My Lover Smells Like Fish (1)

(( Pausing the other story I’m working on briefly to fulfill a request from @ennui160. This should be about five parts. ))

“It’s been throwing trash out of the tank— don’t feed it today.”

“Okay,” Alfred says, hiding his annoyance at his boss for not having informed him of this before he loaded the fish into the bucket. Turning around, he rolls his eyes and makes his way back into the stinky food storage room, prepared to throw the slimy fuckers into their holding tank. Apparently, mermen only eat live fish.

It’s kinda messed up, if you think about it. Humans don’t just dislocate their jaws and swallow live cows or nothin’.

Twenty minutes later, during lunch break, a comment from Francis has him looking up.

“It seems our aquatic friend is in a mood today.”

Alfred glances over at the tank they’re near, which happens to be the back wall access of the merman’s tank. It’s a pretty good observation point for the new exhibit, which explains why the handy metal picnic bench has been set up there. All the aquarium goers in the main areas can’t see the employees through the back glass, so it’s a prime spot to sit down and eat a sandwich so long as none of the overbearing scientists are trying to do work there.

“Yeah, Ludwig told me not to feed him.”

Francis purses his lips at that, expression soured. “I suppose that is the result of him throwing those awful pennies back out at the children?”

“Hey, man, it could’ve hit a kid in the eye or somethin’,” Alfred points out. “You can’t let bad behavior go unpunished or it’ll just get worse.”

“It’s a merman, Alfred, not a dog.”

“They’re really not that different.”

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// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV wants the domestic life to grow //

part 4 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

part 5 is about to be on and poppinnnnn. see ya again soon - drea 🌖

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Puck- AJ Greer


Ok so just saying when I googled ‘Gabe Landeskog girlfriend’ a picture of him and Tyson Barre showed up. Even google knows peeps. Anyway! Here’s some cute AJ Greer! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can it request a AJ Greer where he gets called up to avs and you sit with the girls for the first time, then after at home it’s just really cuddly with cute kisses? Thanks so much:)


              You tugged on the hem of the Colorado Avalanche jersey you wore as you made your way to your seat.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an Antonio Dawson one where the reader is younger than Antonio and he feels insecure about it? (-:

I sure can :)

I’ve actually thought about writing something like this before….


When you woke up that morning, you found the bed empty.

You sighed, usually Antonio wasn’t a morning person and you practically had to drag him out of bed. But lately he’d been getting up and leaving for work way before you even woke up.

At first you thought it was just because of his new job, but that was until you ran into Anna and Stone while you were grabbing coffee and they said they were only required to be in at the office before 8:30 if they were called.

So you couldn’t understand what in the world Antonio was doing. You thought that maybe he was boxing but he doesn’t take his kit with him.

So that night you decided to corner him and find out what the hell his problem was.
“I’m home,” you heard him yell accompanied by the sound of a door opening and closing.

You walked out of your bedroom and tried to give him a hug, which he sort of dodged.

“Antonio,” you said, feeling even more hurt, “what’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked nonchalantly while putting the kettle on for coffee.

“I mean,” you said, leaning against the counter and crossing your arms, “you’ve been avoiding me for the past few weeks! And every time I try to hug you or god forbid kiss you, you either act like I’m torturing you or dodge it completely!”

“Love,” he said, looking quite guilty, “nothing is wrong. You’re imagining things.”

And that was the last straw for you, if he wanted to keep secrets fine. But he was not to pretend like the secrets didn’t exist. He owed you that much.

“Imagining it huh?” you asked, moving so that you were on the other side of the kitchen counter, “Imagining you getting up before the sun rises each morning with no explanation? Imagining you ignoring me? Imagining you trying at all costs to not touch me like I’m something you dragged in at the bottom of your shoe! Because that,” you grabbed your coat from the hanger in the entrance hall, “is not what I deserve.”

And with that you left him there.

You went out and spent some time with your brother, you would never leave Antonio unless he did something unspeakable.

But you knew he was stubborn, and the best way to get through to him was to give him time to process what happened and how you feel about it.
At about two AM you said goodbye to your brother and headed back to your apartment, just like you thought, Antonio was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

The moment you opened the door his head shot up, his eyes bloodshot and his hair hanging limply around his face.

“Love,” he said, walking over to you and pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry. So so sorry. I should have listened to you.”

You hugged him back for a while before slowly retracting and looking him in the eye, “It’s okay. But tell me what’s going on with you. Just because I came back does not mean I can’t leave.”

He sighed and moved out of your embrace, leaning against the arm chair of the couch and looking down, “It’s stupid. I shouldn’t have made a big deal about it.”

You laughed, “Well you already have, so please let’s just deal with it.”

“Why are you with me?”

You stopped your pacing and turned to face him again, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking,” he repeated, looking down, “why you’re with me?”

You walked forward and grabbed his shoulders, “What sort of question is that? I’m with you because I love you.”

“Why me?” he repeated, “why not someone better? Someone richer? Someone…. younger.”

You laughed. You burst out laughing, “Is that was this is about? That you think you’re too old for me?”

You thought he was kidding but when you saw the look in his eyes you knew this was a genuine problem for him.

So you walked back over to him and took his head in your hands, “Hey listen to me right now. I don’t give a damn about your age. I love you for you. I fell in love with you long before I even knew your age and now that I do it just made me marvel at my stupidity for trying to date little immature boys before I met you.”

His only response was to laugh and burry his head in your shoulder, “Maybe I was being stupid.”

“Maybe you were,” you concluded before connecting your lips together.

And I can tell you, with full confidence, they didn’t disconnect for quite some time.


Hope you guys liked that :)

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating very much but I have a stupid family gathering going on with a big family that always has dramas…. so I’m writing in whatever spare time I manage to have (AKA the time my brother and I say we’re spending together when we are in fact silently in the same room taking advantage of wifi…)

Anyway, feel free to request anyway :) I write for the Chicago Series, all small screen D.C. characters as well as a bunch of book series and bands (full list way too far down on my page…)

Spamano Week Day 1: Historical

This au takes time in 1918-20 America, NY: The Progressive Era!

Lovino, a NY Times journalist takes on a task to report on the environment in the Jersey City, and meets a Spanish immigrant Antonio, whom later makes Lovino see deeper into the life of the working class, and how awful the living conditions are those men. After being spending time with Antonio and being exposed to these things, Lovino became a muckraker (and gaY) and promised Antonio that he will change his life 


Life Changing News

Chapter 1: Plethora of Changes

Sylvie Brett is currently sitting on the floor of her bathroom staring at the timer on her phone. She was pretty positive of what would proceed the alarm after it went off. What she wasn’t sure of is what the rest of her life would look like after this. It wasn’t just her life that this would change either. It would change the life of someone who didn’t need another complication at the moment but he would take this one anyway. The alarm on her made her stand up and take the four white sticks off her bathroom counter. They all said the same thing.

Pregnant (5-6 weeks)

Sylvie took a calming breath, trying not to panic. The knock on her bedroom door made her jump and she cleared her throat. “You can come in, Gabby.” Her partner and child Aunt stood in the doorway of her bathroom.

Gabby came up behind Sylvie and peered over her shoulder. “Oh my god, Sylvie.”

Sylvie shook her head and stepped out of the bathroom. “I made an appointment at med.”

Gabby followed her partner. “Before you took the test?”

Sylvie threw herself onto her bed. “I wasn’t going to take any test before the blood test, but I couldn’t wait.”

“Let’s get going.” Gabby drove while Sylvie sat completely still in the passenger’s seat. There is no way anyone was going to take this well. She already knew what the blood test results would say. She had zero misconceptions. Gabby pulled into Med and led Sylvie into the hospital where they found Anna waiting for them. Sylvie wanted it to be someone she was comfortable with and she fit the bill.

“How long will this take?” Sylvie asked as Anna drew her blood.

Anna pulled the needle out of her arm and put the vial of her blood into a bag. “The result usually come back within twenty-four hours. I’ll put a rush on it, okay?”

Sylvie nodded, putting her coat back on and grabbing her keys. “Thank you, Anna.”

“Anytime, Sylvie.” Sylvie stepped out the exam room and met back up with Gabby.

The two women got back into Gabby’s car and drove towards the firehouse. Their shift started soon and thankfully Med wasn’t far from the house. The pulled in only a few minutes early.

“Hey ladies,” Stella said coming into the locker room. “Half of on drinks at Molly’s tonight.”

“What’s the occasion?” Sylvie asked pulling her uniform on.

“I don’t know but Herman’s orders.” The women left the locker room as the men entered to change. They sat down at one of the tables and passed around boxes of cereal as no one was in the mood to cook. Just as everyone began to file in a familiar tone was heard overhead.

Ambulance 61, assist, multiple persons injured, 32 Washington St.

Sylvie sighed tossing her spoon back into the bowl. Both women ran to the ambo, letting Gabby drove Sylvie got into the passenger’s seat. “Washington is only a few blocks from here. Why was another house called to the scene?”

Gabby looked over at her partner. “So, someone messed up.” We turned onto Washington and saw at least nine cars involved in a collision.

“Yeah, well someone’s screw up may have just gotten people killed,” Sylvie said getting out of the ambulance and grabbing her medical bag. Sylvie and Gabby had to split up to make sure that the all the victims. Under the instruction of their acting chief, they took the injured people on the ground along with two other paramedics.

“Sylvie, is there triage?”

Sylvie looked up from the leg she was dressing. “There should be with this many victims, why?”

Gabby moved away from her victim. “I’m just checking.” She dropped down next to Sylvie and grabbed the man’s leg to hold it still. “Some of the people have tags and some don’t.”

“Maybe they haven’t gotten to the rest.” Sylvie sighed as the man leg continued to bleed. “We have to take him to med before he loses his leg.” They lifted him onto the gurney and Sylvie paused looking back at the other victims. Gabby was right they should all be tagged.

“Hey, Brett.” Gabby snapped her back into action. “We are just assisting. We have no authority here. Let’s go.” Sylvie nodded and followed her partner, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d been the ones that messed up.


Antonio Dawson walked into the office and saw a flurry of movement. He dropped his stuff off at his desk and raised his eyebrows at Nagel. She came over to his desk and lowered her voice. “Get this, three families of car accident victims want to sue some paramedics from the CFD.”

Antonio looked up at her shocked. “For what?”

“Apparently they didn’t follow protocol,” Nagel said leaning up against his desk. “First the wrong firehouse responded to the scene and the none of the paramedics set up a proper triage at the scene. Victims were tagged, but there wasn’t triage and not one paramedic questioned it. Three people died after paramedics had been on the scene for three hours. They weren’t properly treated because of the triage screw up and improper tagging.”

