PSA: Disabled POC Resistance!! I’m starting a POC centered disability march-esque centered protest blog <—- Follow here but still in progress.

That’s it. I need to make myself a safe space where disabled poc can talk about their intersection of race and disabilities and nuerodivergence. In the Dumpbucket’s era it will be especially dangerous for us as it seems like for those of us with access to healthcare will be deprived of it, and we are more likely to have our needs neglected by activists.

We cannot campaign as hard as the rest of you. Racism takes spoons from everyone, so for a lot of us, we’re way in the negative. I fear for  my vulnerable disabled poc who are vulnerable to suicide because it’s easy for their voices to get lost in all the shouting if we ever had once at all.


My goals:

  1. An uncensored safe space for disabled poc to vent.
  2. selfies from the community, 
  3. drawings, writing, poetry from the community 
  4. thoughts and support to and from community
  5. Promotion of disabled poc in works of fiction
  6. A basis to build a support network for vulnerable disabled POC
  7. An examination of race and how it affects how we view our own disabilities through our own unique lenses.
  8. A reminder to other intesections that WE ARE HERE, and unlike white people, disability doesn’t discriminate

You DO NOT have to justify your disabilities here. You DO NOT have to have an official diagnosis. You DO NOT have to disclose your disabilities here. This is your soundbox. I want to create a support network for us.

It is important that people remember us. We can’t campaign as hard as all of you. We rely on the more abled for help in many ways and that is not shameful. We need to let our presence felt by the abled POC community so that they do not forget us because we cannot shout as loud.

Please help me find others for this project by boosting this for me please!! I need to come up with a name, and start setting up a sideblog and this is my first undertaking of such a project. I want people of all faiths and racial intersections to be included in this blog. I do not have enough experiences to speak for more than myself. Please help me find others to help me build this community!!!

aa sorry this isn’t a suggestion but i thought i’d uh. give updates i guess idk, i’d like if these weren’t reblogged but i’m mostly posting these bc if everything goes as planned this is how i get diagnosed so anyone w anxiety abt it can know how it goes

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dailydoseofrhea  asked:

Hey, first off your advice to others has really helped me and my stories. I actually am stuck in the romance part of the current one I am working on. The girl in my story (a POC) is trying to find herself as she is forced into an arranged marriage. I don't want it to be cliche where she goes on an adventure and falls in love with the guy who was her partner in a science project. I do want them to end up together but I don't know how... Thanks so much! 😊👍🏽

Oh my god this is cute as hell. Thanks for your kind words, I’m so glad I could be of some help, let’s hope I can help a bit more specifically now! 

Okay so I’m just going to start with my first thought when reading this: YAY FOR POC! I’m mixed race and get super excited when there’s something other than a straight-female-caucasian lead character, It’s all cool if that’s what anyone else has written. I just get excited when minorities get noticed ;). 

Y’okay so we are working with romance (yay!) and how your character is being forced arranged marriage, but falls in love with someone else? I always want to check in case what I’m answering is horribly incorrect and get slaughtered for it…

Let’s start with saying My Novel Shall Not Be Cliche, I Refuse To Accept It, because really you can write whatever the hell you want. There’s so many other ways you can make your character romantic and gorgeous without making them a walking-talking-cliche. My initial thought is to make as many cute parts as possible, the unintentional cute things. Is your character living a double life, as if they can spend the day with her lover and the evening with her fiancé? I have a few prompt kind of ideas, I’m not sure if they’ll be any help:

