anonymous asked:

How would the hyung line react if you caught their eye at a fan sign event? :))))

Mark: I think seeing someone attractive to Mark’s standards would make him very shy, but he’d still try to make conversation. He’d look up at you and his eyes would look up when he lays his eyes on you, they’d literally sparkle. He’d ask you for your name and add a heart to the end and scribble you a personal message very quickly so he can talk to you a bit more. He’d ask if you’ve had a nice day, if you’ve eaten, would hold your hand and smile at you. His responses would be less automatic and more genuine and natural as he wants to make a connection as he racks for ways to see you again after the fan sign. “See you at the next fan sign?” “Wait for us after the fan sign *not entirely sure if the managers would even let her stay behind*” “Can I get your number *has no cellphone*”

Jaebum: I think leader-nim would be super flirty and bold. He is the leader after all, what does he have to fear?! He’d smile so widely his eyes would be gone not that they don’t already do that. He’d speak to you very oppa-like, and maturely. “If you’re gonna walk around being this pretty, oppa’s gonna have to fight off a lot of other guys, huh? Alright, I’ll do it for you, because you’re my pretty dongsaeng” he’d half joke. JB is quite overprotective so once he sees something he likes, he’ll protect it to the ends of the earth. He would definitely be the type to scribble down his number if he had a phone.

Jackson: WINKS AND LIP BITES GALORE. If he spots you when you’re still a long ways away from the signing table, he’d be sneaking glances at you and if you maintain eye contact, he’d starting winking at you and grinning so wide it’d start to look a little creepy. Once you finally get up to him, he’d ask what a pretty girl like you was doing at a crazy fan sign event. “I’m a fan, duh” you’d reply casually. He’d like how bold you were and would drown your album in heart signatures, maybe even slip in his number (you know… if they had phones)

Jinyoung: AEGYO METER WOULD EXPLODE. Once you got up to the table, he’d look up before signing your album and would have to double take because he’d be dazzled by your beauty, hehe. He would speak to you very politely and if you joked around with him, he’d pull his aegyo card and start being very cutesy with pouts and cute little whines.