I’m still over two weeks behind in English but today I got some housekeeping done and cleaned my room and I can now see my floor for the first time in over a month and I got caught up on most of my podcasts so that’s something to feel good about. I also ate more today then I had in a few weeks. I have another doctors appointment next week and hopefully I can finally figure out what’s wrong with me. Yay for small improvements.

I’m done

I haven’t been overly active in weeks, my drive for RPing has more or less dissipated over the past couple of months and I no longer have the motivation to do it anymore. So I’m going to leave.

I’m not going to delete my blog, just in case I change my mind later, though if anyone else would care to RP as Julian/Darius in the MHGW I am willing to change my url so they can have my one, though as I’m the only Ainsworth RP blog to ever have existed as far as I can see, I highly doubt that.

So for now I am done and dusted. It’s been fun guys, but I no longer care enough to continue with it.

YYH Secret Santa for sinbald

This is so late… SO late… like, this was supposed to be for christmas and it’s been over a month late OTL

anyway, I had a variety of different prompts to choose from and picked “Yusuke being cool” (jk, smoking isn’t cool kids. Say no to drugs)

Thanks for being so patient and I hope this was worth the wait <3

‘Did they hurt you?’

‘Nothing serious, Ezio. Couple of bruises, really. We should go now.’

‘Wait a minute. I’ll clean these on your face.’

‘Is this that bad? Heh, amato amico, you always liked pretty faces, don’t you? Can’t stand how mine is looking after a little adventure with some Templars?’

‘Are you always in the mood for jokes? Sei incredible, Leonardo.’

‘Can we examine the crypt now?’

Si, I’ve done what I could. Let’s see what’s down there.’


*Suddenly remembers I haven’t worked on my manga series in far too long*   


(AKA - Scribbly late night doodles feat. the Polite son, Angry pup and Grubby child)



I’m so hungry, pleeease can we get up now?

Five more minutes, I’m almost done.

Behold the official architect of olympus and her sloth boyfriend.