can arat

Lisânı ağızda olanı değil, lisânı gönülde olanlara yâr et bizi…
Tebessümü simâsında olanı değil, tebessümü gönülde olanlara kat bizi…
Aşkı tende sananı değil, aşkı ruhunda can bilenlere arat bizi!..



Ey Rabbim ! Ruhumuzu ikame etmede bize yardım et..

Lisanı ağızda olan değil, lisanı gönülde olanlara yâr et bizi. Tebessümü simasında olan değil, tebessümü gönülde olanlara kat bizi .

Aşkı tende sanana değil, aşkı ruhunda can bilenlere arat bizi…

-Hz Mevlâna


“YA RABBİ! Lisanı Ağızda Olanı Değil; Lisanı Gönülde Olanlara Yar Et Bizi.! Tebessümü Simasında Olanı Değil; Tebessümü Gönülde Olanlara Kat Bizi.! Aşk-ı Tende Sananı Değil; Aşk-ı Ruhunda Can Bilenlere Arat Bizi.!”

Hz Mevlânâ

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Salem’s Lot

Prompt: I love when you write Arat! We need more Arat love. Can you write something where she first meets a fem!reader at Alexandria? - Requested by Anon

Pairing(s): Arat x Reader

Word Count: 1,298

Warnings: Arat being too attractive (?)

Notes: I’m really happy I got sent in the request, I love to know people like my writing, feel free to send in more! 


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You were not in a good mood. Spencer had hammered on your door, demanding you get up and go scavenging with him and Rosita, both people you weren’t particularly fond of. But you got up and went down, Alexandria was dull now, still in the wake of Glenn and Abraham’s death, you hadn’t been there yourself, or close with either of them, but you mourned with everyone else.

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Tiffin would sincerely be ok with Anduin dating whoever as long as it was good for him and he is happy

Alleria would like to say the same but jshiajdkand

▪︎Lisanı ağızda olan değil,

gönülde olanlara yâr et bizi,

▪︎tebessümü simasın da

olanı değil, gönülde olanlara

kat bizi,

▪︎Aşk’ ı tende sananı değil

ruhun da can bilenlere arat

bizi …. ( Hz. Mevlana) ..

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astralfox0893  asked:

Is there any reason/situation in which Arator would break his paladin's oath? Why or why not?

Random (character building) asks // Always accepting

His oath is that of Redemption. A difficult path to follow but it does have some leeway. The only real way to break his oath would be to kill someone who is seeking or open to redemption. He would honestly rather die than do that, even if he died extending a hand in an offering of help, just to realize too late that they had been lying. 

Honestly, the only ones who really test his abilities and oaths as a redeemer are his family. Alleria and Vereesa are…it’s complicated. They both are hurt and have hurt others in their anger, but they’re showing progress so he has faith that they’re not beyond redemption. 

Sylvanas is and has been a test. Because he doesn’t want her to be a lost cause, he will desperately cling to whatever rationalization and hope he can find. Arator convinces himself that she’s not doing these terrible things out of selfishness, that there is some noble reason behind it all. If he is wrong, then he will have broken his oath by not stopping her and saving innocent lives; and for that, he accepts whatever punishment he is due.