Cas' New Look

Ever since Cas got hir mojo back, ze look is a bit different.

New trench coat is probably what you think first.






as aerys targaryen learned to his sorrow.

make me choose // anon asked: house stark or house lannister


You know what’s really heartbreaking about this scene? That Killian has to watch his worst enemy so recklessly risking what’s the most precious thing in the world to him. And not only that, he has to watch Rumple throwing away what he would risk his life for in a heartbeat, knowing that he’ll be forced to break the promise he made to his true love. It broke me to see how angry and bitter Killian was here because he can’t fathom how the person who has found true love is willing to risk it for power while he gets to take it away from him, because he would give anything for love.


“You’re a monster. I regret nothing.”

I already see people complaining about Zhu Li changing sides again and saying it takes away from her character development. “She’ll just go back to Varrick!” They say. “It’s a waste!”

See, the thing is, though, is that you’re implying that Zhu Li’s actions here are related to Varrick in any way, shape, or form. But, that’s not the case.

Zhu Li was playing Kuvira from the very beginning. She’s not just running back to her old boss because she realized Kuvira was evil- she was well-aware that Kuvira was bad news when she joined up with her, and has been working to sabotage her from the inside. Plus, she’s not running back to Varrick period. Her anger at Varrick was genuine and justified. Sure, she may have used it in order to convince Kuvira to let her join up, but that doesn’t mean she’s suddenly forgiven him. Varrick had nothing to do with Zhu Li’s decision to sabotage the weapon.

These actions? All Zhu Li. She’s known the entire time how awful Kuvira is, and was consciously observing her moves and obstructing her work. She got close the monster so she could fight it. If you don’t think that’s six shades of badass, you can get out of my face.


Difficult one here. Go for the full frame shots or get it over with quickly? All is good. (x)

After a few days away in some very warm weather I’ve returned to London to the ever typical weather. I left the airport, stepped outside, and felt like I was hit full force with the cold. I don’t know how I’m liking this after being spoiled with some beautiful weather. England needs to get it’s act together, it’s far too early to be this cold. Needless to say I’m bout to bundle up in a million blankets, once I can find my fuzzy socks, of course. For anyone who probably doesn’t know me, since I don’t expect many to, I’m Lily. 

Hey guys, I know I’ve not been very active here recently!! I am sorry. I had a crazy awesome time at SDCC and didn’t even have time to write a recap because as soon as I got back I had about 8000 deadlines waiting for me. And they’re all projects that I can’t yet show WIPs or talk about!! ME RIGHT NOW:

ANYWAY please forgive me lovely followers, I will start posting again soon!

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What is baseball to you, Coach Okamoto?
FIRE. The coach’s and the players’ clash aggressively, and sparks fly! That’s what starts it all. No matter how good you become technically, or how good your practice environment is, if the player on the field are empty, there’s no chance you can win! What controls your techniques and body? The heart! It is my role as the coach to build the fire within the players!

“We came up with the idea of using the trick that they used in A Few Good Men. […] Later in the episode, Harvey just happens to make the same reference, which obviously, is a little bit of a poetic license on our behalf, it’s a heightened coincidence just to show that our two guys are sort of in the same mindset.” - Aaron Korsh 

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away,
Listening to the things that people say.
Feeling like nobody’s got your back,
But everything you need is everything you have.