Phil Lester Appreciation Day 2016

It is nearly that time of the year again where we dedicated a whole day to our favourite youtuber and smol angel bean, Philip Michael Lester.

On August 7 2016 at 00.00 UK time will be the commensement of PLAD. For 24hrs you can submit text posts, fan art, fan fics, fan edits, pictures, gifs, favourite videos, favourite quotes, favourite memories.

You can also, as well as post here, post to twitter with the same hashtag #philappreciationday16

Make sure the above hashtag is the first tag in post you make, as I will be searching through that tag, and reblogging any of your posts.

I hope to see lots of you joining in! In the mean time, can I ask all of you to reblog this post and spread awareness in preparation for the day! Thank you so much 💜

lotus bird sigils and fairy dust leaves [ao3] [tumblr masterpost]

chapter 3: ‘break of the rainbow’

[hardcore guitar solo] so i haven’t forgotten about this fic no sir. in fact i have gone from ‘oh yeah i have a cute witch au’ to ‘oh man i have a cute witch au and i have plans for it now’ so just. casually ignore me rubbing my Evil Author Hands: Ficteer Edition together and enjoy!! :))

In a horrific combination of going to bed at an ungodly hour the previous evening (morning…?) and the dreary torrents still plaguing Nishiura, Abe woke the next day slowly and feeling distinctly unrested.

He lied there for a few minutes before rolling onto his back to stare blearily at the ceiling above his bed. Above him, thousands of thick drops stubbornly pelted his roof. His ears roared with the thundering proof of another soggy day threatening to do another twenty four hours of washing away his baby plants and temping him to remain lethargic in bed. This rain was getting really, really old.

And then, his mind woke just a little more, and he remembered.

He was going to do something about it today.

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comingupforblair  asked:

Hey Desiree what did you think of the DC trailers shown at comic con?

Gosh okay, 

Suicide Squad

I really enjoy how the Suicide Squad trailers are cut and edited. I really love the secondary soundtrack for Suicide Squad. I can’t wait to hear Kehlani’s Gangsta from the soundtrack. The marketing for SS, in my opinion, has been pretty smart because it’s different. They’re really emphasizing the musical and quirky aspects of the film and characters which I find interesting. 

I loved seeing how powerful Amanda Waller appears to be. I’m really crossing my fingers that they get her right. She’s so important to the fabric of the DC Universe as a whole, and that should be reflected in the films. Luckily I’ve heard nothing but good to great things about Viola’s portrayal in the film. Which makes me happy, because while Viola is a wildly talented actress, if the script wasn’t there it can’t work. So I’m really hopeful that it they got her right. I have a lot of Suicide Squad thoughts and opinions actually but I’ve never really shared them haha. 

Justice League

Aquamomoa is amazing. I can’t say that I’ve been a long-time Aquaman fan. I don’t dislike him, he’s just never been a character that I’ve followed or had much interest in. I read N52′s Geoff John’s run of the character which I thought was really good but I find myself more interested in Mera than Arthur who’s much more simplistic than her. But Jason completely changed that for me as far as the movie goes. 

The scene where the ocean crashes against him (which wasn’t CGI according to Momoa himself on Instagram!) felt powerful. Which is what I think Aquaman needs; power and a heavy sort of charisma. The problem has been that DC hasn’t been able to really bring that in terms of a lot of his adaptions. Take, for example, the Flashpoint version of Aquaman (the animated film) where Aquaman is jacked and clearly supposed to appear powerful. He doesn’t; instead he feels flat and forced in comparison to Diana. 

Momoa feels powerful, he has a kingly sort of aura to him, that screams intensity. He seems like a man who can control the ocean. And the ocean is both beautiful and scary so you need an actor who can portray those aspects. I’m even more excited that he’s a brown man whose culture is deeply connected to the ocean itself. Momoa was a standout in the trailer for me and I’m so excited for Aquaman now. 

