• why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off:he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off:she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death

snoutregiment​ and I thought it was high time for a watchalong of A STUDY IN TWINK, or gay pilot if you so please.

Join us THIS Friday (July 31) at 4pm EST/9pm BST/10pm CEST in the Giant Chat of Sumatra

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A couple of weeks ago an anon asked for some photos of my bedroom in my new house, and at the time I forgot. 

Behold, my new bedroom (excuse the mess and weird, yellow lighting in a few of the pictures):

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My Beautiful Obsession: how bad am I?

You be the judge…

I just saved a post to Drafts that I almost certainly will never reblog (for reasons–don’t ask) because it has a divine shot of Mr.Cumberbatch’s glorious asset.  Dear god, I have fallen from the lofty heights of loving him for his beautiful mind & astonishing talent….to saving butt pics.  Does this make me depraved, or just another Cumberholic?

If the later, I don’t want no 12-step program.

I shall just sit quietly in the corner–wearing my latest acquisition, a man’s oversized chambray shirt that I got off the clearance rack at work–and drool incessantly, while reciting Hamlet’s monologues under my breath.

I’m so ready for school shopping just not school

anonymous asked:

I just realized con's profile tumblr pic is like from a year ago when the era of the quiffs still existed..good job con can see your really good with updating your profile pic on tumblr

Honestly it annoys me so much because although he looks cute, 1) I hate that stupid hat and 2) it’s fROM 2013 SERIOUSLY WTF

I’ve been thinking about Harry naming his kid after Snape, and I know most of us thought it was weird, but I’ve decided it makes sense.  Hear me out; Harry never got to know his parents.  He heard about them from other people, but with Snape he actually got to see Lily.  He saw her as a child before Hogwarts, he saw her as a teenager, through Snape’s eyes.  He got to see her strength and her compassion and her intelligence, got to experience that.  If I had never met my mother, I’d be feeling pretty fond of the person who let me see more of her than I ever had.

And yeah, Snape messed up big time, but through Snape’s memories he got to see Lily, to see how she loved him, how she saw the good in him up until she couldn’t anymore.  And Snape loved her (in his very, very unhealthy way, but I kind of get the sense that Lily was the first real friend he had, the first and probably only person who ever truly cared about him, so it’s not entirely surprising that he became so fixated on her. It makes it understandable, not excusable, but I can get it.) And we have to remember that Harry saw all of Snape’s memeories from Snape’s point of view, which isn’t exactly unbiased.  Harry, like Lily, sees the best in people. So Harry sees the best of Snape, because once upon a time, Lily saw the best of him.  It doesn’t mean that he’s forgotten the cruel things Snape has done, it means he’s choosing to honor the good ones.  Because goodness and love overcome evil.

do you ever think about paige and about how she’s /so young/ and probably has to pander to a bunch of nasty older dude wrestling fans literally all the time