well damn. this was supposed to be a silly little standalone sketch, but it accidentally kicked off about a dozen ballerina!Enterprise drawings. WHOOPS. its maybe kinda an obvious anthropomorphization but …meh, i like it ;D more to come

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

David was a wonderful father. He held the babies, changed the nappies. He would do the 11pm feed so I could get some sleep. He was always multi-tasking. In the living room he’d sit in his rocking chair in front of the telly. He’d be strumming along on his acoustic guitar and listening to records at the same time. The Floyd were never wild like the Who. Even their road crew was quite civilised. But when they got really big David came under enormous pressure from creative differences with the other band members. He held it all in, in his very English way. He was very quiet, but because we had such an intuitive relationship, I knew how huge it was in his mind and the effect that the dissolving of the band would have on his personal life, his financial life and his career. I started to see that I actually had two marriages, one with David and one with the band. They had to deal with being married to their wives and to each other, and when they divorced as a band it got so intense that it eventually destroyed all the individual marriages, including ours.
—  Ginger Gilmour about David Gilmour in your “Memoirs of the Bright Side of The Moon.”
Violent Dances - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: One where the reader is the daughter of hero-pair that fights the league of shadows while she grew up, so when they grew up she and Damian had non-stop run-ins and grew to be a deep bond of mutual respect and understanding. Over the years she gets a crush on him and decides to leave, so she wouldn’t have to fight him anymore, thinking it’s one-sided and he would never leave his family. She joins the Titans and years later he shows up as Robin. And he is mad because he had a crush on her too. plz (Requested by anon) + hi can i request a fic where damian and the reader were friends but the reader moves and comes back a few years later but he doesnt really recognize them so he doesnt bother with them until they say something to him (btw i adore your writing)

All your life it’s been the same thing, a never ending battle against those who would seek to wrong the world. It was how you were raised. Being the daughter of two vigilantes meant that you were taught the necessities of defending yourself from a young age.

Ever since you could remember your parents were in an never ending battle against the League of Assassins. But if it wasn’t for your parents and their feud with the League you would have never had met you’re unlikely friend, Damian Al Ghul.

You found kindred souls in one another. You were both fighting battles that you were born into. You could see in his eyes that he, like you, wondered what else the world had to offer beyond the roles your parents expected you to fill.

During your early childhood any encounters you had with the young Al Ghul was short and unintended but once you were allowed to fight for yourself the two of you started having more and more run ins. He was by far your fiercest opponent and you hated him for it. After years after years of run ins and close battles you grew to respect him. He was still a thorn in your side, yes but you could see a bit of yourself behind his piercing intense eyes.

Somewhere along the way between the begrudging battles to the death and peacockish insults you grew a little more than fond of him. In a way, the Al Ghul boy was the only boy your age that you came in contact with so it was only natural that he became your first crush. You were infatuated with him but that didn’t stop you from doing what was expected of you. Besides, you could never love an Al Ghul.

So you admired the Al Ghul boy, your greatest enemy, from afar. But while your infatuation was still fresh and young Damian disappeared from the League. You worried that something horrible had happened to him and while your heart hurt at the very thought, your mind chastised you.

Shouldn’t it be a good thing that there was one less Al Ghul to terrorize the world?

Then why does your heart ache so much?

Years go on since the Al Ghul boy disappeared and you start to become your own person. You separate yourself from your parents and join the Teen Titans. You’ve long since realized that you had the same passion for justice that your parents did but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become your own person. Here, surrounded by so many young vigilantes, you began to shape your own identity.

A sudden loud commotion down the hall pulled you out of your thoughts. You sighed and walked over to see what was going on. You were suddenly put on offensive alert when you saw an intruder pinning Garfield to the ground. In a flurry of action you launched yourself at the attacker, threw him off of Beast Boy and pinned him to the ground yourself.

You were about to demand that he identify himself before you were caught in a familiar pair of green piercingly fierce eyes.

“Woah, woah, woah, [Y/N]! Chill! The dude’s cool! We’re cool!” Garfield tried calming you. Your head snapped over to him and you looked at him incredulously.

What?” You growled.

“It’s fine [Y/N]. Damian’s joining us! We were just settling something, I swear” Garfield explained.

“Do you have any idea who he is? The scores of innocents that he and his family have killed?” You shouted accusingly still keeping the Al Ghul pinned to the ground below you.

“Do I know you?” Damian sneered up at you. He had to admit that seemed a little familiar to him but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He’s wronged so many people in his life that you could be any number of people.

“No.” You ground out through your teeth and pushed yourself off of him. Figures he wouldn’t remember you. In all fairness you changed a lot since growing up but you still recognized him. You didn’t bother offering to help him it, instead opting to rush out of the room fuming.

Why was he here? He wasn’t a hero so why the sudden change in heart? Was he even here to help is this some sort of elaborate ruse?

Either way you didn’t trust him as far as you could throw him.

Over the next couple of days while Damian settled in the Tower, you were sure to keep a close eye on him. You were sure that he must be up to something. What other reason would he have for being here?