Antonio dropped into his seat. “Where is Stone?”

Nagel nodded her head in the direction of his office. “Stone and Valdez are in his office with the families right now. As if on cue Stone’s office door opened and the two Investigators turned around so that they weren’t aware they had been staring.

Valdez came over to Antonio’s desk and handed him three files. “We are taking the case. We are bringing in the paramedics from the scene for questioning.” She handed Nagel the list of guilty paramedics.

She looked over the list and sighed. “Antonio, you’re sister is on this list.” He shot up and took the list from her and sure enough under firehouse 51 were the two names he didn’t want to see. He grabbed his Jacket knowing that this wouldn’t go over well.

“Is this going to be a conflict of interest?” Valdez asked him.

“No, if you can work this case with your sister being on the incrimination list Valdez, so can Antonio.” Stone’s voice came from behind them. He was leaning against the door frame watching his team. “Nagel you are the only one to have interaction with the girls from fifty-one.”

“Of course.”

“Good.” Stone nodded at the two of them. “Get it done.”


Sylvie had to admit that the only downside to working at a firehouse was the twenty-four-hour shifts and the fact that she would have to sleep the day away. She grabbed her bag out of her locker with her work clothes in it and met Gabby at Truck 81.

“Are you going to Molly’s tonight?” Gabby asked her partner.

Sylvie nodded. “Yeah, I plan to sleep for the day so that I can party tonight.” The two girls had been on runs all day, this was the first time they’d been at the firehouse for more than five minutes. Sylvie turned on her phone and saw she had a voicemail and text from Anna. She didn’t bother with the voicemail as the text message was a picture of her blood work. It said exactly what she expected it to. She’s pregnant.

“What is it?” Gabby asked. Sylvie handed over her phone and Gabby gasped. “You have to tell him.”

“I will.” Matt walked over to the girls which promptly ended the conversation. He kissed his wife’s head before looking past the girls confused.

“Why are Antonio and his partner here?” Both women turned to see Investigator Nagel standing before them. Antonio was waiting at the car.

“Can I help you?” Sylvie asked.

“Are you Sylvie Brett and Gabriella Dawson?” Nagel asked.

“Yes.” They both answered exchanging worried looks. Sylvie already had an idea why she was here. The call from this morning on Washington.

“You are both under arrest for negligence and murder,” Nagel said pulling out two sets of handcuffs.

Both Sylvie and Gabby gawked at her. “What!” Casey shouted trying to get between Nagel and the paramedics.

“Matt don’t,” Gabby ordered letting Nagel cuff her. “Just get Mouch and the Chief and meet us at the Attorney’s office with a Lawyer.” Matt took off into the firehouse and Sylvie turned around and let herself get cuffed. Nagel escorted both paramedics back to the car where Antonio held open the door. Neither Gabby or Sylvie so much as looked at him. The car ride back to the DA’s office was torturously awkward. The silence was deafening and Gabby began to shift nervously. When the car pulled up Antonio got out and walked into the building. Gabby scoffed and rolled her eyes. Nagel took them both to booking and left them in a holding cell.

Sylvie sat on the bench while Gabby paced back and forth in front of her. “He didn’t say a word. He just sat there.”

“He’s doing his job, Gabby,” Sylvie reassured her. “He’s your brother and my ex. Any interaction with us jeopardizes his credibility.”

Gabby turned towards her partner and glared. “Screw his credibility, I’m his sister and I’m about to go down for murder!”

“You’re not going down for murder,” Sylvie told her calmly. Footsteps approaching made Sylvie shoot up and got to the bars. The Chief and a man she assumed to be a lawyer came up to the cell.

The cell door opened and the woman gestured for them to exit. “I’m Cassandra Reid, your lawyer.” She shook each of their hands. “Come with me, they’ve got a private place for us to talk.” They three of them followed her out of booking and past the desks and Nagel and Antonio and into what looked like a conference room. They sat around the table. “Do you know why they are trying to charge you with these crimes?”

“No,” Gabby said before Sylvie could respond.

“There was a triage failure during the accident on Washington. Three people were not treated because of it and they died. All paramedics that worked the scene have been brought in.” Sylvie slumped back into her seat. She knew it. They both knew something was wrong at the scene this morning.

Sylvie cleared her throat. “So, what do we do?”

Ms. Reid cleared her throat. “I have one rule. Don’t lie to me.” She told them making them exchange looks. “Is there anything I need to know? Personal or professional, I need everything.”

Gabby cleared her throat. “The Chief Investigator Antonio Dawson is my brother.” She looked at Sylvie. “He’s also Sylvie’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby.”

“Assistant District Attorney Valdez is my younger sister.” Sylvie finished. T

The chief stepped forward glaring at Sylvie. “You’re pregnant?” Sylvie simply nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t find out until after shift.” Sylvie lied.

Ms. Reid coughed drawing all attention back to her. She closed the folder in her hands shaking her head. “Ms. Brett, do you have any proof of your pregnancy.”

“Call Chicago Med and get my results,” I told her. She nodded and pulled out her cell phone.  


Antonio sat with Nagel, Valdez, and Stone in his office trying to find charges to stick to one of the six paramedics who were on scene that day. It was about twenty minutes of silence before Anna stood up and went over to her partner. Stone gave her a confused look. “What if it’s not the paramedics on the scene that we should be bringing in. Maybe this should be a case against the CFD.” Anna passed him the folder. “Look at the this. The accident happened just a few blocks from firehouse 51 which is one of the best firehouses in the city for mass disasters but firehouse 27 was sent to the scene. They’ve handled on mass trauma in the last 8 years.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that paramedics from 51, one the supposed best houses for traumas was there and yet they didn’t speak up about anything wrong.” Stone said. “We can’t just let that go.”

“They were there for an assist,” Nagel argued. “Their job is to grab the first critical patient and take them to the hospital. They aren’t supposed to assess the scene.”

Stone stared at into the distance, debating on it. “So, we let the paramedics go and hand serve the CFD with a lawsuit.” The door swung open and Stone stood up at the sight of his ex-girlfriend. The room took his lead and stood up as well.

“Who are you?” Valdez asked.

“Who are you?” Cassandra shot back.

“ADA Anna Valdez.” The two women glared at each other. “Can I help you?”

Cassandra stepped in and shut the door behind her. “I thought you were a better lawyer than this Peter. How do you not see a conflict of interest in the fact that two of your people are siblings to my clients? Gabriella Dawson and Antonio Dawson. Sylvie Brett and Anna Valdez. Let’s not mention the fact the Ms. Brett is pregnant with Investigator Dawson’s child.” Antonio stared at the lawyer in shock. Sylvie’s pregnant? Why hadn’t she told him about this? He’s going to be a father again and she hadn’t told him. He didn’t understand why Sylvie wouldn’t tell him that she was pregnant. There was no way she was going to keep this baby from him.

Antonio turned to look at Stone and shook his head. “I didn’t know or I would have stepped away.”

Peter slapped Antonio on the back. “It doesn’t matter your clients are free to go,” Stone told her taking the file nonetheless. “We are dropping the charges.” Cassandra nodded and went to tell Gabby and Sylvie. Valdez and Nagel left, giving Antonio a minute to process the new information. Peter gave Antonio the file. “Just in case you need to see it with your own eyes.”

“Thanks, man.” Antonio took the file and opened it. Sylvie’s medical files didn’t lie. She was pregnant. Antonio threw the file down and swung the office door open. He walked to the conference room to see Gabby and Sylvie gathering their things. Sylvie from when she saw him, her eyes widening. “Gabby, can you give us a minute?” Gabby left the room keeping her head down. Antonio closed the door behind his sister and locked it.

Sylvie set her stuff back onto the table. “You know.”

“Yeah, your lawyer told me.” Antonio stepped closer to the woman carrying his child, trying to keep his anger in check. “You should have told me. I have had enough of lawyers talking to me about my children.”

Sylvie stepped forward putting her hands his chest. “I didn’t plan to keep this from you, Antonio. I’ve only known for a day. Cassandra only knows because she said that she needed to know everything and I was facing murder charges. I promise that I was going to tell you.”

Antonio ran his hands over his face and dropped into the nearest chair. “I can’t believe that you’re pregnant.” Sylvie sat down next to him. “All my problem with custody and Laura. Now you’re-”

“Antonio, I’m nothing like Laura.” Sylvie scoffed. “I will not keep this baby from you. You can be as involved as you want.”

Antonio looked up at her just in time to see her yawn. She looked absolutely exhausted. He felt like such as idiot. She had just gotten off shift when they picked her up, she needs sleep. “Let me take you home. You need sleep.”

Sylvie looked taken aback by his request. “But-”

Antonio interrupted her. “I know we have a lot to talk about Sylvie, but right now we need to talk care of you and you’ve had a long day.” Antonio stood and pulled her into a hug. “Just know that I’m here. For whatever you both need. This is my baby too.”

“Thank you, Antonio.”  


A/N: Thank you @spinyfruit for your help with this fic <3 

Day 3: Surprise (Coffee Shop AU)

‘Glow’ was the warmest word. Glow released a perfume of connotation in the air; at once soft, bright, sweet, loving, cosy. ‘Glow’ sounded like the smell of coffee on a rainy night. And here, in this large coffee shop, with its windows framed with brown curtains, the numbers of customers steadily depleted, each returning to the glow of the lamp lights in their dorm rooms. Yellow lights glowed in Antonio’s vision as he yawned, blinking the wetness of sleep from his eyes.

The computer screen didn’t glow. It glared. Harsh whiteness and sharp black lettering. This essay was due tomorrow at eight. He hadn’t slept in two days. The other patrons of the cafe looked equally tired. It was almost midnight, and those who hung around were all stressed university students with untidy hair and fading makeup. Their laptops treated them cruelly too.

His cup was empty. Antonio stood and stretched. His knuckles cracked. Grabbing his wallet from the table, he went to the counter. He had this idea, born perhaps out of anxiety, that someone would steal his laptop if he wasn’t looking. It was why he kept glancing over his shoulder while giving his order to the barista. 

The boy behind his table had brown hair with a tint of auburn. It fell over his eyes as he worked, typing furiously at his laptop. A single curl went awry, shooting out at an almost forty-five degree angle. 

“T-thanks,” Antonio dropped change on the counter, grabbing his cappuccino with a hand shaking with sudden nerves. Hot milk spilled on his foot but he ignored the momentary pain. “Lovino Vargas?” he approached the boy. Why was his voice so high when he spoke? “Is that you?”

