Big Brothers - Winchester Brothers

Imagine a series of events of siblings being, well, siblings. 


Also creds to all the amazing people who make the gifs I use all the time :)


*You: 4, Sam: 12, Dean: 16*

‘SAM! SHE’S RUNNING AWAY AGAIN!’ Shouted 16 year old Dean as he scrambled behind you, trying to stop you from escaping.

12 year old Sam launched himself onto the floor in an attempt to grab you. This made you giggle as you picked up your pace even more, heading for the motel door.

'SAM! WHAT THE HELL? SHE’S 4! I WANT YOU TO CATCH HER NOT CRUSH HER!’ Dean gasped at him, catching his breath as he saw you do a mini hurdle over a pile of cereal boxes.

Pulling himself off the floor and yanking Sam up behind him, Dean managed to catch up to you.

You squealed like a baby pig as he swiped you off your feet and snuggled you into his chest. 

‘Why do you always try to run away from us? Is it cause Sam is scary?’ He jokingly cooed at you as you squirmed in his grip.

‘Really Dean?’ Sam asked, crossing his arms with a fed up face.

Dean smiled sarcastically back at his younger brother while he tried not to drop the creature that would not stop moving.

*You: 14, Sam: 22, Dean: 26*

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You were sat in the back of the impala while your eldest brother attempted to convince your other brother to come back into a business that he throughly hated. 

‘Oh trust me, I know exactly what to say to him.’ Dean had said to you over 50 minutes ago.

Obviously he didn’t because if you remembered correctly, the last thing your brother Sam had said to you almost a year and half ago was: ‘I DON’T NEED YOU, OR DEAN OR DAD SO STAY OUT OF MY LIFE AND STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME. I WONT LET YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME. NOTHING YOU CAN DO WILL CHANGE MY MIND.’ 

You were convinced that your brother would have no interest in trying to find his father and therefore you were just wasting your time on a lost cause.

A knock on your window made you jump out of your skin. Your first instinct was to pull your gun out of your back pocket but during the process you froze, recognising the face that was staring down at you through the window.

A sudden wave of fury washed over you, causing you to push open the door to the impala and slap them in the face. 

‘What the hell was that for?’ Sam cried as he rubbed his cheek.

‘HOW DARE YOU GO SO LONG WITHOUT TALKING TO US, TO ME! NOT A CALL, NOT EVEN A GOD DAMN TEXT!’ You shouted in response, pounding your hands on his back as he cowered away from you, not wanting to fight his little sister.

Dean pulled you back from him, wrapping his arms around yours so that your fists of doom would no longer be banging on Sam’s back. Sam looked up at you, shock plastered on his face.

‘Y/N, that’s enough.’ Dean said to you in an attempt to calm you down.

In return to that, you burst out crying and pulled away from his grip and practically leaped into the arms of Sam.

‘Don’t ever leave us again - please.’ You begged, a sudden realisation coming over you as you realised how much you missed your brother. 

‘I’m so sorry Y/N.’ Sam practically whispered into your ear as he tried his hardest not to cry, after all, he’d hurt one of the most, if not, the most important person to him.

Dean looked on, a face of hurt and disapproval at the way his younger brother had made his younger sister feel.

*You: 24, Sam: 32, Dean: 36*

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Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a towel, you heard Sam yell out your name.

‘YEAH?’ You shouted back, wiping the steamed up window with your forearm.

‘CAN I BORROW 5 DOLLARS?’ He asked, clearly already searching through your purse.

‘YEAH SURE WHATEVER.’ You blurted out, forgetting what you had been hiding in there from your (extremely and overly protective) brothers.

As you suddenly remembered, you made sure the towel was securely wrapped around you before making a dash for the main room of the bunker.

Too late.

‘What the hell are these?’ Sam questioned you, a face of pure anger as he held a packet of condoms in his hand.

‘They-they’re…’ You trailed off, unable to finish your sentence in pure embarrassment. 

As you stuttered like a broken record, Sam gave you a look every time you tried to say a word as if to say: ‘don’t even try and lie’.

‘DEAN! GET IN HERE.’ Sam cried out, obviously feeling the need to drag your eldest brother into this.

‘Sam, come on we can -’ You tried to save yourself.

‘Shut up Y/N.’ Sam said, giving you his bitch face as the condoms sat in his hand.

