wedding they are singing about a “Happy Beginning” which is just so perfect because their wedding is not the end of their story but the beginning of another one. And I remember JMo once talking about how she liked to think of “Happy Endings” as “Happy Beginnings” instead. And I am by no means okay.

can i just say i absolutely hate when people say to stop using said in writing?? and to use other words?? like no. be quiet. using said is good. using it males it more special when you decide to use other words.

keep using said!! use it as much as your heart wants!!!! don’t listen to people when they say it’s overused or not to use it, it’s a basic word for when someone is speaking. it’s supposed to be used in dialogue.