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Request: Hey! Congrats on your writing anniversary! I was wondering if you could write a Dean x reader, where reader ran off not knowing she was pregnant, and Sam brings her back with their 2 year old. Dean should be mad, but really he’s just glad she’s back. Smut please? 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,600ish

Warnings: minor language, smut

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Rain | Sehun

Pairing: Sehun x reader
Genre: fluff, comfort, maybe a little sad, hybrid!au
Words: 8700+
Warnings: Mentions of abuse (not detailed)

Your night takes an unexpected turn when in the early hours of the morning you received a panicked call from one of your employees at the shelter you own.

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Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Part 3

Part 1 Summary:  You come home to find that Baekhyun has been unfaithful, which you expected, but what no one expected is your reaction.

Part 2 Summary: You and Baekhyun have gone your separate ways, but it seems that Baekhyun has made the wrong choice. And now he’s Suffering™. 

Part 3 Summary: Will Baekhyun finally end up with the right person? Is he okay?? Is anyone okay???

So this was supposed to be a one shot, and as I said in Part 1, you can end it there. BUT if you need closure, here’s more to help satisfy your needs.

Tagging these honeys because *hearteu*:  @tousdae, @byunshim, @imbaekhyunstrash, and @kryloxen

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Coda

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Julie’s POV

Julie has never driven as fast as she does now, her foot never even touching the brakes until she sees the flashing of police car emergency lights in the distance. And even then she doesn’t so much slow as stop abruptly in front of the scene and dash out of her car.

The highway is fairly deserted now so Julie’s full attention is on the police cruiser parked next to the station wagon that’s pulled over. Three figures are standing over one huddled silhouette. Baekhyun.

Julie rushes over to them, identifying herself to the two cops before kneeling down before Baekhyun. “Hi baby,” she says gently as she searches for his hands beneath the shock blanket around him. “Are you okay?”

He looks up to smile at her, and it’s the most broken thing she’s even seen. “No.”  

No. But then, she knows this. Julie’s body goes on autopilot then, the way it always does when she’s in a stressful situation and she needs to act instead of feel. Sliding to her feet, she asks the cops and the presumable driver of the car, “What happened?”

The driver is an older man with a worn face, and he gestures to Baekhyun with concern. “I was driving home when I spotted his body sprawled on the side of the road, and I got real scared that someone had hit him or something.” The man shivers in a physical display of Julie’s internal horror. “So I stopped the car to check on him – and he was alive! Eyes open and everything. But he wasn’t all here, if you know what I mean.” The man leans in and says under his breath, “You might wanna check him for marijuana.”

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Daniels,” one of the cops, the one with the bald head, says. He ushers the old man back to his car while the other cop turns to Julie.

“Hi Julie, I’m Officer Richards, the guy you spoke to on the phone.” He has a calming voice, and Julie imagines that he must have to use that tone very often in his line of work. “The good news is that we did test Baekhyun for alcohol and drugs, and he’s clean. But he’s not off the hook yet. We think you should take him to a doctor because this kind of behavior, however infrequent, can have dangerous consequences if left unattended to.”

“I hear you, sir,” she replies hollowly. “Thank you for calling me. Can I take him home now?”

“You can. But please…” Richards gives her a warning look, “don’t let things get to the point of no return.”

They already have.

Julie nods and collects Baekhyun from where he sits, guiding him into the passenger seat of her car before returning the shock blanket to Officer Richards. She can’t meet his eyes as she hands it to him, and she can’t meet Baekhyun’s eyes when she gets into the driver’s seat. Not that he’s looking at her – he’s just staring blankly out the window with his hands wrapped around himself.

Julie says nothing as she drives them back to the apartment. She doesn’t ask him to explain how terrible his nightmares must be to drag him all the way to the highway. She doesn’t ask him about the phone calls. She doesn’t ask him about the tears that have begun gliding down his face – and she doesn’t bother wiping away her own. It’s only when she finally pulls into the parking lot and rolls to a stop in front of the building that she speaks.

“When did I become your emergency contact?” she asks, staring straight ahead. She already knows the answer but she needs to hear Baekhyun say it.

“When Y/N changed her number,” he answers.

The words hang in the air, confirming everything, and she nods, closing her eyes. The sun is high in the sky by now and its light pierces through the darkness of her eyelids, forcing them open. There is just no fighting something so undeniable. So inevitable.

Her last words to him are a whisper. “Goodbye, Baekhyun.”

