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the fam in the photo(start bottom left corner to counter clockwise):
  @miruo-cchi , @lazarus , @succforbucc , (me) , @kokuroos ,,, and Aloe in the middle❣

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our young couple call their homes to tell them that they got engaged! may’s family and drew’s grandmother and cousin (whose designs i took from the game im so sorry. the female ace trainer is the cousin bc ace trainer drew lmao) prepare their houses for their visit!

for contestshipping week 2016! day 3: meeting the family

also, a bonus!

green light

summary: He only stops when she tells him to. shallura.
m - (this is smut.)
also read on: ao3
notes: this ship is too pure for smut, but if I shall be the first to write shallura smut, then so be it. shame shame on me. blame blame on me.
for @queenallura, who exchanged plenty of headcanons with me late into the night

When he wakes up to the sound of her wet lips on his skin, he forces himself to keep his eyes closed and to wait until her hand—fingers trailing over the raised lines of his oldest scars—reaches well past the point of innocent.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want ...

This post is for all of us who can’t attend SDCC 2016. At least we have pictures, right?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled dashboard scrolling

anonymous asked:

My drawing that I've been working on for days didn't save properly, how do calm down bc I want to murder someone

If you use Photoshop CS6/CC, you can follow these steps to help Autosave!

I may not help you calm down now or save your lost file but it will definitely help you in the near future and take precaution of backing up your files :D!

so I think I’m ready for Pokemon Go.


Mitch Pileggi is coming to WS Atlanta and omg, I am so going to get his autograph (and I’d love a selfie but I don’t know what his rules are and stuff, so we’ll see). SQUEEEEEE!!!


Happiness and love can be found wherever you look. Things may seem bleak right now, but everything will be fine and there are people in the world who will keep you upright. From myself and the fellas above, have a brilliant day, love one another and spread all the peace and love you can manage :)

Confession time. Please don’t hate me for this guys, but I don’t ship Kai with anyone. No character in canon, no oc, no one. I headcanon him as a demisexual, as in he needs to have a strong emotional bond to form a romantic relationship. While tyka shippers might point out at this point the evident strong emotional bond, I would just like to say that I don’t think it works that way. I identify as a demisexual too and it’s not like I don’t have strong emotional bonds with anyone, but it’s just hard to form a romantic bond. I might not be explaining this right, but my point is I don’t see Kai with anybody. As far as Goh is concerned, I either think he adopted him or Goh’s mom was and will ever be the only person to crack his shell.

Just needed to get this out there

I’m not saying I’m going to stay up all night again tonight I’m just saying I’ve known myself for awhile now and the weather forecast shows 87% chance of bad choices.

tfw you do something really big for your friend and they don’t even thank you

not even once

at all

no thanks at all.