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len trying to bribe barry with sweets after he gets to know that barry loves them.. because he wants to make some new adjustments to their deal (lol he's just a nerd and trying to get more of his attention). and barry is kind of offended about the whole thing but also amazed because he didn't know that he can bake such delicious treats. it's so hard to say no when they smell so good.

“So how about-”


“Okay but, what about-”

“No, Snart. We have a deal already.”



“I made double fudge brownies.”


“Just…just take them. Sleep on what I told you. And I’ll meet you again tomorrow.”

And Barry just wants to die because he can’t believe he’s being bribed with brownies that probably aren’t even that good. Or store bought. Might even be store stolen! Why did Len think it would work? But then Barry takes a bite and…oh god. Oh God, they have chocolate chips in them too. He means to share the whole thing with Iris, he really does. But two minutes later there’s only one brownie left and Barry could cry.

When does give that last one to Iris, she swears she just died and went to heaven. She makes sounds that Barry dreamed of for most of his teenage life and it’s really odd to watch her devour the brownie just as fast as him.

So then he starts saying “no” when Snart asks for stuff just so he can be bribed with sweets. Iris, the bad influence she is, completely encourages it.

“I’m having problems with a meta human. Will you help?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Banana Cream Pie.”

“DONE. Let’s do this.”

And Barry and Iris just sit at home eating everything. (Iris also gains a few pounds but Eddie secretly loves it okay?)

And can you imagine how happy Len is? Knowing that Barry loves everything he’s been baking? He probably starts leaving them on his doorstep and now Len is trying to woo Barry with cakes and cookies and whatnot.


The signs and their stereotypes
  • Aries stereotype:ready to fight everyone for everything, super argumentative, and extremely careless. Will most likely yell everything they say, and have the shortest temper. Athletes.
  • How an Aries actually is:An extremely concerned and caring person. They make faithful friends and lovers. Sometimes they can get a bit passionate and become loud. Full of energy, and very intense. (Total cuties)
  • Taurus stereotype:FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. Will eat every motherfucking thing they see. Will eat your hand if it comes into contact with their face. Did I mention that they love food?
  • How a Taurus actually is:Likes food, and is a bit selfish when it comes down to food. Kinda hard to become friends with as they are so stubborn, but once you get past that, they make very loyal friends.
  • Gemini stereotype:Emotionless wrecks, constantly joking, takes nothing seriously. Probably a comedy king/Queen. Literally has 19733717 personalities. Friends with everyone, but hates everyone.
  • How a Gemini actually is:They actually feel very many emotions, but they find it hard to express them with words, so they cry most of the time. They have a good sense of wit and a quite secretive. They can be blunt at times, but that's how you know they love you.
  • Cancer stereotype:Crying mess. Total sweetheart. Clingy as fuck. Shy and withdrawn, barely leaves their homes. Most likely because they're crying. *Cry*
  • How a Cancer actually is:Awkward with displaying their emotions. However, they are quite sensitive. When it comes to friendship they love to constantly hang out with their friends, and need attention. But they are very low key about it. Family comes first with them. Always.
  • Leo stereotype:Always has a mirror in hand. Probably trips and falls while walking because they're looking at themselves. Can't talk about anything else besides themselves. Thinks that are the greatest creation known to mankind.
  • How a Leo actually is:They ooze with confidence. They're fab and they know it. Sometimes, they can be standoffish when around people they don't know. Are very talkative. And are connected with art.
  • Virgo stereotype:EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE NEAT. GET THOSE GODDAMN GERMS AWAY FROM ME YOU NASTY LITTLE SHIT. Totally neurotic and has everything neat and organized. Probably has perfect grades.
  • How a Virgo actually is:Very lazy and doesn't clean anything (including themselves)very much. They're very creative and have a bit of a careless attitude.
  • Libra stereotype:Total flirt and extremely romantic. Can get anyone they want. But is extremely two-faced.
  • How a libra actually is:are quite obsessed with beauty. Can be a shallow. Very opinionated. They jump from person to person, aren't very faithful.
  • Scorpio stereotype:SEX. GOD. Period. Sex and world domination. They'll fuck you, and kill you.
  • How a Scorpio actually is:They're sensual and are obsessive. They feel everything so intensely, and are drawn to darker themes.
  • Sagittarius stereotype:Athlete, whose super chill, but automatically popular. Totally fucking perfect in every way possible.
  • How a Sagittarius actually is:big hearts, very chill, and cares a lot about popularity. A bit annoying.
  • Capricorn stereotype:They only care about grades and work. They're cold and emotionless.
  • How a Capricorn actually is:Laid back and careless. Very cool and have an addictive personality. Care the most about their friends and family.
  • Aquarius stereotype:Strange and annoying aliens.
  • How an Aquarius actually is:Extremely happy and friendly. Honest and kind. Although, a bit strange.
  • Pisces stereotype:Fish who cries nonstop.
  • How a Pisces actually is:A fan of the arts and very chill. They have a good sense of humor and are good lovers.