At the edge of her vision, she sees his hand hover as if he’s going to reach out to her, touch her. Hold her with him. “Goodbye, Julie.” His voice is soft, and softer still, she feels the lightest brush of fingertips against her cheek. And then he’s gone.

She doesn’t watch him go. Instead, she pulls out her phone and dials the new number she’d just loaded into her contacts. “Hi,” she says when the call is picked up. “We need to talk.”

The café is bustling at its peak hour when Julie walks in. She’d stopped at her sister’s place on the way here to borrow some clothes and generally clean herself up, and now she tugs at her skirt nervously as she glances around the place. She’s never been here before, but it’s got a nice atmosphere – bluesy music in the background, framed pictures of coffee beans and steaming cups on the walls, chill-looking people on their laptops and chatting with one another at the tables.

It doesn’t seem like the kind of place where a fight would break out. And Julie needs that right now – because her eyes land on Y/N sitting at a corner booth, staring out the window.  

Her stomach roils as she forces herself over there. Abort. Abort. But she makes it to the table and plasters a polite smile on her face as Y/N looks up at her.

“Hey,” she says lamely.

“Hi, Julie,” Y/N nods. Her expression is carefully neutral, and Julie’s not sure if that’s better or worse than hostility. “Have a seat.”

“Okay.” She slides into the booth and looks down in surprise at the cup already sitting in front of her. “You…bought me a drink?”

Y/N shrugs. “Well, I had to buy something or we couldn’t stay here.” Julie observes the other girl for a moment, taking in her admittedly pretty face and tasteful clothing, the relaxed set of her shoulders and clear eyes. She’s put-together. Impervious. The kind of person Julie could either love or hate.

Right now, it’s easier to hate her.

“Thank you,” Julie finally says and takes a sip from the cup. And then she gags, sputtering, “Is this just used coffee grounds and water?”

Y/N smiles innocently, but for the briefest second, Julie sees real hurt surface on her face before being replaced by the original coolness.

Ah. So not as impervious as she’d thought. Somehow that makes her easier to like.

Julie sets the cup down and pushes it away, sighing. “I guess I had that one coming.”

“Good guess.”

“And speaking of which,” she continues, “I just want to say that I’m sorry for…everything.”

“No, you’re not.”

This catches Julie off guard. “What?”

“No, you’re not,” Y/N repeats. “You’re not sorry for everything, you’re sorry that things didn’t work out between you and Baekhyun.” She doesn’t say this pettily or angrily – her tone is matter-of-fact, as if she’s correcting a student. “And I’m sorry about that too because at the end of the day, I just want him to be happy.”

“Oh, come on,” Julie snorts. At Y/N’s raised brow, she adds, “No one is that selfless. I mean, you’ve got to hate me at least a little bit, right? You’ve got to resent the fact that he wanted to be with me too.”

“What do you want from me, Julie?” Y/N says tiredly. “You want to hear me say that I hate you? I did. There were days when I couldn’t make myself get out of bed and go to work. And the days that I did get up, I would sit in my car and scream myself hoarse because I couldn’t figure out what more I could have done to keep him. I hated him, I hated myself, and most of all, I hated you. Does that make you happy?”

“No,” Julie whispers.    

Y/N slouches forward and rubs her temples. “Me neither. So that’s why I had to stop – it was making me miserable, and…stupid as it is, I still do care about him. And when you care about someone, you wish them the best, right?”

“Right.” Julie straightens up a little in her seat and nods. “That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.”

She glances up apprehensively. “What? Are the two of you getting engaged or something? I thought you weren’t together anymore, or did you just say that on the phone to get me here? Because you didn’t need to tell me this in person—”

“No, no, Y/N! Nothing like that. Just the opposite actually.”

“You’re…getting divorced.”

“Oh my god, will you just listen to me?” Julie groans, and Y/N bites her lip. “Baekhyun and I broke up, which you know because I called you and told you. But what you don’t know is why.”

“I just assumed it’s because he found out that you’re a lesbian.”

“Oh, was it that obvious?” Y/N cracks a smile and almost unwillingly, Julie does too. “No. The reason I asked you to meet me is because I want to ask you to consider giving Baekhyun a second chance.”

She blinks. Takes a breath. Pinches the bridge of her nose while she collects her thoughts and then says in a low voice, “Why?”

“Why…would I ask you to consider this?”

“Yes, that, and why should I consider it?” Y/N’s eyes are dark. “You realize that he cheated on me, yes? People don’t cheat when they’re happy in their relationship.”

“No,” Julie agrees slowly, “but they do cheat when they’re confused.”

“Is that what we’re calling it now – ‘confused’?”

