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Hi Could you do a headcanon for the RFA + V + Searan about MC who is bullied and tries to kill her self (Sorry if this is too much) I'm just really curious how they would react to my situation irl) Ps. You don't have to if you don't want to Love Vera~❤️️💜💙

Hello darling, I hope you are happy and not thinking about killing yourself now :)
Please look forward for the future because I’m sure there is going to be a better time!

Anyways, enjoy! -And I stopped at V and Saeran because….. I run out of ideas. again.-

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hi, can i please get a scene post GPF where they’re at another after party and they make sure yuri doesn’t get THAT DRUNK again but he does have some champagne, just enough for him to get a little goofy

and he forgets he’s fucking engaged so when he sees the ring on his finger he’s like ‘!!! wassat!!’

and viktor’s like ‘it’s you’re engagement ring yuri’

‘my wh AT’

‘we’re engaged yuri’

‘y… you bought me a ring??? ;o;’

‘YOU bought ME a ring yuri!!’

‘!!! :0000000000000000000′

Bts reaction to going public:

Anon requested: BTS reaction when their Company Want to make their relationship Public for PR
(their s/o Is also and Idol)

*excessive bowing* I am sorryy I took this long, I have a ton of exams next week and I decided this can’t wait any longer. Again, I am really sorry, I hope this is what you are looking for. ————


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At first, seokjin will be so happy his smile would practically reach his ears. But when he came back to earth, he started worrying about your image more than his. Don’t get me wrong, he will be over cloud nine, he would just be too skeptical about it, not really wanting take a wrong step.


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Completely against it. Yoongi just seems like the type of man to keep his love life under the wraps. It just makes him feel more comfortable. However, if you had another say in the matter, and you desperately wanted to get public, he’ll take it under consideration.


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He’s the confused member. Making this decision alone was intimidating enough, but with your career in the spotlight as well? He is defiantly going to have to take his hyungs’ and leader’s advice as well as discussing it with you, after all, it’s not an easy decision to make.

Rap monster:

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Umm the rap monster? The man known to Diss whoever comes his way into ashes is defiantly not going to say no, but just because he got a word or two to say in the face of haters doesn’t mean he isn’t nervous or in the least bit worried. If it makes you really happy, then hell goes with all insecurities he is going for it just for you.


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Another confused one here. Will it effect him? Will it effect you? Are you two gonna suffer the fans’ hate? Jimin would probably ask for a little more time to think things over, eventually coming to the conclusion that it would be for the better if you two stayed the way you are.


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Thrilled to his soul. No more secrets and no more running away from fans and the gossips. Taehyung disliked the idea of keeping his love hidden away, so when he got the opportunity to go public, he’s gonna make the most of it.


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In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter. He still loves you in both the cases so where is the harm. Jungkook seems the type to ignore what his haters say, so the decision will ultimately be yours, whether you want the entire world to know about you two or keep it private.
things i want for skam season 4

- the main character is someone who we don’t know a lot about like chris (literally both of them), maybe jonas, sana or eskild my gay son

- william moves the fuck back to oslo and he and noora are happy

- eva and isak are best friends again

- eva coming out as bisexual (or eva and vilde becoming a couple but i also still kinda ship eva and chris)

- isak and even being happy boyfriends

- i really want eva more involved bc i miss her

- can we please get introduced to a new character that is trans or fluid? thanks

- a character that actually has parents? like all parents are just gone and everybody lives basically alone like wtf i don’t know how you handle things in norway but that’s not how it is in germany

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Zalgaroth how do you feel about certain type of strong emotions towards someone? Do you find it easy to explain them to someone or do you find it extremely difficult?

I’m so sorry! but! Do you think you can ask this again at my OC blog here?  I hope it’s not to much to ask. I just made it so I’m sorry I’m redirecting you. but now that I ave one I really want to keep OC stuff on there, and keep my main blog about art and giving advice or talking to random people. 

but I love that you are asking about him!!! :D It makes me so happy. X> 


[12.08.2016] Almost 2 months!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Okay, I just can’t handle that the twins are almost 2 months old! It passed so fast! My little kids are growing so fast!
Yesterday, me and Jhonny went out for see somethings for the wedding, and we take the twins with us! After, we did a lil walk around the park.
I’m so happy that we will marry again in a few weeks! We’re deciding everything, but we already decided the place and the city! We decided for don’t marry in Oakwood, we love here but we want another place for this.
We will pass the christmas in this city already, but this is subject for another post!
I still need to choose the dress, bridesmaid’s dress, see the invitations and etc, but I will do it only in the next week! Now, I want to pass a time with my big babies!

