i am so moved by the love of God

Jesus is so in love with all of us, not just as a whole, but personally. He desires us, He longs to be a part of our lives. He desires you, you know that? He wants you to know Him personally, not just as a concept or a distant God but as a Father, Savior, Friend, Lover. He can be as close as you want Him to be. He can fill up the empty spaces of your heart and transform your life in a way you never thought possible. He wants you to encounter His Love. 

oh the way He holds my heart, the way He whispers to me, the way He holds me up when i feel like i am slipping. i am so thankful for Him. grace is overwhelming–i don’t deserve anything good from Him but He gave me His ENTIRE LIFE. it’s too much for my fickle mind to comprehend, that the God who created the entire universe took MY place and paid for the price of MY sins upon that dirty cross. i don’t have words. my heart is so full with gratitude. 

Jesus, empty me of myself so i can be filled with You so everyone i come across will come to know the Love that captivated and saved my soul.

Hey guys!

It’s… been a minute, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. A lot’s come up in my life and it… hasn’t been fun, to be completely honest with you, and I want to keep this blog as positive as I can.

I’ll fill you guys in when things have settled down a bit. In the meantime, 2016 is the worst.

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I don't have Logo anymore, so I haven't been able to keep up. Can you fill me in on this whole Michelle thing? Did something happen with her and Adore? Am I combining 2 different situations? PLEASE FILL ME IN

Hello, love! Sure, I can do that. The first maxi challenge on All Stars was a TALENT SHOW. Adore sang I Can’t Love You and she completely killed it, as we all know she could and would. Adore is arguably one of the best singers drag race has ever seen. If the challenge is based off of TALENT, then one should be judged on that. During the entirety of her performance, 2 of the judges (Ru included) looked so pleased with Adore. Michelle, however, looked unamused. When it came to the judging, when Adore wasn’t safe, I assumed she was one of the top. Then Michelle began her “critique” (I put it in quotes because I think it was more of a shitty string of comments that offered absolutely no help). Michelle said NOTHING about Adore’s performance. Instead, she viciously ripped into Adore’s dress choice. Her “critique” was based solely on Delano’s fashion choices. And, for the record, I thought she looked pretty good. That being said, neither of the other bottom queens were ripped into to that degree and both of them failed massively at the objective of the challenge: the talent. So, understandably, we are all upset with the fact that Adore was even in the bottom to begin with much less the fact that Michelle made Adore go from smiling and happy to crushed, crying and questioning her validity in a matter of moments. Michelle is a professional judge, she should choose her words and criticisms more wisely and learn not to lump every single drag queen she sees into one category. Adore is a hugely successful drag queen and she should not be made to feel bad for her style choices. That is who she is and she should not be expected to completely sacrifice that for a challenge that had nothing to do with aesthetics.

I was tagged ages ago by at least the wonderful people @book23worm and @wheelofdawn, thank you! :)

Absolutely NO IDEA who’s done it already, feel free to ignore etc. etc. etc. Tagging 10 people: @seeeeleeeenaaaaa, @segsyhoran, @5sos-arent-punk-rock, @holyhcky, @highstik, @savesavepeksibae, @ovechkink, @salmiakissa, @confusedhockey and @sarosjuuse

matches for the broke-ass witch

Cheap as dirt and you can buy them almost anywhere. Can fill in for candles in a pinch, but have so many other uses when you think about their quick and volatile personalities.

-light a match at the end of the day to burn away your worries

-light a match to burn away your thoughts before meditation

-burn matches as a releasing spell for things you want to let go of

-strike a match to quickly cleanse the air (short-term quick-fix, but will give you a sec to breath)

-use the ashes in black salt or protection powders

-use an unlit match in spells for creativity or realizing potential

-use a burnt match in spells for calm and resolving things (arguments, moving on, etc)

-wet the burnt end of a match to draw and charge a sigil (works on skin)

Good for quick hexes/curses too

How foolish can we be,
to think that we can fill
our holes with the wreckage
of another being?
—  s.a., ignoramus

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Any tips on flat coloring before shading? I can never seem to fill all the cracks, or accidently end up with tons of stray pixels :(

Hmm I just make sure I draw my lines so they’re all connecting, so I can select around them with the magic wand/fuzzy select tool and fill them that way :‘o if there are a lot of stray pixels maybe your drawing is quite small pixel wise? I usually draw on a 3000x3000 canvas

upcoming absence!

hey guys, just a bit of housekeeping here

im gonna be without internet from sunday 28th august (this sunday) to monday 12 september (2 weeks)

i will not be around at all to answer messages/stir up shit/look at posts tagged for me

if u’d like to contact me or make sure i see something, put it in my tag (not @mention bc i wont see that, i mean tag it w/ leliaanaa) or send me an ask or IM. i’ll get to everything once im back!

im gonna be leaving this blog on a queue; hopefully if i can get the queue filled up enough the blog will still be updating p much as normal, i just wont be here lmao

thank u all for ur patience & understanding, i miss u already!