The boy’s gold eyes were unmistakable. He regarded Antonio with quiet curiosity, until his expression changed to something more unguarded. “Hey, you’re–”

“Antonio! From elementary school! Remember me?”

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Too Good To Be True

hi!!! here is a fic i’ve been working on this past month….dedicated a lot of time to this one! i don’t own anything & i hope you enjoy!
“Did I just see you yawn?”

“Don’t judge me, Nagel.” Antonio muttered as he was looking through his paperwork. “I’ve noticed your eyes closing multiple times these past few hours.”

“Touché.” She said back.

In both of their defense, today had been a long and boring day. “Is it bad that I want something big to happen? Nagel confessed, hitting her pen against her desk. "I want my adrenaline to get pumping—”

His phone began buzzing. Seeing it was Matt, he became concerned. Matt would never call him during work unless something was wrong.

He picked up the phone immediately. “Hey, Matt. Is something wrong?” He asked his brother in law.

“Antonio…” He couldn’t help but straighten up at the sound of Matt’s voice. He sounded grave, and judging by the background noise on his side, there was a big commotion going on.

“What? Is it Gabby?!” His mind jumped right to his little sister. Matt couldn’t be calling for any other reason. Gabby was his wife, after all. If he was going to hear bad news about her he would be hearing it from Matt. “Tell me where you are, I’m on my way—”

“Antonio, sit down for this.”

“I am.” He lied. He was already standing, one hand gripping his desk. Nagel was staring at him, concern on her face.

“Ambulance 61 was in an accident…”

Antonio slid down back in his chair, as the pounding of his heart became more prominent. Oh, God. It wasn’t just Gabby, but Sylvie too. “Tell me more.” He croaked out.

“Drunk driver, slammed into one side of the ambulance. Both are alive.” He assured Antonio.


“Gabby has a few cuts and bruises, needs to get checked out at the hospital.” Antonio let out a sigh of relief at the news, he could handle that. She was going to be okay. But what about…

“Sylvie?” When Matt didn’t answer him, Antonio’s voice got louder. “Fuck, Matt! Tell me about Sylvie!”

“Antonio?” Nagel finally spoke up, starting to approach him. The others in the room were all staring. “What’s going on—”

He only cared about Matt’s response, however. He paid no attention to Nagel’s questioning. “Casey, if you don’t fucking answer me, I swear to God—”

“It’s not looking good, Antonio.” Matt finally answered. “The side the driver hit was the passenger side, Sylvie got the majority of the impact. She’s in critical condition—”

“I’m on my way to the hospital, update me if you hear anything.” Antonio grabbed his coat off of the back of his chair, and started heading out.

“I will, I promise.”

“Thanks.” Antonio responded with a short, clip voice. He wasn’t in the mood for social pleasantries. Before he left the room, a hand grabbed his shoulder.

It was Nagel. Frustration began to take over his body, he didn’t like being kept from going to Sylvie. “What the hell is it, Nagel? It better be a good reason, or I swear to God—”

“I’m driving.” She interrupted him, walking past him into the hallway. “Don’t want my partner to get into a car crash. Would be an inconvenience.”

“Okay, whatever.” He followed her throughout the building. He wasn’t in a chatting mood, with his mind on Sylvie. And also on Gabby as well, she wasn’t badly injured, but still, his baby sister was hurt. He wouldn’t be able to relax until he could see her.

“So where are we going?” Nagel asked as they got into her car.

“Chicago Med.” He told her, checking his phone to see if he got any updates. None. His anxiety only continued to increase, and unfortunately for Nagel, she was the only one he could let it out on. “Can you step on it?”

“I’m going as fast as I can.” She grumbled. When they approached a red light, Antonio let out an expletive, slamming his hand down against the dashboard.

“Okay, you need to calm the fuck down, Dawson.” She warned him. “Freaking out won’t do shit.” She reached towards the backseat, grabbing a stuffed animal off of the floor. “Here, this is my daughter’s. I won’t tell her if you squeeze the hell out of it.”

He wouldn’t admit it, but the stuffed animal somehow gave him comfort. “Sorry.” He muttered, focusing his gaze out the window.

“Whose at the hospital?” She asked quietly, a question she was probably wanting to ask even before they left the justice building.

“My ex girlfriend.” He answered, watching as the light turned green. “And my sister. Drunk driver crashed into their ambulance.”

“….How are they?”

“Gabby, my sister, has a few cuts and bruises apparently. She’ll be fine.” His leg started to bounce, showing his nerves, as Nagel turned down the street the hospital resided on. “Sylvie……she’s in critical condition.”

“…I don’t know what else to say except that sucks.” She spoke truthfully.

Antonio appreciated it. Honestly it would make him feel more uneasy if she had tried to comfort him. They just didn’t have that type of relationship.

When the hospital was finally in sight, his hand automatically went to grip the door handle. And before he could even ask, Nagel pulled up to the front of the building. She was going to let him be dropped off.

“Thanks, Nagel.” He threw the words over his shoulder, hoping she would get his sincerity and not mistake it as him not caring. His mind was on Sylvie and Gabby, she had to understand.

He didn’t let himself listen for a potential response, dashing inside the hospital. And to his luck, he ran right into the head nurse, Maggie Lockwood.

She didn’t seem surprised to see him. “Antonio—”

“Where are they?” He asked, his eyes already searching the interior, desperate to find his sister and his ex girlfriend. He was brought back to Maggie when she grabbed onto his arm.

“Antonio. I can take you to Gabby.” She assured him, beginning to drag him down the nearest hallway. “She’s in great condition, up and walking around. Creating a bit of a ruckus, if you ask me—”

“What about Sylvie?”

At the mention of Gabby’s partner, Maggie frowned. “Not good. Sylvie Brett just got out of surgery, but we don’t know when she is going to wake up.”

Antonio stopped walking, feeling his heart fall down into his stomach. Ever since he heard about the accident, he has felt intense, loud emotions. But right now, with the news that the nurse had just given him, he felt completely numb, not knowing what to do with himself. “What?” He croaked out. Yes, he had heard it was bad from Matt. Officially hearing it from Maggie though… was like a punch in the chest. “She’s in a coma?”

She nodded. “That’s where Gabby is, actually. Refused to leave her, said that she didn’t have any family near.”

“Her family lives in Indiana.” He muttered, rubbing his hands against his jeans to try to get the sweat off. But it was no use since the clammy feeling still remained. “Have they been notified…?” During their relationship, he never got the chance to meet Sylvie’s relatives, but he heard plenty about them from her. They seemed like wonderful people, and deserved to know that their daughter was in critical condition.

Maggie nodded. “Yes, they have. Unfortunately, there’s a major storm where they live, so they don’t know when they will be getting in.” She explained.

Antonio had honestly forgotten they had stopped walking, he was overwhelmed with his thoughts for Sylvie, and couldn’t hold back his surprise when Maggie gently reached out to touch his arm. “Do you want to go see her?” He didn’t know how much she knew about their relationship, but she probably had gotten the gist. Either way, he appreciated her kindness and consideration. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a nurse of her caliber.

“Yes, definitely.” He quickly agreed with her. He tried to ignore the heaviness of every step he took, trying to keep his mind and motivation on getting to Gabby and Sylvie. He couldn’t let his mind and body fail him now.

The first person he saw when they approached Sylvie’s room was Gabby, and to the right of her was Matt. After letting his eyes go over his sister, making sure that she was okay, he finally looked over at Sylvie.

Seeing her look so fragile, attached to many machines, was another punch in the gut to Antonio. It was one thing to hear about it, but another to actually see what had happened in front of him.

“Oh, God.” He muttered, grabbing ahold of the doorframe. This caught the attention of both Gabby and Matt. His sister immediately went to his side, wrapping her arms over his waist.

With the comforting presence of Gabby finally around him, his fragile emotions were triggered, and he started to rapidly blink to try to make the tears that were filling his eyes go away. He pressed his face into her hair, breathing in her familiar scent, trying to let it help calm him down. Once he was confident that he had gotten ahold of himself again, he backed away from her. He wanted to approach Sylvie’s bedside now.

Gabby realized this, and grabbed one of his hands for support. He squeezed her’s right back, glad he had her with him. They walked slowly to the bed, as Antonio became aware of how fast his heart was beating.

“Ouch, Tonio,” Gabby muttered, trying to yank her hand back. “Don’t take out your emotions on me, please.”

“Sorry, sis.” He quickly loosened her hold on her hand, but still keeping them interlocked.

With his other hand, he gently reached out to touch Sylvie’s arm, which was attached to multiple IV’s. Except for being slightly colder than usual, her skin felt the same as it always did. That brought some relief, being able to physically touch her and feel some familiarity.

A hand was placed on his shoulder. It was not Gabby’s and definitely not Sylvie’s, so Antonio assumed it was Matt, since he was the only other person in the room. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that he was correct. Matt Casey stood behind him, with a chair.

“Thought you might like to sit down.” Matt offered, pushing the chair closer to Antonio. He gratefully accepted his brother in law’s generous deed, sitting down in the chair, scooting a little closer towards the bed. “This might all still be a shock to you—”

“Honestly, Matt, I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to be feeling right now.” He interrupted the firefighter, noticing his own temper beginning to rise. The hospital was definitely not the place for him to let his emotions take over. So instead he focused on rubbing small circles on Sylvie’s soft pale skin with his thumb, hoping that somehow the tiny action was helping her as much as it was him. At the thought of her own thoughts and feelings, Antonio began to feel slightly uncomfortable about being here. What if Sylvie didn’t even what him to be with her? Christ, they hadn’t spoken in weeks, only hearing about each other from Gabby. They ended their relationship on good terms, no hatred between them. But he didn’t know if she had changed her feelings for him in the past few weeks. What right did he have to be here?

He let go of Sylvie’s arm, getting up from the chair. This action confused Gabby, who immediately got in front of Antonio right when he turned around. “Where are you going?” She asked, before concern taking over. “Do you need to step out for a minute?”

She was acting so sympathetic and gentle to him, it was really mind boggling. Yes, Gabby loved Sylvie and Antonio both individually, but he knew that she wasn’t the biggest fan of their relationship when they were together. They were broken up now, why was she acting like this?

“Gabby, I shouldn’t be here.” He explained, pushing the chair to the side. “Who knows if Sylvie even wants me here, since we haven’t spoken in weeks! We said we would check back in, but I have no idea where we stand now. I should keep my distance. Please keep me updated, though.”

