Now you too can have chocolaty drill hair! 

Since people really seemed to like this mod I’ve decided to finally release it! 

This mod only changes parts of the drill hair to be a darker hair color than what you currently have!

I haven’t had any problems with it but if you guys encounter any lmk ;_;

Download here

To install just drop this file into your PC Folder and you’re done! (Maybe save your original file too if you’re into safety)

If you post any pictures pls tag me in them I wanna seeeeeeee

Also maybe credit so people know where to download? 

T-Thank you, please enjoy!! (●´ω`●)

hi, so i’ve had to pay two medical bills this week, one was only about $50, but the other was almost $300. i was able to make rent just fine, but i don’t have a lot leftover. currently, my only source of income is selling my books and a freelance editing gig which i love, but isn’t giving me as many hours as i thought i’d get. this will change after New Year’s, but for now, i’m struggling quite a bit, so: 

i’m trying to get better at asking for help, especially when i can trade it for something (ie poems or editing). please help if you can, and message me if you want more info on one-on-one editing and workshopping services. reblogging this would help too. thank you friends. <3 <3 <3 

aroema replied to your post “.”

it’s time you accept the fact that all fandoms are garbage and you need to just find good people and then never go in the tags again

oh no, i’ve accepted that fact a long time ago. i stopped going into the main tags…i don’t even remember when. i stopped going on for that reason as well months ago.

i thought i had found good people, and most of them are. i don’t know how to put this into words, and for all i know, it could just be a result of me being overly emotional, stressed and hormonal, but lately, some of the things that have been popping up on my dash just irks me, and also confuses me, because it wasn’t like this before.

i don’t know how to explain this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i guess i feel a little better writing it out.