  • She was so terrified of being caught, but eventually got use to the split life. She still gets a pang of guilt and fear whenever she’s at her lovers apartment and someone knocks at the door.
  • Her lover knows about her arranged marriage, but is never resentful of it. They know that she loves them, even if she doesn’t always say it.
  • She often deals with evenings full of tension on a date with her fiancé which then leads to her turning up on her lovers doorstep at 2am in tears. Her lovers heart drops at the sight of her in such distraught and he holds her until she stops crying and falls asleep, it’d happened too many times for her to count.
  • She would often make excuses to spend the weekend ‘out of town’ to see her ‘good friend from elementary school’ as she was fairly ill. She was homeschooled when she was younger. There was no elementary school friend.
  • Her best friend knew about the lover and would always cover for her, telling her mother that she was sleeping over at her house when she’d stay at her lovers.
  • The arranged marriage had been in action since the two were born and she knew from the start that she didn’t want to spend her life with him.
  • Her lover would always choose a restaurant/diner most far away they could manage as to not be found out and although she acted ignorant to it, she knew and was so grateful.
  • She could never let anyone touch her hair or hold her hand, especially not her fiancé, but as soon as her lover did either of these, she’d simply m e l t.
  • They were both aware of the inevitable wedding, always joking about how they’d run away together, until she actually takes it seriously. It’s one evening when she’d arrived with a tear streamed face and they both lay on their bed, them cradling her carefully. She is half asleep as they start another fantasy of running away and she mumbles a real agreement to it, saying that she’d take that chance any day and how much she really did want to run away with them. They stayed silent and kissed her forehead, knowing how much they want it too.
  • Her lover always stayed home when they knew she was on a date. They knew how hard she found the dates and knew that she’d get emotional if she saw them.

 Okay, so I got carried away because I’m so into this storyline and really want for you to be able to make it non-cliche. You can do it! If you want anymore help specifically, then drop me another ask, because I don’t think I covered exactly what you were looking for, sorry! Good luck lovely and yay for WOC, Lots of love, from Yasmine xox

anonymous asked:

every time I read something you've written , I can't help but think how brilliant your mind is. please never stop writing

i know i don’t go on tumblr that much anymore but every time i do i feel like this


silverwolfsongs  asked:

Hi! I have an idea for a story that I have been attempting to write. It's about a world where emotional pain leaves physical scars & injuries on the body. The MC is an 18 y/o girl who, along with gathering some of her own throughout life, acquires many injuries while attempting to help those around her. Keeping the true extent of her pain hidden. It's been a long time since I wrote something of my own accord. I'm having trouble with conflicts and such, may I have some prompts & or tips please?

Wow, this sounds so intricate, I love it! So let me get this straight: When someone experiences emotional pain it leaves a physical scar. Your MC is now in the process of helping others, but dealing with her own emotional pain as well or as a the backlash of helping others? Well that’s what I’ve gathered, so I think I’m going to go from there.

Also, don’t be afraid that you haven’t written for a while, that does not make you any less capable than anyone else. That goes for all of you, you’re all more than capable of writing, I swear.

Okay so let’s talk about conflict. I think I wrote a bit about it before, but yours is a little different. What I’ve thought from reading about you MC is that the conflict she’s experiencing is mainly with herself, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • She honestly takes such love and pride in those around her that when she sees them hurt it hurts her so much.
  • Maybe alongside her current hurt she’s had some sort of verbal abuse in her past? Maybe that’s why she’s so affected by other people’s pain, she doesn’t want them to go through it. 
  • Maybe since she’s trying to provide her friends with the love that she actually strives for and in the process of providing it, they turn her away, making her hurt more, but she’s incredibly good at hiding it.

I also started to think about how if she fell in love with someone there could be some sort of argument and conflict there and then he/she could unintentionally hurt her in the heat of the moment. Maybe that’d leave her with a large scar that cut across the left side of her chest? I then thought that if they got back together and he/she found out about her scars they’d be distraught. He/she would be mad that so many people had caused her intentional pain and even more broken that they’d caused her the large scar across her heart. I had a few questions that you might like to address:

  • Do the scars ever heal? When someone has apologised does that make them disappear?
  • Are the scars visible to others?
  • Do the consistent scars ever cause the girl to shut herself away from people as to not get hurt, or is she persistent?
  • Does the emotional pain leaving scars also affect her emotional/mental state or is it solely physical?
  • Is she a forgiving character? How does she deal with the pain?
  • Is it just her that deals with the physical scarring from emotional pain or a certain age band or certain group of people within a region?

