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Voltron fic recs, the threequel


I’m sorry I’ve been so absent recently. Excuses, excuses etc. etc. but basically I’ve had a bazillion work socials, commissions up the wazoo and am severely lacking in sleep. These things combined do not make for good artings. 


Have some more fic recs! Knock yourselves out. See if you can spot the thing I said I wasn’t interested in and would probably never read >__> Ahaha ha look how that turned out…

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

all we have to do - 19.5K; klance; Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

equations for a falling body - 25k; klance; Keith, Lance, an alien drug and an enclosed space, and what happens after.

To the Universe and Back with You - 10k (WIP); klance; When Keith took off after the Galra empire fell he left Lance with a broken heart and a whole lot of resentment. Fast forward seven years later and Lance is the only paladin living on Earth, with his cat Peaches for company. It’s not perfect, but he’s happy. That is, until Shiro summons them to form Voltron again…

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - 16.5k; klance; Keith is determined to keep his head down while serving out his community service volunteering at the Rex Alfor Memorial Space Muesum, but one rather loud member of staff won’t leave him alone…

shining like the stars - 139k (WIP); shklance; In a bid to help strengthen team Volron and their lion bonds, Allura takes the paladins on a pilgrimage to face the trials in the paladin temples. Keith unexpectely presenting as an omega rather throws a rather large spanner in the works…

Stormchasing - 18k; klance; Lance never intended to spend his vacation chasing after Keith’s premonitions, but here he is. Keith makes bad decision, Lance makes mistakes, and both of them are stuck together on a space pirate adventure neither of them asked for.

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts - 46.5k (WIP); klance;  Lance’s newest job is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is.

Feel the Bonds - 53.5k; klance; Being a paladin of Voltron is honestly the coolest thing that ever could’ve happened to Lance, but the people who should know probably never will. And despite their fighting, Keith is there for him when Lance is feeling particularly homesick. 


Kim Yongsun. You have no idea how much you comfort us. I’d be having a bad day but watching you cheered me up. I’d be on the verge of killing myself but those thoughts go away after watching you. You help me fight through this, when no one else does. I’m sure a lot of other fans are comforted by you too in whichever way. So don’t be sorry, because you cheer us up as well. We’re helping each other. You yeba.

I need your help with something


I’m not usually the person who asks for help in these types of situations but I could at least give it a shot now.

Basically, I’ve been without proper friends my whole entire life. However, thanks to the internet, I’ve met amazing people I’ve grown to be really close with, who I consider being my best friends. These friends and I have had an idea to meet up in a concert that’s held in New York in three months, and I counted that I’d have almost the money to pay for the trip so I was really excited about it! 

However, a backlash happened and I got a huge insurance bill and other expenses that I had to pay for all by myself. Now I’m left with almost nothing and I’m devastated. I’ve tried looking out for a job but I’m on my last year of high school so I have a busy schedule. I’m also unable to work thanks to my depression that got worse after my dad passed away. 

I really want to see my friends who are really important to me. They make me so happy and meeting them would mean the world to me. 

If you can’t help in any other way, please spread the word. Even good thoughts are appreciated. <3 My GoFundMe can be found HERE

Thank you once again! 

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sorry bad english and also i'm little shy >-<, hi i wanted ask you... how did you created a second principal blog on tumbr you know, your lovely nsfw blog? because i tried but, i can only create a second, and doesn't work like the first, i can't reblog or followng someone like i could do with first.... can you help me?

Oh? that’s because it exactly how it works ;w; when u create a second blog w/ ur main, that blog will be following the same blogs as your main, but you CAN reblog stuff to that blog- the button is right here;

If you want to have a side blog that have full control just as ur main, u have to create an entriely new blog with new emails ;w;

hope this helpss!


Newt Scamander lockscreens/wallpaper ! (+quotes)

hey guys! I made some Newt Scamander lockscreens/wallpapers and I hope you like it, I can’t help being in love with his character <3 (and sorry for the quality I’m still learning how to use Photoshop :x)

oh and please like or reblog if you save it, thank you! 

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Tealel-Esteal) ' diamond emoji' *, Tealel walks in with a 6 year old kid with tentacles coming from his back in her arms* hey can you help with my ex's kid Relphon? I owe Sefetrix a favor...

*He tilts his head and looks over at her* Oh? Okay! *He was always happy to take care of kids*

Can you send some advice?

Have you ever had that feeling in your heart that you really want to tell someone something big and important, but you’re too scared of what will happen if you do?
And also that you don’t know if what your heart says is correct or if it’s just that you’re exhausted and don’t really think straight anymore?

I need advice… What should I do?
Tell, and perhaps ruin a relationship that is very important to me. Or don’t and hope it’ll solve it self?

hey guys really need your help right now, does anyone know any mutuals of @dreams-like-edges or are any of you mutuals with her? her qpp is trying to contact her and can’t get in touch with her, and it looks like her blog has been shut down. I can’t find it when I search her URL. I’m really worried for them, just want to make sure her qpp can get in touch with her so they know what’s going on. really need your help if can guys. thanks

I completed my Alolan Dex and got the Shiny Charm!

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to everyone’s ask. I’ve been busy. T^T

However, I would be glad to make a master post of people who still need help completing their Dex so we can help each other out. Would that be something you all would be alright with? I’ll gladly give you all any Pokemon you need and help you touch trade. Just shoot me an ask.