You were able to avoid interacting with him until you were training late one night to blow off some steam. He came in without you noticing and watched you train with a critical eye.

“You’re off balance. Widen your stance.” He instructed firmly. You glared at the punching bag in front of you and landed a solid punch against the unsuspecting bag.

“I don’t recall asking you.” You growled.

“What’s your problem with me?” Damian asked bluntly. You punched the bag once more in fury before catching it in your arms.

“My problem is that your traipse in here pretending like you own the place. My problem is that after everything you and your family has done you expect to change your moral alignment on a whim without consequences. My problem is that I dedicated my entire childhood to fighting you and your family and you don’t even have the decency to remember me.” You snarled, fuming by the time you finished answering his question.

“Wait. You think I don’t remember you?” Damian asked pushing himself off the wall and walking towards you.

“Wait. You remember me?”

“I’ll admit I didn’t recognize you until after our latest encounter but we’ve just about taken each other’s heads off dozens of times when we were younger. How could I not remember you?” He asked with a small secret smile.

“What happened to you Al Ghul? When you disappeared … “ You trailed off looking down at the ground, not quite sure how much you were willing to admit to him.

“What? Were you worried about me?” He teased dryly.

“No.” You replied stubbornly. “I just … It got boring without you is all.” You reasoned with a casual shrug.

“So you did miss me.” He cooed.

“Shut up and fight me, Al Ghul.” You said throwing him a practice bo staff and grabbing one yourself. He caught it effortlessly and smiled with anticipation. You grinned feeling tingling excitement at the prospect of being able to perform this violent dance with him again.

“It’s Wayne.” He corrected.


“My last name. It’s Wayne now. I’ve left that life behind me and I don’t intend to go back… In case you had any doubts about that.” Damian went on to explain in a more vulnerable voice. You could see an unspoken sadness in his eyes, a story that was left untold.

“It’s fitting.” You complimented. “Back to the matter at hand though. You remember how to use that thing right?” You ask pointing to the staff in his hands. He rolled his eyes and moved to a fighting stance.

And so the dance began.  

Little Cousin | The Pack Imagine [PART ONE]

request : hi can I have an imagine where yn (could you name her Maddie plz) is Lydia’s little cousin that’s visiting town and lydia has to babysit her so lydia takes her to a pack meeting? Fluffy derek plzz? 

authors note : For those who know my blog, sorry that I haven’t been doing imagines for a long time. I really have no excuse, other then the fact that I’ve been busy with school work or having authors block which sucks because I really like writing for you guys :D

extra : girl in the gif is Lydia’s little cousin. Isn’t she so cute?

warning : fluffy Derek like anon asked :) Short-ish imagine. Actual Derek/Maddie meeting is in part two

Lydia Martin’s heels made a clicking sound on her hardwood floors as she made her way towards her front door. As she was about to open her front door, a small voice came out of the kitchen, “Dia?” A little girl with strawberry blonde hair ran towards her older cousin with a smile on her face.

There wasn’t one day where Madison Martin didn’t look up to her older — and only — cousin. Besides the fact that Lydia looks like her mother, they are very similar. Just like Lydia, Maddie loves fashion. She dresses herself up nice, well as nice as a four year old could.

Madison Martin — a fashion guru (technically) at only four years old. She likes to be called Maddie because her name to her is too long, and she prefers to call people by nicknames instead of their real name, it’s been like that since she knew how to speak.

At first, Maddie used to call Lydia ‘Lyd’ but as soon as she realized that everyone else called her that as well, she started called her ‘Dia’ which is more sentimental to Lydia because Maddie is the only one that could call her that.

“Yes, Mad?” Lydia always teased Madison and sometimes called her ‘Mad’ instead of Maddie. Maddie hated being called Mad, like she wasn’t mad so why would Dia call her that? 

“Don’t call me that, Dia.” Maddie stomped on the floor — which would’ve been childish to anyone else watching, but Lydia knew her cousin. Even if she was only four, she was a two year old at heart. Sometimes Maddie reminded Lydia of a certain Stiles Stilinski because of her use of sarcasm. And yet the two still haven’t met, actually, Maddie hadn’t met any of Lydia’s friends expect Allison— rip Allie.

Sending a smile down to her, Lydia questioned, “What’s up?”

“Aunty told me to tell you that she was heading out and that you had to take care of me.” Her innocent child voice exclaimed, her being excited to finally meet her cousins friends.

Lydia seemed to be in deep thought, she was going to a pack meeting not anything dangerous, “Okay, let’s go then, little one.” Lydia picked up Maddie in one swift movement, Maddie’s giggles echoed throughout the large house as Lydia carried her outside to her car.

I’m already in love with this idea :) Part two coming up this week, PROMISE.

I know I haven't published anything in a LONG time, and I explained why in the authors note in the beginning :)

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08/04/2016: After she attended Industry Day in Båstad in support of Project Playground earlier in the day, Princess Sofia attended a fundraising dinner and auction in the evening at Norrvikens Trädgårdar for Project Playground.