I really can’t deal that they are already 2 months! Really, it seems that they born yesterday! Really, my two little babies are being big! I’m proud of them, so much proud!
They still don’t have much hair, and the little that they have are falling over a bit! But it’s growing a bit too, so it’s good! Their 2 months update will be here in the weekend, so, stay aware guys! <3So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night <3Xoxo

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So I had surgery last week and I almost died from some complications from it and when I got home the first thing I did was hop on tumblr and scroll through and there was a lot of posts from you and I remember being really happy because you're just so great and then I passed out and the next thing I remember I was awake again and just continued scroll through your stucky tag.

Oh my god this message took so many unexpected turns right from the get go. How are you doing now, are you okay, on the mend? Sending you all the good vibes i can! But the end of this is so funny, i feel honoured 😂


| THEHO218 |

((i’ve posted this on my wattpad but i feel like i need to get this out to all armys as much as i can.))

alright guys, i’m here to talk about a serious matter. i’m literally crying as i type.

just a few minutes ago, i’ve learnt about a fansite-nim ((@THEHO218 on twitter)) has just passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. ((sudden cerebral hemorrhage)) she was and still is an angel. she helped two people to live by donating her organs.

she helped bangtan and armys so much. i’ve heard some stories about her being super nice and someone i followed on twitter said that they gave her a hoseok bookmark and she was over the moon. how can we find another pure and happy soul like her again?

let’s remember her in our hearts. let’s appreciate what she had done for us. life is so fragile and this happened so suddenly. she will always be remembered and never forgotten.

thank you so much, 도호쓰-딤.


as you’ve seen in the photo, she gave hoseok that phone case which he took care of it dearly. i really hoped they boys, especially hoseok, would learn about this because she loved them so, so much. she’s an army which means she’s like a family to me.


TO ANYONE WHO IS MEETING THE BOYS SOON, please do not mention to the boys intentionally (by tagging them,tweet in them,hashtagging it,etc) , please. it’s probably something she doesn’t want them to be burdened with plus, we have to have respect for her friends and family. what we can do is to keep her in our prayers and remember her in our hearts.


to any fansite-nims reading this, i truly appreciate your hard work and effort put into helping armys and the boys get closer, without you guys, many things wouldn’t have been a success.


to all armys, thank you for being in the family, life’s fragile and we can lose anyone, anytime. so let’s not fight, within ourselves or other fandoms, it doesn’t matter. let’s just stay happy and make our boys happy. that’s all we need to do.


lastly, to 더호쓰-딤, you will forever be remembered in our hearts. the boys loves you and so do armys. you are an angel for donating your organs and saving two people’s lives after you’ve passed on. you are family and it’s heartbreaking to lose someone like you. rest in peace, you are in a better place now.


someone posted a translation of the message on her twitter. please do refer to pictures to understand more about the situation. ((credits: hopenight_sg on twitter))

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Heyy girls sorry for the inconvenience but I have a curiosity about next move of Damie...,what do you think about the strategy that Damie could adopt during next Premiere,for example, on 2nd February?They'll act still as "friends for life" or we could have some important clues? ❤️❤️🙏 thanks for the attention..

 Legit, no way they would act cold to each other. No reason for that. What we are sure about though -and time has proven it over & over again***- is that no amount of PR (IF needed by that time) can hide love, smiles, and happiness.

Sure they have a contract with certain ‘rules’ to follow and no doubt both J&D are professionals, but history with these 2 has shown us that they can’t help being charming with each other. So i believe they’ll just be themselves and at the same time aware of a few ‘limits’.

***I’m saying this because many people this time last year believed they’d be cold with each other when filming would start, and well we’ve all seen that it wasn’t the case, in fact the opposite.

Hope we covered you, thanks for your Ask:)♥

This is kind of like the first phase of a little crush where you can kind of feel that it might be mutual and you look forward to seeing that person, you go out of your way to be near them but you’re still too nervous to say much to them. My heart is happy and I really hope this goes somewhere. He’s such a beautiful person from what I can see and even when I’m around him now he brings out my best qualities and I really genuinely think we’d be beautiful.


Finals week is OVER! Studying for hours on end is OVER! Losing sleep is OVER! (work is not over but hey, we can’t always win).

This means that I am now officially off my hiatus and back to writing here on SceneIt(: I have missed you all so damn much, I can’t even begin to explain the void in my heart I had during the past month where I was unable to chat with you all; gist is it sucked and I’m happy to be back.

But my being back does not mean I’m taking requests; now that I have returned, I’m just going to resume the pending list so requests of any kind are not open (sorry>.<).

Enough about me though, HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?! How’s your year? School? Work? Life? Just tell me all about it<3 I love you all so much and I can’t wait to start writing again and talking with you(:

And a huge, massive thank you and hugs and kisses to the followers who have stuck with me during my hiatus and wrote me sweet and encouraging messages<3 you the real MVPs.

