Aking Buwan, Aking Dagat

uhhhh so i made a fansong of a fanfic for be more chill and i’m the Worst Person You’ll Ever Meet bc of that. the fanfic, goodnight moon, is by @actualbird who is not only actually a bird, but also a blessing upon this earth and i’m in love w their writing. this isn’t the greatest thing but hey bird ur fic got me writing another song after months of not being able to so thanks for that! lyrics under the cut.

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Perhaps? Shatt - College AU: I’ve been sitting in this seat all semester why did you decide to sit in it today

Shiro stopped dead in his tracks, gripping the strap of his bag.

In the seat - his seat, the one he’d occupied for every day of the semester so far - was currently taken.  


The thief - Matt Holt, son of Professor Holt, and resident class smart-ass -  looked back at him as if Shiro was the crazy one for wanting his seat back.  “Can I help you?” He drawled, brows up.

“You’re in my seat,” Shiro told him, each word careful and slow.

Matt looked over the desk carefully.  “I don’t see a name,” he replied cheerfully.  “In fact, I don’t think it’s been a problem this entire semester.  I haven’t sat in the same chair twice.”  But he took a second look at Shiro’s unhappy stare and sighed.  “Fine, I guess we’ll share.”

Before Shiro could puzzle out what that meant, Matt popped out of the seat and picked up his own bag.  He raised his brows, obviously waiting for Shiro to sit. Which he did.  Because it was his seat.

Immediately, Matt sat back down.  In Shiro’s lap.

“You missed last week’s lecture, right?” Matt commented, as though it was perfectly normal for him to be sitting in a classmate’s lap.  “You want my notes?”

Shiro wanted-

Hell, Shiro wasn’t sure what he wanted, aside from a normal start to class.

…But he did need those notes, still.

“I’d appreciate that,” Shiro replied, voice utterly calm as if this happened to him every day.

Matt beamed back and dug through his bag.  “Cool.”

This was definitely weird, but maybe this change wasn’t all bad.

(But Shiro definitely still wanted his seat)

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Hey, I'm just wondering about some stuff with pelt colors. I've tried to search it up, but it's pretty hard to find the right names for stuff.. Either way, I've recently gotten a kitten, and he is light brown and has long fur. His legs, tail, ears and face are dark brown, almost black. He is not purebred, and his mother isn't either. We don't know who the father is, so I can't really tell you anything about him. I just thought it was a really strange color, and I couldn't find any name for it

unless you can give me a pic, i can’t really help you, but he does sound similar to a mink ragdoll

Bechloe Week Day Four: Flowers



A/N: angst warning

There were so many flowers. They lined the walls of the shop and the aisles were bursting. Beca’s hands trembled as she looked through the flowers. What did she say her favourite was? It wasn’t tulips or sunflowers. Maybe daisies? No. That’s not it. What was it?

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TalesFromYourServer: How not to get your kid their job back

This isn’t strictly about serving, but it happened while I was working.

tl;dr Ex-trainee’s dad asks for her job back after over a year, tells me she’s lazy, I tell him why I’m not going to just give her the job back.

Way back when, in March 2016, Location A of Mexican Restaurant Franchise underwent renovations. We were closed for four weeks. My boss saw this as an opportunity: instead of telling some new hires things were not working out, he could simply not call them back!

It’s a dick move, I know. But we accept certain dick behaviour because there are worse jobs to have. And because nowhere else I applied hired me, and I can’t afford to straight up quit. But I digress.

Fast forward to June 2017, a man wanders in during the 3pm lull while I’m moving boxes of booze.

“How can I help you?”

“Did you ever work with Katie?”

It takes me a minute, but I recall training a high schooler named Katie who was efficient at side work but fell apart at the slightest confrontation. One of the trainees that my boss didn’t call back, and tbh I almost can’t blame him for this one.

“Yeah, I think so, yeah, early last year right? I think did her training.”

“Well you never called her back after renovating! Real shitty of you to not call her!”

“Well I don’t handle the hiring process, I only train people.”

This is a weird conversation to be having over a year after we renovated.

“But why didn’t you call her back when the renovations finished??”