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hi feasts!! ive been following u forever and i was wondering if u had any tips on how to draw profiles?? ive been trying so hard but they always look like poop emoji. ur art is so beautiful and nice so if u have any wisdom to share i will cry and thank u from now until the moment i cease to exist


mine look like poop emoji too!! so im not confident that i can give the best advice, but i do at least have a few things i can say

i think a lot of people make the mistake of drawing the eyes and mouth the same way as if they were drawing them from the front. its important to keep in mind that these things look different from the side:

a lot of stuff that isnt too obvious from the front can be made a lot more obvious from the side, for example the shape of the nose and jawline. like if you’ve ever messed around in the sims (or any 3d character creation) and something looks great from the front but then you rotate it to the side and realize you made their eyes really sunken or gave them an overbite when you didnt mean to…. so profiles are a p good opportunity to show off these kinds of characteristics

if youre having trouble keeping your proportions or positioning right but youve got them down for your front views, something that helped me in the past was figuring out positioning for facial features first from the front and then just kind of rotating them to the side. we can mess around with nishiki for example:

kept track of the bottom of the chin, the top of the head, the height of the eyes, where the nose/mouth/eyebrows are, where the ears start and end

and of course references are always a ton of help!! to start you off, posemaniacs has rotatable models and you can get a really nice breakdown of everything from them. and if you can get in a lot of practice drawing from life, that’s the best for learning anything really ^ q^..

thank you!! sorry i couldnt be of more help!

Things the Male Signs Have Said To Me
  • Aries:*calls to my hotel room at night and says* Marquini
  • Taurus:*sigh* you're so annoying...
  • Gemini:gimme your ham! (my leg)
  • Cancer:I'd like to know you better *cheeky smile*
  • Leo:I Know how hard it can be for someone with boobs (talking about harrasment)
  • Virgo:would you lose your virginity to me?
  • Libra:your boobs are always on point.
  • Scorpio:so, who wants to kiss me first?
  • Sagittarius:can I copy your homework? It's always right.
  • Capricorn:*coexists and makes sarcastic comments *
  • Aquarius:I'm the only one here drinking beer, I feel bad.
  • Pisces:(my Best friend told me he said this about me) Oh, I'm not scared of her, she's just way naughtier than I would expect.
  • (this is legit, guys ahaha)

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Am I the only one who wants a scene where Juvia's like, nope I've had enough. Like when she just has this moment where she doesn't care about anything anymore, venting or frustration kind of thing. And then she's mad or any emotion that displays her giving up; this character frustrates me and makes me fall in love. Like juvia needs a moment in the manga where she vents or gets angry, how much bullcrap can she take from gray-Sama (gray is bad doe). It's so annoying and frustrating. Sadistic me.ha

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Oh, me too!!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see a scene where Juvia just ‘nopes’ so hard with Gray that will leave everyone confused if she’s possessed or something. Just because she loves him, it doesn’t mean she has to accept everything he does or says. I hope one day she blows up and tells him some things he needs to hear while he looks as if she slapped him. BTW, I’ve always wanted her to slap him too - when Lucy did it, I felt a little better, but it should’ve been her. I’ll edit that later. LOL

What I could do was to let my frustrations out with my fanfiction, where I’ve made Juvia mad at him many times but I think the one that steals the gold is the half to final part of Serendipity - Chapter 4 (

But what happens is that Juvia is Juvia and she just can’t get mad at him. We just wish she got mad at him at least ONE TIME. It’s all we want. ONE TIME AND MY HEART WOULD BE AT PEACE!!!

