My brother finally wore me down and made me get a reddit which I did not want bc of all the garbage I see coming from there, but I heard the LGBT+ community is good on there?? Can anyone verify?

For those who think Lucas is A:

After reading tremolux’s BRILLIANT theory about Lucas being A, I remembered something:

Last week, I was rewatching Season 4 of PLL. In episode 13, “A Grave New World”, Hanna sees these twins:

As I watching I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the twin girl on the left looked. Today, I realized why! 

Here is a screenshot I captured from the Season 5 Christmas special, Episode 13 “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”:

THE ACTRESS WHO PLAYS YOUNGER ALISON IN THIS EPISODE LOOKS JUST LIKE THE TWIN HANNA SEES!! (Can anyone verify if they are actually played the by same actress?) 

This may not concretely answer the question of who the second yellow dress is for, or why it is Hanna who sees these twins but, I see this as a HUGE clue. 

Now let’s focus in on the twin Hanna sees on the right side of the first picture.

This twin has very masculine features but is dressed as a girl. As tremolux reminded us in her theory, Alison used to refer to Lucas as “Hermie”, implying that he was a hermaphrodite and therefore, has both female and male body parts. Could it be that Alison and Lucas were friends when they were younger? Is it possible that Lucas struggled with his gender identity throughout his childhood, prompting him to want to dress like a girl? Did he want to dress like Alison or even BE Alison? Could this have been the start of why Alison called him “Hermie” in the first place?

Let’s delve into this a little more… 

In Season 5, when the girls finally find Alison in New York, Alison tells them there is only two red coats: Cece (who she said only dressed like red coat to distract A), and herself. This raised suspicion of a possible third red coat. Could the third red coat it be Lucas with a wig, dressed like Alison just like the twins Hanna sees? 

To add to this, we know (or at least we have been led to believe) that Mona’s murder was an act of betrayal by her killer. When Mona was revealed as original A, it was discovered that Lucas helped her out with a lot of the work that was put into tormenting the girls. During that time they must have formed a strong relationship – the crazy stunts they pulled requires a LOT of trust in order to keep it all a secret. Thus, if tremolux theory about Lucas is true, then it also fits with Mrs. Grunwald’s description of why Mona was killed in the first place: “betrayal, betrayal, and loss”. Lucas helped Mona become A because he too wanted revenge on the girls, especially Alison. However, when he found out that Mona switched sides and now wanted to help the girls (including Ali), he felt betrayed. We know Lucas can do impulsive things when he’s angry (eg. Ali’s memorial), so in turn he betrayed Mona by killing her. 

When Mona was killed, we know that camera’s were set up in her living room to fake her death and to lead people to think Alison did it. We also know there was a second person who came afterwards that may have actually killed her. The picture above depicts the possible killer’s hair. Again, could this be Lucas in a wig? This shot shows a good view of the person from the neck down to the torso, but besides the hair it is hard to tell whether this is a girl or a guy. 


Thoughts on this? This is my very first “theory”, by the way! “Theory” is in quotations because it is built off of tremolux’s theory entitled “Uber A: What’s in a Name?”. If you haven’t read hers yet then I suggest you do because it makes SO much sense!!

Also, a quick disclaimer that I pulled most of these photos from Google Images unless otherwise indicated :)

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do you ever think that when fans meet Dan and Phil they feel a sudden weirdness and are like "I've read dirty things about you"




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How about stop believing every stupid thing you hear about April and stop being a gullible moron?

It would be easier to believe if there weren’t screencaps galore of her saying some extremely fucked up things, as well as constantly lying, even about the most dumbass things imaginable.  And before you say “Those were edited!”, her entire blog is still archived on the internet, just like pretty much every other site that came and went.  Anyone can verify the content of any screencap already out there, which includes her picking on little kids, being appallingly racist, and then trying to blame her parents for her flaws, not to mention treating her mother like dirt.

It’s really about time that people like you face the facts.  This girl has even admitted to her history of lying.

She has been emotionally manipulating others for attention.  That’s all there is to it.  And she managed to get you, too.  She’s a spoiled kid that’s desperate for attention, even if it’s negative.  I don’t know how old you are, but I’m old enough to be able to look back on my past self, and see some of the same behavior, which makes me cringe.  A LOT of teenage girls act this way, though thankfully, not to the same extent.

She has also tried picking fights on Twitter, including with comedian Jim Norton, before waving the white flag when she realized she wasn’t going to “win”.

It’s also pretty amazing that anyone continues to support her after she complained that her problem with bronies was “sexualizing cartoon horses”, and then it was discovered that - surprise! - she has done the same damn thing.  I don’t think we even need to get into the fact that her “ex-girlfriend” has a side blog that’s loaded with NSFW, explicit pony porn.  Of course, she password-protected it the second this revelation was brought to light, but apparently, Pinkiepony is a-okay with this.

Let’s not forget her outlandish claims of an “attempted suicide”, which was over her mother being angry because she didn’t ask for help in dying her hair.  At one point, she changed her story from her mother finding her after the attempt, to doing it right in front of her.  Not to mention that she was allegedly brought to the ER, threw up everywhere, and was back home and on the internet within a couple of hours.  If the scenario happened the way she claimed, that ER doctor would be in danger of losing his license to practice medicine, not to mention that it goes directly against the specific laws of the state in which she lives.  There are no mitigating circumstances that would have allowed her to be a walking fountain of biohazard, but allowed to just waltz out without any treatment whatsoever, and without being detained.

These stories are exactly how she has been manipulating you, and others.

She makes herself out to be the “poor little victim” in absolutely everything, and claims to be a “feminist”, while simultaneously hiding behind her gender whenever possible.  She makes up any convenient story in order to get others to feel sorry for her.  Every time the attention seems to wane, something new conveniently occurs, or she tries to derail attention away from whatever is the latest topic, and try to make it all about her.

Also, I GUARANTEE that if she was some overweight, unattractive mess, no one would have paid her any attention whatsoever.  Don’t even deny it at this point, pal, because I have no doubts that it’s part of why both you and Bhaalspawn are so aggressive in defending her, regardless of her obvious hypocrisy.

Congratulations on literally becoming the stereotype of a “white knight”.

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How old do you think some of the characters in Dragon Age are? I mean from like everyone in origins and two I just want to know if you know.

I believe the Wiki has some ages established for some of them. Can anyone verify? I figured Alistair is about 20-23 and my Wardens around the same age.I always thought Leliana and Zevran were around 28-30 & Morrigan was in her mid to late 20s. Oghren and Sten were 35-40 and Wynne was at least 60

As for DA2…Hawke is supposed to be around 25 when you arrive in Lothering and the siblings were 18. Anders always seemed a bit older than Hawke to me. Aveline…late 20s early 30s.  Fenris always struck me as being the same age as Hawke so thats I how played it. Isabela and Varric seemed like they were in their early 30s and Merrill around 21-25. Sebastian….25-28

 I think the ages are up to the interpretation of the player so its going to be different for everyone. :)

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