Gabby was staring at him with an unreadable expression. Her mouth was dropped open though, showing shock. Apparently, she knew something that he didn’t.

“What is it, Gabby?” He questioned, watching her eyes widen. She remained silent, seeming to have trouble gathering her words.

“I thought you talked to Sylvie yesterday…” She slowly began, her eyes going back and forth between Antonio and Sylvie.

“I haven’t spoken to her in weeks.” He corrected her, finding it harder and harder to ignore the ball of anxiety forming in his stomach. He wanted Gabby just to come out and say whatever was on her mind. As it obviously was important.

“Well, she told me that she called you. I guess she was lying.” Gabby frowned, the information he gave her seeming to derail her from what she had actually planned on saying. “Forget it, then.”

But Antonio was already scrolling through his missed calls. Gabby was right on one thing, Sylvie did call him. He then checked his voicemails, and right on top was Sylvie’s name.

“I had no idea she called….” Antonio voiced aloud, taken aback. Despite Gabby’s protesting, he left the room to listen to it, wanting to both hear what she had to say, and also just hear her voice.

When he pressed listen, he realized how badly he had wanted to hear her beautiful voice. He was so wrapped up in it that he didn’t hear the first part of what she said. “…so I don’t know if you’re on the same page or not, since we haven’t spoken in weeks,” She sounded very nervous. He wished he could ask her why. He couldn’t help but look back into the room, where she was laying in the bed. He turned back around, focusing on just her voice. Like she was okay, and not in a coma.

“….But even if you’re not, I have to say something. This is driving me crazy.” Her voice slightly broke on the other line. “You drive me crazy. And I think we can make it, you know? Like I said before we ended things, we were so good together. And I think we still can be.” She let out a loud sigh, sending a shiver up Antonio’s spine. “What I’m trying to say is, I miss you, and we should get back together. Um, if you don’t want to, please let me know. I’ll see you soon.” The call ended.

Holy shit. He was able to look down at the phone, looking at the details of the voicemail. It was from yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, even. He racked his brain, wondering where he was when he got the call. Around seven…..he was at Molly’s, enjoying a drink with Peter. He couldn’t remember ever getting a call, though.

But……God. If he just answered the damn phone, everything could be different by now. He could have went to Sylvie’s place, caused her to oversleep or whatever, making her late for work the next day. They could have been a second too late on the collision….meaning that they would have been okay. He could have—

“Antonio….” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gabby enter the hallway. She reached her hands out to him, a look of anguish on her face. And also some regret.

“You knew.” He croaked out, raising the hand that wasn’t holding his phone to wipe his teary eyes. He wasn’t a crier. In fact, the last time he remembered getting this close to letting tears out was when he and Sylvie broke up. “How long did you know that she wanted to get back together?”

“She only told me that day! And I knew she was going to call, but when I asked her the next day about it, she was really secretive. I don’t think she wanted me to know that she left a voicemail, the anticipation was probably bothering her—”

“Fuck!” He swore, kicking the lone plastic chair beside him. It was out of place from the rest of the hallway, but that wasn’t even a worry in Antonio’s mind.

“Answering that phone call wouldn’t have changed anything.” She grabbed ahold of his face, sensing the guilt he was holding within. “Don’t beat yourself up over this. Sylvie wouldn’t want you to.”

He flinched when she brought up Sylvie, a hard punch into his stomach, but he needed to hear that to get his head back on straight. Focusing on Sylvie and her recovery was more important than him tearing himself apart over missing a voicemail. Even if it could have potentially been the last time he spoke on the phone with the woman he loved….

Wait. Loved?

When he went back to the thought that had quickly ran past his mind, his own heart began to feel like it was enlarging as he thought about being in love with Sylvie Brett. That was all the confirmation he needed. “Gabby, I love her.”

As she never seemed thrilled of their relationship, even though she had begrudgingly accepted it, Antonio was prepared to further explain himself. But his words never left his mouth as his sister flung her arms around him, in an embrace.

She lifted her head from his shoulder, meeting his eyes. To his surprise, her own were filled with tears. “I know. I know that now.” He lifted one of his hands to wipe a stray tear away. “I should have encouraged you two to fight for your relationship more—” She began to apologize.

“Stop it, sis.” Antonio shook his head, not wanting her to get upset. She already has had a hellish day. “It happened for a good reason.” He pressed his lips to her forehead to give her some comfort. “I really needed to get my head cleared out, you know? It was my first relationship since Laura.” He ignored the way her face scrunched up when he mentioned his ex. “We were able to find our way back to each other, anyways….” He didn’t say the ending part of his statement, the fact that even though they both wanted to be together, Sylvie was unconscious on a hospital bed.

His phone began to vibrate in his hand. Reading Nagel’s name across the screen, Antonio immediately pressed answer and held it up to his ear. “Hey.” He answered the call, unwrapping himself from Gabby to take a few steps away, giving himself some space. He couldn’t help but look back at Sylvie, wanting to be by her side. But Nagel wouldn’t have called if she didn’t have something important to discuss.

“Sorry, Dawson.” An apology was her greeting. “Stone needs us, ASAP.”

He couldn’t help but let out a small sigh. Of course Stone would need them now.

Nagel noticed his hesitation. “I could talk to him about just doing this myself, it’s just going to investigate this house—”

“No, that’s not necessary.” He told her. He couldn’t let this affect his work. It’s not like it would help Sylvie, anyways. “But can you pick me up? I don’t have a ride.”

“I’ll be there in 10.” Was her response.

“I’ll see you then.” He ended the call, sliding his phone into his back pocket.

“She’ll be fine, Antonio.” Gabby said, putting together that he had to go back to work. “I promise.”

“Let me know if anything comes out.” He directs her, pulling her into another hug. “And take care of yourself as well.”

“I will.” She nodded her head. “You too.” She added, stepping back from the hug and into the direction of Sylvie’s hospital room. “You have Diego and Eva tonight, right? You won’t be alone?”

Despite the current situation with Sylvie and the emotions he was feeling because of it, he couldn’t help but crack a smile at his sister’s concern. She was the one who had just gotten into a car accident. He was fine, both physically and emotionally. “Yeah. I plan on telling them about Sylvie.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, good. But I was more asking on the fact that you weren’t going to be alone, you know.”

“I understood what you said.” He thought it was important to let his kids know about what happened to Sylvie. Even if it had been a little shaky at first with Diego, over time both of them grew to really like her. “It’s just what I plan on doing.”

He pulled his phone out to check the time, not wanting to keep his partner waiting. But just as he was viewing the screen, a message from Nagel showed up, saying that she was at the front of the hospital.

“I have to go.” He began to walk in the direction that he came from. Even though he had already requested her to tell him if there was any news on Sylvie, he couldn’t help but ask again. “I want to know everything. Every update you get, text me.”

Instead of a tease or an eye roll, Gabby was completely serious, nodding her head. “I will. Now go focus and do your job, all right?”

Antonio finally left, turning down a hallway. He was forcing himself to get into job mode. But he kept Sylvie in the back of his mind, as a motivator more than anything. Maybe in some way, his own hard work would help her get better. Which was crazy, but he was willing to bet on everything at the moment.


“Antonio, can I talk to you outside?” Peter Stone had entered into the room a few moments ago, but had mostly conversed with Nagel. Antonio was distracted the whole time, only managing to make brief sounds to make it sound like he was listening. He had gotten a text from Gabby, saying that Sylvie’s hand twitched. Needless to say, nothing else was as important as that piece of information he had just received.

His attention was pulled away from his phone when Stone’s hand shook his shoulder. “Antonio.” He repeated. Antonio looked up to his superior, finally giving him acknowledgement. Before he could ask him what he wanted, Stone gestured to the door again. “Hallway.”

He pushed himself away from his desk and got out of his chair. As he passed Nagel, she gave him a sympathetic smile. Usually it would be a snarky comment, but unlike Stone, she knew what was going on in his personal life.

Once they were in the hallway, and Stone closed the door behind them to give them even more privacy, he revealed his frustration on Antonio. “What the hell is going on with you, Dawson?”

This was exactly what Antonio didn’t want to happen. He was trying to keep work his number one priority, but it was proving itself to be harder than he originally thought. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sylvie, trying to think of anything he could do to make her better. Problem was, that he couldn’t do anything. Unlike with Diego, he had to do his job to find him. Now it was all in the hands of the medical professionals and Sylvie herself. He had never felt more helpless. And even with knowing this, he still was trying.

He was tempted to be honest with Stone, but since Sylvie was still in a coma, he probably would be concerned about letting Antonio do investigations if he was still distracted. He decided to say half the truth. Omitting Sylvie completely from the story. “My sister got in a car accident two days ago, drunk driver rammed right into her ambulance. She’s fine, but is a little banged up. I guess I have gotten a little distracted at times.” He said, but then wanted him to know that this wasn’t going to be a common ordeal. “She’s getting out today, and I think that’s what’s been in my mind. But I assure you, I’m completely dedicated on doing my job.”

Stone didn’t look convinced, but luckily he didn’t push for more information. “Well I’m glad that you’re sister is doing okay. And since I assume you didn’t hear anything I told you when I was talking before, I need you and Nagel to go to the hospital to talk to a Dr. Rhodes about the most recent case we have. Got it?”

Antonio nodded, reaching to the doorknob behind him to open the door. “Got it.” He repeated. “We’ll be heading out soon.” As he turned around to reenter the room he just left, Stone called his name again. He looked back to the attorney, wondering what else he wanted to say.

“Do your job, nothing else.” He told him.

Knowing that after he was done he was going to see Sylvie he knew he was perfectly fine with doing just that. “Of course.” Antonio replied back, and when Stone didn’t say anything else, he returned to the room, approaching Nagel. She was already pulling her coat on, keys in hand.

“You good?” She asked as she walked around her desk. She was holding a rather skeptical look on her face.

“Never better.” He said, ignoring how she was now frowning. It was clear that she didn’t believe him.

Despite this, she followed him out of the room and they began walking down the hallway. It wasn’t until they were outside that she continued to voice her thoughts. “So I can be sure that you won’t be making any detours during our visit?”

“Actually, I’m stopping by Sylvie’s room later tonight, you don’t have to worry about me sneaking off.” He told her as they approached the car. He was only planning on saying that he wasn’t going to visit Sylvie while they were doing work, but decided that letting her know about his later plans would get her off of his back.

With that, she seemed to believe him. “Alright.” She opened the car door, getting in and immediately began to start the vehicle. Antonio pulled the seatbelt over and clicked it in, as Nagel began to drive.