I wish I could say that I hate the way you make me feel but I don’t. I don’t hate it and no matter how hard I try I can’t hate you. Every time I see you something inside me changes and I feel things that I’ve never felt. You let something wonderful flow inside of me but you aren’t supposed to make me feel good. I wish I could say I was happy you were gone but a part of me is gone now too and when you were here you felt like poison but now there is so much venom in my blood that I miss the way you would slowly kill me because at least I felt something inside.
—  I think I miss my toxic boy//#134

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I need help. I don't think I actually believe in God. There's a part in my heart that says everything is true, but I don't feel Him here.I can't feel the presence of God. I cry, pray, scream asking Him to be clear, and talk to me but things do not change. It's like I can't hear him, you know? And it's making me miserable. People say I should just be faithful, but I feel like I'm talking to "nothing". Is there anything you can say that can give me some light? I'm really desperate here.

I know how you feel. Sometimes it is hard to feel the presence of God. There was a time last year (before I became baptized) that I was totally convinced He didn’t exist, because I couldn’t feel His presence. The best I can offer you is this verse:

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Do you hope in the Lord and His existence? That is faith. If you’re just thinking to yourself, “oh, God probably isn’t real,” then you’ll never believe He is, the same way you won’t believe anything is true if you constantly doubt it.

Whenever I start to doubt God, I think of all the times He has proven Himself in my life. Start with the creation of the universe. There is no doubt in my mind that the universe was created by God, and not by chance or by itself. And then look at nature. And science. I simply can’t believe it all happened by accident.

There are times when I am filled with the Holy Spirit and certain of His existence, times my youth group likes to call “Jesus Highs”. That’s usually after
1. Worshipping really intensely
2. Praying a lot
3. Being surrounded by other believers, or
4. Reading the Bible

For me a lot of times it happens through worship, so I suggest some really passionate worship music such as Bethel Music or Elevate Worship. I believe the Holy Spirit shines through others when they are passionate, and into me.

As your relationship with Christ grows, you will have less doubt. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show himself in you, and strive to have a permanent “Jesus high”!
God bless you! xx

There is nothing to ask permission for, don’t ask for permission. Half of us are waiting for permission; someone to say okay, someone to say do it, someone to say that is a good idea, someone to give you the money, someone to give you the resources. That’s all working from a permission-based way. When I just decided I’m just going to work with what I’ve got and give myself the permission, then it really started…How’s anybody going to stop me from making my thing. It’s not possible that you can stop me…You just got to start, you just got to begin…Once I started, I never stopped, but the starting was the hard part–just beginning with what you have…That’s the biggest tip: is to start. It may not be the dream project, it may not be perfect. Begin. Whatever it is. If it’s the writing, if it’s the acting, if it’s the directing, producing, whatever it is that you want to do, just get started.

Ava DuVernay

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I'm scared about college and living on my own and leaving my friends. Can you give me advice for my freshman year last like how to make new friends and stuff to maybe make thing easier?

Everything is scary hahaha. Life is fucking scary. Things we don’t know are just scary man. And I guess my only advice is to just say “HEY! SCARY THING! I KNOW YOU’RE SCARY AND I RESPECT THAT BUT I’M GONNA HAVE TO FIGURE YOU OUT SO I CAN PROGRESS AS A HUMAN BEING”. Making friends is hard because it requires you to put yourself out there much like dating in a relatively intimate way. You want these new people to like you and at the same time have to leave the comfort of your old friends. Both of these things are scary. Just know that everyone has to do it and so many people have done it. If literally MILLIONS of people can do it, so can you!

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Forgive me if this comes across as ignorant & offensive. I was wondering, because you're agender, do you also go through body dysphoria? I know trans people do, but what's it like for people who identity as agender? I know for trans people, they can have surgery in order to be who they really are. But for agender people, how can you change your body to be comfortable in your skin, without "looking like a specific gender"? I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, it was hard to put down into words.

