Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( part 3/? )

Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( 3/? )     [ credit to ofsentencefragments ]

“Come put a baby in me.”
“Slumber party, nudey times, drinky drinky.”
“Calm down, Peaches. Come back to bed.”
“Shouldn’t someone start freaking out right now?”
“You don’t have a cocaine problem.”
“Kiss her, you die.”
“Can I squish your face?”
“I will give you whatever you need.”
“C’mon let’s spoon it up. We’ll make it right, half moon style.”
“That’s handsome disease!”
“I will punch you in the face.”
“I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”
“I’ll quit when you’re behind bars, or when you’re dead. I honestly don’t have a preference at this point.”
“I’ve got the greatest girlfriend ever.”
“Shooting him is honestly the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.”
“The next time you decide to risk your life, remember that there’s someone who loves you, who’s worried sick.”
“How do you know what color your eyes are? You can’t see them!”
“Don’t be the B from apartment 23! You’re better than that!”
“Put your arms around me! Come on sell it!”
“Rub my back at a medium pace!”
“Make it tender!”
“I did get a little action. Over the clothes, middle school style.”
“He’s a lame chop, slathered in fail sauce.”
“You are competing with girls who were murdered.”
“Apples are not snacks.”
“I, uh, like the way we fit and I’m not just talking about when we spoon it up half-moon style. Although, that’s tight.”
[ intensely stares, not helping at all ]
“This is my partner, Immaculate Conception.”
“You have a problem, Candyman.”
“You’re gonna make a really handsome baby daddy.”
“This talk of ours is going to have to wait until long after we’re dead and even then the dead version of me is not going to have any questions for the dead version of you.”
“I never walked in on my parents having sex because my parents never had sex.”
“My girlfriend is seeing other people, for strictly professional reasons.”
“Your heart hearts me.”