everyone contributing to the campaign PRESIDENCY FOR GLENN RHEE 2K15 :-DDD


im reverting back to my horse phase oh no. orcs and their horse pals 8′’) 


the hair + that shirt in perth 

y’know, it kind of surprised me to find out that Steven finds out Lion can walk on water and make portals, visits a magical Gem cave full of all sorts of Gem stuff, and then pulls an enormous pink sword out of Lion’s head all in the same day but never mentions any of this to the Gems.

but then I thought about it and its probably because immediately after all this he watched Dogcopter 3 and was probably SO excited about it he completely forgot about the magical Gem adventures he had that day. I bet he went home and yammered on about the movie until he went to bed, reenacting it scene-by-scene for the Gems, and never even thought about the cave or the sword until Pearl brought it up nearly a year later.


Sam & Jack April 2015 MOS-challenge: Incorrect Map.

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I'm editing that post. The fact that I was not thinking about Sanji and the ocean just proves how tired I was. Although I love the combination of the stars and the ocean and how sometimes Sanji tries to teach the other directionally challenged crew members how to tell where they are from what stars are in the sky.

I totally headcanon that Sanji could navigate by the stars. I’m pretty sure out of everyone in the crew, he’d probably be the best equipped for sailing by himself. (Obviously Nami would be a close second since she’s the navigator, but I don’t think she’s as much a sailor as Sanji).

Just imagine Sanji learning from Zeff how to man a ship by himself, how to tie proper knots, how to best direct the sails, how to read the wind and the currents, how to make food last the longest and how to store them properly. Imagine Sanji going out on the deck watching the stars and listening to the ocean, reveling in the darkness of the night. Imagine Sanji sharing stories about the constellations that he’s learned, about Orion and the Scorpion, about Perseus and Andromeda, and remembering about all the myths he picked up on different islands.


the child i started sponsoring last year c: decided to take another one under the wing today 8D

hello megan welcome 2 the crib c: 

I thought about giving Malik a weapon prosthetic like Gazelle but then Altair wouldn’t have very long to live

(More to come? …Maybe?)

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everyone knows Rebecca Sugar is from Maryland so obvi beach city is in Maryland. silly Canadians

OH YEAH thats right she said beach city was based off of beaches she went to in maryland so i think its safe to assume beach city is in maryland

and according to the maryland driver’s manual….

jenny is at least 18 years old BYE

I don’t like labelling people I think it’s reductive, the nice thing is that people can read whatever they want in his obsession with Sherlock
—  Andrew Scott on “is Moriarty bi?”