“Look, I’m not trying to excuse his behavior here, or mine. And even if Baekhyun was confused, he was wrong to act on it instead of talking it out with you. But…”

“But?” Y/N prompts.

Julie forces the words out. “But he’s not confused anymore. He’s still in love with you, Y/N, maybe even more than he was before you left.” She’s surprised at how easy it is to admit this. Maybe it’s because she always knew, deep down, that Baekhyun was never truly hers  

Unexpectedly, tears fill Y/N’s eyes, and she quickly looks down at her hands as if she can hide them. “Don’t say that to me. Don’t lie. Just because you’re not right for him, it doesn’t mean that I am.” She impatiently scrubs her eyes with the back of her hand and adds, “I was just a safety net for him, and I’m done being that.” She looks to Julie then, pleading. “Just let me move on in peace.”

“I can’t!” Y/N jerks back at Julie’s intensity, but she keeps going. “I can’t. Don’t you get it? You’re not the safety net – you’re the fire. He was just afraid of falling, but he did. He fell so hard and now he’s consumed by you.”

She makes a face. “Cute analogy. Where’d you find that one, a Nora Roberts book?”


“Julie,” her mouth tugs up despite the hurt on her face, and she confesses wryly, “I do have a little pride, you know?”

“I know, and that’s why I’m here to ask you for this and not him.”

“Baekhyun asked you, the girl he cheated with, to come meet me, the girl he cheated on, to try and get me back?” she asks incredulously.

Julie considers lying and saying yes, but then she drops her shoulders in defeat. A relationship built – or rebuilt – on a lie never lasts. “No. He doesn’t know that I’m here.”

“Ah, see,” Y/N sits back with a sardonic smile. “Nothing has changed – except that you’re now in my boat too. Welcome aboard.”

“You’re a bit of a smartass, huh?” Julie marvels. “No wonder Baekhyun fell for you.”

“Smart ass? Maybe. Broken heart? Definitely. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go let it heal now—”  

“Wait.” Y/N pauses in the middle of leaving the booth and looks down at Julie reluctantly, waiting for her to finish. “Fine. You don’t believe me when I say that he loves you and wants you back? Then hear it from him.”

“I don’t want to talk to him.”

“You don’t have to.” Julie reaches into her purse and pulls out a neatly folded paper. “Just listen,” she says as she stands too. Tucking the paper into Y/N’s shirt pocket, Julie offers her a small smile before clearing her throat and walking away.

It’ll probably be a while before she stops reflexively waking up at 5 AM.

Y/N’s POV – 7:00 PM

The office is quiet at this time of night, especially on a Sunday. You’re sitting at your desk, toying with your phone in one hand while your eyes read over the paper – the phone bill, for the hundredth time. Given to you by Julie back at the café.

Julie, Baekhyun’s other girl.

You hate to admit it, but she’s not the worst person you’ve ever met, and it surely must have taken some strength for her to meet with you, let alone advocate for Baekhyun’s heart.

Sighing through your teeth, you look around the office for more work to do, anything. Paperwork to finish or files to organize or meetings to schedule. But unfortunately, you have great time management skills, and all your work was completed on Friday. Damn. The phone feels heavy in your hand, weighted with expectation and uncertainty.

It had taken a lot of negotiating with your phone company, pleading, and even threats to find a new provider, before they’d agreed to let you temporarily access your old number’s voicemail box. Thankfully, the number had still been in quarantine or this definitely would have been an illegal transaction. And you’ll do a lot of things for Baekhyun, but breaking the law isn’t one of them. Probably.

There’s a knock on your door, and you glance up, smiling politely when you see your boss. “I’m heading home now, Y/N,” she says. “And you should too. You’ve been working way too hard lately, and it’s starting to show on your face.”

“These aren’t wrinkles, these are laugh lines,” you say, deadpan, and she chuckles.

“Okay, well, regardless, I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good rest of your night.”

“You too.” Your attention has already returned to your phone before she even closes your door again. You’d come to the office so that you wouldn’t have to sit alone in your apartment when you heard Baekhyun’s voice – but you finally realize that it doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re surrounded by. This is going to hurt like hell either way.

“Fuck it,” you mutter, and you open your voicemail.

You have fifty-three new messages. And you listen to them all.

The early ones aren’t so bad. Or rather, you’ve braced yourself enough for them. A lot of apologies from Baekhyun, him tripping over his words as he tries to convey his regret for hurting you. But after a couple of weeks post-break-up, there’s a change in his words. Just as Julie had said. A sense of wanting, longing.

