Some final thoughts on the debate

Hillary relied on a lot of personal attacks and pre-rehearsed lines. I can see how some might be eager to walk away with a few soundbites and clips of her laughing and “acting natural” the overall substance of her points did not go over quite as well as she had hoped.

Trump was.. Trump. I suppose it was foolish to expect him to act any differently but it’s hard to say that he did badly. Each accusation lobbed at him was rebutted effectively, and overall he handled Clinton with far more respect and courtesy than she deserves.

There were definitely a few prompts that were definitely only added in to attempt to make Trump look bad, like the “Birther” thing, while nothing similar was given to Clinton… 

Like “The FBI effectively labeled you as too stupid to know you were breaking several serious laws, how do you respond to that” or “You went on record saying you didn’t know how to determine what classified information was and let interns handle highly sensitive information on an unsecured server. What was your intent behind those statements?” or the big one, “You are frequently vocal in your disapproval for the way Trump has talked about women in the past, but never about the way your husband has treated and allegedly still treats women, could you explain why?”

Either way, the whole thing was a mess, but it’s hard to see this as a loss for Trump. Maybe not a great win, but he’s set himself up for a couple weeks of solid non-stop Trump-centric articles, while Hillary’s few headlines will read “WOW! Hillary did not collapse during strenuous session of uninterrupted standing! SO STRONG!”

The signs as Winnie the Pooh quotes
  • Aries:"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen."
  • Taurus:"You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."
  • Gemini:"We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet. "Even longer." Pooh answered.
  • Cancer:"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever."
  • Leo:"If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I would never have to live a day without you."
  • Virgo:"I used to believe in forever, but now I think forever is too short."
  • Libra:"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
  • Scorpio:"The important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you."
  • Sagittarius:"Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved."
  • Capricorn:"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
  • Aquarius:"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
  • Pisces:"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time."
  • -A.A. Milne

i think one of my favorite lyrics on sgfg is “i’ve got one foot in the golden life and one foot in the gutter” because it’s like an acknowledgement of how their current lifestyle may not be permanent, and it sort of says that if they aren’t careful and work hard to reach their dreams, then they can still fail completely and end up living a miserable life. it’s also a way of saying that they won’t take their current position for granted and that they’ll keep working hard to make the music we all love. and idk i think it’s a really mature thing to write about and i just love sgfg and 5sos so much

I was just thinking and I’ve just gotta say that if I were to have millions of people judge me and criticize me for every single little thing that I ever do I would not be able to handle that especially since I lack self esteem/self confidence.

So good on you Jack, I can’t imagine how hard/annoying it must be sometimes to deal with all of that. You just do you, do whatever makes you happy etc. etc. insert more inspirational sayings here

Like I said, I don’t think I’d ever be able to handle that :P

People have told me

That I am too hard on magical horses recently, between posts like “Centaurs aren’t named for being half-horse, they’re named for how much like they like to murder the shit out of cows”, the whole “There are 5000 kinds of faerie horse and all of them are dicks” thing, and making horrible faces in the direction of Ponyfinder.

In my defense, I worked as a stablehand for two summers when I was a teenager. I can safely say that -normal- horses and the stuff that comes out of them? Also awful. So how much worse would magical horses be?

It’s like wizards. Once you add magic to something, the capacity for it to be a huge asshole increases exponentially.

Just because you won the heart of the person that was hard to get or difficult to handle doesn’t mean they’ll be that little spark to set your life ablaze. I know they say that if it’s hard, it’ll be worth it in the end. But in the end, you’ll just be tired. You’ll be so tired. Chances are that you’re trying to force what should be easy if every day is like composing a list of things they don’t make you feel shitty about. You can call it love all you want, but trash is still trash no matter how many times you cover it in glitter.


Dear Taylor

Hey Taylor the day I met you I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say to you bc I’m stupid and I freezed and I cried I’m so sorry there was a lot of people and cameras and I panicked and freezed so you always say you love letters so here’s my letter to you! Taylor first off thank you for inspiring me to achieve my dreams and to realize that I am capable of reaching my goals and dreams I just have to work very hard for my dreams just like you did. I’ve always had insecurity problems with my body and that really really sucks but you have helped me realize that I shouldn’t have to feel this way I should feel confident and strong and beautiful and that’s how you make me feel. Rock in rio was an out of this world experience and I wish I could go back every day. Taylor if we ever reunite I hope I can say these things to you face to face and not panick and cry uncontrollably, anyways love you and thank you for everything. taylorswift

it is okay to feel tired and drained. you should not be expected to be on top of it 100% of the time. take a break if you need it. it doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you know how strong you are that you’re willing to do that for yourself. as far as anxiety I’m not very sure on how to give advice for that. I’d say that it is best to try to take deep breaths, think about it a little but then try to occupy your mind on things that are more beneficial. Are you anxious about a big test? If so study so hard that you feel like you can do great. Are you anxious about relationships with friends and family? Change your thoughts to something that makes you less anxious, listen to a good playlist, go for a run, mediate. Sometimes it’s not that simple and I understand. With whatever you are dealing with just know you can be strong. Sending you love @copper-wings

is there anyone you can call? have you got nobody left at all? your back’s against the wall. is there no place else you’d rather be? did you give it all up just for me?