‘What’s up?’ Dean asked the both of you as he entered, beer in hand.

Sam didn’t say anything, simply lifted up the condoms and pointed at you, as you gave Dean a nervous smile.

Dean didn’t respond, simply shook his head in confusion, glanced between you and Sam and then took one long gulp of beer. 

‘I can’t deal with this today.’ Was all he said before doing a 180 and walking out the room. 

‘This isn’t over.’ Sam growled as you relaxed, relief washing over you.

‘Sam i’m 24!’ You growled just as forcefully back, a sense of annoyance crossing your mind.

‘Don’t even start.’ Sam warned you before waltzing out the room to go and get Dean.

My god, did these brothers give you one heck of a life.

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Drabble: "I'll kill that spider... if u give me a dollar."

A/N This was before Anxiety was properly a “side”, so it only features Logan, Roman and Patton. If you catch the reference, you’ll understand why it’s set 8 years in the past.

Title: Spider!

Pairing: none/neutral

Genre: humour

Word Count: 415


Roman isn’t fond of spiders but Patton is terrified and Logan is nowhere to be found.

Roman hates spiders. That’s just the facts. They have too many legs, too many eyes and all in all, they’re absolutely terrifying. It’s one of the only things he’s afraid of, and yet somehow, he has been allocated as the resident spider-killer.

It starts with a blood-curdling scream, drawing the sides into the commons to see Patton pressed against the wall, pointing a shaky finger at the corner. Roman and Logan exchange worried glances, before rushing over to him.

“What is it?” Logic doesn’t sound too bothered, despite the fact that Morality is literally shaking. Prince’s protective instincts kick in and he draws his sword.

Spider!” Patton shrieks, jabbing his finger again. They fling around and see a fairly large arachnid creeping up the wall.

Roman shivers minutely, but no one notices. Apart from the spider, he thinks, I bet it’s watching me right now with those eyes.

Logan simply walks out of the room then, deciding that he’s had enough for the day. (Unbeknownst to the other two, he has arachnophobia. He considers his fear irrational, so he refuses to tell anyone.)

This leaves Prince with two options: run and hide or play the knight and rescue the damsel in distress.

…The promise of glory is too good to give up. However, if he’s to face a beast such as that, then he wants a reward, like a proper prince.

“I’ll kill that spider for you…” he begins, and Patton starts gushing his thanks before Roman holds up a hand to cut him off. “…If you give me a dollar.”

Morality takes the cardigan off his shoulders and checks his pockets, but doesn’t find anything. To make up for this, he pulls out his puppy eyes. “Can I borrow a dollar?”

Roman sighs and hands him one, because even if Patton is just giving the dollar back, he still technically gets a prize. Before Patton can pay, however, he screams and points at Prince’s shoulder.

A feeling of dread settles into his stomach as his eyes trail down to where Patton is looking… and he sees the spider, seeming unbothered by the day’s events. His scream is something out of a horror movie as he swipes at his clothes to get the thing off of him. It flies through the air and lands on the carpet, and Roman has no qualms about squashing it under his boot.

The pride of vanquishing the beast makes him forget all about the dollar.

Until eight years later.


Common Sense - Breaker 1/9 [[1993]]

“Stop, just stop what you’re doing and hear me out, I’ve got two words that will completely change your life. Cat cafe– I know what it sounds like, but you just pay three dollars and you get to go in a room with a bunch of cats and play with them forever. Can I borrow three dollars?”

...But You're My Strange One

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Can I have a really sweet/fluffy imagine Andy imagine where (Y/N) go to the state fair and they’re just being cute. Sorta like a cliche date. Then maybe after the fair it gets darker and they take a night walk on the beach?


I really hope you like it, it’s not exactly what you asked for, so I apologize, but I thought I came out really cute.


“This is stupid,” you laughed as he dragged you through the fair, determined to see everything was to see and win every game.

“Shut up, we’re supposed to be having a romantic date.” He told you with a cheeky grin.

“Sometimes I feel more like your mother than your girlfriend.”

“I want to say something that will definitely prove that you aren’t my mother, but I’m not going to, because I know you would get mad, and it wouldn’t be romantic.” He told you, and you laughed.

“Sometimes I’m just not sure about you, babe.” You said, and then sighed when Andy came to a sudden stop. You knew he had discovered something else he wanted to do then.