Y/N, comes his voice from the other end, as if this is just another one of your late-night calls with him. Am I despicable for wanting to be your happiness even now? After all I’ve done to you?

The rest of the messages seem to be as short as this one so you play them all.

I wrote a song for you and maybe one day, you’ll let me play it for you.

I can’t sleep anymore. No, I do sleep. I just can’t find rest.

There was a little girl at the grocery store today, and she had your exact smile and eyes. I want to hold your child, our child, in my arms just once. I want that for us some day.

You hear these out without too much trouble. It’s once you hit the second round of messages, the more recent ones, that things start getting rough.

Jagiya, he says raggedly into the receiver. You said not to call you ‘beloved’ if that’s not what you are, but…what else do I call the one who has my soul, the one I gave it to willingly? I see you everywhere. I keep smelling your perfume. It’s like you’re haunting me – you won’t leave me. But then when I look for you, I can’t find you.

You run a cold hand through your hair and skip to the next message.

In my nightmares, I find you, comes Baekhyun’s hushed voice. There’s a babbling sound in the background, like moving water. Where is he? It’s only a nightmare because I have to wake up. I just want to sleep forever. Life is so much more bearable when I only have to live it inside my head because that’s where you are.

“Oh god,” you whisper, anguish at his grief mixing with alarm at his words. How was it possible for him to feel all this and still come home to Julie at night? Maybe his love for her was different than what you’d perceived it to be – or at least now it is. You play the next message anxiously.

How is it that when you left, you took my life with you – but I am still here? Where have you gone?

You’ve found happiness. That’s all he says in this one, and you crinkle your brows. Happiness? What’s he referring to? You check the message date and see that he sent this one just yesterday. Yesterday…what were you doing yesterday? You were at the mall…with Alexander—

Alexander. You shake your head in disbelief. Was Baekhyun there, did he see the two of you? And more importantly, why did he assume that Alex and you were together? Because you’re not! God, he’s just your coworker, and not at all your type. You turn back to your phone in frustration and chew on your lip when you see that there’s just one message left. Taking a breath, you play it.

Please be happy, Y/N. If you are, then I will be too. And if I only get to say it one last time to you, I want to say that I love you. But you know that, don’t you? You know that.

You do know that.

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Harry had not gotten any work done this week. 

It was Thursday, and he’d been sulking listlessly since Sunday night, when a conversation he’d thought would end in joy had instead wracked him with the most terrible guilt. 

He halfheartedly crossed out bullet points on a piece of parchment in Ginny’s heavy hand, knowing that sitting in his office and scribbling on parchment wouldn’t get him anywhere, but he didn’t have it in him to do anything about it. 

A knock at the door startled him, and he called, “Come in,” dully to his secretary, a recently graduated Hufflepuff named Gordon. 

“Mr. Potter,” Gordon said with a barely contained smile that annoyed Harry beyond reason. “There’s someone here to see you.” 

“Is it important?” Harry asked, scrubbing a hand through his hair, then his stubble. Merlin, with the way he looked right now, he’d probably scare off whoever needed him to initial a form or green-light a mission. 

“I’d say so, sir,” Gordon said, and pulled the door open a little further. A small bundle of red-headed energy came bursting through the door, and onto Harry’s lap with a cry of “Harry!” 

Astonished, he ran his hands through his godson’s rapidly darkening hair. “Hey, Ted, what are you doing here?” 

Gordon had disappeared, and Bill Weasley took his place at the door of the office. “Teddy and I had a little talk about what you told him on Sunday,” Bill began, but the five year old interrupted him, “’m excited ta be an older brother, Harry, I can’t wait ta give hugs ‘nd advice ‘nd love like Bill said.” 

The knot that had been in Harry’s stomach since telling Teddy about him and Ginny having a baby in six months loosened a little bit, and the crushing guilt he’d felt when Teddy refused to talk to him afterward began to lift, even a little. He looked at Bill, who grinned conspiratorially at him, then back at his godson. “I’m excited for that, too, laddo,” he told him. “I’m glad to hear you say it.” 

“’m sorry I was awful,” Teddy said sheepishly, looking at Harry with eyes so green they made Harry hurt. “I didn’t want you ta stop coming ta see me ‘nd taking me ta fun places like the zoo ‘nd the dragon ranch and ‘nd on picnics and -” 

Harry cut him off by squeezing him in a fierce hug. “That’s never gonna happen, kiddo, ever. I love you, even when me and Ginny have our baby, we’re always going to make time for you. That’s what your dad asked me to do when you were a baby and I’ll never stop doing that.” He felt the words with everything in him, felt love for his godson at the same time as the realization that he needed to do a better job showing that love if he was to be a good father. Relegating another generation to the un-honed skills Harry had observed in childhood was not an option, and he’s grateful to be learning already. 

