some late night thoughts: you don’t have to like cle.xa, but we should respect that it happened, that clarke loved le.xa. and most importantly that this fact does not make any of her future or past loves any less valid.

clarke can love finn, le.xa and bellamy. just like how you or i can love the stars, the mountains and the ocean. they all have your entire heart, just in different ways, and the strength of your love for one does not diminish the love for the others.

it’s not a competition. it’s love.


I’m selfish. I’ll take the love you offer me and leave you nothing in return. I’ll tear you apart just to see if I can, only to put you back together with stitches and glue. Don’t come to me looking for love; don’t expect me to make you happy; don’t wish for a forever by my side. Come to me in ruins, and I will leave you a little more beautifully broken.
—  don’t say i didn’t warn you.

I’m finally gonna start editing my book again because I’ve been considering about publishing it on Kindle (Where it’ll probably be free to read for an amount of time) 

So, If anyone is interested in reading it I’d love to know! Hopefully with some publicity it can become more than just a kindle book and I can become an author! 


These aren’t even the best one, but omfg making these bad edits for my phone has brought me so much childish joy. 

General rule of thumb when it comes to art (of any sort), when you put something to paper, whether it be good, bad or down right ugly, you’re containing it, saving yourself by taking the intangible and giving it a face and name. You have power over that when you can see and speak it.


Some superhero fren doodles. 

ft. @kagedbird as Fae with healing powers

@acutelatios as Latios with power over the moon 

@impossiblerebelblaze as Chronos, able to manipulate time