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guys I have an idea... Let's all make a group and stream 2ne1 old songs starting with 'I'm the best'! So we can show that we are still here supporting them not only as a group but also as individuals! Admins please post that!

I like this idea so much that I thought we really should do that!
So let me introduce to you our first YGconfessions PROJECT!


The idea is that we all come together on November 25th and stream I am the best and try if we can let the hash tag #2ne1StreamDay2018 trend on twitter.

It’s not much we can do, but it would be a little bit of a fxck you towards YG, but more importantly and the main reason I would like you all to participate in; Those women deserve that, they deserve to know that they are not outdated, that we still care for them and wait and support them.

Even if you are not a Blackjack, please help us spread the words, and maybe if you have some spare 4 minutes participate, it doesn’t take long to listen to one song and make one Twitter post about it. As an act of kindness, or as fellow kpop-fan, because no artist should be treated the way those four amazing women have been, and they deserve a bit of recognition and a call out for them to keep on fighting - because they are trying! But now it is on us to let them know we appreciate it and support them.

Let’s make something amazing together! Please reblog it, it does help and if you can spread it everywhere, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

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couple of questions about smut week: (1) are multichaptered works okay (like something new) even if the 'smut' isn't in every chapter?? (2) if it's only suggestive (or even "blink and you'll miss it" because i can't actually smut) should i still tag it ns/fw?? (3) can one piece be used for more than one day?? (thanks ahead of time 💚💚💚)

  1. Yes! As long as even one chapter has smut, then that should be fine.
  2. Well, it must be somewhat suggestive but if it’s so very little that it practically doesn’t have smut then there’s a little problem D: the point is creating something you don’t usually find in Plance works, that is mentions to wet plants 🌿💧
  3. And if it’s a continuation of a work previously posted, then it’s good!

Have fun!

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How can I block any tag? I wanted to block s*arker nd t*orki?

you can use tumblr’s filtering function. go to your account settings and scroll down to ‘filtering’

click the little pencil button and add the tag you want to block

note that this would only work on original posts and not reblogs. if someone reblogs a post that wasn’t tagged originally properly, even if the reblog is tagged, the post would still show up on your dash.

if you want to avoid that, you can download the xkit extension on your browser and add the ‘blacklist’ extension. you can add the tags you want to block here:

Okay okay but think about: Victor and Yuuri giggling through kisses, swaying to some music playing in the background and generally being loving husbands???

my canon genderfluid child: a moodboard (read the tags)

Shout Out To The Secret Fans

Shout out to the people who have to use headphones and incognito mode to watch their favorite YouTubers. Shout out to the people who scroll through Tumblr and Instagram and Twitter looking at content about their fandoms even though they don’t have/can’t get accounts. Shout out to people who can’t comment, can’t like, can’t share, but still enjoy. Shout out to people who have to enjoy what they enjoy in secret because of their family or friends, because they may get in big trouble for watching people who cuss even though there’s so much more to them than that, because it would go against how people see you and you’re scared to break that image, because of whatever reason. Shout out to secret fans, you’re just as important as anyone else.

I got all emotional randomly and had to make this. 

Sooooo…. I know its still a month away but the Inktober prompts for this year are up and I’ve not seen a post going around with them yet. I think this would be something you guys are interested in :P

Inktober Information

Inktober is a yearly art challenge intended to encourage artists to practice and improve their skills. 

The ‘rules’ are simple: Draw something each day, using whatever medium you like, then post it with the tags #inktober and #inktober2018

Don’t like the official prompts?

Don’t worry! You can draw whatever you want for each day, but if you want some prompts there are plenty of alternative prompt lists out there. 

Also, here on @art-and-drawing-prompts I post a new art prompt every single day, in October and through the rest of the year too!

Whoop, first digital doodle! Volcarona-chandelure fusion I’m gonna (hopefully) sell on PFQ

Lovely followers,

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Tumblr’s recent change denying PC users the ability to edit posts made by app via web browser, but it’s rolled out for me.