“I know,” Teddy answered, when Harry released him. “I told Victoire about it on our playdate this morning ‘nd she said she loves being a sister ‘nd that her mommy and daddy don’t love her less ‘nd I know you’re not my dad, but her dad said it’s the same thing.” 

“He was right,” Harry said, and glanced up at Bill, again, grateful. “It’s the same thing. I won’t love you any less when Ginny and I have our baby. And you’re gonna be a good god-brother to them, aren’t you?” 

Teddy nodded, then tucked his head under Harry’s scruffy chin, adjusting himself until he was comfortable on Harry’s lap. Harry, so relieved it almost hurt, put his hand on Teddy’s small back. 

“I’ll just leave you two to it, huh?” Bill said, smiling. “Unless you have work to do, Harry, I can take him home if you need.” 

Harry glanced at the stack of paperwork at the edge of his desk, and suddenly it didn’t seem so unconquerable. “Nah, I can start in on this tomorrow. For now, I think, Ted’s gonna help me sort through Ginny’s list of names and see what he likes the best.” 

Bill met Harry’s eye with a wink, and Harry gave him the most grateful look he could muster. “It takes a village,” Harry’s oldest brother-in-law said with finality, and slipped out of the room, leaving Harry finally reunited with his godson….and excited once more at the prospect of growing the little family already wriggling excitedly on his knee. 

Listen to Me

Prompt by Anon

Just some Eric fluff. 

“I need you to stay here in the apartment! Do not come out until I come for you.” Eric told you as more gunshots fired throughout the compound. You shook your head no.

“No Eric! I can help fight!” you shouted above the sound of gunfire that was getting closer. You knew this day would come. The rebellion factionless had come to attack Dauntless.

“Y/N! Listen to me! I won’t be able to fight if I know you are in danger.” He told you grabbing your arm tightly.

“Ok…Ok.” You told him as he grabbed his gun and ran out the door. You paced the apartment for a few moments terrified. You could not just do anything. You ran to the closet where Eric kept his gun stash, grabbed a gun and open the door to face the factionless. You met a couple of factionless who did not hesitate to raise their guns at you. You were able to bring them down before they could fire at you.  You ran to the pit to look for Eric when the gunfire suddenly stopped an Four ran into you.

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emeraldwriter  asked:

I LOVE YOUR KACCHAN PUP SO MUCH _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): I wish I can take him home and spoil him rotten. Hueheueueheue!! (Very much in love with your art. I explode every time.)

ADFADSFASDFASDF THANK YOU ToT I’m so happy to hear that!!

Don’t spoil puppy Kacchan too much. He’s a spoiled brat X’D
(Awwwwww❤️❤️❤️ o<-<)

None of Your Business

Fandom: Les Miserables

Word count: 1657

Characters: Enjolras x reader, Grantaire x sister!reader, Les Amis

Warnings: alcoholism

Summary: Grantaire is oblivious to the love developing between his sister and Enjolras.

It wasn’t like you meant for it to be a secret. At least, that wasn’t how it started.

The Amis had been teasing you about what they thought was chemistry between you and Enjolras ever since the first time you burst into one of their meetings. You knew that they didn’t really encourage women at their meetings- Enjolras had left you in no doubt that he disapproved- but Grantaire hadn’t come home that evening. It wasn’t unusual, it happened much more often than you wanted, but some nights you had just had enough of it. So you went to track him down for yourself.

They had all stared at you when you stormed through the doors. You didn’t care. You went straight up to the nearest man (Courfeyrac admitted to you later that he had been terrified when you grabbed his shirt) and demanded that he tell you where your brother was.

At that point, Enjolras stepped in.

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My mom's first thought about each Got7 member

Mark: “Aw, he looks like a sweetie, can I take him home?”

Jaebum: “He looks angry, but it’s kinda hot…don’t tell your father”

Jackson: “He could crush apples with his thighs oh my they’re huge!”

Jinyoung: “He seems caring but kinda looks like a prick”

Youngjae: “Oooo~~~ I love his nose, he has very nice nostrils I like it a lot”

Bambam: “Very hyper little guy! He’s very extra….do kids your age still say extra or?”

Yugyeom: “yu-yuGUM? No? Yu-ge-yum? Ohhhh ok I get it now! He’s very flexible it seems, he moves like a wet noodle”