Tw dysphoria tw periods nsfw ?

I can’t say how it’s like for every agender person because dysphoria is individual.
My dysphoria is usually hormonal and sexual. Periods are, in a word, apocalyptic. Horrible. Completely ruins a week of my month. Makes me feel disgusting, I call myself awful transphobic things. It’s really frustrating.
And sex is sex. I can’t feel sexual interest for someone unless I love them on some level. So I mostly have sex because I’m in love, my body is just, there with things.
It helps if can’t see anything.
Most of the time I like my body aesthetically. It’s very strong. I have the longest legs and my hair is thick. My eyes are big. My hands are the right size to be in someone else’s.
I just don’t like existing in it. It’s something I can’t put a place or a word too, of what is wrong. It’s a feeling of wrong that is around me. That increases during certain times when I’m aware that I have a body, this body.
Mostly I don’t feel like I exist in the world anyway because people usually think I’m a girl. They don’t see me. I just walk around in it and observe.
I am planning on finding ways to stop this tho. I will be making ways to make others see me.

1st zodiac post is here ^_^

It’s a Capricorn description. Please read it till the very end you would know why I said certain things.
Please don’t eat the credits up and do give feedback.

Thank you so much .

Also Please know that it’s my observation, it does not make all the people that way, there might be my mistakes my influences on people too that made them this way. So please don’t go fighting and hula hupa over it =D

Capricons are one of those signs that I have been so close to, like one of my best friends you can say. So I have observed them the most (particularly because of there backstabbing habits). They are so sweet that I cannot put their sweetness into words. They know how to comfort you, in hard times they will tell you things you want to listen. They will do extraordinary stuff for you if they think you are their true friend, they are so generous that they will help you even if you are not that close. They learn to build relationships from a very young age, they also build good relationships because they think it will also benefit them somewhere in future.
The sad part is, they are mean and the most selfish ones of all signs I have met. They will never put anyone above them. But the worst part is backstabbing is a part of their nature. They don’t just back stab because they love it or they want to, it’s because they are insecure. They are so insecure that I think they hardly find someone they could trust. They have a negative view of this world, they think everyone is selfish and mean but I think it’s because people have taken their advantage, people think they are so nice and generous that they start to take extra favors and this is how a Capricorn gains its nature. They are not born that way but they have a potential, and you all my friends are the reason what they become. So there is not much of the blaming on Capricorn for this. There are reasons people, Capricorn are sensitive, treat them nice, don’t turn them into something that you will regret later. And so Because of mean people like you, people like us who tries to be good friends with Capricorn suffers along with capricorn themselves.
Now the love life - Man you want a good lover you could marry ? (Beside from two other signs) Find a Capricorn, BUT make sure you are their first love. They would give anything, and when I say anything I mean it, they would give it away to be with you. Their friendship, money, being fair to the world and all, it’s nothing in front of their love for you. You mean the world to them. And remember they will never leave you, If you see a Capricorn recently out of a relationship I am 95% sure it’s the other person, while they did everything they could to save the relationship. Never ever let them go. They will obsess over you, they would be a mess without you. And after a heart wrenching struggle if they get over you, and that is a big IF, only a few things will return to normal in their lives, that’s when they become their mean and selfish self. They would leave you alone but a part of them will always love you. They would read love quotes and the first thing to hit their mind would be you. This is a way a Capricorn becomes a Capricorn.

Long story short - They are the sweetest and generous ones despite the fact they are hurt beyond repair. They are mean, they are selfish and they back stab but because someone so low came into their lives and made them this way. They are sensitive and prone to it all, and that’s what makes them loving and caring. If you get a Capricorn who is not yet damaged, please save them and protect them, they truly are gems to have. But if you have a damaged Capricorn please save yourself and protect yourself from the stuff they could do to you.

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So today was one of those days. It's been like the fifth day in a row that I work an early morning shift, and I show up and it's a disaster. Everyone's in a bad mood, and things were just bad. So I slid into bar, feeling faint and just angry because costumers were being rude. But then this dude shows up, waiting for his ice coffee and looks and me and says "good job! I don't understand how you can smile and be kind to these guys. They're bitches. You deserve better. You're so good." 😭

i love customers that acknowledge your hard work…. It even helps make up for twelve bad customers, when someone goes out of their way to say something truly nice.