He was enjoying the silence until Nagel decided to break it. “I take it you didn’t tell Stone the truth?”

She knew him well. Which wasn’t surprising since they spent practically every day together. “The partial truth.”

“I’m going to guess that you didn’t mention your ex at all.”

“Nope.” He hoped that was all he had to say, but her raised eyebrow told him that she wanted more. Normally Nagel wasn’t so damn nosy. But he felt somewhat obliged to continue since she was his partner and they should be on the same page. “It would only make him more concerned and doubt my dedication to work. Plus, it’s really none of his business. Soon Sylvie will wake up and this will all be in the past.”

He had to admit, he usually wasn’t so optimistic. But he couldn’t let himself think of the worst, that would make him absolutely incapable of working. Plus this was Sylvie, if anyone could pull through, it would be her.

These past couple months of being Nagel’s partner had given him the knowledge that she wasn’t very optimistic as well. “Of course.” Was her short response, keeping whatever personal thoughts she had on the matter withheld. “Should I be honored that you told me?”

“If it makes you sleep better at night.” Antonio dryly responded, rechecking the message Stone had sent him with the information of the woman they were going to interview.

“Aren’t you a sweetheart.” She acted like she was touched, briefly holding her hand over her heart. Sarcasm was truly her best friend.

He appreciated their banter, as it kept his thoughts from straying to the current issues with his personal life. “That’s me.” He said, keeping his eyes forward as Chicago Med came into sight. Since he was still in the car, his mind wasn’t in total work mode yet. He didn’t want to get himself off track like he had gotten earlier when Gabby had given him the update on Sylvie. That was a wake up call to him, Stone calling him out on his recent behavior.

“Antonio.” Nagel’s hand was waving in front of his face. He blinked in surprise as he realized that the car was in the parking lot, ignition off. He couldn’t help but think how terribly ironic this was, he got lost in thought about not wanting to get any more distracted.

“Sorry.” He knew he didn’t have to explain himself to his partner, or reassure her that it wouldn’t happen again. Because no matter how distracted he unfortunately has been, once they were out on the job he was one hundred percent focused.

They got out of the car, and began to walk towards the front entrance of the hospital. He wasn’t entering as an ex boyfriend or concerned family member, but as a state investigator. He had a job to do.

It seemed like they were done as soon as they began. That didn’t mean they didn’t get any information, but it was a very efficient and quick interrogation. Which was definitely a plus, Stone would be happy, but Antonio couldn’t help but be proud of himself for taking on the reins of the interview, showcasing his dedication for the job. Nagel was pleased as well, giving his shoulder a squeeze as they left the hospital room.

“Let’s go get this information back to Stone and Valdez.” She said, heading towards the elevator to get back to the first floor. He followed, eager to get back to the office to drive further into this case. Right before they entered the elevator, his ears picked up on a conversation happening a few yards in front of them. Judging by their scrubs, he assumed they were nurses.

“I hate treating criminals.” One of the nurses whispered, even though it carried throughout the hallway. “Every request sounds like a demand. I just want to tell him no, Christine!”

Christine, the other nurse, responded. “I can’t help but think of that poor paramedic on the next floor. She’s always been a sweetheart to me. Oh, what’s her name again?”

“Sylvie.” The unnamed nurse answered. “I’ve been trying to set her up with my oldest son, but she kept on refusing, though she was really polite about it, saying that she just got out of a relationship—”

“I want some damn food! It was supposed to be here five minutes ago!” A rough, slightly hoarse, voice yelled from within the hospital room the two nurses were standing outside of. “Pretty sure gossiping in the hallway isn’t part of your damn job—”

The combination of the unnecessary rudeness to the nurses and the knowledge that this was the man who is the reason why Sylvie is in her coma made Antonio have no second thoughts about taking quick determined steps down the hallway. When he got to the room, the guy was going to wish that he never took a sip of alcohol that day.

Before the nurses could even notice him, Antonio felt a hand grab the collar of his leather jacket and yank him back. He was stronger than Nagel, and if he really wanted to, he could have still pushed forward. But the action had awoken his conscience, and what he was about to do.

Before he could berate himself for almost confronting a hospital patient, Nagel decided to do it for him. “What the hell, Dawson?” She hissed as she clamped her arm around his bicep, tugging him back towards the elevator. “I don’t think giving the guy a beat down would magically make your girlfriend wake up.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He needed to bring that to her attention before he could apologize.

She rolled her eyes as she got into the elevator, finally letting go of his arm. He couldn’t help but rub it gently, feeling a little sore. She definitely had a tight grip on him. Which didn’t surprise him at all. Nagel was Nagel.

After pressing the button to take them down to the hospital’s main floor, she turned towards him with her arms crossed over her chest. She had been taking it easy on him recently, but this time luck was not on his side. “Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t have feelings for her then.” His partner challenged.

At that moment, the elevator dinged and the doors opened. He opened his mouth to reply, but a hoard of people were standing right outside, balloons and flowers in hand. They side stepped through the crowd, and once they weren’t surrounded anymore, Antonio knew that he had to answer Nagel. And quite honestly, he didn’t want to hold back. She was his partner, they shouldn’t have any secrets between them.

“I can’t do that.” He said with his eyes still forward, as they continued walking towards the front entrance. Out of the corner of his right eye, he could see her throw him a puzzled look. Apparently she was not expecting that type of response. She expected him to continue speaking since she was still quiet. And she was right, he needed to explain why he couldn’t do her request. “I love her.”

He admitted this as they opened the doors and entered into the frigid cold. It was officially spring, but Chicago was not letting go of winter yet, it seems.

“I’m only asking this out of concern for you,” She warned him before she said her question. Antonio braced himself, whatever Nagel had to say had to be slightly harsh and blunt. It was how she rolled. He was on the more defensive side when Sylvie was concerned, and he didn’t want to jump his partner’s throat when she had his best intentions in mind.

“This revelation isn’t just because she’s in the hospital, right?” She asked. The car lights flashed a few feet in front of them, due to Nagel hitting the unlock button on her keys. “Because I’m afraid you aren’t thinking very logical, then.”

“No. If anything, they only made me finally realize that I’ve been in love with her all along.” He explained, ignoring the urge to stop talking and clam up. Talking about his feelings was not his forte, especially when it comes to love. But with all of the stress this week was bringing, he needed this. And Nagel wasn’t the type of person who wanted or needed details, she would be content with the straight, simple facts. “The voicemail was the last thing I needed to finally open my eyes to what I have been ignoring for so long.”

“Voicemail?” She echoed, as they both got into their respective sides of the car. Antonio was about to explain the situation, but once he saw Nagel’s face again, she was holding a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Ah. Let me guess, she called and left a voicemail professing her love for you.”

Damn, she was intuitive. Fucking annoying when it involved his personal life, but as an aspect of their job, very beneficial. “No, not exactly.” He corrected her, despite how close she actually was to the truth. “She only said that she missed me and wanted to get back together.”

A short laugh of disbelief came out of her. At the carefree sound, he couldn’t help but send her a blatant scowl. She wasn’t the hopeless romantic type, he knew that, but she could be more considerate.

Noticing that he wasn’t too happy, she quickly sobered up and began to explain herself. “It’s just that seems like something pulled out of a rom com.”

Despite his slight irritation, his lips turned upward into a small smile. He was never a fan of those types of movies, never tried to attain the type of love that was depicted in them. “Where the hell is the comedy, then?” He asked. Nothing was humorous about anything that was going on. The woman he was in love with was in a coma. Plus his job of investigating murders and crimes on a daily basis thrown in there as well.

“Maybe it’s a shitty rom com.” Nagel offered.

“Maybe.” He echoed, leaning back into his chair. He let himself close his eyes, going through the current case they were handling in his head. He needed to keep himself focused until they returned back to the justice building.


Sylvie was awake.

Gabby had told him the news an hour ago, right as he got home from work. He was in a bad mood since Laura had the kids for the night. He made the mistake of mentioning why he was having a rough time lately. Once she heard that Sylvie was the reason he had been, at least as she put it, ‘hoarding’ the kids recently, she wanted to have them back ASAP. That had ticked him off, Sylvie was in a coma and obviously wasn’t going to come steal Diego and Eva. He even brought up the fact that they were broken up, a fact that Laura was particularly smug about.

Hearing that Sylvie was up and conscious completely flipped his mood around, though. Until Gabby told him, after a lot of hesitation and stuttering, which was very unusual for her, that Sylvie did not want to see him.

He felt completely blindsided by the request. Didn’t she just say she wanted to get back together with him? Despite his prodding, Gabby didn’t budge, kindly saying to give Sylvie some space.

After pacing around his apartment for some time, he finally allowed himself to sit down on his couch, resting his forehead against the palms of his hands.

He honestly didn’t expect Sylvie’s waking up to go like this. He was hardly a romantic type, but all the signs pointed to an emotional reunion. When the words “She’s awake” spilled out of Gabby’s mouth, Antonio had immediately grabbed his keys and was halfway out the door.

But she didn’t want him. Even his mind, which had went through every possible bad scenario, never imagined this one happening. He was a investigator, a previous cop. Getting bad news was the usual for him. This though….this brought a complete foreign feeling in him.

Heartbroken. He was heartbroken. Huh. Definitely worse than getting shot, that’s for sure. He wouldn’t wish this on his worst enemy.

He shuffled through his options, as he was not the type to sit and mope. Forgetting about Sylvie and moving on was one of them, but with his current feelings not going away anytime soon, he knew that was unrealistic. Plus there was always the chance she could change her mind about this whole situation, although he didn’t want to get his hopes up with that thought right now.

Going to the hospital and confronting her face to face was the most ballsy and direct of them all. If Antonio was 15 years younger than he was now, he probably would have done it. Doing this could make Sylvie more wary and upset with him, and possibly frighten her as well. She had only woken up from the coma an hour ago after all.

He was so wrapped in his thoughts that sudden banging on his door surprised him, an action he was glad no one was able to witness. Gabby in particular would have had a field day with seeing him frazzled.

He ran to the door, the unknown guest giving him a sudden burst of energy. He was also eager to have a distraction from his thoughts. There was a possibly that the person on the other side was going to ask about Sylvie, but it was different to actually talk to another human being about what was going on instead of going crazy with only himself to converse with.

He had plenty of ideas of who was at his door, but Matt Casey was not one of them. His sister’s husband stood outside of his apartment, looking rather uncomfortable. Gabby must have sent him.

