MONSTA X REACTION - of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


*smile shyly as well* Omo, she got me

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Definitely thinks you’re cute. Right after you avert his gaze, he would hold your chin up and kiss you too. “You can kiss me as much as you want, because I’ll kiss you too”

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He would laugh thinking you’re cute then would peck you back: “You don’t have to be shy, just do it like this”

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Aigoo, isn’t she just so cute *extremely happy*

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You probably felt shy because of his reaction: *gets extremely happy* “Did you just kiss me? OMG! Do it again, pretty please!”

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“There is no need to be shy! I’m shy too and happy! You should try it more times, until you’re comfortable enough” *embarrassed wink*

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I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to draw again. I've drawn 3 (soon to be 4) digital paintings, but I can already see my own style smiling through. My Mettablook on my page was heavily inspired by you though. You've changed my life. -LP

oh I’m so happy that you’re drawing more! I never know what to say other than tell you that I’m honored and flattered that I somehow played a part in inspiring you. <3  I’m so glad you’re drawing more and that you’re already starting to see the direction of what style your art is going in! That’s always exciting! :D Just imagine how much more developed it’s gonna be later down the road, doesn’t it make you want to keep going to see? :D 

I’m happy for you man! :D Never stop! :D

VIXX REACTION to them finding out their gf/ significant other was getting harassed and/or bullied because of their relationship.

Hello fellows~! Well, just before starting this one, I have to say something. Whenever our precious babies start to date or get close with someone, do not EVER send hate to them! They deserve to be happy and have other important people in their private lifes!

Now, to the reaction!



“Aisshhhh not this again! These people need to stop!”


“I can’t believe it…”


“Are they really saying all these thing to you?”


“I’ll deal with that right away. You don’t deserve this because of me.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll help you with this. I’m here for you.”


“These people need to find something better to do with their lifes…”


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Why is everybody upset about the ending tho ?

Okay I’m gonna get negative even though I didn’t want to step my foot in this but this is the only time I’ll acknowledge the weaknesses of the ending.

For starters, from what I heard Munakata didn’t get much closure. He basically was kind of just…there? The sdr2 kids really overshadowed him. In fact all the DR3 characters kind of got overshadowed

Some people are mad that all the sdr2 kids came back, I’m kind of half and half on that. Again, you can’t tell me Hinata has some of Izuru still in him, and thus wouldn’t know how to wake up the others. On the other hand, I kind of wish they’d had maybe just Ko and Hinata, along with the other survivors. They’re the most popular characters, and Ko waking up can be explained easily with his luck. That way it wouldn’t have felt too happy, but there’s still hope for the other survivors to wake.

A lot of the endings to dr have been bittersweet - this was just a little too sweet. Naegi gets Kirigiri back, all the sdr2 kids are completely happy go lucky, they all woke up, and at the end they’re rebuilding Hope’s Peak, too.

You could argue this is just the light at the end of the tunnel - miracles do happen and all that - but even for me who’s into that, it felt a little rushed.

I think if they’d had an hour, they could have given time to make it work. I’m also kind of annoyed that they had this fantastic dilemma - how to live with hope in a world with that brainwashing despair video - and from what I hear they didn’t really do much with it, which is a shame.

I’m personally? Satisfied with the ending. I enjoyed it. I liked it. I just think it could have been a lot better and better thought out, but honestly I’m happy with it.

Watch the hope video theory be true, though.

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Hey! I've been searching forever for this Steter fic and I was wondering if you could help me out. It's where Peter and Stiles meet online but don't know they're texting each other. They start sexting (possible daddy kink?) and there's this one scene I specifically remember of Stiles wearing panties to school and taking a picture in the school library and sending it to Peter. They eventually find out they were texting each other the whole time and happy ending.

There’s a second part to the story I believe on AO3 where I originally read it but can’t seem to locate it again. Thank you so much, even if you can’t find it I love your blog!!

There are two fics that immediately come to mind but I can’t remember what the first one’s called, just a vague memory of Peter calling himself Parker when they were just texting each other and didn’t know who the other was, and he also ended up giving Stiles a bracelet or something but ugh I can’t remember the title. The second one that sort of has that panties scene but not at school - Wrong But You’re So Much Fun by sneksonaplane. It’s probably not that one; does anyone else recognize it?