Here’s the thing: I’m physically disabled. I have chronic pain in my fingers, wrist and right shoulder. To be able to blog at all, I rely on both PC and my iPad. I put posts in my draft folder by scrolling Tumblr on my iPad (as I cannot use a mouse for very long because of thumb/shoulder pain) and I tag posts on PC (as I cannot type on my iPad for very long because of shoulder pain–a traditional keyboard is more accessible for me). I do not have the ability to edit and tag posts via iPad. To be able to add to posts in a text discussion is also impossible for me, as I cannot type more than a couple of lines at best on my iPad the way I can on a keyboard.

(Nor do I live in a space where it safe to use voice to text, and it doesn’t work well with my tendency to use long words and speak quickly. It’s okay for short and casual communication, but I could never compose long posts, often using community-specific terminology, using it.)

To say I’m beyond upset is about the understatement of the year. It’s stopped me, completely, from being able to interact with the majority of other people’s posts–because most of them are made by app.

If this isn’t rolled back, I will not be able to run this blog the way I currently am. I have no money with which to buy keyboards or accessories that work with my iPad (and even then I still won’t know if they’ll work as comfortably for me as my current ergonomic/curved PC keyboard, so I could be spending money I don’t have on accessories that don’t work or even worsen my pain). None. Zero.

I would really, really appreciate it if you could protest this. Write to Tumblr. Complain. Even reblog this post. Do something to get this talked about. If this doesn’t change, I won’t be able to reblog other people’s content on this blog. I won’t be able to engage with or add to other people’s posts. This blog will have to either become a tiny imitation of what it was or run entirely without tags (so I can just send things straight to queue from iPad) because I do not have the spoons to tag and reblog posts via the iOS app when it causes me so much more pain than just using my PC ergonomic keyboard. That, though, will still deny me the ability to add to other people’s posts, because if I don’t have the spoons to tag via iOS, I don’t have them for text additions.

(And yes, if I run this blog without tags, it won’t be safe for all followers, and that isn’t acceptable.)

The core feature of Tumblr–being able to reblog and add to other people’s content–will be entirely locked out for me, all because I’m a disabled blogger unable to do everything via app.

Please make a big thing about this. Please get everyone talking and protesting. Please. I am incredibly distressed by the fact that the features I have been using and enjoying for years will no longer be accessible to me.


give me indefinite leave to remain

Things my physio has said to me, part 4

“So, how was your weekend?”


What do you mean you went on a roller coaster?


“Okay. We can work with this. Does anyone have a crowbar?”


“That was a rather worryingly loud crack. Fortunately it came from me and not you. Gimme a sec.”


“Okay that one was you. Are you alive?”


“You are still worryingly dehydrated. Have you tried using a straw yet? No. I really think you should. But what do I know, I’m just the trained professional.”


“Well the good news is, your hips are starting to flex more, so good job on those exercises! The bad news? This is still really going to hurt.”


“I’d really like to not have to work on your styloid process if I can help it. I’d also like a million dollars, just in case you’re up there god… ”


“Thank you for tapping out. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I don’t enjoy hurting you.”


“I dunno how you feel about essential oils but–that badly huh. Okay nevermind. Untense, untense.”


“Yes I am humming the tune to “Dem Bones”. Don’t worry about it.”


“And now, let’s sit you up and make sure nothing falls off. Excellent. Still got it.”


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Reasons someone liked your art but didnt reblog:

* They already reblog to much of this fandom and dont want to spam their followers

* They dont make part of the fandom but they liked the art and want to save suport or save it to see in the future

* It is one of their guilty pleasure

* The fandom are having a lot of problems so they are trying to stay away from it

* They dont like the caracther/ship but your art is so good that they decide to show you

Not reasons someone just liked your art but didnt reblog:

* They dont like

I know rebloging is important so that more people can see the work you make and more people should reblog, but when people just like they may have their reasons and it isnt about the quality in your work, it is their way to show you they still enjoy it