The show doesn’t pick up the thread of Trixie’s alcoholism in this episode, nor do we see any of Sister Mary Cynthia or Chummy, but the story of Patsy and Delia’s relationship does return. The fact that the show is set in 1960 limits how optimistic we can be about these two women ending up together, but it is unexpected to see that they appear to have returned to each other here, and that they’re going to try to stay together.

After Delia’s accident, it seemed like the show was calling it quits on this pairing. But love persists and there’s something really lovely about how when Delia tells Patsy how she loses her train of thought sometimes, Patsy replies “it’s better than losing you”. It seems likely Delia will still have a part to play in Season 5, although her mother insists she shouldn’t return to London. (x)

Interviewer: You mentioned that it was quite fun on set. Can you explain the dynamic between cast members? 

Jeremy Renner (to Scarlett Johansson): I never saw anybody but you. I’m crazy about you.

Scarlett: I’m crazy about you.

Jeremy: Only because of the agave cakes. The healthy… what was it? Vegan?

Scarlett: Those oatmeal cookies were vegan.

Jeremy: You put all of that gooey stuff on it. What was that icing on it? 

Scarlett: It was so good.

Jeremy: There’s nothing goo- Vegan to me just sounds like health food. There’s nothing healthy about fun.

Scarlett: That’s not what vegan means.

Jeremy: I know that’s not what it means, it’s just how I take it? Doesn’t anyone else think that? Like “Oh I’m vegan… I’m sorry”.

Scarlett: I’m sorry I what? That I eat a bunch of salad? 

Jeremy: I eat bird seed and kale. That was her (Scarlett’s) diet… she had a dehydration machine, and she just stuck whatever in it to dehydrate it, and everything came out tasting like toenails.

Scarlett: You just don’t like flax crackers.

Jeremy: I don’t like flax crackers, no. That is literally terrible. Like eating asphalt. 

Scarlett (back to the interviewer): I don’t know how to explain our dynamic any other way than the conversation you just heard. 



omar knew i was feelin them “cant go to rtx and therefore cant buy my own poster” blues so he sent one to me!!!!

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:) I have a fluffy CS prompt. Goodnight kisses at the doorway after the party is over.

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