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markimu  asked:

I am probably getting too excited for Darkiplier day but I've got edits ready and it's gonna be awesome and yay <3

You can never be too excited!!! :D I really hope it’s gonna be awesome too, but I don’t know how many people know that it is happening! :O

I really look forward to seeing your edits in a few days! remember that the tag is #DarkiplierDay28thJuly  :D

me: doesn’t make plotwist lvcaya and rvcas vines
me: tags my stuff correctly
me: is nice and considerate of other ships
me: likes a variety of vines including my somewhat notp
me: gets attacked
me: ?¿

thefabulouscorgi  asked:

Sorry if it sounds stupid and it's on your blog somewhere, but then i probably looked over it. But did you write all those quotes / poetry yourself? Cuz if so, then i'm in love with them. I'm currently saving them into a word document to later edit them with pretty fonts and print them out and do shit with them. they are so amazing tho!

Oh my god you just made my day! :’) Yes I write all of the poetry/quotes tagged with my personal tag “pauljc”

You can also check out my writing blog here

If you do create some stuff please tag me or let me know :)!! ♥

anonymous asked:

umm cld u maybe describe what a network is ?? asking for my own uneducated self bc im a bit slow sometimes aha

yes definitely! a network is group of people who usually post about similar stuff and there’s a network tag, so you can tag gifsets, edits, selfies, etc. there and all the members of the network can see it. there’s also usually a little private chat blog for the members so you can talk about it (i’m assuming you’re asking about the holtzbert network so the people would talk about holtzbert and ghostbusters) this is like a really bad description of it but basically it’s a group of people interested in the same thing and they talk about it?? that’s the best i’ve got for you. if any of my followers have a better description please reply to this post!!

anonymous asked:

Is getting to the point of asking to have Ambrose and Breeze make tags for each other so I can blacklist it. It was cool the first time but now it's repetitive and bothersome. I'm not the only person who wants to say something about it.

As the person who plays Breeze all I can say is we are playing to the story line we are currently playing. I think it’s unfair to ask two members to tag/blacklist their conversations. I know some people here don’t want to see other peoples posts but they don’t blackmail it. I’m sorry you find it bothersome, but we currently have a story line going. We’re not hurting anyone by interacting. There are plenty of posts here people find “repetitive” but they haven’t been asked to be tagged.

Edit: Breeze and Jon haven’t even argued today, they actually talked nicely, so I’m confused.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I adore your blog!! Do you know of other Jon snow blogs that I can follow? I am itching to discuss Jon Snow and his story in the series. Thanks!!

firstly thank you and i’m glad you like it here :)

i’ve been here a little over a year but i followed mainly the big edits blogs via tags (before tumblr removed that) and i don’t know those who discuss got/jon storylines i’m sorry. 

but i will link (for the 3rd time) others who have posted blog recs and you can have a look-see 😄

net intro

hello, my name is Hana. i’m 18, write a lot, and i’m working on learning ukulele, guitar, and maybe drums down the road. i’m going to film school, about to start a youtube, and i enjoy dance and choreography. my favorite bands are mother mother, fob, patd, placebo, 21p, foster the people, and the dresden dolls.

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“ It should come as no surprise to anyone that the video game industry has been struggling lately to be inclusive. From death threats toward women to questions of sexism, things have seemed a little bleak. Luckily, the table top RPGs are stepping up their game (no pun intended) to make up for it. We can all agree to pretend that Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition never existed, but the new 5th Edition is taking huge strides in a whole new direction. “

(via Dungeons, Dragons, and Accurate Representations)

this article brings up so many good points and things : o

anonymous asked:

Hi. All of the navigation links have disappeared from the home page. This is the second blog today that seems to have that problem so maybe it's a problem with a new tumblr update. Anyway, do you know how I can get to the candids link? Thanks.

Hi! Thanks for letting us know, we’ve fixed it. I think it’s a problem with Tumblr because I’ve had the same thing happening to my own blog (darknarrie). I changed the theme a bit so now there’s a search bar available. There’s no tag for candids, as far as I know, but if you know the date of the pictures you’re looking for, you can just enter that into the search bar (example: 23.07.16) and you’ll get every picture/video/etc of that day!

EDIT: /navigations, you can find the links for the candids there!

the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)

“What you did all those years, it wasn’t you. You didn’t have a choice”.
“I know… but I did it”.