“Do you want a turtle?” Andy asked, making you look at him like he was crazy.

“We have a cat, Andy.”

“I think you want a turtle,” he nodded to himself, putting money on the booth.

For the life of you you couldn’t talk Andy out of putting money on the table, and before you knew it he’d wasted forty dollars trying to win a turtle. He wasn’t playing for the turtle anymore though, he was playing to defend his man pride. You laughed putting your hand on his arm.

“You’re running our of money,” you reminded him, since he had gone on this exact same rampage more than once that night.

“No, I’m not,” he said putting more money on the booth to try and win the damn turtle.

“Andy, love, yes you are,” you said holding his wallet up to show him it’s now empty pockets.

“Shit, (Y/N), can I borrow five dollars?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“I’m not going to feed your addiction, Andy.” You laughed, kissing his forehead and dragging him to the ferris wheel. “Come on, you promised we would go on the ferris wheel, it was the only reason I even came.”

You laughed, “Well that and because you would be here.” You told him, kissing his lips lightly.

He continues to pout and you laughed.”Don’t be silly.” You told him as you pulled him into the line for the Ferris wheel.

“Give me five dollars.” He moped, and you laughed, kissing his pouting lips.

“I’m doing this because I love you.” You told him, and he just continued to pout.

“Stop.” You laughed, kissing him as the line inched forward. “Andy,” You said, kissing him and wrapping your arms around his waist lovingly. “I love you.” You told him, kissing him twice, lightly on the lips.

“I love you, too.” He said behind a pout.

“You know, all your pouting isn’t very romantic either.” You laughed, kissing him on the nose. You had to tip toe to do so, you were barely able to reach his lips without stretching, and he always thought that was cute. You saw the smile breaking through his pouting façade, and smiled, kissing his cheek. “Come on,” she laughed, “Kiss me back.” You pouted, and he sighed, a smile forming on his lips as he stooped to kiss you on the lips lovingly.

“Excuse me, is it just the two of you?” Asked the ride operator and Andy nodded at him, since you weren’t facing him. Andy took your hand and led you into the bucket.

“Why did I want to do this?” You asked as you realized how cold it was without anything blocking the wind.

“I don’t know, why did I want to spend forty dollars on a turtle when I could’ve just bought one for twenty five dollars?” He asked, laughing.

“In the moment decisions.” You laughed, kissing him and huddling closer to him. “It’s freaking cold.” You shivered and he cooed.

“My poor (Y/N).” he said, wrapping his arms tighter around you. The two of you stopped at the top, and you smiled.

“At least it’s pretty.” You said, looking towards the city.

“Very.” He said, and you looked up at him to see he wasn’t even looking at the city, he was looking down at you. “Of course, the word I would’ve used is gorgeous.” He grinned, kissing your forehead.

“You’re so sappy.” You laughed, laying your head on his chest. “I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend.”

“You better not be trying, I’d be devastated.” He told you, and you laughed.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” You said, sighing contently and resting against his chest. “I really love you Andy.”

“I really love you too, (Y/N).” He assured you, kissing your lips gently.

You smiled against his lips, biting his lips when he tried to pull away.

“You’re ridiculous.” He said, his lips still between your teeth.

“I know.” You laughed, releasing his lip.

You started moving again, and were brought to the ground.

“I’m tired of this place, let’s go somewhere else.” Andy said as he helped you off the cart.

“Yeah,” you nodded, still cold.

“How about the beach? That could be fun.” He told you, and you looked at the setting sun.

“Yeah, that could be fun.” You smiled, taking his hand as you walked to his car.

After a short, comfortably silent, drive to the beach he took your hand and the two of you watched the sun set over the ocean.

“This is nice,” He said, “It’s nice to just get away every once in a while.”

“It is.” You smiled, giving him a quick peck. “It surprises me that nobody came up to us today.” You told him, and he grinned.

“What did you do?” You asked, and he laughed.

“I may have told twitter that we were going to Florida for a vacation.” He told you, and you shook your head.

“You’re a strange one.” You laughed, hugging him around the waist, “but you’re my strange one.”

“You know it.” He laughed, kissing your forehead

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If you watch this through to the end, and actually listen with an open mind and a calm spirit, it will probably change you opinion of Shkreli from the one that the government and newsmedia has told you to have. 