Good morning everyone, welcome to Todaaaaaaay! Do you know what Today is? Today is “Love For Yourself Day”. Yup! There are many types and forms of Love. Many ways and avenues to show and express Love. And many people we can show Love to. But where do you think that Love comes from? You of course. To show Love you have to have Love, because an empty vessel can’t fill the cup of another. So to be able to pour out that Love to others we have to first have Love for ourselves. Let me say that again; To be able to pour out that Love to others, we have to first Love OURSELVES. This may be difficult for some to accept, understand or even do. But when you realize that true, earnest and heartfelt Love for another has to have a source within you, and that that source is true, earnest and heartfelt Love for yourself, you’ll understand why it’s so vital. When you truly have Love for yourself, you can’t help but truly love others. It will pour from you like and overfull bowl. Be well my friends, and remember to repeat “Today is Love For Myself Day” as often as you can.

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Examine this Pokepuff

Send “Examine!” and an item or person and I’ll write an RPG description of it/them.

Status: Accepting!


It’s a basic pink pokepuff! A delicious treat for pokemon, soft and round and shaped like a friend (provided your friend is a slightly oblong jigglypuff). You must be careful not to be seen eating them in front of other humans, so as to avoid suspicion. Raises affection by a small amount, but can also be quite filling

It’s your favorite flavor.

You decide that just one wouldn’t hurt.

([ +2 Affection ]) 
([ +50 Fullness ])
([ -2 Chance of Fitting Into These Pants In The Future ])


Oh, Darling Julius, what an introduction!

I would really love to know if Department to Count the Moon was in the original script or if it was an improv because the laugh it gets seems unprompted and there’s not reaction shot from the audience that I would expect if it was really planned. 

Also, and admittedly this is pretty esoteric, as well as being proof that I let the strangest things bother me for the longest time, but I finally have an satisfying answer to how Nick Hanway can be seen here in 105/202 as a random civil servant bod at Malcolm’s 8:30 – a position that is supposed to be completely apolitical –  and then later be seen in the 100% political role of Tom’s Glenn in Spinners and Losers .

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25: “You wear me out, kid.” - with bucky X reader please? i love your writing so much ahhh

25: “You wear me out, kid.”

.   .   .

You got back from a run with the metal-armed super soldier, both of you panting for breath and slick with sweat as you stepped out of the elevator onto the main floor of the Tower. The smell of a mouth-watering breakfast wafted through the hall as you stepped into the kitchen.

“Oh, look! Thing One and Two are back!” Clint exclaimed, leaning back in his chair at the dining table. He chuckled when you and Bucky exchanged a look.

Steve waved his spatula towards the both of you. “I hope you guys are hungry. I made plenty of food.” He glanced over his shoulder at the center island with a massive serving plate piled with pancakes, another dish beside it was flowing with bacon, and you groaned audibly.

“Oh, this looks so good, Steve,” you said, moving around him and grabbing a plate from the cabinet. You didn’t bother with the fork placed on the pancakes to serve yourself as you plucked two steaming pancakes off the pile. 

You took a seat at the table with Clint and Sam, stealing Clint’s fork off his empty plate and taking the syrup from Sam. The two shot you dirty looks, but didn’t say anything.

Bucky was still in the kitchen and stole a piece of bacon, chewing idly as he moved past Steve and slapped his ass. “Nice pink apron, pal.”

Steve jumped and nearly dropped the pancake batter bowl. He glared at his best friend who had a wolfish grin, gesturing at the apron he was wearing that was a nice shade of hot pink. “It’s the only one we had, Buck. I already heard enough from Sam and don’t need you adding to it.”

“Good to know you don’t object to me slapping your ass,” Bucky said, finishing off his bacon and pulling his phone out. He moved over to where you sat and patted your head. “I’m gonna take a shower, kid. Nice run this morning.”

As soon as he was out of the room, Sam lowered his newspaper and raised a brow at you. “What the hell did you do to Barnes?”

“Nothing! I swear!” 

.    .    .

You were on a mission with Steve, Bucky, and Natasha; tasked with finding the hostages. Of course, you found them, but you had limited weapons and couldn’t take down all the guards in the room. 

You were crouched behind a stack of crates, moving to peer around the corner when a shot rang out and blew off a chunk out of the side where your face almost was. Splinters scattered over the floor and your left ear was ringing, forcing you to pin your back against the crate and press your fingers against the comm device in your other ear.

“I need some back up. I’m pinned down and I found all the hostages, but I can’t move from my spot or I’m going to be dead meat,” you communicated, hoping someone had some space to save you from getting shot.

Steve’s labored breathing came through with a hail-fire of commotion, “Sorry, Y/N. I’ve got my hands full.”

“Barnes, this one’s on you!” Natasha managed from her end.

You just then heard a door in the room you were in be busted through, the loud crash of the frame drawing shouts of surprise from the guards and screams from the hostages. A rampage of gunfire erupted and you got to your feet, daring a peek to see the glint of metal and the last guard be flung into the wall on the far side of the room.

Bucky rolled his shoulders and turned to shake his head at you. “You wear me out, kid.” He came over to you and cupped your cheek in a gloved hand, raising his brows and silently asking if you were alright.

“I’m fine, Buck,” you waved him off.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Just because your my sister’s great great granddaughter doesn’t mean I can’t tell if you’re lying.”

“Do I have to start calling you Uncle J again?”

The soldier grumbled, “No.”

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you can fill a whole episode with C$ kisses and not one was a single TLK. lmao

Instead they have anti-TLKs yikes!

*takes away Emma’s magic*

*makes her curse worse*

*doesn’t work*

Erm, there’s a 4th failed TLK where Hook forced a kiss on Emma but she kicked him in the groin (but I cbb to gif it right now).

credit to @malefistache for the gifs