I just told you that I don’t handle that stuff, but ok. I make something up to see if it gets him out of the store and I can go do something actually productive.

“There was a government crackdown on teenagers working in places that serve alcohol. It’s possible she didn’t make it past training because she was too young. She was 16 at the time, yeah?”

“Yeah, but she’s seventeen now and really needs a job. You need to re-hire her.”

The drinking age is 18! Why would 17 make a difference?

As this conversation continues, I’m remembering more about her: she made the same ordering error three times in a night, she carried alcohol despite being explicitly told not to touch drinks, and as mentioned before, she broke down as soon as a customer or coworker said anything even slightly negative.

“I can pass her number along to my boss, but really she should re-apply with a resume.”

“Can’t you just tell your boss? I don’t see why she should re-apply if she already got the job once.”

Uh, maybe because it’s been over a year. Or maybe it’s because it’s becoming increasingly clear that whether Katie wants this job is immaterial; it’s Dad that wants her to have a job.

“I could text him her number, but when he hires, he hires from a stack of resumes I go through and set aside for him. A resume will give her the best chance of getting re-hired.”

“But why? She was already hired! Can’t you just ask your boss?”

Here’s what I want to say: I’ve explained to you the best way to get Katie a job here. It’s been over a year, and we’ve seen dozens of trainees since then; he won’t remember her, so bringing up that Katie received training with us, only to not get called back, is actually of detriment. Her best chance is to simply apply again the same way everyone else does.

Here’s what I actually say: “Fine, give me her number and I’ll pass it along.”

“Thank you!”

As he’s writing down the number on a post-it for me, he keeps talking.

“You’ve gotta get her out of my house. She’s driving me mad.”

Uh oh.

“Lazy as anything! Needs a job to whip her into shape.”

I take a gamble; I risk seriously pissing this guy off, but this way he might not come back in and waste more of my (or my boss’) time.

“I, um, uh.. I don’t really feel inclined to pass Katie’s number along to my boss now. It’s already strange that someone seeking a customer-facing job would send their dad on their behalf, but I really don’t think it’s worth it when you’ve just told me that she’s lazy and undisciplined.”

The dad backpedals hard. Spluttering and stuttering, tries to convince me he didn’t mean lazy in the traditional sense (what other sense is there?) and that she’s a really hardworking kid, great grades in school, just needs to get out in the real world.

“Look, I’ll still pass this along, but I have to tell my boss everything you’ve told me. Or Katie can bring in a resume, and I recommend a cover letter too. And she should really come in herself.”

Dad walked out, stunned. He called someone as soon as he was out of the door; hopefully to tell his kid she’s dodging a bullet not working with a hardass like me.

It’s been over a month since this incident. Haven’t seen a resume from Katie yet.

By: satanislemony


Raven’s Home + Andi Mack /// Au where these 2 single moms are dating

When Raven walked into The Fringe looking for costume jewelry for Nia, she didn’t expect to suddenly get flustered by the cute saleswoman restocking the silly string. “Lemme know if I can help you with anything,” the woman said to her. “I’m Bex, uh, Rebecca.”

“Oh, well I’m Raven, uh, Rae,” she said in response, smiling. “I’m trying to find something cute and cheap for my daughter.” 

“How old is she?” Bex said, pulling out a tray of clunky but cool-looking rings. 

“Twelve,” Raven told her. “Going on twenty-seven,” she added, rolling her eyes. 

“I know the feeling.” Bex displayed the rings for her, showing off her favorites with the big acrylic stones. “My daughter just turned thirteen.”

Raven was surprised- Bex looked way too young and pretty to have a teenaged daughter. With a shrug, she looked closer at a row of rings. “Do you have anything with big show-offy flowers?”

Raven bought a ring and a bracelet for Nia and a scarf for herself, chatting with Bex the whole time. When she eventually walked out, though, she had to turn around when the door swung open and shut and Bex came running out. “Wait, my name’s not Bex Rebecca, I mean obviously it’s not Bex Rebecca because, but, um… I’m Bex Mack. It’s nice to meet another single mom.”