Xoxo, Beau<3

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Do you ever think Ryan and Brendon will reunite and have a mutual friendship of never meet again and have us be torched with this silence and have us speculate theories endlessly?

Honestly? I’m not sure. Ryden aside, they did have a spectacular relationship, and something like that can’t just end suddenly. I personally think that they will eventually have a public friendship again, especially when the anniversary for Pretty. Odd rolls around - Brendon simply can’t ignore nor go without talking about Ryan, considering he sang on the record as opposed to AFYCSO. These are just my opinions, however, but I hope they will reunite and have a strong friendship again, though it is their choice whether it happens or not. Whatever makes them happy and comfortable is good, even if it doesn’t please the public eye.

Whoa, this was a lot longer and seriously than I meant it to be, sorry. Thanks for asking though!


The first picture, I am enjoying the hoodie I ordered 11 days ago. It was originally supposed to arrive Wednesday (yesterday), they pushed up the arrival date to Tuesday, and it finally came Thursday. Go figure. The fabric is quite a bit thinner than I thought it would be, but is incredibly comfortable. The fact that the bit of 4+ month boobage I have shows is also a nice perk. I am very happy with my first Lane Bryant purchase, and will be using them again in the future… just never without something I want being on a very good sale. Have I mentioned lately how much I love purple? ‘Cause I do!

Second picture is Dinner: Quite a late official Thanksgiving dinner, but worth the wait. My roommate did a fabulous job. The only thing missing were some rolls, but as you can see, there was plenty. I was very hungry as I had a light lunch, and there wasn’t one scrap left. Mmmmm.

 Work was fine today, and very light the last few hours. The continuing threat of snow over the next 12 hours likely scared people, and guess what, not one scrap of snow in my area yet. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: I do not like the forecasters in my area - they’re terrible snow tease jerks and rarely deliver, let alone give a decently accurate forecast at any point during the year… psh.

 Anyway, it’s time to relax for a couple hours before bed. I’m tired and still have two work days left. Ah well, hopefully there will be some snow tonight to lighten up my mood a bit. Out of everything that sours my mood, it’s the prediction of, and lack of snow delivery (as was seen in yesterday and today’s posts).

 I hope you all have had a nice Thursday!

 - Lana


Kyujong talked about wanting to work with Hyunjoong again once he comes back from the military. This makes me so happy! This just confirms what I was telling everyone all along! Kyujong and them still love Hyunjoong. So 401 fans can kiss my ass.

Also, I have seen Henecians talking about how they don’t want Hyunjoong to work with him again. Sorry not sorry to tell you, but Hyunjoong became a solo artist because of the talent he showed when he was in SS501. If it wasn’t for them, he may not have ever been a solo artist, or at least not one this big. So instead of crapping on Triple S’ hopes of them being together again, be supportive and respectful.

Hyunjoong is our Leader. He told us to always believe in them reuniting as 5. He told us to ignore rumors of disbanding and of them never coming back as 5. And I will believe him until I take my last breath. You may like him alone, but we like him either way.

IDK why people are getting so excited about Robin coming back meaning that Regina deserves happiness as a result of David’s wish??  Like, he’s probably leaving again after 6x14, so she’d lose him again which therefore would mean she doesn’t deserve happiness which makes a helluva lot more sense.  I’m just saying, I’m seeing is saying that she gets Robin back because it’s what she deserves, and I’m just kinda giggling to myself because when he leaves she’ll be miserable again, which is what she really deserves after the shit she’s pulled this season.  I can’t wait.

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why is mob the biggest cinnamon roll on the planet he is just so p u r e

I knoooow… He’s just so sweet and amazing, and just when you think he can’t possibly be any more pure than he already is, he just blows you away again with how kind he is. 

Mob is so wonderful and deserves the best in the world, just let him be happy…

Dear Charlie,

The last time i write you a letter she was dying.

She was in the hospital and i was holding her hand.
Today i’m talking to you because i can’t take it anymore.
She’s not gonna be that selfish, right? she’s not going  to do that again, right? that’s not the kind of person she is, she would never do that to me, she would never let me feel… guilty.
Because i already feel guilty, so guilty, i just wanted to be happy i wasn’t happy with her. I don’t know what to do anymore, everything is so confusing i’m about to turn sixteen i should be happy but i’m not happy.
At least i used to be in peace. I’m not in peace anymore.
All i think about is her, and how alone i used to feel and how fullfiled i feel now and how guilty i feel now and i kissed him and it’s not okay, i shouldn’t have kissed him. I shouldn’t have fallen in love in the firts place.
Maybe if that day, three years ago i did not have saw her standing there and laughing. Maybe i would be okay by now.
I tought i would be okay by now.