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which piercing is taehyungs new one? i thought he always had two piercings on the right and 3 on the other.

i remember he only had one on one side and three on the other? bc i coincidentally had the same amount of earlobe piercings as he did but maybe i’m wrong 🤔 im just happy to see him wearing earrings again lmao

i know i can see all their hair colours like they’re right in front of me but i don’t trust it…. how many times has bighit played us….

im suspicious of seokjin’s dark hair but IDK I HOPE THEY DONT PLAY US WITH YOONGI’S HAIR AGAIN

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*CUE A CERTAIN ATTORNEY BEATING AWAY THE ANONS WITH A BAT* "That's it! I've had it with all of this! Maya, you can't just /leave/ because cowards who hide behind shades try to push you away! I mean, what am I gonna do without you!? Actually, don't answer that, I know you'll just doubt yourself, so let me speak the truth. I wouldn't be able to be happy again, knowing my own fiancee is effectively leaving me because she's upset over herself... H-How can I ever be happy knowing that!?" //WHOOOPS-


“Nick…” She stared at him, unable to respond right away. How did he even know what was going on? Did someone tell him!? Why? She was doing this to protect him from herself! Besides, he had Trucy and others to make him happy… 

“But… I’m doing this to protect you… Because everything they’ve said is true… I’m horrible… I need to get away from you so I don’t hurt you again, even if it’ll hurt me in the process… I… I love you too much to keep hurting you… You could find another reason to be happy…”

Today I had a conversation on the way home. It lasted 15 minutes and it consisted of the question “Why is feeling such a taboo?” I honestly ask this question to myself so often but I still give into trying to not feel. I can’t though. As hard as I try to be numb. To not care I just CANT. I give a fuck and I don’t think thats ever going to stop. Im never going to stop caring about my friends whether they are from my past, present, or future. When you hurt I hurt. I can’t simply detach myself from those who hurt me. Im always going to want the best for you. Even you who broke my heart repeatedly. Even you who put my life in danger and tricked me. Even you who blamed me for your depression and then told me you could only be happy if I was never in your life again.

There isn’t a single bone in my body or a feeling that wishes harm upon any of you and sometimes I really hate that. I really wish I could be malicious with no consequence but I can’t. Because I’ve seen the light in  all the people who have hurt me. I’ve seen the good and I will always believe in it even when the bad is what pushed me away.

He broke my heart again and again and I’m only going to wish him the best and wish that one day we can be okay again.

She literally put my life in danger and possibly stole all my belongings but I really hope she’s okay. I know she’s been hurt all her life. 

Once a friend or a lover you will most likely never be a foe.

You will most likely always be forgiven no matter how bad it gets.

Ive seen your light and I will never assume that it has died. Its there no matter how bright or dim. its there.


What do you all do when your foster kids won’t sleep?

Like. Snow had huge trouble to start with. Her medicine helped her. She was doing fine, on a routine every night, happy and doing well .

Then visit happened, and we are back to square one . We are slowly inching forward again with behavior and managing impulses but the rug was ripped out from under her and I just don’t know what to do. Her medicine is not helping her fall asleep, she’s fighting it with everything in her. Then she will wake herself up with the slightest noise and she has gotten maybe half the sleep her body actually needs and she can’t control her behaviors.

I try to close the door, because it’s the only thing that keeps her asleep somewhat, but she refuses that by refusing to fall asleep and getting up every damn time I close it. Opens it ceaselessly.

I don’t have any radio or thing, other than her phone which she absolutely cannot have in bed, that makes noise to soothe her.

I am really at my wit’s end. I need sleep myself. She’s stressing me out. I am a witch. She’s unhappy. It’s a wreck.


“Do you want to… hold him?” Elsie asked, her eyes wary.

I nodded nervously and she carefully passed me the little thing into my arms, carefully aiding me to adjust him on my arms. He was so small, so tiny.

“Hey… Khalil… I’m your daddy,” I smilled. The little babies big green eyes fell on me and I smiled. “He has your eyes.”

