• Ryan: Alright. So, here's are take away from today. We've fucking mastered wood. Wood is our bitch.
  • Michael: Wood and dirt. Wood and dirt.
  • Ryan: Wood and dirt. I am overrun with wood and dirt.
  • Michael: I am a fucking... I am the king of dirt. I have found my rightful place in Minecraft. Just give me leaves and I'll make dirt.
  • Ryan: And then we can start turning that into stone.
  • Michael: Alright. Shoot. I can't wait till we can get Jack back here. I mean, the construction kinda slows down when the general contractor isn't here to tell you what's happening.
  • Jeremy: I don't know what we're doing. I made a whole bunch of shit. I don't know what's happening. I cooked a worm and eat it.
  • Gavin: We need Jack back because I tried to make stairs to the top of this thing, and I bollocksed it.
  • Ryan: What have you done!?
  • Jeremy: How did you even do this?
  • Michael: Jack, you left, Gavin built a staircase to nowhere, Jeremy ate some worms...
  • Gavin: It's not going to nowhere, Michael. Look at the state of it.
  • Ryan: It's just wrong in every way.

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on oct. 21st, i will be taking UPCAT - - an entrance exam to my dream school and i’ve taking this seriously, that’s why i haven’t been on here. but hey, life begins after UPCAT! so from oct. 22 onwards, you may expect from me & my muses. thank you for being so patient ✨ i have everything drafted and i’ll work on them soon! take care y'all 💕


Here’s another taste of what to expect from Peter Stone when he comes to SVU.