“What is it?” Antonio asked, raising an eyebrow at Matt. Offering the man to come in his home and even a beverage was the furthest thing from his mind right now. He needed answers, as Antonio assumed Matt had just came from the hospital.

“Gabby didn’t want me to come.” He quickly explained why once he saw Antonio begin to frown. “It’s not that she doesn’t want you to see Sylvie, and vice versa, but she thinks it might be too much—”

“Matt, I don’t give a damn what my sister thinks. What does Sylvie think?” Gabby certainly meant well, but she wasn’t the one laying in a hospital bed. This was Sylvie’s choice.

“Sylvie thinks that you’re reciprocating her feelings because she got in a accident.” Matt uncomfortably said after a brief moment of hesitation. “She doesn’t want to guilt you into spending time with her.”

The conversation he had with Gabby a few days earlier immediately entered his mind after Matt said this new information. After he had listened to the voicemail Sylvie had left him, Gabby expressed her doubts about the validity of his feelings for her. Apparently she still felt the same way and only encouraged Sylvie’s beliefs by not saying anything.

“Funny, that’s exactly what Gabby thought.” He tried to act casual, but annoyance seeped through his voice. This was typical behavior of Gabby, meddling in situations that are none of her business.

“She doesn’t want you both to get hurt—” Matt tried to defend his wife.

“She’s my sister, Matt. I know her intentions are good.” Antonio snapped back, unable to keep his cool for any longer. “That doesn’t mean this is justified.”

Matt opened his mouth to reply, but then closed it, thinking it was better to not say anything at all. Antonio grabbed his coat from the hanger, slipping it on. His keys were already in his pockets, so he didn’t need to look for them.

“Gabby isn’t going to be happy.” Was all what Matt said as he watched Antonio close and lock his apartment.

“Sylvie and I are adults who can make our own decisions.” Antonio responded back. “Gabby will get over it.”

“I guess we’ll see how this will all go when we get there.” Matt said, seeming slightly apprehensive about what was ahead.

Unlike his brother in law, Antonio wasn’t that nervous. These past few days had been hell with constantly worrying over Sylvie. The possibility of his reunion with her not going to plan wasn’t enough to deter him. He was finally going to get answers.

“I guess we will.”


Needless to say, Gabby was far from happy when they arrived.

“I thought I told you that she didn’t want to see you!” She exclaimed, crossing her hands over her chest. They had ran into her on the way to Sylvie’s room, she was apparently going to the vending machine to get a small snack. At least that’s what Antonio assumed from her rambling explanation, as she was more focused on his presence.

“She doesn’t want to see me because she thinks my feelings are only recurring because she went into a coma.” He corrected his sister. “If she still wants me to leave after I explain myself, then that’s fine by me. But you’re not going to keep me from going in there.”

Matt stepped forward, moving his hands towards Gabby to try to calm her down. Luckily, there was no need as she let out a long sigh. Antonio knew exactly what that meant, she was going to give in. Which made this a lot easier for him, he thought Gabby was going to be harder to push. She must have already had doubt about preventing Antonio from seeing Sylvie.

“Go, talk to her.” Gabby waved him on.

“Thanks.” He knew that her response was her version of an apology. They both were typically too proud to typically say they were sorry. He finally passed her, a squeeze on his shoulder the last interaction between them before Gabby and Matt continued on in the other direction.

Once he was outside Sylvie’s hospital room, his first feelings of hesitation began to churn in his stomach. There was no way he was going to chicken out now, he thought as he knocked on the wooden door. He didn’t want to leave with any what ifs.

A soft, barely audible, voice spoke up from the other side. Sylvie. “Come in.”

Turning the handle, he cracked the door open enough to slip his head through. The first thing he saw was Sylvie’s blue eyes staring right at him. Holding surprise and some apprehension. At least she wasn’t angry. He took that as a sign to enter his whole body into the room, watching Sylvie to see if she would protest. She didn’t.

“How are you?” He asked, closing the door behind him and leaned against it.

“Better than I was when I first got here.” She said, picking a plastic cup of water up off of the side table next to her. She took a tiny sip and placed it back down. “That’s something.”

Antonio nodded, taking a few steps forward to slide into an empty chair. He thought she would continue speaking, but the only sound he heard was his movements.

“I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re here,” She let out a small laugh, ending the silence between them, playing with the hem of the hospital gown she was wearing. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen her this…..vulnerable and nervous. Discounting the fact that she was in the hospital and weaker than usual, there was certainly another reason why she was acting like this. He knew exactly what, but didn’t want to pressure and overwhelm her any more than he already had. “You wouldn’t have been able to stay away.”

“I was going to.” He corrected her. He wanted to respect her wishes. But when he gathered further information on why she didn’t want to see him, he knew he had to explain himself and then let her decide. “But then Matt stopped by. Said why you didn’t want me to come.”

“Hm.” She played dumb, pretending to pick lint off of blanket that was spread across her. A very familiar blanket, he had seen it before at Gabby’s place multiple times. Of course she would bring it here.

Antonio decided to stand up and approach her bedside, like he had done days earlier when she was unconscious. He crouched down onto his knees, not wanting to influence their conversation by standing over her.

Resisting the urge to grab her hand, which would have mirrored the events of a few days ago, he kept his by his side, not touching her or her bed at all. “I listened to your voicemail. The day of the accident, a few minutes after I arrived to your room.”

“Antonio, you don’t have to…” But she didn’t finish her sentence, letting the words stay stuck in her throat. Before he could finish it for her, as he knew what she was going to say, she let herself continue after taking a deep breath.

“You….you can’t let this event force your feelings to change.” She explained, choosing to speak her words slowly instead of letting them spill out of her mouth. “When I left that voicemail, you and I were in a different place than we are right now. I could have died. You probably thought I was going to die.”


“Maybe this is a sign that it’s too early to check in.” She mused, not bothering to hide the sad smile on her face. It was a stark contrast from how persistent she was months ago and he was the one who was trying to push her away. This was a sign to him that she wasn’t just physically affected by the accident, but mentally as well. “You already have so much on your plate. Getting back together with your banged up ex is hardly the direction you should take.”

“I think this incident should show us both that life is too short and we should take any chance at happiness.” He took a chance and reached out to grab one of Sylvie’s hands into his own. Remarkably, she let him despite her earlier voiced reluctance, letting their fingers interlock like they had done multiple times months prior. “While I think the break we had was good for the both of us, I’m not letting us walk away from each other like that ever again.”

Doubt still lingered in her eyes, but he also saw hope within them. That at least told him that she was listening. Antonio decided to grab her chin gently, regaining her attention. He then dropped his hand back to his side, not wanting to distract her from the words he was about to say.

“My feelings never went away when we ended our relationship. I bet you could say the same.” He said, not letting her look away from him. “If you didn’t get in this accident, I would have listened to that voicemail and dashed over to your apartment and kissed you senseless.”

Sylvie lowered her head, taking a few seconds to stare at hers and Antonio’s clasped hands. He continued to watch her face, waiting for her to look back up again. When she did, he was surprised to see tears glistening in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized, using the back of her hand to wipe the tears away. “It’s been a lot to take in—”

He pushed her too much. They could have this conversation another time, it probably was best to let her rest anyways. He began to stand up, letting go of her hand.

But she grabbed onto his wrist before he could fully pull his hand away. He immediately stopped his movements, wondering what she wanted to say.

“Can…..can you lay with me?” She asked after a moment of hesitation. Before he could protest that the bed wouldn’t be able to fit both of them, she scooted over to the edge of the bed, right against the IV machine.

He couldn’t say no. With slow and careful movements, he crawled into the bed, making sure he wouldn’t squish Sylvie. The doctors haven’t told him or Gabby any details about her injuries since they weren’t family, so he didn’t want to take any chances.

Once he got himself situated, Sylvie shifted her own body slightly to face towards him and rested her head on his shoulder. “I love you.” She mumbled, fingers gripping his t shirt.

His lips automatically turned upwards at the declaration, pressing his lips against her soft blonde hair. Even with spending her past days in a hospital, it still smelled like her usual shampoo.

“Do you know that was the last thing I thought of, before the car rammed into the ambulance?” Sylvie quietly said, her gentle breath hitting his neck making him get goosebumps. “I guess that’s what made me so scared that I heard you had been frequently visiting and I thought this was all too good to be true.” She broke out into a yawn. Only waking up hours prior, she must be exhausted still.

“Go to sleep, Sylvie.” He said as he began to run his fingers through her hair. They had all the time in the world to talk later.

“Mhm.” She made a noise of acknowledgement, dropping her head lower. It was now resting against Antonio’s chest. “You’re not going to leave, right?” She sleepily asked, another yawn coming out of her.

“I’m here as long as you want me to.” He promised.

Her answer was a light snore. Letting out a light chuckle of amusement, he let his head rest back against one of the many pillows, closing his eyes and sleep then overtook him.

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Could you write something with Jealous Lovino?

Summary: Idk, why, but jealous people are cute sometimes.
Lovino would never call himself jealous, he was a reserved man who liked to do things on his own, but when he found Antonio it felt like a fight or die kind of situation. This man was different than his asshole boyfriends, he was there for him even when he wasn’t even there for himself. So in Lovino’s brain, he was a goddamn keeper.

Always at noon is when Antonio got his lunch break and Lovino did as well, so they met in the middle. He would walk the block to the tattoo parlor, pick up Antonio, they’d have lunch at Feliciano’s bakery, then Antonio would go back to work. Easy, 10/10, best plan in the world.

Scratch that out when this customer kept coming in. Lovino would come at noon, dressed in red swim shorts and a life guard wife-beater and his boyfriend wouldn’t be there waiting there. Of course he asked the nice lady with large gauges at the desk if she had seen Antonio and she pointed to the back room. ‘Just go in,’ she drawled in a common southern accent, ‘he’s just finishing up his last appointment. This lady really likes his work.’

Swallowing the molten lava that seemed to push up from his stomach he headed to the back and knocked. There was a giggle before he heard Antonio tell who ever to come in. Inside was his boyfriend hanging over this lady’s chest, tattooing the skin between her breasts. She looked goth, kind of like the girl everyone would imagine Antonio with. Huge gauges, a v cut bang haircut, heavily tattooed. Here he was standing in the most white boy life guard outfit, the only thing marring his skin were bunches of freckles and sun spots.

Keep reading

Birthday Dinner

hope you guys enjoy 😊 i don’t own anything! except i guess laura’s snooty boyfriend that i gave the most snobbish name to😂
Sylvie wanted to be optimistic about this. She really did. But she knew that something about this night was going to go terribly wrong.