She smiled at me as I rocked the baby. “Yes, but their your colour…well… the colour of your human eyes.”

“Makes sense,” I laughed nervously. “I can only disguise myself after information my DNA already has.”

She lifted an eyebrow and I looked back at him. Cooing and rocking the baby I held it close.

“I’m your daddy Khalil, I’m never leaving you again! I promise! I’ll be the best dad the world could give you!”

I was just, so happy to have this small little child who’s a part of me there, on my arms, smiling and cooing at me, with big green eyes shaped like his mother’s but his daddy’s nose. A tiny me and a tiny Elsie.

Welcome to the ElseWhere Legacy Khalil. You too are now From ElseWhere, first child of Landen ElseWhere, start of generation 2.

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hannah, i just wanted to tell you how happy it makes me whenever you post about seeing christian in shows!! i love that he makes you so happy and how much he means to you is very clear (in a good way!!). i'm so glad you had a great time at falsettos tonight and i hope you get to see it again soon!!

!!!!!!!!!!!! this is such a nice ask!!!!!!!!! thank you SO SO much gabe. it makes me happy knowing someone out there cares about my posts abt the borle!!! 

i’m going to publish this only so i can save it

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ah, yeah sorry if I come off as hostile in asks, it is 100% not my intention at all. I just tend to ramble a lot so when I ask questions I try to be a little more curt and to the point? If that makes any sense. but yeah sorry again

aw.. hey that is honestly really relieving to hear, thank you!! ;u; I felt weird cuz i wasn’t sure how to interpret the tone behind the message. Text can be rly hard sometimes so i felt I might as well ask.. i can totally empathize wanting to be more direct, i try my best to cut down w/ my words but eh.. it often proves futile.. im just a ramblin’ pig.. but yea thx so much for replying back and clarifying!! i feel happy now 

i have school so its hard already to like. work out bc theres no time for me to! when iget home im tired, my feet hurt, and i have no energy to do anything, so that makes me feel shitter about my body because there really isnt anything i can do about it but wait until im older and have freetime to work out and shit

its just frustrating. im so jealous of people who are addicted to working out and seeing results etc i want that so bad but my schedule just wont allow it.

when i worked out with my big brother i felt so happy and energized and excited, i felt pumped. i wanna feel like that and do it every day. i felt like i was getting in a habit, then it never happened again

I can’t really wrap my mind around
What I really lived through with him
In those few days we had together
All I know is I remember every detail
And can feel everything all over again
If i want to at all times.
If I close my eyes, even for a split second
I can see his face as clear as if he is there.
I can see the mischievous smile
With a shade of desire and happiness
His blue eyes revealing just so much
To get me completely submerged
Into finding his hidden desires.
Never have I had anyone look at me
In a way that makes my feet heavy
But my body flicker like a fire in the wind.
He unravelled my own body in front of me
Unlocking fantasies I never dared to think of.
Drowned me in a sea of pain and pleasure
Leaving me to catch my breath and holding him tight.
While doing all that he stole a piece of my soul
Pinned it on the inside of his ripped coat
And left with a kiss saying everything but

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Things are getting bad again. I can't deal with this. I was just starting to think everything was good and I was happy. Things always come back to this. I don't know why I expected otherwise. I'm just ready for it to all be over

What happened?

September 29th, 2016

Being a mother can be so hard sometimes. Emotionally draining.

Since Wednesday afternoon, my son has been vomiting and not feeling well at all. After the 3rd vomit, I took him to the ER. They gave him half a pill of ondansetron and it helped with his nausea. We got dishcarged and now he’s showing the same symptoms again. It was the stomach flu that he had. I have medicine now to help him feel better but it sucks just to see him not feeling well.

I wish I could make him feel better and make his discomfort go away with a kiss but it’s not happening. I can’t wait until this pass..and I can see my happy baby again.


Welp, this is my take on the “good ending” for Underfell. You fix the corrupt save file and everyone reverts to their friendly, lovable selves.

this is kinda self indulgent though, since im sure that in reality none of them would remember underfell taking place except sans (similar to when their souls got sucked up by asriel)

so here’s a bonus alternate ending with that idea in mind: