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"How drunk are you right now" Steve and/or Bucky

“Bucky, how drunk are you right now?” You asked slightly out of breath as the soldier pressed you against the elevator’s wall.

The both of you were just heading out to your respective floors after one of Tony’s parties. And you were sure you spotted Bucky drowning over some good few drinks.

That must be the reason why as soon the elevators doors opened, he shoved you inside, attacking your lips almost madly.

Bucky just chuckled at your question. He was so tempted to say he was drunk on you.

“I’m not drunk, doll.”

“Wha–are you sure?” You asked between gasps as his hand slid around your waist, the coldness of his arm touching your skin.

“I can’t get drunk.” He replied before his lips caught the skin of your neck, sucking and nibbling gently. “Fast metabolism, remember?”

Bucky pulled back with a smirk gracing his lips, making you let out a laugh.

“I do, now.”

Thank God for his fast metabolism.

Today is officially 20 days till I see my love! 20 days until I’m finally in his arms again, and I can touch, feel, and kiss him. 3 weeks will go by so fast. I’m so excited! This will be our very first first vacation together, we’re going to Disney world and going on other fun adventures in Florida. He’ll actually be here to spend my birthday with me❤️. It makes me so happy! Speaking of birthdays I know mine is before his but Rui’s birthday is in October and I’ve already posted a Note about how I’m planning a surprise birthday party for him and it’s coming along splendidly! I’ve bought the plane ticket and everything! I can’t wait to surprise him by coming home on his birthday and throwing a party for him! He has no idea! It’ll be so amazing& be a memory that’ll last forever ❤️