Homestucks: [S] Rise Up

Fans of Homestucks and whatnot!

12pm until 6:30pm
4/13/13, Saturday

434 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205
(Hemisfair Park) (Wooden playground: )

This meet up is to celebrate another full year cycle of being part of the mass fandom that is Homestuck!

Extra info: 
We will be doing a Can Town/Can Drive so that we may help those in need because not only are there sick fires with can puns, but we can spare a few cans for those who are more needy!

You may cosplay if you’d like, but it is /NOT/ mandatory! Though, not gonna lie, it’s so much fun if you’re dressed up! 

We tend to have photoshoots, so it would be nice to have a cosplay, even if it’s just the outfit or wig!

If you have any questions message:


The meetup will be held in Panel Ballroom B from 11:30am-1:00pm on Saturday.

Please be there and ready at 11:30am so we can start the Photo Shoot right away. It’ll take around 30 minuets or more. I would like to take a group photo (that includes non-cosplayers) so please be there on time. 

There is 140 photos plus a head count. For every picture the group must get to the shoot area as quickly as possible and strike a pose. While they are getting up there whoever is taking photos must be getting their camera ready. I will announce we’re starting the shoot and I’ll slowly start counting to 7 then call for the next group. TO AVOID LOSING MY VOICE I WILL COUNT TO MYSELF. JUST ASSUME IT’S SHORT AND TAKE ONE PICTURE.

After the Photoshoot we will gather in groups (number will depend on how many people are there) and play Homestuck Charades. (PLEASE AVOID GETTING TOO LOUD)

If you don’t want to play that is fine. You can gather with some people to talk or draw or take more photos of your own.

A note to you all. I did not schedule this meetup. San Japan thought of our safety and generously gave us this room. 

This is what I will be wearing so you can find me.

I will be there early so I can start moving chairs so we have a corner to use. I WILL NEED HELP BEFORE AND AFTER. I SUFFER FROM FIBROMYALGIA SO I’M IN A LOT OF PAIN.


  • No yelling or screaming.
  • Mind your best behavior. We don’t want to be banned from having a meetup room next year.
  • No booing of someone’s cosplay.
  • No violent behavior. That includes fighting physically and verbally.
  • If your Body, Hands, Arms, or Legs are painted PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FROM SOMEONE BEFORE YOU TOUCH THEM.

If any issues arise from someone(s) they will be asked kindly to leave the room.

Remember it is perfectly fine for you to grab your friends and go to the nearby park, take a walk down the river walk, or ect. As long as anyone under the age of 18 has an Adult with them and on their best behavior. Safety first Fun Second.

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December 22nd Christmastuck Meetup!!

Hello everyone! Landofcryptsandhelium here! So I was thinking that there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a sweet meetup! 

When: December 22nd from 12:00pm-6:00pm

Where: Hemisfair Park,the wooden playground area next to the small parking lot

People are welcome to bring food and/or drinks, as xxbloodyxangels (my partner-in-crime, as it were) and I aren’t sure how much we’ll be able to wrangle up. 

Cosplay is very much encouraged! We’ll probably have a photoshoot at some point later in the day, complete with mistletoe for shipping purposes (if the cosplayers are comfortable with it of course!)

Now there are a couple of rules that I will not be afraid to enforce, though I  really hope I don’t have to:

  • There will be mistletoe, but this does not give free license for one to force someone into a kiss. 
  • Do not harass or harm anyone.
  • Do not handle a cosplayer’s prop(s) without asking.
  • Do not take anything from the park that is not meant to be taken (such as decorations). We had a problem with this on the November 17th meetup.

If one repeatedly breaks these rules, they will be asked to leave. 

Any questions/comments/suggestions can be sent to myself or xxbloodyxangelsxx!!

Thank you and I hope to see you there!!!! <333

For you Facebook users, the Facebook page is right here!


This is a list of everyone that wrote their tumblrs and DAs in my spiral :3

Gamzee - doctorskye

Karkat - hazel8131 (DA is the same)

Aradia - xxforgotten

Nepeta - ojamajodirk

Yelling GT John - howsugoii

No Glasses Dave - Linear-Lunara-Rose

Dave - killco

Meulin - mitunacaptordmyheart

Dirk - rifleshootingwitch

Sollux - atemsgirl15

Kitty Dave - charlesthedragon

Dad - thoughtfedora

Eridan - princesscronus

Pon Pon Dirk - lady-moe

God Tier John - mitsunyari

The Other Eridan - trailofglitter

Chick w/ Tavros Shirt - igotsnolife

Jake w/ Camera - chompucabra

GT Rose - daves-plushrump

GT John - captormitunas

Terezi - pyrope-lookin-dimwit

Sober Gamzee - marshmallowofdoom


Tie Dave - dav-estrider

Hussie/Meenah? - sarcasticspeculation

Kurloz - ritzzor-the-almighty

Tavros - tangibull

Jade- julietohara
Yaaay! I had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see y'all again in October! :3