And if you want me to make a masterpost, please let me know! I wanna help you all out as much as I can.


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Komaeda. I don't know how much you care for this, but I really came to appreciate you on this blog. I can't help but admire the way you are growing out of your shell. Keep it up! (Same at you, admin. Your Nagito is the only one I can tolerate).

Thank you…That really means a lot to me…

(Yeah thank you ! Nagito is one of my fav’ so if I can make you like him a bit more then I’m super happy ! :D

-mod lili)

My heart is breaking. I see so many of you suffering and I wish I could help you. All I can really do at this point is say, I’m here. I’m here if you want to talk, if you want to rant, if you want to cry. Whether you want to talk about what’s hurting you or if you want to talk about anything but that. I’ll message my Skype name to anyone who wants it, and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my phone so if you just want to talk over this, I’ll most likely get it immediately.

Please guys. You don’t have to go through this alone if you don’t want to. I’m here. I care.


thank you for giving me the motivation to work out again like you have helped me so much and i can’t thank you enough, but i love you so so much even though i say i hope you fall off a cliff but i don’t like your stupid choices about girls bc they hurt you ((-:

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Perhaps a red shade used the INKlixer, would they be purple? If so, then making an orange shade should be easy. * This person clearly has a different mindset on how to use the INKlixer... *

( u3u) Let us NOT be judged by the color of our INK but by the CONTENT of our character!

( °3°) I’m not sure if @besmirched would want to be called a red shade. I mean, he’s got shades of red but… Besmirched are kind of their own thing. And the one we have here right now is kinda…
m u r d e r y.  

( n3n) If you want a shade of blue potion I can help ya, but if not… Maybe you’d be happier adopting a nice tabby from a shelter. Boy are kitties affectionate!

Fluffmas 7: Drinking Hot Cocoa

Tyler is tired. He can’t stop yawning, his feet hurt, and he tries to push the door of the coffee shop open even though it clearly says pull. To his credit, it’s well after one in the morning and he’s worked way too many hours at the restaurant to deal with this kind of thing.

To make matters worse, the usual guy behind the counter at this hour has been replaced with a blond guy with a nametag full of jumbled letters. He’s got a soft, small smile though and pale blue eyes and a scar along his chin and he can tell he’s built underneath the company mandated polo. Dude definitely lifts.


Tyler blinks. “Huh? Oh. Hi, sorry, what?”

The barista – Ondrej - repeats himself. “Can I help you?”

“Right, uh…” Tyler scans the menu board as if he doesn’t know it by heart. “Can I just get a decaf peppermint hot chocolate, please?”


“Please,” he nearly groans.

“A decaf hot chocolate?”

It takes way too long for Tyler to realize what’s wrong with that sentence. “Drop the decaf, add whipped cream.”

The guy tries to hide his smile as he gets to work. “Most people come in at this hour for a triple espresso.”

Tyler likes the way his accent curves around his words. “I’m looking forward to passing out the moment I get horizontal, but it’s habit.”

“What is?” he asks, pumping a few shots of peppermint syrup into a to-go cup.

“Coming here after work,” he says around a yawn. “Only place open this late. And Heddy likes to hear about the game.”

“The game?” He fills the cup with cocoa and finishes it off with a generous helping of whipped cream. Tyler catches himself watching the guy’s fingers and clears his throat.

“I’m a sous chef at Puck down the road. Late nights when there’s a game on.” He stretches his arms over his head and feels his back pop. Sweet relief.

Ondrej passes over his drink and Tyler trades him his card.

“I imagine working somewhere like that would turn you into a hockey fan quickly.”

“Was a fan way before I came here,” Tyler says with a smirk, leaning against the counter. “Are you new? I’ve never seen you around.”

The guy’s smile is shy as he hands Tyler back his card. “I’m just covering for Victor tonight.”


“Heddy,” he corrects.

“Oh, duh. Sorry ‘m really –.”

“Tired,” he finishes. “You said.”

Silence falls between them and Tyler wishes he was on his game enough to strike up a conversation. Instead, he takes a sip of his hot chocolate and burns the shit out of his tongue. “Fuck.”

“It’s hot,” Ondrej deadpans. “You can’t sue me, it’s written on the cup and the lid.”

He laughs. “Yeah, no worries. I’d be lost if this place went out of business.” He pops the lid to lick at some of the whipped cream. “Uh, I’m Tyler? For like, future reference. If you ever cover for Heddy again. You’ll probably see me.”


“…yes?” he replies, nervous suddenly.

“No it’s just, uh, Heddy’s told me about you before,” he explains, dragging his fingers through his hair. “I should’ve realized it was you.”

Tyler’s stomach flips over. “Why’s Heddy talking to you about me?”

Ondrej flushes quickly, cheeks and neck going bright pink. “He thinks I need to meet more people. More…” He twirls his hand as if Tyler knows what that means.

“Guys?” he tries, hopeful. 


Well isn’t that the best thing he’s heard all night. “What if I said I’d be, uh, open to meeting you?”

He licks his lips, clearly thinking it over. “We could grab a coffee sometime.”

“Only if you make it.”

“That could be arranged.”

“I look forward to it.”

They smile at each other until Tyler grabs his peppermint cocoa and heads for the door. Next time he’s going to have to ask how to pronounce his name.