Give me Ruler back

Not joking here.

Swim Swim makes me want to strangle something and it’s frustrating cuz I can’t do it to her!

In all seriousness though, ya’ll can argue about the novel this and that and whatnot but this series has already reached its low point for me so I couldn’t care less about what the text says. I’ll continue to complain about the plot I preferred because I can.

Like how Ruler could’ve been taken more seriously as a villain with these (rather late) revelations about her way of doing things.

I feel that if they hadn’t played up her bitchiness card so much at the beginning and worked on her potential as an antagonist, she could’ve developed into someone more memorable than “the girl with the big talk who got betrayed by her underling”.

I say this purely because I find her so much more interesting to watch than Swim Swim, who’s just acting out the skeletons of Ruler’s ideas but never really adding any substance to them.

Seriously, she’s completely defined by this function: Ask “What would Ruler do…?” and then be more bloody thorough about it in the most literal way possible.

I also honestly don’t care how many tears you make Swim Swim cry to try and humanize her because it’s simply not going to work with her character. She’s empty. As far as I’m concerned, she’s utterly empty inside so the tears mind as well have been nonexistent.

She’s more of a tool to keep the plot going than a person in her own right.

I think that’s the reason why I’m so frustrated. Because the role she’s been given is not one she fully deserves.

Maybe that’s how it was intended to be. I don’t care. I hate it.

One more thing to add. Though both their relations with their group were very poor (Ruler was too overbearing, Swim Swim simply didn’t connect with them), there’s a notable difference in their leadership styles. With Ruler, at least she did factor the necessity of keeping ALL of them alive into the equation. Swim Swim, however, up till now has mostly been utilizing them as dispensable means with her always coming out on top.

I realize that’s not the best way to describe it but I suppose Ruler understood better than Swim Swim did on what it means to be a leader… even though her methods weren’t the greatest way of showing that understanding. She recognized her subordinates as her responsibilities and that’s what makes her a leader. Swim Swim just wants some cushions to sit on so anyone would do as long as she had cushions. She only has eyes for the throne.

And now she’s going to try to beat Ripple into submission instead of killing her. Which is not so smart cuz at least with Tama and the others, they were dumb. Ruler knew not to gather those who had a chance over her (Swim Swim being the exception cuz she got smarter over time). If Swim Swim had realized she was better off with her old group, she wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of finding replacements and risking her life for it which further proves how much she’s enamored by the title but doesn’t have the capacity to fill it.  

Well, I definitely just put too much thought into periodizing cinematic and televised comic book superhero adaptations, all for the sake of going, “Well, we had a Golden Age, a Silver Age, a Dark Age, a Renaissance, and now we’re getting into what is effectively comic book superhero adaptation Modernism”

Literally the entire point of this exercise was making up a justification to pull out of my ass if anyone tries to question me about calling the Deadpool movie(s), “like Dada but stronger” or, “the Dada you wish your Dada could smell like”

I mean, I’d do it without any kind of justification, too, because I stand by my notion that yes, super cereally, the Deadpool movie(s) are basically superhero Dada, and honest to fuck, Tristan Tzara would shit a fucking brick because his little Deliberately Not Artistic™ artistic temper tantrum has been completely and forever outdone by a Hollywood-produced movie wherein Ryan Reynolds wears bright red spandex and shoots people whilst going on a quest to become hot again and making wise-ass remarks about absolutely everything

(Then, I would take said brick that Tristan Tzara shat and put it on a pedestal in the MoMA and title it, “*raising middle finger emoji*” and it would be about as creative and interesting as literally anything that anyone who was involved with Dada ever did)

But having a bullshit justification to pull out of my ass makes me feel a little bit better about the fact that I’m as enamored with my, “Deadpool is the Dada of superhero adaptations” idea as I am because it would make a bunch of dead Modernist assholes get sooooooooo mad

Bought these books and got a free notebook from Aladin. I always forget Kana (more like only Katakana) so I bought 히라가나 일본어 첫걸음 and found out it also teaches basic grammar and tons of vocabs^^ Awesome!! I also bought the Korean version of 日本語文型辭典 英語版. There’s an English version but after rereading Shanna’s review on the book I decided to get the Korean version instead. Now that I’m done with TOPIK I can now focus on my other language studies and I’m going to start with Japanese and French^^

Tis the Season

Yesterday I was at school from 6:55 am until 5:45 pm and I worked for every single one of those minutes. I worked through prep, had recess duty, and did student council stuff during lunch.

And I still have so much to do! Today I wanted to sleep forever but I was wide awake at 7:00 so I got up and I’ve been working on report cards for the last two hours. I think I’ve done all I can do for now and will need data that is still at school to complete them.

10 school days until Christmas break! I can do this.

kimmiemichell  asked:

I feel like he could be the Jay to my Bey except he's like Bey when it comes to cooking... Bey can't cook which she's said numerous of times but I love him enough to talk him out of cooking especially if he's trying to do it by himself! Lordt why is he like this😂🙈 I just thought of that sis...I'm done for now😂😩

Can you imagine if he didn’t have anyone to cook for him? 😂😂


Traditional fantasy-based MMO classes redesigned for a post-apocalyptic setting.

Individual posts with design notes and weapon details:

01 priests || 02 knights|| 03 hunters
04 merchants || 05 bards || 06 rogues
07 monks || 08 paladins || 09 mages


when Haru meets her Jiyong oppa ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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