All right, who do I complain to about the lack of canon Bart childhood information?

Bonus simple transparent running Bart for all your shenanigan needs:


“Sans, it’s… that’s not true, I… h-how can this be possible….”

“heh… you always say that, tori… i cant even count how many times ive heard that before….  you dont understand.  you never understand.  and no matter how hard i try, you never will.”

“Sans, I…-”

“its hard, tori.  its hard knowing every single thing about you, all those wonderful things that make you you, and you never remember me.  its hard having to laugh every time i greet you at that door when ive heard all those same jokes before.

i was happy once.  i was happy with you, and frisk, and papyrus, everyone… at one point, we had all reached the surface and things were perfect… you were a teacher, you know, heh… you’ve always wanted to be a teacher….  things were perfect.  i thought to myself, ‘finally, maybe the kid has the ending they were looking for’.  and the next thing i know, papyrus is waking me up, telling me to get to my post.  that i have to watch for humans.  it was all gone, tori… everything… was gone.”

“I’m not going to lie I’m feeling kind of shy,
Cannot force a smile no matter how hard I try,
Instead I sit and worry how I look and what I say,
I worry that I worry every minute of every day,
What concerns me are wars and the environment,
And when pay day arrives how much I’ve already spent,
Fashion makes me dizzy it changes so fast,
I thought leggings were a thing of the past,
I joined a gym once but then it burnt down,
So my legs are getting wobbly and my belly’s getting round,
I can’t cook but one day I’ll learn,
I wish I were more confident I wish I were firm,
I don’t like change but I do like surprises,
I’m jealous of all those early risers,
I sleep far too long but still feel tired,
I’m always running late which once got me fired,
When I get nervous my face turns red,
I worry my mates wish they knew someone else,
I do not like the internet and rarely use the phone,
But I hate my own company, I hate to be alone,
I can’t help thinking that life ain’t easy,
It’s a rollercoaster which can make us queasy,
But I have my health and Brighton’s my home,
I shouldn’t feel sad, shouldn’t feel alone.”

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“Oh my g- It’s you? You were there… on the rack. The things I did to you… I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you ever say anything to me? How did you even get out?”

“Does that matter? I’m here now. For years I dreamed of the things I would do to you, Dean. Of the ways I would make you pay… My entire existence was centered on how I would break you for what you did. I saw your face in my darkest nightmares. For me, you were hell.”

“Y/N… stop. I can’t…”

“No, listen to me. Is it that hard to hear my voice? Can you still hear me screaming?… As soon as I got out of hell I came to find you. I befriended you, I hunted with you, all so I could get a chance to have this moment, so I could kill you and send you back to the only place you belong.”

“… go ahead. You have every right to do it.”

“But then I saw how tortured you already are, how much you’ve punished yourself without my help, and how many people you’ve saved… Now I realize you’re not the same man that I knew in hell. I won’t kill you. And against all odds, I’m going to try to forgive you… So just know that before I leave. I forgive you, Dean. And if I can do that, you can forgive yourself.”

"Do These Look...” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Requested by @buckylover5ever: “Do these look like old lady glasses?” Request for female!reader x Bucky, bc I just got tortoise glasses and I like them but idk how I feel about wearing glasses like I can function fine without them but reading things is kinda hard (omg I’m rambling is this too specific for a request?)
Warnings: Swearing & Fluff! Implied smut, not full smut, I guess, steamy make out session and implied sexual actions.
Admins Note: You didn’t say if Bucky and reader are together, I decided they are but I assumed you wanted that anyway. I would have done full smut, not really feeling my smut strengths recently, I’ve been trying and I will continue but it’s not really going that well. – Ro

Picture of glasses HERE

You walked into the tower after your eye appointment, sighing gently you pressed the button to your floor and waited patiently, you knew this would happen. You had gone into the opticians a few weeks ago and picked out a pair of glasses, you didn’t really need them for every day just reading and looking at screens; which is your job, tech specialist. 

Now you had them upon your face, it felt weird having this foreign object on your face, resting on the bridge of your nose and you caught your reflection in the mirror of the elevator.

The glasses were standard ray-ban style, almost slightly more oval shape than a rectangle, a dark tortoise shell pattern as the frame and they weren’t massive on your face but they were bigger than the usual standard reading glasses; at the time, you thought they suited you but now… in this mirror and almost back at home where people would see your choice? Well, you weren’t feeling too confident about them. You pulled them off and placed them in the black, glossy hard case, the doors dinged open and you stepped out.