Today was Diego’s birthday, and his only wish was to go out to eat as an entire family. Antonio and Laura had tried to get him to agree to a separate dinner, but he had refused. Over these past couple months of dating Antonio and getting to know Diego and Eva, Sylvie has realized that Diego was actually the one who had taken the divorce harder than Eva. He knew his parents were not getting back together, but still enjoyed any time when the original four were back together. He didn’t even mind if Sylvie and Laura’s boyfriend Gerald were there as well.

Sylvie had never been to one of the infamous Dawson post-divorce dinners that Diego always requested, but what she heard from Eva has given her a pretty good idea. They were extremely awkward, with Diego being the only one who had a good time because he was completely oblivious.

“Ready to go?” Antonio called from the living room. Sylvie finished putting on her nude shade of lipstick, throwing it into her purse. They were only going to a casual local restaurant, there was no need to dress up.

She stepped out of the bathroom, approaching the patiently waiting Antonio. “Sorry I took so long.” She apologized, grabbing her jacket off of the coat rack.

“You can take even longer if you want.” He offered, which made Sylvie roll her eyes. He really didn’t want to go tonight, they actually were going to have a nice dinner at the apartment tomorrow for Diego. Probably make up some excuse for the reasoning in case he gets mad.

“We are already running late.” She told him, opening the door. She stepped out into the hallway, awaiting for him to join her. He locked the apartment before turning around towards her, stuffing the keys into his pocket.

“This is going to be a night in hell.” Antonio grumbled as they headed towards the elevator.

“Hopefully Diego and Eva can dictate the conversations….?” Sylvie pointed out, pressing the button to go to the main floor.

“We can only hope for Diego.” Antonio told her, leaning against the elevator wall. “Eva hates this kind of stuff, she will probably be hiding in the bathroom multiple times tonight.”

“Oh.” Sylvie managed to say, wondering if there actually was any hope for tonight’s dinner. She only hoped so for Diego’s sake. Some divorced parents are able to get along, but some can’t, and unfortunately for the boy, his parents fell under the can’t category. The way Laura ended hers and Antonio’s marriage still was a grudge held by Antonio against her. Yes, he had moved on, Sylvie was positive about that. Their relationship was strong and serious. But Laura had hurt Antonio, and how she handled it hurt their kids as well, which was something Antonio definitely couldn’t forgive.

“How about you?” Antonio turned the conversation on her, a soft, concerned expression on his face. “Are you going to be okay?”

With that question, Sylvie couldn’t help but grimace. Her and Laura…..didn’t get along too well. Ever since she embarrassed her in front of everyone at the firehouse, Sylvie couldn’t help but feel negative towards her boyfriend’s ex. And time and time again, Laura continued to display behaviors that didn’t help improve Sylvie’s view on her.

“You could just stay—”

Stay home? That wasn’t an option. “No, no.” Sylvie shook her head in protest. “Diego is looking forward to this. I would feel like I was letting him down.”

They exited the elevator, heading towards the front doors. “I hate how she talks to you though.” He sighed with frustration. “It seems harmless, but we both know that they are jabs she’s throwing at you.”

“I’ve handled it before, I can handle it again.” Sylvie replied, but internally her stomach was twisting with nerves. Ever since she got back together with Antonio, she was more confident than she ever has been with a relationship. But when the person throwing your insecurities at you was your boyfriend’s wife for 15 years, it’s pretty hard to just shrug your shoulders and move on. However, since she didn’t want Diego and Eva to begin hating their mother, she kept her mouth shut and took it.

“I don’t know if I can handle it again.” Antonio grumbled, hitting the unlock button for his car.

Sylvie rolled her eyes as she got into the passenger seat. “Yes you can, for Diego.” She reminded him. “And if you can’t….well, you can go hide in the bathroom like Eva does.”

Antonio snorted, but didn’t protest to her idea. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

When he slowed down as they were approaching the red light, Sylvie leaned over to press a kiss on his cheek. “This is more of a special occasion.” She tried to not only assure him, but also herself. “I think everyone will be on their best behavior.”

He briefly removed his hand from the steering wheel to squeeze Sylvie’s own. “I’m glad that you are going to be there with me.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She squeezed right back, until he removed his hand from her’s to place it back on the wheel. “For both you and Diego.”

Their talk had given Sylvie some confidence, but as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, the nerves began to take over. Every encounter she has had with Laura has been unpleasant and awkward, she wasn’t too optimistic about this one being any different. She might not be nasty while her children are present, but somehow she will probably get in a side comment that will rile Sylvie up.

“Don’t let yourself get anxious.” Antonio cautioned as he pulled into an open spot and stopped his car.

“Don’t let yourself get irritated.” She echoed back at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Well there are our goals for tonight then,” He said as he got out of the car. “As well as making sure Diego has a good time.”

“And that Eva doesn’t get too upset.” Sylvie added, shutting the car door and approaching Antonio’s side as they began to walk into the building.

Her boyfriend sighed at the mention of his eldest child. “I’m afraid that I don’t have much hope on that.” He muttered. Eva and Laura especially have been butting heads lately, over a magnitude of reasons. Sylvie couldn’t help but feel slightly bad for Laura, even though she knew that the woman was the cause of everything. Her treatment of Sylvie was not going unaware to Eva, one of the main issues of their relationship currently.

When they walked into the restaurant, they spotted Eva, Diego, Laura, and Laura’s boyfriend right away. To Sylvie’s relief, they were sitting in chairs, not a booth. At least they weren’t being forced to sit super close to one another. Sylvie and Antonio took the seats between Eva and Diego, meaning directly across from them were Laura and Gerald.

“Sylvie!” Eva excitedly greeted her, throwing her arms over her shoulder. “I’m so glad to see you!” The teen gave a big smile towards her mother, using her interaction with Sylvie to piss her off. Seeing this, Sylvie quickly detangled herself from her, not wanting to start drama as soon as she arrived.

“Hey, Eva.” She responded warmly, but making sure to keep her distance. She stretched her neck to view Diego on the other side of Antonio, wanting to say hello to him as well. After all, he was the reason why they were all here. “Happy birthday, Diego!” She then decided to tease him. “Maybe I’ll let you win at chess as a present.”

He rolled his eyes at that. “Let me?” He shook his head, disagreeing with her. But the smile on his face let her know that he knew that she was teasing. “I think it’s the other way around, Sylvie.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Sylvie could see a relaxed smile on Antonio’s face as he viewed their reaction. Maybe this wouldn’t go too badly after all.

Then the woman who seemed to cause all the drama spoke up. Sylvie herself couldn’t help but cringe when she heard Laura’s voice. “Aren’t you going to introduce yourselves to Gerald?” She questioned. It was obvious that she didn’t like the interactions between Sylvie, Diego, and Eva, and she was trying to divert the four of them.

Sylvie took this time to actually look at Gerald, Laura’s boyfriend. Antonio had only met him briefly one time, and really didn’t have much to say about him. So Sylvie only really knew a few things about the man. That he was older, in his 50’s, divorced, had children in their 30’s, and was pretty rich. And according to Eva and Diego, he treated them like babies.

Sylvie reached her arm over the table to shake his hand. “I’m Sylvie, nice to meet you.” She politely said, before giving a smile to Laura to try to be amicable. However, her returning smile was definitely fake.

“Nice to meet you.” He answered back. And just when Sylvie began to think that maybe he would be different than what she had been told, that he would maybe be a decent guy, he opened his mouth to speak again. “Wow, Laura told me you were young, but I didn’t expect this! Can you even drink yet?”

At that rude, blunt statement, Sylvie couldn’t help but drop her jaw. She was taken completely off guard, in such surprise that she didn’t know what to say. Next to her, Antonio started to get defensive.


They had barely been here for five minutes, she didn’t want this night to go to hell this early. “I’m 30, actually.” Under the table, she pinched Antonio’s side to warn him to calm down. Luckily, he listened, leaning back into his chair and the tension on his face and in his shoulders disappearing.

Thankfully, Diego began to tell a story from school and that slightly eased the tension of the adults. The waiter came by, asking them what beverage they wanted.

As time passed, it seemed like things were looking up and they were going to get through this dinner unscathed. Eva and Diego were the ones who controlled the conversation, while everyone else contributed here and there. Eva only escaped to hide in the bathroom once. And when their dinner came out, Sylvie was feeling optimistic that tonight was going to be a success.

Until Laura decided to confront her children on something that had been apparently bothering her for some time.

“Why haven’t you two looked or talked to Gerald this whole dinner?” She asked them, a frustrated look on her face. “Actually, this isn’t the first time this has happened. She turned her head towards Sylvie. "You talk to her all the time.” She regarded Sylvie like she was nothing but scum at the bottom of her shoe.

That made Antonio enter the conversation. “Laura—”

“Because we like Sylvie.” Eva said, shrugging her shoulders. “She is actually interested in us, treats us like actual human beings, and also has a personality instead of being a robot.”

“Er—” Sylvie tried to insert herself, with the goal of somehow changing the subject, but everyone ignored her.

“Maybe because Sylvie’s practically the same age as you and you view her as a cool friend, while Gerald is an actual mature adult—”

“Again, I’m 30…” Sylvie said. Yet again, no one paid attention to her.

Now Antonio was getting angry at Laura for attacking Sylvie. “God dammit Laura, we are trying to have a nice dinner for Diego’s sake, but all you’re worried about is your boyfriend’s ego!” Sylvie placed her hand on his back, but unfortunately he was too riled up for this small action to calm him down. “And you’re attacking Sylvie for it! This is not the time and place for this shit!”

Oh, hell. There was no going back now. Their voices weren’t too loud, but they were still getting attention from nearby tables. The overwhelming tension was very noticeable.

“So how’s everyone’s food?” Sylvie interjected, just as Laura was opening her mouth. “I know for me, this chicken parmesan is really good.” She babbled, wondering how much she was currently sweating from nerves. “Laura, you got the same dish, right—”

“I don’t find Sylvie to be a good influence on our children.” Laura stressed out the word our, sending a nasty look towards Sylvie’s way.

“I like Sylvie.” Diego piped in, an attempt to break the tension between all of the adults. However, he was ignored.

“Laura, seriously—” Antonio was gritting his teeth, seeming like he was about to blow, but then stopped talking, took a breath, and got out of his chair. “I’m going to get some air.” He muttered, before placing a hand on Sylvie’s shoulder. “Come on, you probably need some too.”

Sylvie shook her head. “No, go by yourself.” She told him, gently taking his hand off of her shoulder. “I’ll be fine, I promise.”