Raven hadn’t mentioned being a single mom, and she wasn’t sure if Bex spotted the lack of a ring on her finger or if she was just fishing. And she wasn’t sure if she minded. “I’m Raven Baxter,” she said, shaking hands with the woman.

Bex smiled and walked back into the store, and Raven looked down at her hand to see that Bex had slipped her a piece of paper with her number on it. Raven tried not to do a little dance as she walked down the street away from the store.

Well, she tried. 

“Discovery” - Shortaki Day 5

Discovery” (link to

by Arnold’s Love

          My stomach growled as I stood in line.  I glanced down at my watch.  What was taking so long?  I’d been standing in this line for 10 minutes already.  My lunch break was almost over and there was no way I could go another five hours without something to eat.

           “Hi, how can I help you?” the young man asked the teenager just in front of me.  One tiny girl, she couldn’t take that long to order right?

           But no, I was wrong. After what seemed like way too large of an order for a skinny-minnie teeny-bopper, it was my turn. I stepped up, glancing at the menu as I did so.  Just making sure I was order the right thing, and hadn’t subconsciously changed my mind or something.

           “What can I get for you today?” the guy behind the counter asked me.

           “I’ll get the double chee—“ but I lost the sentence as I finally met the eyes of the young man taking my order.

           Eyes that I knew so well. Mesmerizing pools of green.  Deep and endless, searching the farthest reaches of my soul…as if reading every last thing about me and thought within me. Eyes that brought back every last feeling of aching love, excruciating embarrassment, unrequited love, and eventual heartbreak.

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Imagine Helping Steve Rogers On a Mission

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

“It looks like you’re in trouble. Can I help?” you ask Steve, noticing that there may be a set of traps just around the corner based on the cameras you and Tony had placed on your last mission. You were watching everything from a computer on the jet.

“No, you’re helping enough. But what kind of trouble am I in, Y/N?” he asks curiously.

“Potential traps. Leading you right to the spies. Could be good and bad but it sure looks like you could use some backup,” you tell him.

“Y/N,” Steve sighs, “Remember what happened last time you came into one of these facilities?”

“Yes. And now I understand these facilities even more. I know where they hide, I know what weapons they have, and I know it’s risky for you to handle this alone. Please let me help,” you plead.

You craved to be back out there. You wanted to help your friend, plus just working through a headset was getting real old real quick.

“No, Y/N. I could never forgive myself if you got hurt again,” he tells you.

You sigh heavily and get up from your seat in the jet. You rush to the facility and find a back entrance. You sneak into the building where you see some unconscious guards that Steve had dealt with earlier. You walk around until you get to the corner that Steve is about to go around. You see Steve pop around and fling his shield at the men. All but one are hit. The one left reaches for his gun. You pull out yours and shoot his hand, resulting in the man dropping the gun. Steve punches him out and shoots a glare your way.

“Y/N! You could have gotten hurt again!” he says, seeming disappointed.

“You could have, too! Good thing I was here or you would have been shot,” you argue.

“It’s over now. Let’s just get out of here,” he sighs.

You fold your arms and raise your eyebrow at him.

“Forgetting something?” I ask him.

He chuckles a little and shakes his head at you.

“Thank you for not letting me get shot,” he says.

“You’re welcome,” you say with a smug smile before leading him out of the facility.

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Hi dad! I need advice. So, I'm pretty much open about being Bi and all my friends know and their cool with it! But I'm not sure how to tell my parents. They've never stated their opinions on the LGBTQ+ community so I'm not sure how they feel about it all. They're pretty open minded people though and I doubt they'll take it in a bad way, but I just need some way to tell them. I really hope you can help me! I love you!

Hello. The thing is you know your parents best so I want you to think about, and fully trust your feelings here, how they might react. You cannot know for sure, but you can make a prediction based on your knowladge of them. If you feel safe talking to them, than nothing should keep you from doing that. If you fear they might treat you bad than please think about your safety first. You said they’re open minded. That’s a great start! When you talk to them find a time where they’re all not too busy and give you all the attention. Speak a neutral voice and tell them all you want and need to tell them. But make sure they really listen and are not distracted. Do not pressure yourself about it. You have all the time. My thoughts are with you

TalesFromThePharmacy: "You are just a worker"

So little story. I work at a busy pharmacy and we have around 1k+ scripts a day. This pt calls and starts out pretty sweet. I will call her rc for rude customer.