The TV played softly in the living room, Bucky was home, you had forgotten he had been given a few days’ rest till the next mission; you were grateful but you didn’t want him to see your glasses, what if he thought you looked stupid? Or what if he thinks they are old lady glasses? 

Bucky had said in the past you could wear a trash bag and he’d find you the most beautiful girl ever, you blushed at the compliment but this was something you’d have you wear for the rest of your life, yes; you could get new frames but what if he simply doesn’t like glasses on you?

“You’re back” Bucky grinned pulling his eyes from the television as you walked in, he held his metal hand out for you, you take it with a small smile and he pulls you down to him and places a kiss to your lips “where did you go?” he asked, eyes trailing back to the screen that played some sports channel, you pulled a little away and rested your elbow on the back of the sofa and your head in your hand as you looked at Bucky. 

When you didn’t answer he glanced at you, quirking an eyebrow as you giggled at him, he was too adorable and his opinion mattered most to you; you sighed lightly and pulled your case from your bag and placed it in his lap. He opened the case and frowned at the glasses.

“Do these look like old lady glasses?” you asked him, he frowned and picked up the frames and examined them closely, he shrugged and then placed them on his own face; you chuckled as he looked around the room, squinting trying to see with your prescription but eventually pulling them off and gesturing for you to put them on, you raised an eyebrow and he just grinned back in return.

“Wait, all this time you’ve needed to wear glasses?” he asked and you laughed “can you see right now without them on? What do I look like?” he questioned, you continued to laugh at him, he held up his human hand with three fingers and you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him. Pushing your glasses up your nose and looked at Bucky, raising your eyebrows at him, he frowned at your expression.

“WOAH, cute guy alert!” you yell and began moving your glasses back and forth in his direction, he sarcastically laughed at your behaviour “all this time I’ve been missing that face” you slapped a hand to his cheek and obnoxiously caressed him “it makes up for the lack of personality” you sass, he snorted and pushed you away lightly 

“Really, what do you think of them?” you asked, fluttering your lashes as he took in your features with your glasses on.

“You look…” he trailed “so, god damn hot with glasses on” you deadpanned at him, he nodded at you “honestly, you look really, really good” he tells you sincerely, you nodded and kissed his cheek lightly before snuggling into his side, it silent for a few seconds “do they fall off a lot?” he asked, you shrugged, not really getting the undertone to his question “like, what kind of activities do you think they’d fall off from?” he asked, you frowned and looked at him, he frowned back and shrugged at you “what?” he asked.

“I guess… wait, ew, Bucky” he laughed as you slapped his chest, a light blush fawning your cheeks as you suddenly realised the implications of his questions, his laughter died down and he pulled you closer and kissed your lips lightly, a few pecks turned into long open-mouthed kisses. 

The sports channel being slowly forgotten as Bucky’s tongue glided against your own. It’s long and slow kisses, leaving you breathless but wanting more, Bucky’s hands rub your hips gently as he kisses your jaw and neck; sucking small little marks for himself to look at later, to smile at his work. 

You get where this is ending, you aren’t oppose for the outcome, you pull away and lift your hand to take off the glasses and place them in the case; Bucky’s metal hand wraps around your wrist, lightly, stopping you from moving the glasses away.

“Leave them on?” he asked, cheeky smile dresses his full, pouty red lips and you blush and smile at him, chuckling giddily at him as he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom and drops you lightly on the bed. 

He grins as you still laugh at his antics, he kisses you again, stopping your laughter as his human hand strokes you blushing cheek and his fingertips brush lightly on the frames of the glasses; you should have gotten glasses sooner.

You both laid side by side in the bed, sheets covering your sweaty bodies, breathing heavily and hair a mess upon the pillows and euphoretic smiles lazily on your faces. You turned your head to look at Bucky, your boyfriend, who had his eyes closed as he tried to regain his breathing again, his eyes framed now by your glasses; somewhere along the… way, you both decided he should wear them, not a bad decision, probably the best decision you’ve both had during sex.

“I am so happy for your shitty eyesight” Bucky mumbles, you giggle at him, he opens his eyes and pulls the glasses off and holds them in the air above you both “I should get glasses of my own” he counters, you nod but laugh at him.

He places the frames onto the nightstand, pulling you to him and allowing you to rest your head on his chest, he closes his eyes again as you lazily draw patterns into his chest “So, they don’t look like old lady glasses?” you smirked, he grinned and chuckled.

“Hell, no” he yells lightly “Or you just rock the old lady look, I don’t know” he mutters, you snicker and slap his chest, wrapping one of your arms around him and settling yourself into a comfortable position ready to sleep away the tiredness and ache.