He didn’t budge until Eva spoke up as well. “She’ll be fine, dad. She has me and Diego.” She reassured her father.

With that, Antonio left to get some air. Sylvie turned back to face the table, fully aware to the awkward silence.

“I guess Antonio couldn’t handle being embarrassed, but he shouldn’t be surprised.” Sylvie squeezed her eyes shut and tried to count to ten to calm herself down. Laura’s shrill voice wasn’t helping, though.

“That’s what you get when you date an immature, college blonde—”

“I’m 30!” Sylvie hissed, slamming her hands against the table. Everyone’s eyes widened at her outburst. She couldn’t help but be surprised at her reaction too, she usually just bit her tongue and took Laura’s words. But now that she had opened her mouth, words kept falling out. “I’m a full grown adult! In a mature, consenting relationship with, guess what? Another adult! Pretty sure that’s none of your business!”

Laura tried to speak, but Sylvie’s burst of confidence meant that she continued to speak. “And I am not this evil woman who is trying to steal Eva and Diego away! I’m not trying to be their new mother! I just want to get to know them and spend them with them because they are great and fun and amazing! Which I don’t know how with you raising them—” Next to her, Diego began choking on his water.

Her pumping adrenaline was slowing down. “Anyways, I’m not going anywhere, so I would appreciate you getting off of my ass and start treating me with decency. You’re not only making me feel upset, you’re making Antonio as well,” Sylvie brought attention to the pacing Antonio outside of the restaurant. “And you are damaging your relationship with your kids!”

“Point is, I love Antonio, I love your kids, and I don’t really love you, Laura. Actually, you are kind of a menace. But no matter what you say, it’s going to affect you more than me in the long run.” She stood up, fed up with the disastrous dinner. She turned to hug Eva and then Diego, whispering “Happy birthday, I’m sorry.”

She then dashed out of the restaurant, not wanting to hear Laura’s response, or anyone else’s for that matter. It was bad enough seeing everyone whisper and stare as she left.

Antonio was confused when he turned around and saw Sylvie appear out of the doors. “Sylvie, what are you doing?”

“Oh. My. God.” She gasped out, finally coming to terms about what just had happened. “Holy shit! I can’t believe—” She was incapable of staying still, walking around aimlessly, in complete shock.

“What? What happened?” He grabbed her shoulders to stop her pacing. “Did Laura say something—” His voice was beginning to become dark, as he seemed to think about marching back into the restaurant. He was eyeing the door… Sylvie realized that she had never vocally said her disgust of his ex wife when she was in their presence, so her bursting out all frazzled would certainly have him concerned.

“No, no! It was me!” Sylvie denied his accusations, shaking her head rapidly. God, after their worrying about Laura ruining today… ended up being her! “I was the bitch!” She moaned, dropping her head dramatically against Antonio’s chest.

“You talked back?” He seemed amazed by this. Sylvie took it as a good thing that he wasn’t yet mad. He was the one who took the high road, stepping outside. While she attacked like a crazed lion.

“Oh no, more like screamed back.” She shuddered at the memory. “She again referred to my younger age, saying I was some stupid blonde bimbo basically…and ugh! I just hate it when she refers to me as the blonde so…that’s when the dam broke.” Sylvie began, allowing herself a quick moment to catch her breath.


Antonio tried to interject, but she wanted to fully explain the whole story first. She ignored him, continuing on. “So I said that we were two consenting adults in a relationship, and that it was none of her business.”

He widened his eyes at that, which made Sylvie want to laugh. She wasn’t even halfway done. “Yeah, that is practically nothing compared to the rest.” She sourly told him.

“Then I said I wasn’t some evil witch trying to steal her children away, that I just enjoy spending time with them because they are sweet and awesome kids,” She hesitated before saying the next part, knowing it was pretty bad. “……and that I don’t know how that is with you raising them—”

Sylvie was appalled when Antonio began laughing. “Don’t laugh! It’s not funny, I was so immature and inappropriate—”

“Sylvie, baby, she’s the one who has been immature and inappropriate ever since you’ve met her.” He softly told her, as he rubbed her arms. “You weren’t any of those things. You were badass because you stood up for yourself.”

“……that wasn’t all of it.” She said, wishing it was. “I told her I wasn’t going anywhere, and she should treat me with more respect. Er, and then I said I love Antonio, your kids, but I don’t love you. And that she’s a menace.” Sylvie finished, glad she was finally done explaining. “So, that’s it. That’s how Sylvie Brett ruined Diego’s 14th birthday—”

“Sylvie. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Antonio pressed his lips against her forehead. “I bet the only ones mad in there are Laura and Gerald, and who cares about them, right?”

“What about Eva and—” The door opening behind them caught her attention, as she whirled around to face whoever joined them.

“Diego? Eva?” Sylvie was surprised to see the two teens, coats on and looking ready to go. “What are you two doing—”

“Whatever you two plan on doing.” Eva shrugged. “We couldn’t be in there anymore, mom’s being too unfair and…..well, excuse my language dad, bitchy.”

“I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it.” Was Antonio’s response. “How did your mom react when you said you were leaving?” He asked his children.

Diego was the one who answered. “Uh….not good.” He looked pretty nervous when thinking about her. “I’ve never seen her so mad….” To Sylvie’s surprise, he now turned towards her. “It was awesome what you did! Mom didn’t know what to say when you left!”

“Um, thanks?” She responded, glad he wasn’t mad at her for yelling at his mother, but at the same time feeling guilty about making a bigger wedge between Laura and her kids. Yes, it was definitely Laura’s own fault, but Sylvie couldn’t help but feel bad.

“What are we going to do now?” Eva said the question everyone was thinking. They definitely couldn’t go back into the restaurant, after the chaos that occurred.

“We could go get ice cream?” Diego suggested, eyes going back and forth between Antonio and Sylvie. “That sounds good, since we did just eat dinner. Well, most of it.”

No one protested, which Antonio took as a sign of an unanimous agreement. “That sounds like a great idea.”

And for the first time that day, Sylvie felt completely stress free. They would all be able to enjoy and celebrate Diego, without the presence of Laura.

Countries Human Names Told by Autocorrect

Alfred: flared
Arthur: rather
Feliciano: felicia no
Francis: rrancis
Kiku: kick
Yao: yap
Ivan: i can
Lovino: loving
Antonio: antonia
Mathias: maths
Lukas: likes
Emil: email
Tino: tiny
Leon: lion
Gilbert: filbert

(I didn’t do some because I don’t know their human name or because my autocorrect didn’t change it)

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Hc for being Antonio Dawsons partner?

Headcanon for Being Antonio Dawson’s Partner

  • Dawson can be protective at times, but for the most part, you run the show
  • He is the level-headed one, always playing by the rules, which is something that doesn’t necessarily come easily for you
  • You can trust Dawson, which makes the hardships of the job more bearable
  • Whenever you’re having a hard time, you know that you can always go to Antonio for help, whether he gives you the “I’ve had a lot of life experience” lecture or if he offers to buy you drinks at Molly’s
  •  After everything that happened with his ex-wife, you stuck by his side, letting him know that no matter what, partners have each other’s backs
  • Outside of work, Antonio is the coolest dad friend of all time. He’s still a bad ass with a gun, but his weapon in social settings is a barrage of bad puns 
  • His kids call you aunty/uncle, which means you’re the good guy when Antonio has to be strict. You also spoil them beyond belief, so that also helps your case
  • On and off the job, Antonio is the one man you can consistently trust. He’s like your best friend, partner, and father figure rolled into one person 

Merchant of Venice au where Portia and her handmaid Nerissa are lovers

and every time some guy shows up to try and win Portia’s hand, Portia gets really anxious that this’ll finally be the one to pick the right casket – the one with her picture in it that will make her his wife – and then what will she and Nerissa do? Portia can’t bring herself to disobey her dead father’s will and simply refuse the suitors, so she lets them file in and take the test. Each one stares at her like she’s some sort of prize to be won in a way that makes her feel sick and cling to her dear lover all the more

but she starts to relax as months become years and man after man comes and chooses either the gold or silver casket. She laughs with Nerissa over the foolish pride of these men, gradually convincing herself that none of them will ever think to choose the dull old lead casket that must hold her portrait.

but then one day Bassanio shows up. Bassanio, the funny charmer she used to flirt with but never really was all that serious about. Bassanio, the one man who can claim he knows her well. He’ll know how to play this game her father’s set up, Portia realizes, and her blood runs cold.

so there he is, standing before the three caskets, and Portia can barely stay standing she’s so terrified. He passes over the gold casket. Nerissa grips her hand. He passes over the silver casket. If it weren’t for her lover’s shoulder to lean against, Portia’d collapse right to the floor. He flashes his charming grin at her, mistaking her trepidation for eagerness, and opens the lead casket.

And…it’s empty.

No note, no portrait. The lead casket contains nothing at all.

And so Bassanio departs despondent as so many men have before him, hastening off to save Antonio. Portia pities him somewhat, and sends him away with enough money to pay off the bond and a hinted loophole that might help him succeed in saving his dear friend (who will totally become Bassanio’s boyfriend and the two couples will spend their days in perfect gay bliss but that’s a story for another time ahem back to Portia)

Once Bassanio has left, Portia sweeps Nerissa up into an ecstatic hug, laughing and kissing her all over and then exclaiming, “I just can’t imagine how my father forgot to add the portrait to any casket! I wonder where it is…”

And Nerissa smiles slyly and pulls something out of her pocket. “You mean…this portrait?” And sure enough, there it is. Portia simply gapes, absolutely stunned, as Nerissa kneels before her. “As I’m the one who chose the correct casket, I’m the one who gets my lady’s hand, is that not so?”

And Portia laughs and cries and laughs some more and she and Nerissa live happily together in their nice big house on Belmont for all their days, no need for Portia to worry about any suitors ever again

Imagine Dating Hank Voight

For anon:  Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Hank Voight from Chicago Pd please, thank ypu

Yay, my first CPD Imagine! Hope you like it. 

You weren’t angry. You knew what you’d signed up for, dating a sergeant of the Chicago Police Department. You knew that his job was demanding. So when you got the call, cancelling your dinner plans for the third time in a row, you weren’t surprised. But it didn’t mean you weren’t disappointed.

“It’s just been a busy week,” Hank said with a heavy voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s okay, Hank, I understand,” you said, but you couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice. You had a feeling he wanted to say more, but several voices calling his name on the other end of the line had grabbed his attention.

“I’ll call you tonight,” he promised before immediately hanging up his phone.

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