xyriath replied to your post:sex is NOT a basic human need so stop acting like it is

I’m totally not supposed to be here but I’m a fucking asexual and Kay has been nothing but supportive with the idea that sex isn’t a basic need. She’s listened when I vented about it and helped me word explanations -against- that idea so fuck off.

nerni is lovely and she will fuck shit up she will bc she is fabulous 


YOOOOOO  so like i first noticed that you liked my entire blog and that was pretty rad so I followed you and THUSLY DISCOVERED THAT WE ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME PERSON with a couple of exceptions. It was pretty trippy to find someone else with similar life experiences as me and that was cool. I admire your strength it takes a lot of energy to deal with what you deal with and you make it and manage to crack a joke (several time a day). I can’t wait to squish your face in person and (lucky you) actually get a hug from me :P

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Anon from earlierrrish omg marry me right now okay thanks. You're two cute for life. :3 I can't even handle it. I want to squish your face.

Well come off anon!