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are you comfortable sharing your brush settings :0?

I tried to make this reply as useful as possible since I experiment with brushes so much and currently am not using default photoshop brushes so as far as settings go, I really don’t think that’d help at all without the specific brush I use. I continuously change my brushes as I find new ones. Some of them are free, some of them I bought, but I figured explaining how I go about it would be more helpful than just being like get THIS BRUSH BRO. 100% infallible. 

Mainly it goes like:

-A pencil sketch brush with a lot of texture to it because I find it emulates traditional and makes it easier for me to get my shapes the way I want them.

-A very hard line brush to work with for line art and detailing.

-A few color/shading/highlighting/blending brushes for overall painting. Look for specific shape variation. I barely ever use soft brushes for blending but I do have the default 0% hardness brush just in case. I try not to hoard brushes, honestly It’ll confuse me more than help. I just keep the ones I actively use.

-Texture brushes for dimension and different surfaces. Same rule about hoarding.

Jordan & Oliver are set to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton hospital. Read Jordan’s full statement and send your donations here.

On the evening of Sunday 21st August, our 4 day old baby Eliot suffered what we eventually found out was a Brain Haemorrhage. My wife Emma and I reacted as quickly as we could as soon as we began to feel his crying changed from what you would consider ‘normal’ to something else. We called an ambulance in the early hours of the morning and did our best to keep him calm, awake and alive.

When we arrived at Basingstoke hospital Eliot had stopped breathing more than once and was having seizures. Emma held him in the ambulance and kept him alive even though she could feel him drifting away in her arms. The hospital staff put Eliot into a coma, took over his breathing and sedated him to get the seizure under control.

Once they felt he was stable enough, within about an hour or two of us arriving, they scanned Eliot’s brain. The scan showed an acute bleed in the centre of his brain and some ‘unusual’ tissue which may have caused the bleed.

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton is the lead centre in South Central England. Their 14 bed purpose built unit cares for children from birth up to 18 years of age. They care for patients with some of the most complex illnesses and injuries and work closely with specialists from all surgical and medical areas. The unit, which looks after 950 to 1,000 patients per year from across southern and central England, is the sixth largest PICU in the UK by number of admissions and has one of the best survival rates. Children are referred to them from hospitals as far afield as Plymouth, Milton Keynes and the Channel Islands. They also have a 24-hour retrieval service which helped bring Eliot safely from Basingstoke to Southampton.

While I’ve been in hospital I decided that I would focus myself on doing something positive for the ward and trying to raise enough money to pay for a new bed for them. Oli asked immediately if he could join me and help raise as much awareness for this cause as possible. In January we will fly to Tanzania where we will climb Mt Kilimanjaro over the course of 8 days.

Please donate generously and help us reach our target.

“I’d have never expected an AI to teach you how to love again.”

“This holds most of my memories. What would I be without it?”

“I’ve got the time to spare. Do you?”

“I’m so close to changing my mind.”

“That confidence that you thought I had? All fake.”

“Unless it’s an emergency, I’ve got twenty minutes to get to work. I can’t help you right now.”

frick man if theres one thing i wanna say to anyone considering therapy or counseling is if you have the money/insurance to cover your appointments and a safe way to get there then please go. if you feel comfortable and want to go, then go bc it will change your life in so many ways. i know theres other factors and of course every case is different, but its one of those things that will help you in the long run and maybe youll never be 100% free of whatevers plaguing you right now but youll be able to cope with it better and for me at least, thats meant the world and more

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Hi could you suggest some bvb blogs? Some blogs that I follow are not very active anymore. Thank you!!!

I might be the wrong person to ask because I don’t follow too many football blogs (like maybe 5 tbh) and at I can’t stand 50% of the BVB fandom lol. But I do recommend @tuchels, @tomastuchel, @nurischahin who are pretty cool people. Especially if you’re looking for nice gifs, I’d also recommend checking out @theborusseum, @marcohan@koenigreus, and @aubatman.

Please help if you can

So I don’t usually post this kind of stuff here and I don’t plan on making a habit of this, but one of my close friend’s sister is losing her apartment due to an unfair eviction unless she can pay what her landlord claims she owes them.

My friend is the recovering family member, and without raising this money they’ll both be homeless. He’s trans poc and unemployed, and finding other places to live will be extremely difficult.

Please, please, if you can spare any amount, please consider donating. It’d mean a lot to them and me.

They need to raise $4,200 by september 2nd.

Again, so sorry for posting this here, but there’s little else I can do.

Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this to spread the word. Thank you.


You can totally have a senpai!!~ Just find someone who you look up to! Someone who can make you smile and laugh! Someone who’s always there for you and can make you feel good. ^^ That’s your Senpai. Just make sure you think hard about it and that their care for you and your care for them is genuine. That’s a good person to call your Senpai. ^^

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Ok so I dreamt about Overwatch this night and it was disturbing... It was like I was playing a game and there was a Genji and a Mercy in my team and once, the Mercy came to heal Genji, flying and Genji like took her in his arm and I woke up, panicking because I thought it was real and that GenjixMercy was canon And now I'm in the genyatta tag trying to calm down xO

That’s no dream, that’s a nightmare.

But geez that must’ve been terrible to see. I would’ve had the same reaction. I hope the tag can help get it out of your mind. I hope you only dream of Genyatta from now on.

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I've been looking for a few days now but I can't seem to find it. It's an old fic about draco secretly writing novels that basically mirror the hp books only it's set in the muggle world. I remember he had a special quill he uses when he writes the books. The books are super popular in the wizarding world but no one knows it's him. Harry's family is one those fans and they read the books. For the last book in the series, draco writes a dedication that tells who he is. I hope you can help me.

I’m really sorry, but I can’t seem to find anything ^^’. I hope you do find it soon though!

*snorts* from the same guy who lived in the authority’s pocket for over 85% of his main roster career. But Kev’s the one that can’t get it done without help? I wonder if you know how truly stupid you are. Because there’s no way this could be an act.

Tori’s in Trouble, Please Help if You Can

So… I mentioned earlier that my air conditioner and my freezer quit this morning? 

Well, today isn’t done kicking me yet. 

I was supposed to go to the store and buy the month’s groceries today, because we get food stamps today… but I just got a call saying they’ve been turned off, with no advance warning. 

Money was already tight this month, with my grandma’s surgeries,and my accounts are completely drained to pay for them. 

All the money i can borrow is borrowed, and everything I can pawn has been pawned, and I just barely managed to pay most of the bills (my phone is off, but otherwise they’re all paid up.)

I was really counting on food stamps to make it through this month, and now that they’re off, I have a major issue.

So… I hate to do this, but if there’s any spare money anyone can donate, please do?

If a third of my followers donated just a dollar, it’d match what my food stamps would have given me and make this month that much easier. 

If everyone gave a dollar, I’d have enough to actually fix/replace the freezer and the ac unit, and feed everyone.

Of course, I understand that not everyone can donate, but to anyone who can, please do. It would help my family so much, and I’d never forget your kindness.

I’m also opening emergency commissions, so please, if you can, check those out?

My paypal email is, please donate there if you can, and please check out my emergency commissions post if there’s anything you want written.