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hi, i just wanted to say thank you for making that "how to gif" tutorial because I've always wanted to learn how to make gifs (yours are so beautiful btw), and thanks to your post, I'm learning now! I hope one day I can make beautiful gifs like yours! ♥

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aw you made my day. i’m so happy my tutorial is helping you, i really tried to go into details as much as possible. 


So, because I’m so horribly in love with this ship, and honestly now it has become an addiction (I need help) I can’t help but wonder how other characters would react if they knew about the relationship these two had. Like, what would Gon and Killua, or any of the other characters that know Hisoka, think seeing Hisoka let some little Beast Hunter boss him around, or seeing Hisoka do sweet stuff like buy Pokkle ice cream, or lord forbid see them kiss? I have an incredibly strong desire for these things.

I swear, you can take any random word and add “fic” to it and it will be a really gross weird creepy smut fanfiction

Finding a label

Hey guys, so I’m actually seeking like help on this. I know labels don’t identify us as people and such, but I really want to know where I fit, y’know? Where I fall in.  

I’m gonna put this below a read more, but if you could please read it and maybe give out suggestions you have no idea how much I’d appreciate it!

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“You deserve so much better than me.” Mikey and reader ( But if you're thinking insecurity can you do the readers insecurities not Mikey's?) If that's not what you had in mind then do whatever works for you. Thanks so much ❤️

“You deserve so much better than me.” Michael whispered softly to the cat currently chasing his finger around the display case. He had made a quick stop at the pet store to pick up fish food for Luke, and couldn’t stop his heart from swelling at the display where a small orange cat with a pitch black tail and paws lay un-adopted in his case.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” Michael jumped, and turned to see Y/N smiling politely at him, her hands held behind her back as she watched the pair.

“Um,” Michael blushed and looked at the cat with longing eyes before turning his gaze back to the beautiful woman next to him, “no. No, I don’t think so.” He said with  small smile.

“That’s a shame,” Y/N said, her face falling, “I was hoping someone was finally going to adopt Sally.” His heart jumped in his chest and he turned back to the playful cat, looking up at him with big green eyes.

“Sally?” He asked, his voice breaking. Y/N nodded and ran her finger along the glass.

“I call her that. She’s been hear a while. She was the runt of her litter and not a very pretty kitten, so she’s stuck around.” Michael furrowed his brows and pouted at the cat.

“Why do you call her Sally?” Michael’s voice was soft as his finger joined Y/N’s on the glass.

“Well, it’s silly really,” Y/N’s cheeks turned pink and she cleared her throat softly, “she’s orange and black, so she reminds me of Halloween, and her paws and tail sorta look like they were sewn on. Like Sally’s in Nigh-”

“Nightmare Before Christmas.” Michael finished her sentence with a smile and she blushed, nodding. He sighed heavily.

“Well, ring me up. I’m taking Sally home.” Michael beamed at Y/N who turned bright red.

“Oh, this awkward. I don’t work here.” She said, shoving her hands in her pockets. He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

“Well then help me find someone who does so we can check out, cause there’s no way I’m leaving this cat and there’s no way I’m not taking you to dinner.”

Send me sentences and ships and I’ll write them

i hate seeing my tumblr pals sad like I’m so sorry I can’t help please let me comfort you I feel so bad I can’t help

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can you help me get over myself I just watched another video of enchanted/ wildest dreams and I'm seriously such a mess. It happens every time but I still watch them. Every. Single. Day.

you are me

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I need help. I'm a bisexual female. I feel like I'm supposed to lesbian, but i can't give up having a guy. But I'm literally so done with guys! Can you help me?

Well it seems like you still like guys. You don’t have to label yourself. If you like guys, girls or both than that’s cool. Don’t worry about labels