Father's Day is Hard for Me

1. I’m making the posts short so I don’t have to explain because that’s how I roll.

2. I usually like to make it just about Brax so I can distract myself a bit, but he’s working this weekend.

3. It’s impossible for me to pick out a Father’s Day card. I used to spend hours looking and could never find the right one. Most say things like “You’ve always been there for me…” Or “Growing up with you as a Dad was like…”

4. If I don’t call by noon, he’ll call me instead.

5. If I call before noon, I might cry.

6. I talk to my Dad less than five times a year. There’s no getting around it this weekend.

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"While Grace Helbig is no Princess Diana, her hard work, honesty, independence, and loyalty make her a perfect role model for girls in this modern age. As our generation is viewing digital content now more than ever before, online stars are becoming celebrities. Grace shows us that you can still be successful and influential in yesterday's makeup." the article I read this from is just perfection!!! I just love how most of these articles about her say positive things about her!

Love it


the thing i really like about mamamoo is how humble they are. they never say it’s their vocals that make them stand out, that other groups don’t have that. they say they have their own style and genre and work hard to make sure the choreography and outfits they wear and do is them. if mamamoo can stay humble like that i hope the fandom does too

honestly it sucks to have to hate people who like what i like but some of y’all gotta learn some shit called boundaries and keep em that way. you gotta make a big deal about people and strip em of their humanity and put em on a pedestal and get all creepy about it, let your likes turn into who you are, just calm down. how hard is it to treat a human being like a goddamn human being. like if some dude who makes a thing you like comes into a place where you work and is just tryin to get a pack of cigs why do you gotta take it to “can i take a picture with you” man just sell him the cigs and maybe say “hey i like your music” and leave it at that. and for the love of fucking god why would you later take a picture of the security cam footage. this ain’t a holy grail for you to hold over ya head this is some dude tryin to live.

besides your dumb ass wouldn’t have freaked out that much if it was zach hill walkin into that gas station. idolization is fuckin dumb you guys needa reevaluate yourselves.

also i can’t think of a phrase worse than “/r/deathgrips” but it’s apparently a real thing and it’s somehow worse than i expected it to be.

quit makin me embarrassed to like the shit i like

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I feel so lonely lately, and not worth anyone's time. I have isolated myself a lot and it has caused problems. Now I stay home crying everyday and wonder if I am going to hit a point where I end up committing suicide. Which makes me terrified.

I…I literally have no clue what can I say. Probably I should shut the…my mouth, because… How someone like me can gives you an advice or…you don’t even expect it.

What did make you feel this way? Why do you think that you are not worth something? How can you say that? There is no reason why you don’t deserve anything.

Sometimes we all need to be alone, just to charge the battery of ours. But if loneliness makes you feel even worse - don’t let it ruin you. Only thing that makes you this way is your mind and you can fight it. Yup, it’s hard, hurts like hell, but believe me - you are not the way you think you are. 

You deserve a lot more than you give to yourself. Don’t treat yourself like shit, be someone who you can rely on. “Treat yourself like you would treat your younger sibling” or sth. You know yourself the best and you know what makes you feel good - a little walk? The sound of rain? Music? Dog? Or maybe friend of yours?

The first step is the hardest one. Please, just say someone how you feel and don’t hide with it. It only makes it worse. Probably you’re not that as alone as you think - you will be surprised how many of your friends sometimes feel this way. What stops you? 

You have one life. And don’t survive it. Live it with all of your might. 

And please, please, please, please, stop overthinking everything. If you want to - I can always listen to you, despite all I can do is literally nothing.


Luv u (this cat is me, ok, im sending you my love!)

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I absolutely HATE these "sister shippers" more than ever. Hating on a fictional pairing openly is one thing. But pretending to like one for a while and make a 180 because your OTP didnt get the attention you wanted is even worse. Fuck them all.

This yes exactly! I am just laughing at how sad these people are, like how hard is it to say “I hate SS” you know I dislike these people more than NS/SK etc, at least they can admit they hate it.