Also interesting: in the beginning of this video Charlamagne tha God tries to brag about some hedge fund meeting he had, and Shkreli is taken aback at by it, which led to these three exchanges: These exchanges really have to be seen to appreciate Shkreli’s tone and body language. CthaGod might have just blown up his own spot by bragging his way out of the illuminati.

First Exchange: (5 min 35 sec mark)

CThaGod: “I was at Bridger Capital yesterday, which is a great hedge fund…”

Martin Shkreli: “Bridger? I wonder what you were doing there… Really?

CTG: “Yes I was sir. I know people too.”

MS: “Damn. Really? That’s some illuminati shit, right there.”

CTG: “Don’t worry about me…”

MS: “Okay. You totally changed every–blew up my brain right now. I’m gonna sit– I gotta take a different attitude now.”

Second Exchange (19 min mark)

CthaGod: “You entitled, privileged, prick! Who are you?”

Martin Shkreli: “… 2009, how much money do you think I had in my bank account? That was six years ago.”

CTG: “Ummm, a couple million.”

MS: “A hundred dollars.”

CTG: “Really? Can I borrow a hundred dollars?”

MS: “Nope. You were at the illuminati meeting yesterday, fuck that! I wanna borrow money from you!”

Third Exchange: (22 min 30 sec mark)

Martin Shkreli: “ Starting a Drug company is close to impossible, because you need hundreds of millions of dollars.”

DJ Envy: “Right, so how’d you do it?”

MS: “Go to investors *looks at Charlamagne* like your boys.”

CthaGod: “Bridger Capital.”

MS: “I mean, I’m still, you know, stunned–”

CTG: “Why, cause I’m black?”

MS: “No, just, that is the most elite of the elite, secret–”

CTG: “Cause my hoodie says ‘assholes by nature’, or cause I got a Wu Tang hat on? Why couldn’t I be in Bridger Capital?”

MS: “Because it’s one of the most elite and secret places there is in business–”

CTGod: “That’s a fact.”

MS: “–and it’s not about white or black, my dude. It’s, nobody knows what that is. And, if you know what that is, it’s like, wooooaaaaah. It’s a different level, that’s the highest of the highest, it’s like, don’t speak of it… But no, am I a little surprised a radio guy, yeah. I’m a little surprised… That’s a special place. Very elite–secret. Super secret…”

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(Holi's OCs as a series of texts I received from my friends) Alex: "I gotta go to the store and by a new jug of milk before my girlfriend gets home because THIS FUCKER bet I couldn't drink a whole jug and now I'm about to be $10 richer" Erin: "Alex just got sick from chugging a whole gallon of milk, he's an idiot, but he's MY idiot" Toby: "Can I borrow ten dollars? I had to pay off Alex for the bet, but now I don't have enough money for mcdonalds"

I love how there’s a story behind this and that they all fit their provided text message (that I thoroughly doubt were actually sent to you, but that’s part of the joke I’m assuming)

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Nordics and a perfect date with their s/o? You guys are the best and keep the imagines coming!

Ahh!~ Thank you so much (。・//ε//・。)

Sweden: Since Berwald knew already that he wasn’t the absolute best company when it came to conversations, he’d want to do something that would have you do most of the talking, or if at all possible, something neither of you would need to talk for. A movie would most likely be the most comfortable for him, but if there wasn’t anything out that you wanted to see, he’d be fine with staying home and just having a cuddle date. 

Denmark: Being the fun-loving type, Mathias would drag you along with him somewhere loud and bustling with life. His thrill-seeking ways would land you in a carnival date. He’d offer to pay for everything, but his offer would quickly be in vain with a “can I borrow two dollars babe…?” Nevertheless, you’d have tons of fun with him riding all the fun or romantic rides, eating tons of carnival food and laughing as you walk around the park.

Norway: Lukas knew he could be a little insensitive at times and would try to make up for them with just time with you and him. He’d choose an activity that would engage the both of you so that the fun wasn’t one-sided. One thing he might offer to do would be that he teaches you a bit about magic. He’d feel like this would bring you closer to one another and the bonus would be that he gets to spend time with you. He wouldn’t try anything crazy, but he’d teach you a few basics and you’d even get to wrap your fingers around a real magic wand.

