can this be a thing

So it looks like we can start posting our pieces for the @tigerzine !! Here’s my entry piece! I’m so happy to finally be able to post it.

Thank you so so much @thegembeaststemple for taking on this challenge and giving so many people a second chance to use their pieces and have a better experience.

Idk if anyone has thought of this but like imagine an episode where Dean, Sam, and Cas go in the future or an alternate universe (again) where Dean and Cas are happily married and have kids and they pop up in like the living room of their house and AU!Sam is there too with his wife and they’re all happy and sippin tea or whatever with Dean’s arm around Cas and the original Dean just stares at Cas nervously and Cas just tilts his head at their AU selves while Sam just has a sad goofy grin on his face bc this is all he ever wanted okay I’m dead


“The wasp costume that you saw at the end of the first film was an old prototype from the 1980′s, so umm, people have been chattering online saying wait a minute the costume we’re seeing Evangeline wearing it looks totally different. And of course it does because technology has evolved, and i’m a woman of 2017 not 1987 and i updated the suit with my father, we made a new one based on the prototype that fit Hope’s needs for this day and age.” (x)

me: you enter the next cavern to find a group of 3 unsuspecting bullywogs gathered around a stack of crates like the ones you found the bottles in. They-
bard: can i seduce one?
me: what?
bard: can i seduce the frog?
me: uh, they- they dont understand common.
bard: i wrote down “bullywog” as a language i speak.
me: what the fuck