I know who I am.

Huevember Day 17

Clarke is not looking to jump into another relationship. That’s not what this show is, that’s not who she is. It’s not important to her right now. Saving her friends is obsessively driving her. They both desperately want to save their people, so we can certainly look forward to these two characters teaming up to do so. For sure we’re going to see Bellamy and Clarke together, working toward a common goal, and that’s always going to create that chemistry that these two actors have, which is pretty unbelievable. But is it romantic? It’s hard, based on what Clarke is going through right now, to even think about that.
—  Jason Rothenberg | The 100 (showrunner) (x)

It’s been 365 days since I decided to change my life! In the top 2 pictures, I was over 300 pounds and couldn’t see any hope. I was terrified of the camera. In a year I’ve dropped down 60 pounds! I lost 7 inches at my waist and 10 inches at my hips! I have been on a weight loss plateau for a few months now, and I’ve recently crept back up from a lowest weight of 232. BUT I STILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

A year ago, I couldn’t walk longer than a few minutes before my feet went numb. Now I can walk 5 miles without a break, and I went on a mountain hike! I started doing yoga, and I can do such cool things now. Better yet I feel more confident about me. I have started to love getting dressed in the morning, and I’ve felt free to experiment with more femininity and relaxed styles. I’ve still got a long way to go (and get passed this stupid plateau!!!!), but the decision to change was definitely definitely worth it.

Three favorite NSVs from the year: not needing a seatbelt extender on a plane, fitting into the small desks at school again, and being able to cross my legs :-D

Shirt: Size 3X to XL
Pants: Size 26 to 16