Me:Hi, this is anon with corner of happy and healthy, how can I help you!“ Rc: yeah I picked up an rx for my mom and it seems like there might have been a mistake, the md had sent in a rx for 90 days. -I check it, looks like she is correct but the md wrote the rx for 90 days today. Same directions. We had filled he 30 supply six days ago and so we filled that one.- "Yeah looks like we received that, but as we had a prescription ready we ended up selling you the one we had and storing the one on the file.” Rc: YOU GUYS ALWAYS MAKE A MISTAKE I WAS VERY CLEAR WITH THE STUPID GIRL UP FRONT THAT I WANTED THE ONE THAT WAS READY TODAY!“ Me: alright ma'am I apologize but there is no reason to insult us. Let me-” She cuts me off Rc: RETURN MY RX NOW. Me: I am sorry ma'am but due to laws I can not return your medication. BUT, if you wanted to call the insurance company and ask for a vacation override we can get you four months instead of just three!“ Rc: I am too busy for that! I am the customer and you are just a worker. You act like your license makes you better than us but it means nothing in the real world!. ????? She then proceeded to spew more insults at me but as soon as she got on the phone with the pharmacist, she was super nice to him.

Tl;dr the lady didn’t want to work with me and basically just wanted to insult me

By: MorinaSkalov


Sutton: Can I help you? You’ve been sitting here with a goofy look on your face and I’m trying to study here.

Sawyer: Hey! It’s not a goofy look it’s a I’m happy I’m engaged to my best friend look!

Sutton: Okay…but can you do that somewhere else?

Sawyer: No I want to ask you something.

Sutton: What?

Sawyer: Don’t be excited or anything. Anway I was going to see if you wanted to invite Lake as your date to the wedding but only if you wanted to.

Sutton: Umm I don’t know…we aren’t officially dating or anything…

Sawyer: Sutton it’s been months but you don’t have to invite him I’m just giving you the option.

Sutton: Oh Okay…Thanks.

Mine and Mine Alone

Chapter 10: Retribution 

A buzzing noise interrupted Fitz’s blissful slumber, and he snuggled closer to Jemma, wishing desperately the noise would go away. 

Fitz opened his eyes.

He blinked a couple of times and then turned his head slightly towards…


He still couldn’t–

Damn it

He finally realized what the noise was and reached for her phone. 


“Glad to see prison hasn’t taken away your phone etiquette.” 

“Can I help you, Daisy? Jemma’s sleeping.” Fitz said irritably. 

“We’re all coming for you two in fifteen. Coulson wanted me to give you a heads up. I told him in Jemma’s condition, you guys definitely wouldn’t be doing–” 

“Yeah, okay. Okay. I get it. Tell him ‘thanks’. We’ll be ready.” He ended the call and set Jemma’s phone back on the little table.

Jemma stirred. “Fitz.” 

Fitz turned back towards her and put a hand on her shoulder. 

“They’ll be here soon,” he said.

“Right.” She tried to sit, and Fitz rushed to help ease her up gently. “This was nice. Just us.” 

Fitz smiled. “Yeah, it was.” 

“But we…” Jemma reached for his hand. “We obviously have a lot to talk about.” 

“We do.” 

“So at the risk of this being another unfinished conversation…” Jemma trailed off, looking at Fitz meaningfully. 

“I understand. And we’ll finish this one.” 

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Hi! I've seen some post about weibo not counting for gaon just for EXO or something? And i'm so confused... i was wondering, could you explain it to me please?... how this affect EXO and what can i do to help? Thank you!!

Weibo will no longer be counted towards the Gaon Social Award. This applies to all artists, but this is a huge issue for the EXO fanbase specifically because EXO has a large Chinese fanbase and China does not have access to Twitter or YouTube due to government censorship. To help, please stream on YouTube and use Twitter hashtags to promote EXO! Hope this helps!