I’m honestly loving this idea! Keep going and let us know what you got, I really wish I could’ve been more help. I was pretty useless on this one… Good luck anyhow and can’t wait to give it a read, Lots of love, from Yasmine xox

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This partying subtext catches my attention, I think people in general tend to expect that when somebody becomes a parent their partying stops or greatly reduces, even if it's someone with a lot of resources, because parents tend to want to spend most of their time with their newborn and also it can be a very physical and emotionally tiring time so the time for partying reduces if partying is not somebody's job, like party organizer and stuff, and I think people in the gp don't see

Don’t see Louis partying as a job, hell I don’t even think some parts of the fandom see it as a job for him, I mean am sure he’s networking and stuff, I often see antis saying that “just Bc he is a dad doesn’t mean he can’t have fun”, so I don’t think they see it as a job either, which is baffling not only is he spending a lot of time “partying and having fun” away from his son, but most people think that’s how F was conceived, Bc he was partying got drunk and knocked up a girl shock a lot

It’s not that I don’t agree with you, because I do! And I say it as someone who’s used to party quite a lot, so there’s zero judgement form my part (like, please). Of coruse new parents can go out, have fun and everything, but when you’re a celebrity, the first thing your team does when you publicly become a parent is trying to shape your image as a very dedicated, loving, focused new person. Usually it’s just natural and organic that even celebrities calm down a little, at least in the first months, but if they do not, their team carefully take care of it not spreading too much ( unless we consider exceptions/cases where things did get out of hand, like Britney or Colin Farrell).

In cases like this, where the baby is himself presented as the direct consequence of such a behaviour, it’s certainly peculiar that this clubbing thing keeps being there. Not constantly pushed, not always reported with the same intensity, but exactly like a subtext.

On the other hand, I mean…coherence and accuracy have never been these people’s friends and poor Louis doesn’t even get to have his son spend the night (which IS the official narrative), so let’s have him go out and have some fun, at least!

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I need some dialogue prompts for a part of my story where the main girl and her boyfriend are watching movies together while cuddling. I'm not really good at coming up with laid back dialogue, so I'm hoping you can help me.

“Did you know that this is based on a true story?”

“No way! Is it really?”


“Oh haha very funny.”

“Sorry babe it was just too easy, you do believe everything I say.”

*something along those lines. Most laid back conversations contain comedy, and romance. Don’t introduce any serious topics if you want to keep it fluffy

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I was in love with my best friend. We dated but it didn't work out because I told him how depressed I was and he said that he "couldn't cope with me"... nothing changed except from the fact that as time passed, he was moving on and I was still in love with him😓 sorry this is way too long but my question is, how does one get over someone they love so much? I think about him every day and I cry because I miss him as a friend and he doesn't even want to speak to me and it really hurts. Please help

Honey, it’s hard. I don’t know if anyone actually moves on, or if they just accept it and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I think the first step is coming to terms with the fact that he has moved on, and know that you can too. I hope this helps and it goes well💙

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Hey. I was just misgendered by my girlfriend three times in one night. She's never misgendered me before now, but I can't help but feel upset. What can I do to help this feeling?

you have every right to be upset !!! your girlfriend needs to get her shit together and stop being an asshole… did she apologize??? bc if she didnt thats hella disrespectful and just straight up rude especially if shes never done it before!! i would have a talk with her about it if you havent yet but if you did already then remind yourself that her words dont define your gender screw what anyone else says or calls you because you know that its not right and thats all that matters. ppl are gonna misgender you just out of pure assholeness so its good to remember to fuck what anyone else says and try to surround yourself with ppl who dont make you feel shitty :^( im wishing you the best vibes xx


• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’