“I got two pairs of glasses” you mumble, he looks down at you, you open your eyes and grin up at him “ya know in case I lose that pair, you get another pair half price” his grin broadens and he first pumps the air lazily before sighing into the mattress, relaxing into the comfort 

“You have a glasses fetish, Barnes” you mutter and he nods.

“Don’t kink shame me in my own bed after sex, that you took part in, whilst wearing those glasses” he mutters, pecking your lips and allowing his eyes to drift closed as you continue to laugh at him.

(I am laughing way too hard at my own writing, why is this funny to me? I don’t know, hope you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun writing this. Remember you can request; imagines, one shots and headcanons by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Just when you think you’re fine, when everything is okay, someone says one thing. They say that one word that pushes you into a spiral and your whole world turns upside down. That one word sends you back to your worse moment, your darkest corner. It’s strange how an innocent comment can make everything you’ve tried so hard to build go crumbling down.
—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #51

The way Seungri talks to VIPs just makes me cry sometimes. He works so hard to learn the language and make them feel as comfortable and acknowledged as possible. How can someone ever fix their lips to say negative things about him? He accepts gifts on stage, he seeks out his fansigns and fansites at concerts, he’s so appreciative. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t know all the little secrets we’re not supposed to know. It bothers me that he doesn’t get as much praise and recognition as the other members. However, it amazes me that through all the bullshit that is thrown his way, he overcomes and surpasses with ease. 

We love you Seunghyun. We do. Thank you for loving us as much as we love you. We’ll never stop fighting for you.

Things I Learned in 2015:

•stay away from people who make you feel worthless 

•you are more than a label; you don’t need to pick one – you are not a concrete definition

•you can get over someone, no matter how hard it’s been and how much you love them, moving on is possible

•you are valuable and you are important, even when you can’t see it and don’t believe it, you are

•don’t let anyone hold you back; whatever you want to do- do it for you, make decisions yourself, for yourself and don’t worry what someone else has to say or think about it- it’s your life, your path 

•honesty, true deep real honesty goes a LONG way and can improve a relationship immensely, don’t hide who you are and what you do 

•you aren’t for everyone; not everyone will want you and see all you have to offer the world

•people come and people go; you only have yourself 

•set realistic goals 

•don’t trust someone with everything yet 

•some of your secrets, can stay secrets, you don’t have to share everything with someone – you have a choice 

•life is what you make of it; your thoughts and outlook really do effect everything; how you think is how things become 

•take every chance and opportunity you get 

•don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship; whatever reasons you come up with for staying – they’re not valid 

•stay true to who and what you are; don’t do something just because you think it’ll make someone like you more – it won’t – they didn’t like you before and they won’t like you any more after 

•you can un love someone, forget people that bring you down; just like you’re not for everyone – everyone is not for you 

•reconsider what makes you angry, is everything really worth getting all worked up about 

•when you put yourself in a peaceful state, your life is in a peaceful state and you will be happier 

•you can let it go 

•things in life get hard and you’ll want to quit but there are some things you just have to get through 

•theres not always a silver lining; you can’t find a reason for everything

•the pain of the past is still real and ever present but you can learn to live with it, you can live with the pain

•you need to work for it, what ever it is, you need to work for it; things don’t get handed to you for nothing anymore 

•everyone is entitled to their own emotions and opinions; you can’t take that away from someone

•not everyone will understand you or support you that’s okay you are you and you are for yourself 

•someone doesn’t have to accept your love; they don’t have to want it, they’re not obligated to take it; look at it is their loss, you will always find someone else to appreciate you 

•every day is a valuable step in your journey 

•when someone compliments you, no matter what your belief is, just say thank you and move on

•you will heal, recovery and healing is possible; you have to work for it, you have to accept help 

•you can find good in even the worst people but you can also find bad in the best people 

•forgiving someone frees yourself, it benefits you and let’s your soul breathe free, radically accept and forgive- for your own well-being 

•that spark is always there for you; keep it alive

•open your eyes and accept the world the way it is and live in bliss

Annnnnnd when I say first I mean… Probably my only Follower Giveaway, since I never have anything worth giving away. I went to RIII and I wasn’t going to come back empty handed for those who haven’t been able to see it! So this is my first giveaway with a bunch of RIII merchandise! So there are 6 items you can win!


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for real how can you say you care about clarke when you want her to be with someone who is consistently an asshole to her and belittle her??? like you think its the sweetest thing, ‘married AF!!!’ when bellamy makes her feel like shit and its so fucked up???? like its so sad that u actually think that’s someone girls deserves to be with. someone who shits on her, on her choices. that never asks how SHE’S feeling bc everything is always about HIM. like i get more sad than angry that society failed young girls so hard that they see that as an 'ideal’ relationship and the 'ideal’ guy