Finland: Tino wanted the very happiest environments for your date and his favorite place would be the local park. He’d bring along a picnic basket with all kinds of treats inside so that you could eat lunch there together. He’d take any left over bread from the meal and toss it at any pigeons that happened to be there with you, laughing along with you as they ate it hungrily, then intertwine his fingers with yours as you both pointed out changes the oncoming spring had in store. 

Iceland: Emil, though he’d never admit it, could be rather selfish when it came to you, and when he really wanted to spend time with you, he’d do it in the privacy of his own home. Emil would do anything you wanted to do as long as it took place at home. He found most enjoyment in having a couple’s game night. You’d pull out all the usual games such as Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders and more. You’d both have a grand time arguing because so-and-so moved one more space than they were supposed to. 

Why Won’t Artists Accept Revenue-Share/Royalties?!

The straight-forward answer is: they will, under the right circumstances.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about you, the developer, first.
Imagine you’re walking down the street, you’ve just received your paycheck of the week, and you’re going down to the bank to pay a couple of bills.
Just as you’re rounding the corner, someone you’ve never seen before stops you and says:
“Hey, so, I’m planning to start this detox juice store- this place just became available for renting and it’s a steal. I love juice and fruits, and me and my friends subscribe to Diet Now magazine so we know a lot about nutrition. Also, when we had a lemonade stand back in elementary school, we sold like 300 lemonades in a week. So, here’s the plan: you give me your paycheck and your next four paychecks, and then when our store becomes super famous, you’ll be rich.”
Now, I’m going to take a wild guess here and imagine your answer would be ‘no’.
First of all, who the hell is this kid?
Second, what do you care about Detox Juice?
Third, if you were going to spend your precious paycheck on anything other than your bills, it’d be to help your wife start that lovely coffee shop she’s wanted to open for years.
And fourth, why don’t they get a loan at the bank???
You see where I’m going with this?
But you don’t understand! My game is really good and-
You know what extremely successful games and extremely unsuccessful games all have in common? The person creating them thought it would be the next League of Legends. Or, you know, that it’d at least pay for itself.
Sad truth is: most games will never even see the light of day, let alone become a success even when they are good!
So you’re saying I shouldn’t approach an artist with a rev-share idea?
What I’m saying is, if you are going to approach an artist with a rev share idea, you need to be aware of what you’re actually asking them.
While you think you’re asking “Hey, want to work on a really awesome game and then get a lot of money???”
What you’re really asking is “Hi, can I borrow $5000 dollars?”
Let’s go back to our Detox Juice scenario, but now we’re going to look at it from an artist’s perspective.
1) Who the hell is this kid this developer?
Why would a professional artist ever work on an extremely risky project with a person they have never met?
Why would an artist give their time to someone who just proved, by approaching them with such an offer in the first place, that they are actually quite naïve and are just starting out in the industry?
Seasoned developers know what they’re doing: they know how much art cost, they know how contracts work, and they know there is no such thing as a guaranteed hit.
2) What do you care about Detox Juice someone else’s personal project? If you were going to spend your precious paycheck time on anything other than your regular paid work, it’d be to help your wife start that lovely coffee shop she’s work on that graphic novel you’ve wanted to create for years.
I’ll take a shot in the dark here: 99,99% of artists are creative people. Creative people create stuff.
Most artists have their own comic, novel, game, art book, film, even music that they would kill to have time to work on.
No matter how strange it sounds: a lot of artists cannot afford to buy their own time.
So why, why in the name of all things holy would they take that precious, almost non-existent free time to work on someone else’s idea? (spoiler: they would not)
3) Why don’t they get a loan at the bank???
Now, if you’ve made it this far into the article, good for you! Because here’s where the tough love stops, and the helpful advice begins. (ok, there’s still a bit of tough love coming, but bear with me).
This is the single most important point in this whole text: Why should an artist, who has never met you, who does not have any personal investment in your project, be the one to get a loan to make your game happen?
If anyone should be taking any financial risk here, that person is you.
If you’re so sure your game is going to make the cut, that your film will be the next Avatar, that your comic will make Marvel and DC want to cry, then put your money where your mouth is.
And here’s how to make that happen even if you’re a teenager living in your mother’s basement:
-Get crowdfunded:
These days, you don’t even need to reach into your actual pocket! You can pitch your project to your audience, show them how awesome your IP is and get them to fund the entire production process.
This is also an awesome tool to simulate the success your future project will have: are people actually interested in it? Are people willing to pay for it? Is this product unique enough to stand out? Are you actually organized enough to do this? Do you have a realistic plan? Do you know the logistics behind what you’re attempting to do?
-Get a personal loan:
You know the different between an artist and a Bank? Banks are there to lend you money.
-Get a really, really personal loan:
Can’t get a bank to help you? Aren’t old enough for that? Pitch your idea to your family, to your friends, to people who love you and care about you and your projects. They’re a thousand times more likely to reach into their pockets than a stranger on the internet is.
-Work and save up:
Is this really important to you? Then make a realistic plan out of it and commit to creating a fund for your project.
But I just wanted a team/I’m a student/I’m just starting out/I’m doing this on my free time:
Here’s the good news: so are a lot of other people.
There are 4398753452948796709347 forums on this internet dedicated exclusively to indie development. Go out there and find your indie team, be awesome, take over the world, etc etc.

