Why Feliciano Vargas is a Strong Person

Okay I don’t get the people who are like “OMG Feliciano’s so weak! He needs Ludwig to protect him! How cute!”

Feliciano may be one of the strongest characters I’ve come across. This may be me over analyzing, but I’m going to tell you why Feliciano Vargas is a strong man.

Okay there was the whole Turkey thing where he beat him up. There’s proof of physical strength. But what’s Feliciano good at? Emotional strength.

When he was at the human age of five, he dealt with so much. Think back to when you were five. I was still ripping hair bows out of my hair and throwing them on the ground angrily. That was my biggest problem. Feliciano’s? His grandfather passed away. The man who raised him, coddled him, made him feel special, and so much more.

Then, he gets won in a war and given to Austria (who did NOT abuse our boy but that’s another point). Austria then proceeds to give Veneziano’s older brother to Spain. Boom. Another family member lost. They even covered Feliciano crying over this fact and begging “don’t take away big brother.” 

While at Austria’s house, Feliciano falls in love with another little boy there. It takes some time, but the feelings did develop. This boy was Holy Rome. What happened to Holy Rome? Well, several fans have their own opinions, but we’ll leave it at that he disappeared. How would you have felt if your first love dropped off the face of the earth, the death was pinned on an older brother figure, and you never saw them again? And you’re only five years old. It probably leaves a psychological scar.

He’s lost so many important people to him at just the age of five (to eight. Under the age of ten. He’d be an elementary schooler and picture one of them going through this stuff). This loss helped shape him into the man he is. Cautious, not weak. Manipulative, not hiding behind Germany.

Feliciano doesn’t want war because he doesn’t want anyone going through all of the pain he went through. Feliciano wants a strong bond with his brother, but it’s awkward because all of their lives they were never around each other (so don’t pull the “FELICIANO HATES LOVINO” stuff). Feliciano is a strong character because even with all of the bad things in his life, he still puts a smile on his face for everyone.

Because Feliciano is happy Italy. It’s expected of him. Its what he wants to give everyone. A reason to smile.

Because when everyone else is happy, so is he.


↳ England 1 - 2 Italy  |  June 14, 2014

Homestucks: [S] Rise Up

Fans of Homestucks and whatnot!

12pm until 6:30pm
4/13/13, Saturday

434 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205
(Hemisfair Park) (Wooden playground: )

This meet up is to celebrate another full year cycle of being part of the mass fandom that is Homestuck!

Extra info: 
We will be doing a Can Town/Can Drive so that we may help those in need because not only are there sick fires with can puns, but we can spare a few cans for those who are more needy!

You may cosplay if you’d like, but it is /NOT/ mandatory! Though, not gonna lie, it’s so much fun if you’re dressed up! 

We tend to have photoshoots, so it would be nice to have a cosplay, even if it’s just the outfit or wig!

If you have any questions message:


Fashion Spray

Antonio Brasko had the glorious idea of an intruiging project with fashion spray cans. Imagine what would happen if every brand has his own ci spray can. His motivation was to bring streetwear together with luxury. While many of the brands represented in the collection are high fashion brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and Hermes, he has also created spray cans based on the branding of famous sportswear labels like Supreme, Nike and Adidas. We like his idea and the way he combined street art with haute couture. 

Ughhhhh I’m really getting tired of the ‘standard’ Spamano ship. The one where all Lovino does is whine about himself and Antonio had seemingly endless patience.
Because you know what? That’s not realistic. Lovino would eventually shut up about that shit, because unless he was an idiot, he’d realize everything Antonio had done for him. So he’d try to change. And Antonio- with his infamous Spanish temper- would eventually get tired of all the complaining and bitching without any change.
And the reality of it is, they’re so much more than just those traits. Lovino might be a crybaby, but he’s also hard-headed, and gracious, and loving to those who have shown him respect, and no matter how whiny he can be, he’ll fight for what he wants to protect, and he’ll work for what he wants to achieve.
And Antonio isn’t just a ball of smiles and patience and happiness. He gets hurt like everyone else, and just because he copes with it differently doesn’t mean he can keep taking the same beating again and again and again.
So can we please stop with this barebones Spamano ship and dive into the two beautiful characters Himaruya has given us?


The meetup will be held in Panel Ballroom B from 11:30am-1:00pm on Saturday.

Please be there and ready at 11:30am so we can start the Photo Shoot right away. It’ll take around 30 minuets or more. I would like to take a group photo (that includes non-cosplayers) so please be there on time. 

There is 140 photos plus a head count. For every picture the group must get to the shoot area as quickly as possible and strike a pose. While they are getting up there whoever is taking photos must be getting their camera ready. I will announce we’re starting the shoot and I’ll slowly start counting to 7 then call for the next group. TO AVOID LOSING MY VOICE I WILL COUNT TO MYSELF. JUST ASSUME IT’S SHORT AND TAKE ONE PICTURE.

After the Photoshoot we will gather in groups (number will depend on how many people are there) and play Homestuck Charades. (PLEASE AVOID GETTING TOO LOUD)

If you don’t want to play that is fine. You can gather with some people to talk or draw or take more photos of your own.

A note to you all. I did not schedule this meetup. San Japan thought of our safety and generously gave us this room. 

This is what I will be wearing so you can find me.

I will be there early so I can start moving chairs so we have a corner to use. I WILL NEED HELP BEFORE AND AFTER. I SUFFER FROM FIBROMYALGIA SO I’M IN A LOT OF PAIN.


  • No yelling or screaming.
  • Mind your best behavior. We don’t want to be banned from having a meetup room next year.
  • No booing of someone’s cosplay.
  • No violent behavior. That includes fighting physically and verbally.
  • If your Body, Hands, Arms, or Legs are painted PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FROM SOMEONE BEFORE YOU TOUCH THEM.

If any issues arise from someone(s) they will be asked kindly to leave the room.

Remember it is perfectly fine for you to grab your friends and go to the nearby park, take a walk down the river walk, or ect. As long as anyone under the age of 18 has an Adult with them and on their best behavior. Safety first Fun Second.

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