“I love Gillian, and I’d love to work with her – but it’d have to be something… that I can’t think of…”

On acting with Gillian Anderson in a non-X-Files project, SDCC, July 2013



  • Person A plans to roast all their classmates in their end of the year speech, especially Person B. So when Person B says in their end of the year speech that they have been in love with Person A for years and didn’t know how to properly show it – but want to be honest now that they’re all graduating, Person A is dumbstruck. (Bonus: Person B ends their speech with “I’ve wanted to say this for years, but I’ve always been too scared…So Person A, can I have your number?”)


  • Person A has graduated from their academy and is now the head of a government space craft. The only problem is when they board their ship and meet their selected crew, their ex, Person C, and their crush, Person B, are among the members.


  • Person A is a witch receiving their first familiar (a talking animal who can become humanoid at times/human with animal features), Person B. The only problem is, this is Person B’s second witch as their first died on their watch and they dislike the idea of being reassigned.
    (Or alternately: Person A is a witch receiving their second familiar after their first died. Person B is their new familiar and this is their first witch and they’re excited, but Person A doesn’t want to get close to another familiar that could die on them.) 
  • Person A is a dragon rider receiving their first dragon, Person B, at their graduation. The two are learning to coexist with one another and get to know each other as they also further their training to become a proper dragon and rider pair.
  • Person A is a human making a contract with a demon to finish their graduation ceremony. Only it goes wrong and Person A summons a much more powerful demon than they were expecting, Person B.