-Find other hobbyists/students who want to be in a team for free
-Be honest and upfront about your rev-share intentions
-Tag your post according to whatever forum/board rules you’re posting on
-Join indie forums and appropriate communities
-If you still decide to approach a strange artist on the net: do it with the same attitude and grace you would use when asking a stranger to lend you money. Because that is what you are doing.

Do not:
-Offer “exposure”. This means the same thing as “monopoly money”
-Ignore forum rules and post in the wrong places. By most job forums rules, rev-share/royalty posts are not considered job offers. Respect that.
-Approach artists that have clearly stated they do not work with rev-share/royalties
-Withhold information and/or try to pass off your rev-share/royalty project as anything other than what it is.
-Prey on the naïve. That’s just sad, bro.

That said, good luck and don’t give up ;)

prompts or aus

(how ever you wanna look at ‘em)

  • “im sorry, i know, it’s an ungodly hour, but my pet rabbit slipped under the fence and she’s literally eating your lettuce plants, i’m so sorry…  please don’t kill me”
  • “you are literally perfect at everything and i’m just a mess when it comes to… um, everything.  can you help me finish this paper for lit. class?”
  • “hey can i borrow a dollar?”
  • “yeah, that snapchat i just sent to you… that was for my (current) boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t open it”
  • “um, this isn’t your dorm-? oh, okay.  yeah, um, sure you could totally sleep on my bed.  that’s totally, just feel right at home” 
  • “it started off as a joke, and I pretended to know you when i didn’t, but we’ve exchanged numbers and you think i’m like some childhood friend of yours. you turned out to be a real sweetie, i don’t want to tell you the truth and possibly lose you”
  • “who the hell are you and why are you on my laptop”
  • “um, hi.  are you the one using my wi-fi?” 
  • “hey, sorry, all the other booths are taken, can i just share this one with you?” 
  • “hey, i just locked myself out of the apartment, can you buzz me in?”
  • “dude, you’re cat literally manages to sneak into my house everyday he’s really sweet and cute, but my dad’s allergic and i… um, well.  you’re pretty cute.  do you wanna drop by my place and get him?”
  • “everyone pretty much thinks we’re dating, so if you’re up for it why the hell not?”
  • “I know you hate cats, but you’re personality literally speaks cat, so i got you one.  NO YOU’RE NOT GONNA GIVE IT BACK TO ME.”
  • “I have a confession to make, I keep coming back to this diner every wednesday night -no, not for the dinner special. but because i’ve been having problems and the sound of your singing literally touches my soul”
  • “i thought you were a robber trying to get into my neighbor’s house and i called the cops on you, turns out your brother is late and you don’t have a key -but LIKE WTF YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK”
  • “you’re my best friend’s big bro/sis and i punched you in the face when you tried to take me aside to ask where you’re sibling was -HONESTLY COULDN’T YOU JUST CALL THEM”
  • “wait, she isn’t you’re cat?  fuuuuhhhh…”
  • “um, uh, this is the first time i’ve been to this mall and i was supposed to meet someone here, but i think i’m lost- oh, you don’t work here?  you’re lost too?  oh nice”

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Sk Laurence is like "Hey babe can I borrow 20 dollars?" Garroth isn't even paying attention and is like "Yeah sure and gives him the money." Then Laurence walks in the door and Garroth just glares like "I am a fool."

rip sk u will be mist